“Liar Game” 5-Minute Preview

I think the reality tv setting works because reality show PDs are some of the sleaziest, most manipulative directors in entertainment. I’m still very much interested in this show and am looking forward to watching the first episode next week.

SoompiTV has picked this up and the first subbed previews can be found on their site.

Liar Game premieres on tvN on October 20th.

Credit: tvN


  • Ivoire says:

    Thank you so much for the update! Do you guys think you might recap this drama? I was just curious… I look forward to this drama as well.

  • tessieroo says:

    It’s on my radar too!

  • junny says:

    Liar Game is not about sleazy. The reality show thing makes it legal and showy, which is not what LGT is about – the whole game is shady, underground and illegal, not to mention you don’t know just how far its influence extends and who is in it. It’s the whole insidious aspect that makes it fascinating. It’s fine if the remake wants something a little different, but I still think it does not understand the essence of LGT and the format change is a red flag for me.

    Lee Sang-yoon is really a miscast as the Akiyama character – he’s giving all the wrong vibes in that 5-min teaser. And the host meets the Nao character directly???

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