English-Subbed Teasers for Upcoming MBC Drama “Pride and Prejudice”

The more I write about this drama, the more I want a Pride and Prejudice remake. Who’d play Colin Firth Darcy? Lady Catherine would be a breeze to cast as well as Mrs. Bennet.

Anyway, back to this one. I won’t hold my breath for intriguing or even interesting legal cases so the success of this drama will most likely rest on the chemistry between the leads. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

(Though the preview image is blank, the videos are up so just click on them).

It looks like we’ll be getting some shirtless scenes. I’m not complaining.

Pride and Prejudice premieres on October 27th on MBC.

Credit: DramaFever


  • goodange says:

    A Korean remake of the Jane Austen classic? Why not?! 🙂 I like that idea. Who would make a dashing Mr. Darcy? I don’t want a young person though. An actor in his 30s would be preferable, but I guess whoever would be most suited for the role is what matters.

    But ugh, I’m having a hard time coming up with a Mr. Darcy that’ll have the charm of Colin Firth.

  • tessieroo says:

    Andwae! There is no one who could do Colin Firth. *keke* 😉

    I’m loving all the previews for this and think I’m gonna adore this couple. It’s gotta be hilarious on set since she’s barely 5’4″ and he’s 6’1″.

  • Un-nnah says:

    For me, she is kind of a flat actress; in the projects where I’ve seen her, he just seems like a one-dimension character. His performances, on the other hand, I feel have shown pretty complicated/deep characters.

    I initially also wished the drama would be based on the JA book but after hearing who the leading lady was, I was glad it wasn’t the case. Elizabeth is a very passionate/complicated character and I just don’t think the actress could handle it yet. I’m sure she will continue to improve improve, but for now I just don’t think she is ready for a demanding character. (ps- I actually question whether she is ready to be the lead in a drama.)

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