“Mr. Baek”/”Mr. Back” Funny First Teaser

This teaser made me chuckle. Here’s the synopsis from Soompi:

“Mr. Back” is a drama about Choi Go Bong, a 70-year old hotel president, who is oblivious to everything else except himself and money. Choi Go-Bong (Shin Ha-Kyun) is a man in his 70s and he runs a large corporation. One day, he becomes a man in his 30s by accident and feels love for the first time in his life. Starting over is going to provide him a second chance at living his life right. He will get new lessons in how to relate to others. As a result he may rearrange his priorities. Maybe this time he can make more room for the important things in life, like falling in love.

What a lucky guy. After living for 70 years, he gets to de-age and live his life all over again. I bet that most people wouldn’t mind living longer if we could reset to our youth.

Here’s the teaser:

Lee Joon looks very different. Is it the hair?  I suppose there will be tons of generational jokes and all of that. It could be good.

The first episode airs on November 5th on MBC.

Credit: Soompi, Uploader


  • tasha says:

    oooo, it looks good. i had to look hard for Jang Nara. Wld be interesting to see how Shin Ha-Kyun will switch between roles.

  • Denali says:

    Re Lee Joon’s looks – yup it has got to do with his hair, which he usually wears down, not that grown nor colored. Not sure whether a little PS was involved. #sadMBLAQmamabear

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