“My Lovely Girl” Week 5 – JUST SPILL IT!

After the kiss, Se-Na tells Hyun Wook to stay put while she goes to see Dal-Bong. *heh* I love that, she’s taking control. (LOL) She tells Dal-Bong he’s only 7, he can’t be sick, he’s Ahjussi’s only family. Running her fingers over his fur, she begs him to get up soon so the three of them can go play and heads back to Hyun Wook.

As they walk away, Se-Na tries to work up the courage to hold Hyun Wook’s hand but can’t quite do it. After denying that’s what she’s trying to do, he smiles and reaches for her hand. *squeals* Something as simple as holding hands but it’s so cute! They both smile.

They’re interrupted by his phone, it’s Sung-Jin. Se-Na tells Hyun Wook she’s an adult, she can get home alone so he should go. He arrives at a bar to find Hae-Yoon passed out drunk, with an angry Sung-Jin. WTF is this guy’s problem? Ugh, why is he blaming Hyun Wook for Hae-Yoon’s sicko, delusional obsession?

Hyun Wook gets stuck taking Hae-Yoon home and  she begs him to stay one night with her. Pfffttttt, no way – he’s not stupid. What, so you can claim he had sex with you or you’re pregnant? She dumps the whole “12 years” issue on him, like it’s his fault but he’s not having it. She also claims she doesn’t want to lose him to anyone but…she never had him in the first place! *pulls out hair*

He calmly informs her she won’t be unhappy anymore if she takes him out of her life. *fist pump* He tells her he wants her to stop and leaves. I love it when the male lead is very clear, she’s pathetic all on her own. I still can’t quite fathom that she’s been waiting around for him for 12 years. She needs serious psychological help.

At work, Hyun Wook goes over the schedule for Shi Woo and plans to debut a new boy group soon. He learns Jae-Young has been trying to sabotage Shi Woo’s solo debut with the network and plans to meet the network CEO himself. He tries to ease the tension between himself and Hae-Yoon, who is leaving for a business trip.

Shi Woo approaches Se-Na at her locker and learns she’s still taking care of Hyun Wook’s dog, which he doesn’t like. She shouldn’t be seeing AnA’s CEO outside of work. She’s worried since Dal-Bong is sick and wants to take care of him. Shi Woo asks if she would take care of him if he were sick? Nope, he has a Mother. (LOL)

She finds presents in her locker and immediately asks Shi Woo why he’s doing this. He denies it, he didn’t put those there. He says this with a huge grin so I’m guessing he did. He grabs her hand, wanting to eat lunch. Se-Na agrees but is secretly upset that he touched her hand. LOL, like she wasn’t ever going to wash it or something.

They meet Sung-Jin and Hyun Wook, who isn’t happy to see them together. Sung-Jin suggests the four of them eat together to avoid a scandal but Shi Woo directly asks for Hyun Wook’s permission. He says it’s okay but once Shi Woo debuts, they can’t. Sung-Jin appears suspicious of the vibe he’s getting from both Se-Na and Hyun Wook.

Later, he asks Hyun Wook directly: did anything happen between him and Se-Na? Hyun Wook snaps at him, which makes him even more suspicious. He’s shocked and tells Hyun Wook that he can’t do that because of who Yoon Se-Na is – she’s Yoon So-Eun’s sister. Hyun Wook sarcastically thanks Sung-Jin for reminding him, he had almost forgotten.

Hee-Sun visits the woman who was photographed with CEO Park and basically threatens her. She also questions the woman’s son, believing he’s CEO Park’s son. I’m not at all interested in this part of the story and don’t know why it keeps being thrown in every week, unless it’s to show us that Hyun Wook’s Father is a sleaze. I’m not convinced – I think it’s a huge misunderstanding.

Hyun Wook forgets that Dal-Bong isn’t there and calls for him. Awww. Se-Na sends a text, including the photo of him with Dal-Bong. She crops herself into the photo and sends that too but he doesn’t respond. She keeps looking at it, wondering why he’s not responding. *sigh* Here we go, time for the rejection and angst.

At work, when she confronts him about not replying, he uses the excuse that he’s busy preparing for Shi Woo’s solo debut. He gets a call from g.o.d. member Kim Tae Woo, who wants to meet. Hae-Yoon returns in time to see Hyun Wook driving away with Se-Na. Dun, Dun, DUN! At the meeting, Kim Tae Woo asks Se-Na to work with him on his next album, writing songs. Woot!

As they leave, Se-Na admits she’s so happy she could burst but she doesn’t think she can share that happiness with Hyun Wook so she’s going on her own. She walks alone to an open market and Hyun Wook follows, sneaking up behind her. They stop to listen to a group singing out in the open.

Suddenly someone bumps Se-Na into Hyun Wook and both are very aware of their psychical closeness once again. *squeeeee!* It starts raining so they run for cover. Hyun Wook decides to go get the car and tells her to wait but Se-Na stops him. She drapes her coat around his shoulders and kisses him. Awwww, she’s adorable.

She likes him, she thought he liked her too, doesn’t he? He admits she’s shaken him up but it stops here. When she asks why, the only thing he will say is that it’s because she’s Yoon Se-Na. *throws pencil* Dude, just tell her the truth!

CEO Park comes to AnA the next day, he tells Hyun Wook he handled the problems Jae-Young created with the network so Hyun Wook doesn’t have to. Jae-Young shows up as they’re arguing and drops more threats. *yawn* This guy is so over-the-top with hatred, he’s become boring to me. We all know he’s planning to sabotage Shi Woo’s debut.

CEO Park asks if the reason Hyun Wook and Jae-Young are fighting is Yoon So-Eun? Jae-Young wasn’t the reason “that” happened to her but Hyun Wook cuts him off. He accuses his Dad of having no compassion or conscience and leaves. Ermmm, what? What exactly did these people do to So-Eun? ARRRGGGG, don’t leave me hanging like that!

Shi Woo visits Se-Na’s practice room, he’s nervous, can she calm him down? She plays a song on the keyboards for him, Hyun Wook happens to walk past and see them. Shi Woo arrives at the network for his performance, his fans are happy and surround him. Once inside, he encounters a snarky Jae-Young but manages to hold his own.

Hyun Wook arrives and tries to calm Shi Woo’s nerves with a sucker. (LOL) It works but Shi Woo is still anxious about doing better than Infinite Power. They discover one of his backup dancers is missing which throws off the choreography but with a few changes, Shi Woo says he can do it. His performance starts fine but the crowd is noticeably quiet. Hyun Wook and team figure out Shi Woo’s fans were kept out.

Suddenly, Shi Woo trips and falls during the performance. He gets right back up and finishes but collapses once he’s off stage. At the hospital, he’s told he suffered a ligament injury. Hyun Wook sends everyone out and tells Shi Woo he’ll be fine with rest and treatments. Shi Woo is surprised Hyun Wook isn’t angry but Hyun Wook knows Shi Woo is suffering the most. Awww.

Hyun Wook confronts Jae-Young, is he the one who took the backup dancer? Jae-Young admits they scouted the kid, he’s happy Hyun Wook lost. He threatens to take away the thing that means the most to Hyun Wook. Would that be AnA, Hae-Yoon or…Yoon Se-Na? Hyun Wook hits him, saying he should have done that 3 years ago.

Shi Woo asks Se-Na to visit, reminding her she’s supposed to take care of him if he gets sick. He admits he thought of her first when he fell. He asks her to sign his cast and then stares while she does. *kekeke* He’s totally smitten. When she hands back the pen, he grabs her arm and pulls her close. Outside the window, someone snaps pictures.

Se-Na asks if he likes her, Shi Woo asks if he can’t? Telling her he’ll see her when he gets out, he sends her on her way. At the office, Hae-Yoon gets a phone call from a reporter. Uh, oh. Hyun Wook feels worthless as CEO, Se-Na tries to cheer him up. Hae-Yoon meets Se-Na alone and tells her to quit AnA.

During a meeting, Hyun Wook pushes forward with his plan to debut a new boys group and asks for Ra-Eum. When the room clears, Hae-Yoon tells him she fired Se-Na and shows him the photo. The reporter was going to expose it but she stopped it. Hyun Wook tells her it’s not what she thinks and wants to talk to the reporter himself.

Hae-Yoon loses it, how can he be so sure? Is it because Se-Na likes him or he likes Se-Na? She starts screaming, he can’t because she’s Yoon So-Eun’s sister. Hyun Wook is shocked, how did she know? She implies Se-Na knows, which sends Hyun Wook into a fit of rage – did Hae-Yoon tell her? He yells her name, demanding she answer him. She screams back, what if she did? With tears in his eyes, he glares at her and storms out.

When he finally finds Se-Na, he walks towards her but she steps backwards, away from him. Well, that’s a big ouch. In flashback, we see Hae-Yoon showed the picture to Se-Na and snapped at her that this could ruin both Shi Woo and Hyun Wook. Se-Na thinks Hyun Wook misunderstood too, there is nothing between her and Shi Woo.

Her words are more than enough to convince him she doesn’t know, Hae-Yoon didn’t tell her. Se-Na continues that it’s unfair she got fired over this. He makes it clear that he knows the truth but then crushes her by saying this is it, he has no reason to see her again since her contract is over. He walks away, leaving Se-Na stunned and hurt. Jerk.

Once he gets to his car, he breaks down into tears but quickly wipes them away. Ahhh…I see what he’s doing! He’s determined to protect her – from Hae-Yoon, Jae-Young, CEO Park, and anyone else who could and would hurt her. Hae-Yoon finds him in a bar, drinking. Great, he’s stuck with this bitch who appears to be blackmailing him.

He promises to end it completely on the condition that Hae-Yoon never tell Se-Na. Ah, man! Just tell her yourself! Hae-Yoon says again that he can’t and puts her hand over his. OMG, STOP! He pulls her hand away and leaves. He does the sad, mopey thing, standing outside Se-Na’s house.

Se-Na confronts him the next day: this has nothing to do with Shi Woo, does it? What does he mean he can’t because she’s Yoon Se-Na? He coldly tells her he doesn’t want to support he anymore nor does he wish to get tangled up with her again. He also tells her not to visit his house and leaves. OUCH!

At work, Sung-Jin finds Hyun Wook on the roof (to cover his own ass) and make sure Hyun Wook knows he’s not the one who told Hae-Yoon who Se-Na is, she figured it out herself. Hyun Wook doesn’t want to talk to Sung-Jin about any of it, he ended things with Se-Na and that’s it. I think he’s finally figuring out that this guy is not his friend.

Sure enough, Sung-Jin goes directly to Hae-Yoon to “report” how Hyun Wook looks, saying there would be no problem if only Hyun Wook liked Hae-Yoon back. She hopes it doesn’t take him long to get over Se-Na. UGH with these two, they’re like flesh-eating bacteria that won’t go away.

Shi Woo calls Se-Na but she ignores him, he sends a text. She calls but warns him to stop, didn’t he see the pictures? He has no idea what she’s talking about. She tells him she’s not going to call or see him anymore and hangs up. LMAO, poor kid has no idea what’s going on. When Hyun Wook visits, he tells Shi Woo about the pictures and that Se-Na quit. Shi Woo’s not stupid, he knows she got fired because of the possible scandal.

Both Se-Na and Hyun Wook have some quality moping time, (LOL) Hyun Wook finds Se-Na’s music notebook at work. Right then, Se-Na calls Brown Bear, he’s upset she was fired without warning and wonders what happened. Shi Woo takes Se-Na somewhere to talk, he should have just kissed her since she got fired over it anyway. (LOL) He doesn’t want her to get another job, he’ll take care of her. LMAO, he’s adorable.

CEO Parks meets Jae-Young, asking hin to stop. Jae-Young is angry, he worked at AnA for 7 years but CEO Park just handed the company to Hyun Wook. CEO Park mysteriously implies that Jae-Young has done enough to Hyun Wook but he fires back that CEO Park wanted “that” to happen. OMO, did they conspire to harm Yoon So-Eun?

CEO Park next goes to see Hae-Yoon, asking about the girl who was caught with Shi Woo. Hae-Yoon tells him she took care of it, the girl was fired and it’s over so there’s nothing to worry about. What the…is she afraid of him finding out it’s Yoon So-Eun’s sister and if so, why? She asks for his help with Hyun Wook but he says he can’t interfere this time and reminds her of Hyun Wook’s Birthday.

Hee-Sun meets Director Kang, he gives her company information. I have no idea what these two are up to. Hyun Wook calls a meeting to discuss moving forward with Shi Woo’s schedule. He also wants to see the trainees but isn’t happy once he does. Hae-Yoon follows him to his office, asking why he’s so on edge.

He wants to recoup his losses before his Father returns and reminds her this was only supposed to be temporary. He doesn’t want to be the CEO. And OH MY GOD, she brings up Se-Na again. Does AnA mean nothing to him since Se-Na isn’t here? He ignores this, he’s going to pick up Dal-Bong. Hae-Yoon wants to go and lists all the reasons she’s jealous of Dal-bong. She’s like an f’ing record that’s stuck on repeat.

Se-Na just happens to see Hyun Wook drive by with both Dal-Bong and Hae-Yoon in the car. Once home, Hae-Yoon isn’t letting up and brings forward the idea that Hyun Wook should move out of this house. He refuses since moving would upset Dal-Bong, who is sick. She tries being all cutesy with the dog but he’s too sick to even bother barking at her.

Se-Na gets hammered and drunk-dials Hyun Wook, she’s at the supermarket bar and will wait for him because she has something to tell him. When he doesn’t show up, she calls again to say he’s a bad guy. He finally shows up and sees a tear rolling down her face. She wakes up in her own bed and finds out Hyun Wook called her friends.

She meets Hyun Wook later, he wants her to join a song-writing team, she’ll make good money. She refuses and brings up that he didn’t tell her Dal-Bong was released from the hospital. Yea, that had to hurt. She reminds him he said he didn’t want to see her. When he counters with the drunk-dialing, she says it won’t happen again.

Shi Woo calls, he found her a job. (Meh?) He paces, waiting at his dorm for her to arrive which is uber adorable. He wants her to write and produce a new song for him, they should work on it together. His biggest regret is not using her song. He also thinks they should date since they’ve been accused of it anyway but she scoffs at that. He’s adorable, should I switch sides? *hee* I’m very tempted!

Hyun Wook eats with his Dad and Hee-Sun, who asks him to make a girl group with Min-A as the lead. He refuses so she brings up that his Dad has another son. Hyun Wook doesn’t care, he’s leaving AnA soon and they should resolve their own problems. His Dad tells Hyun Wook he will explain about that woman and her son but he’s not going back to work. Hyun Wook doesn’t care, he’s not staying.

Shi Woo brings Se-Na in to meet with Hyun Wook and Hae-Yoon, announcing his desire that she write his next song. He regrets not using her song to begin with, he should have listened to Hyun Wook. Hyun Wook thinks it’s too late but Shi Woo wants to try. Hae-Yoon tries to remind Se-Na why she was fired but she retorts that she’s not there to date, she’s there to work. BOOYAH!

Later when Hyun Wook meets her alone in the hall, Se-Na asks if he’s nervous seeing her? She’s just going to work and then leave, he coldly tells her to stay out of his way. Se-Na ends up feeling sick and promises to work with Shi Woo on a song the next day. She goes home, Joo-Hong knows she probably saw that handsome dog-owner and calls him a jerk. I love Se-Na’s friends, they’re awesome people.

Hae-Yoon shows up uninvited and unannounced at Hyun Wook’s to celebrate his Birthday. He’s not happy about it but once again, lets her do whatever she wants. When his doorbell rings, Hyun Wook is shocked to see Se-Na standing there. She accuses him of just playing around with her, why did he do that? And what did she do so wrong? She sees Hae-Yoon standing behind him and leaves.

Hae-Yoon snarks that he’ll definitely have to move but Hyun Wook tells her to go, he doesn’t want to celebrate his Birthday. She accuses him of getting rid of her so he can go after Se-Na but he snaps: he’s just barely holding it in right now. He tells Hae-Yoon she can’t control his heart, who does she think she is? It’s about time.

She cries as she reminds him if Se-Na finds out how her sister died, she will never forgive him and she won’t love him – they’ll never be happy together. Sounds like a threat to me, she’ll make sure they’re not happy. She walks out just as Sung-Jin is walking in. He tries to stop her, asking why she’s crying but she leaves. Sung-Jin immediately starts in on Hyun Wook – he should go after her, he can’t let her leave like this! Doesn’t he know she’s been waiting for him for 12 years?

Hyun Wook finally snaps and yells, can Sung-Jin please stop this now! Sung-Jin seems shocked to see Hyun Wook crying, is it because of Se-Na? Hyun Wook says he’s going crazy and runs out. Hae-Yoon goes to a bar to drink and Jae-Young happens to show up. She spills the beans: Hyun Wook is in love with Se-Na but Se-Na is Yoon So-Eul’s sister. Jae-Young looks confused but delighted to hear this.

Damn. Worst possible scenario.

Hyun Wook finds Se-Na who announces she’s done, she won’t bother him anymore. He rather cheekily says he’ll just have a one-sided love from now on, he no longer cares that she’s Yoon Se-Na.


Tiny bit annoyed that Shi Woo’s solo debut ended badly but it’s not like I wasn’t expecting it. I also expected the angst as Hyun Wook wrestles with his feelings but it’s still annoying. (LOL) I guess I can be happy it only lasted one episode? I hate it when the lead decides to be mean in order to push the girl away and in this case, it’s compounded since it’s Se-Na’s first experience with love and she’s in the dark about what’s going on. I understand why he’s terrified to tell her since she’ll most likely hate him but I still think it’s better she hears this from him. He needs to man up and deal with it.

There is the idea that Se-Na will know and finally understand why he’s been pushing her away and how long he’s fought this relationship with her. She’ll finally get it and maybe appreciate why he’s responded to her the way he has. Doesn’t mean she won’t hate him once she finds out about the accident or the rumors of him cheating but it’s a place for her to begin sorting it all out – one step at a time.

We know there’s much more to the story of Hyun Wook and Yoon So-Eun than we’ve been told and if I had to guess, I would say CEO Park and Jae-Young planned to break them up by passing along a rumor or making up a lie that Hyun Wook was cheating. I’m not sure CEO Park has another woman and another son, I have a feeling there’s more to that side story too. And I still don’t understand the venomous hatred Jae-Young has for Hyun Wook, that needs explained.

Since he finally made the decision at the end to stop denying his feelings for her, Hyun Wook needs to tell Se-Na NOW. Especially since Jae-Young knows and will more than likely use it to try destroying Hyun Wook. I’d say it’s time for the ghost of So-Eun to show up again. She’s been the one pushing them together all along, it’s obvious she wants them together. So can someone quick give her a call?

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  • steffaniemalepeai says:

    Yes to all of it!! You basically wrote down all the feelings I had about this episode the whole way through haha!! I mean and we know super mean jerk dude is probably going to tell Se-Na the truth before Hyun Wook does and that won’t end well, so the first lines of the next episode should be him saying “Oh yeah btdubs I’m the jerk who dated your sister but I think she wants us to be together so lets go grab some dinner. Cool? Cool.” Ha! I’m just glad you feel the same way I do about this show and have enjoyed reading all of the recaps for it 🙂

  • Ibu says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Hyun Wook looked so cute when he was crying because the situation is driving him crazy? The ways he sobbed in front of Sung Jin was just so heart-wrenching but at the same time is so adorable! How can I not ship the OTP? Am loving this drama so much. And thank God the writer didn’t drag the angst and the rejection period between Hyun Wook and Sena more than 1 episode…

  • Dee says:

    I really really felt for Hyun Wook in the last scene. He really tried to protect everyone (Se Na, Shi Woo) or keep them happy (Hae Yoon, Sung Jin) in his expense. Yet his ‘friends’ just don’t understand what he’s going through. It’s bad enough to have no friends, but having crappy friends like that who just dismis your feelings because they only care for theirs? That must be the worst feeling out there.

    I’m so glad Hyun Wook is ready to accept his feelings! It lasted one episode and as long as there aren’t anymore separations (even after the truth is revealed) then I’m very happy. The OTP if full of warm love and sincerity and care for each other. I want to see them back to their usual selves. I missed them this week, and I’m glad we’ll get them back next week.

    Thanks for the recap! As always, I was giggling and seething with you throughout 🙂

  • jusash says:

    It really irks me bigtime that (Alex) Sung Jin is always pleading Hae-Yoon’s cause.

    What cause?!?
    – if he was a good friend to Hyun-Woo he wouldn’t be so thick as to ignore his own friend’s neutral stance to HY or obvious disinterest

    – if he was a good friend to Hae-Yoon, he’d just tell that deranged girl to stop it and find her a good therapist. Instead of encouraging her, or coaxing HW.

    12 yrs of knocking your head on a wall doing all she did, forcing herself on someone who has never lead her on, and all for a ONE sided love is plain bat-shit crazy.
    Not to mention seething over every potential romantic interest that enters your unrequited love target’s life, and telling them to butt out/slapping them.


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