“Pride And Prejudice” – First Impressions

A new drama! It’s about lawyers which doesn’t exactly fill me with excitement but I’m more than ready to give this a chance. I love both lead actors and was very eager to see their new project. They look cute on-screen together since Choi Jin Hyuk is over 6 feet tall while Baek Jin Hee is barely 5’4″. *hee* Let’s hope the chemistry is there!

So right away, our leading lady Han Yeol-Moo (Baek Jin Hee) is paralyzed when she sees Koo Dong Chi (Choi Jin Hyuk) and all we hear is her breathing. That’s right, just breath, honey. We understand how hot he is. When he notices her, he gives chase and there’s a long, intimate look between them. Clearly these two have a past. Dong Chi knows she remembers him. Wait, is he seriously trying to palm off the fruit that other girl gave him?

He bends down to look straight at her chest, saying she’s lost some weight. She pulls her jacket closed, saying they weren’t that close. They haven’t seen each other for 5 years and they’re already throwing stones. When she comments he’s still trash, his response is does she want to do it? What the…do what, pray tell? Oh, come on, tell us!

He’s got his lips puckered up when she turns around and glares at him. He spits out the fruit and warns her about using informal speech since their past could be revealed. She asks what past? *heh* So he’s the senior Prosecutor and she’s the junior. That means he’s her boss? He again asks if she wants to do it and I have no idea what he means but his voice is …*waves arms around* …so hot.

He asks if she became a Prosecutor for him? Yes, she did but for revenge. LMAO! He argues he didn’t do anything wrong, she fires back he should think carefully because he did. He thinks it was her fault but as his name plate goes up on his office door, she suggests they stop now. They both agree to pretend it never happened but he thinks she’ll have a hard time using honorifics. Nope, she’s never been sincere using formal speech with him so this is not a problem. Ahahaha.

Chief Prosecutor Moon Hee Man (Choi Min Soo) is in his office, complaining the print out he’s reading makes it look like he got demoted. Yeol-Moo enters but introduces herself to the wrong guy, Chief Moon points out her error and tells her to wait in the conference room. Not a great first impression if you don’t know who the boss is. At the conference room doors, Yeol-Moo meets the rest of the team.

There’s another junior prosecutor, Lee Jang-Won (Choi Woo Sik) who’s first words are to ask if she has a boyfriend or if she’s pregnant. Ahhh…he hates women who use excuses like boyfriends or pregnancy. She next meets their investigator, Yoo Gwang-Mi (Jung Hye-Seong) who comments that Jang-Won is a jerk and she hates prosecutors. When Yeol-Moo agrees, Gwang-Mi announces she hates female prosecutors more. LOL!

Dong-Chi enters the room followed by the last member, Kang Soo (Lee Tae Hwan) who stops to stare at her. Rawr, he’s a cutie-pie.  Chief Moon gives a strange speech, saying this team has failed but it doesn’t matter since he’s the Ace, when he works hard, his team works hard. Both Dong-Chi and Jang-Won glance sideways at Yeol-Moo as she nods along. Chief Moon announces his team can do whatever they want in order to solve cases, but warns that nothing should come back on him.

So their first case in a flasher, who argues he didn’t do it because he has a huge mole on his groin area and the witness didn’t mention it. Plus he sold a hula-hoop at work, his Mom is looking for that customer. He turns to show the mole to Yeol-Moo but Kang Soo stops him from fully exposing himself. Yea…I’m thinking he’s guilty, he was adamant and excited that Yeol-Moo saw more than the mole. She shoulda pointed at his pecker and laughed, he’s a creepo.

Is Yeol-Moo’s desk really facing Dong Chi’s? They’re all right there in the same room together? How uncomfortable would that be! When the creep’s Mommy shows up with the receipt, Dong Chi sends Yeol-Moo down to get it. I think he did that to get her out of the room? Unfortunately she meets creepo again coming out of the elevator. Ewwww at the look he gives her!

Upstairs, Yeol-Moo gives the receipt to Dong Chi but then asks him to give the case to her because she thinks creepo’s guilty. She got an “eerie feeling” as she passed by him. Okay, I laughed just like Dong Chi did. She threatens to file a petition to have him removed as her mentor if he keeps not letting her do anything. He gives her the case.

Yeol-Moo views street camera footage of the location and time with Kang Soo and zeros in on a little girl. In one shot, the girl is wearing a hair bow but in the other, the bow is missing. Dong Chi takes Yeol-Moo to the location and makes her run the “get-away” route while he times her. LMAO, that’s just mean but  she should have been prepared and brought her sneakers to work with her.

They discuss the time sequence, it all happened in 30 seconds. She thinks a man should run it but Dong Chi reminds her he’s the senior Prosecutor, she’s just a junior so she should do it. He suddenly announces to Kang Soo that he and Yool-Moo dated in the past and she proposed to him. When she turns to glare at him, he asks if she’s going to cry? Okay, he’s a jerk. DAMN! I was hoping he wasn’t.

He continues, why is she getting emotional? Does she regret proposing to him? Stiffening her lip, she walks away, Kang Soo stares after her. I’ll bet he’s uncomfortable. Inside the store, they notice the CCTV wire has been cut. Kang Soo upends the trash and sorts through it. Dong Chi notices notches on the stool behind the counter and pulls down his pants. (I have no idea what he’s doing). Kang Soo finds the back piece of a sticker that’s roughly the same size as creepo’s mole.

They talk to the witness who purchased the hula-hoop, he’s a teacher at the nearby school. Dong Chi asks why he bought a hula-hoop in the middle of classes? Oho, are they a team? This guy changes the subject to ask about other witness’s but before Kang Soo can answer, Dong Chi stops him and says they’re not going to talk to her. He’s totally faking the guy out.

Yeol-Moo goes back inside the store and finds a girl there, playing with a doll. Noticing the bow in her hair, Yeol-Moo realizes it’s the girl from the footage she viewed. After apologizing for scaring her, Yeol-Moo asks why she’s putting pants on the doll when it’s already wearing a dress? Ah, no – Ugh! I hate these types of cases. The girl admits someone has been lifting the dolls (her) skirt.

Yeol-Moo exits the store with the girl in her arms at the same time Dong Chi, Kang Soo and the teacher pass by. The teacher calls the girl’s name and holds out his hand but she grabs tighter onto Yeol-Moo. They take her home and get her statement but for some reason, ask the teacher along.

Once they reach her home, the girls goes inside but soon turns up missing. They send out police and dogs to find her but before they do, Dong Chi is notified they’ve arrested creepo. Dong Chi interrogates creepo, who keeps saying he didn’t do it and asking for his Mommy.  Chief Moon watches on the monitor, he doesn’t think creepo is the guy. Yeol-Moo recounts what the girl said and they figure out it must be the teacher, he’s arrested for kidnapping.

At the office, Chief Moon tells them they have to find her, it’s cold out. Gwang-Mi brings in the teachers record, he’s done this before. During his interrogation, he claims it was a misunderstanding and then reminds them he has an alibi for that day. He was with creepo, they even have the receipt. He turns to smile at Yeol-Moo. *shivers* So nasty.

They keep both men in custody, creepo gets agitated and cries. Chief Moon talks through it with Dong Chi, they think both men are involved and decide to divide and conquer but it doesn’t work. They release both men. *sigh* Can’t we just call in Benson & Stabler?

Yeol-Moo is disgusted and steps outside. When she goes back in, she passes creepo coming out of the elevator again. In flashback, we see he whispered something and she just now remembers what that was: “You liked it back then, didn’t you?” Kang Soo stops her from chasing creepo and drags her back upstairs. It turns out, they have a camera in the taxi’s and are monitoring both men.

They watch as the teacher stops by the girls house and talks with her Grandmother. He stops to light a smoke and they think the girl might be in the dumpster behind him but it’s a false alarm. The dumpster was emptied earlier which means she’s probably on her way to the dump. After a bunch of nail-biting, the cops find her.

Both men are brought back to the station. Yeol-Moo figures creepo had no pants on when the teacher bought the hula-hoop – which means that receipt is useless. Kang Soo also manages to prove he used a flesh-colored round sticker to cover his mole. The marks on the stool behind the counter left a mark on Dong Chi’s thigh…wait. Is that Choi Jin Hyuk’s bare thigh? *gasps for air*

Back to regular programming, they have pictures of creepo with the same marks on his thighs. The dude loses it, jumps on the table and tries to flash Yeol-Moo again. Strangely enough, it’s Kang Soo who protects her and not Dong Chi. Creepo begs her to say she liked it but Dong Chi answers instead: she told him it was small. Ahahaha! That’s what I said she should do to begin with!

Dong Chi notices Kang Soo is still standing guard over Yeol-Moo with his arms surrounding her. Yeol-Moo tires to get his attention but Kang Soo just turns and stares at her before finally dropping his arms. Aha, he has a crush, right? His stares are pretty intense.

Chief Moon tells the teacher that creepo gave him up and the girl was found, she’s going to be just fine. Plus she agreed to testify against him. So the case is solved. Yeol-Moo walks out, Dong Chi offers a ride but she refuses. He’s glad to see her again, she’s glad to see him too. As he drives away, she heads back inside the building. Meh?

Kang Soo throws Dong Chi a beer and they sit on the sofa. So they live together? Not that I really care but for a second, they were both shirtless so I’m hoping they do live together and walk round shirtless at lot. *hee* Kang Soo asks how Dong Chi met Yeol-Moo? An accident, she just jumped into his car. Yeol-Moo is searching the office, especially Dong Chi’s desk. What is she looking for?

We’re finally shown how they met, with flashbacks showing the beginning. She was trying to throw out children’s stuff (?) but a whole group of women were trying to stop her. She jumped into Dong Chi’s car and tearfully begged him to drive away. In that moment, he seemed totally captivated and couldn’t take his eyes off of her.

When he lets her out, she asks to borrow $4.70. Ahahaha, cute. He hands over that exact amount but instead of giving him bank account info for her to pay it back, he gives her a card asking to meet him the following Sunday at Namsan stairs. He finds a small, green toy truck she dropped.

She does show up but only to give him the $4.70 she owes. He refuses it, asking her to pay for street food he’s eating and coffee. He’s obviously not wanting to accept it because she’ll leave. She gets annoyed, drops the money at his feet, sticks out her tongue at him and boards a bus. He follows. Poor guy, he’s got it bad already. When he tries to tell her his name, she’s not interested.

So he asks her to meet him once a month for 10 months, like a payment plan. AHAHAHA! He hopes she’ll eventually ask for his name and when she does, he’ll take it as a love confession. She says that will never happen. Back in the present, Dong Chi plays with the little, green truck he still has while Yeol-Moo looks at a torn piece of paper with numbers on it. I have no clue what that is.

We’re introduced to Chang-Gi (Son Chang-Min) in prison. Chief Moon looks through his case file, seems to recognize him and gives the file to Yeol-Moo to handle. Chang-Gi is transported to the Prosecutors office so Yoel-Moo can interview him. This doesn’t go well but it’s also clear both Dong Chi and Kang Soo know this guy. Dong Chi ends up taking over this case himself. Hmmm.

Ahhh, this guy was Kang Soo’s neighbor for 10 years and helped him out when his Grandmother died. When Yeol-Moo threatens to tell the Chief that Dong Chi took her case, he says he already did. He admits he’s punishing her but she’s at fault. She asks what she did and he flashes back to the day she finally asked him name, after the 10 months ended.

During that meeting, he stepped away to deal with work and his bag fell. When Yoel-Moo picked it up, she found that torn paper inside his copy of “Pride & Prejudice” and his Prosecutor’s business card. Her eyes widened, she freaked out and left – without stopping to say anything to Dong Chi. He did chase her but she had already crossed the street. He stared at her, noticing the tears streaming down her face but then she disappeared.

Back in the present, he says exactly that: she just disappeared. When she reminds him it was the last day of the 10 months, he counters that she asked his name that night. Didn’t that mean she wanted to keep seeing him? She denies this, it was just a formality. He accuses her of playing with him but he wasn’t playing so he’s taking revenge on her too.

Chang-Gi is released from prison, Kang Soo meets him but his constant snapping tells me they have a love/hate relationship. Chang-Gi says Kang Soo is cold-hearted but the kid buys him a new pair of socks. They discuss Chang-Gi getting inside information while in prison regarding drug dealing. Kang Soo is worried and doesn’t want him to be the bait.

In the office, Yeol-Moo gets a text and leaves, not answering Dong Chi when he asks where she’s going. He also prepares to leave when Kang Soo calls but stops as he notices his Pride & Prejudice book isn’t where it should be. He then checks around his desk, noticing other things and locks his desk drawers. He stops by the security room and sees footage of Yeol-Moo coming in and out the night before. She’s busted.

Returning to the office, Yeol-Moo sees the prisoner Chang-Gi with both Kang Soo and Dong Chi. She snarks that he’s using his power for his friends and heads directly to Chief Moon’s office to tattle. *facepalm* Hilariously, Chief Moon lectures her about the Prosecutors office and forces her to copy his words-of-wisdom on her hand. Ahahaha!

Although he does later question Dong Chi, he learns all about the possible drug information which might enable his team to nab a bigger fish in the drug dealing business. He asks if Dong Chi has done drugs? Yes,he has. Chief Moon admits he has too. ROFL, I’m dying here! Dong Chi returns to his office to give Yeol-Moo a hard time for tattling on him.

He scares her by banging on her desk to ask why she snooped through his stuff? He saw her on the CCTV footage. He gives her a hotel voucher, insisting she can’t sleep in the night duty room anymore. Or does she want to come to his house? *keke* Yes, please – we want co-habitation hijinks. He lives in a boarding house with plenty of room but she refuses. Dang it.

During a briefing with Chang-Gi, we see him look through the conference room blinds and stare at Chief Moon. Uh oh, is there some bad history between these two? The team plans out covering Chang-Gi when he meets the dealers but of course, things always go wrong. In this case, Yeol-Moo is taken hostage by one of the guys. The entire team mobilizes to find her.

Dong Chi finally finds her and chases her as she chases the bad guy. (LOL) The team surrounds the bad guys, Kang Soo kicks their asses and they depart in handcuffs. Dong Chi snaps at Yeol-Moo for being so reckless. After he calls it in, he turns to her and begs her to stop disappearing. Awww.

That night, when Dong Chi and Kang Soo return home, they walk in to find Yeol-Moo sitting on the sofa, drinking a beer. Dong Chi asks what she’s doing there? She reminds him he said there was plenty of rooms. He’s all like, so? She gets up in his faces, smiles and cutely says let’s live together.


I loved it! Just as I hoped, the chemistry between Baek Jin Hee and Choi Jin Hyuk works, the visible height-difference is hilarious. She’s so tiny next to him! They have an intelligent, snarky back and forth dialogue that’s perfectly timed, along with gestures and facial expressions. I hope it continues and doesn’t go too far into melo territory. I’m going to guess we’ll have a different case the team works on each week, which will bring them all closer.

I also love the team so far. Choi Min Soo looks so different that it threw me off for a bit but now I adore his oddball character. Kang Soo is a bit mysterious and I want to know what his relationship with Dong Chi is – are they just co-workers sharing space or is there more? It’s obvious Kang Soo is curious about Yeol-Moo, which makes me wonder if we’ll have a triangle.

There were a lot of mysteries in these premier episodes such as who was the woman Yeol-Moo took the children’s things from and why did she take them? Why did she freak out upon seeing that torn paper in Dong Chi’s book and what’s on that paper? He said she proposed to him but it sounds like she just took off and he never heard from her again. I’m looking forward to more, especially now that Yeol-Moo is living in the same house. Bring on the shared bathroom scenes, preferably with a wet, nekkid Choi Jin Hyuk.

Okay, I know that was shallow but I also know you all agreed with me.


  • PBS says:

    Yes to more nekkid shirtless Choi Jin Hyuk scenes and yes again.

    Thank you for the recap! Loving your commentary and loving the two episodes so far too. The entire cast’s chemistry is pretty awesome already and I’m loving all the banter between the characters. I guess the only thing I’m worried about is if they can keep it up and if the individual cases will be interesting enough to tide us over the over-arching mystery behind the two leads’ backstory.

    It’s clear the theme of Pride & Prejudice is already relevant to their characters. In her case, she clearly was quick to judge him solely by that torn piece of paper in his possession (it was his report card? – and may have something to do with her brother? – hence the crying lady and the toy truck that was in her bag when she entered his car). She already had a built prejudice against him, thinking he’s incompetent and a bad/corrupt prosecutor, judging by how quickly she snitched against him.

    Not sure where the pride part fits in yet, but I guess it could be in that both parties refuse to admit what each other did wrong (but then again, so far, he’s had no fault in that, since she’s the one that up and disappeared on him and he has asked her why-ish). At any rate, they both seem content on trying to torment each other or at least achieve some sort of small petty vengeance here and there.

    At any rate, I’m surprised by how much I like the drama so far. Judging from the teasers, I wasn’t really sure where the show was going. I’m kinda getting it, but damn it, we have to wait a week before episode 3.

    • tessieroo says:

      I didn’t even know MY had a brother! Is that who the children’s stuff she threw out belonged to? Interesting, now I’m gonna go crazy over what happened to him. (LOL) I’m SO excited for next week.

      I think she’s only living there so she can search through Dong Chi’s stuff and I’ll bet she finds that green toy truck.

  • red says:

    Loving this show too! love the characters and I think the actors are doing a great job with them. Also this is from the writers of School 2013, they knew how to flesh out characters and give them emotional depth. So excited for the next episodes, hope I’m not disappointed.

  • Denali says:

    Gudness. Lee Tae Hwan is most assuredly a cutie-pie. With chocolate side dishes, right?

    Btw I’m sawry but Baek Jin Hee’s way too short for Choi Jin Hyuk, whereas I am 5ft 8 1⁄2in which is much closer to his height. 🙂

    • tessieroo says:

      LOL! Yah, are you throwing stones at us short ladies?

      I already have a mild case of second-lead-syndrome and Lee Tae Hwan’s character hasn’t really even spoken to her yet. O_O

      • Denali says:

        Nah. Over there at soompi, CallMeN00na shared an article on lies fed by our fave k-celebs, including their dating status, weight and height. Most if not all of them wear shoe lifts in order to look taller and meet the expected Korean requirements. Recently Kim Ji Hoon got busted on Running man. Thus this sad fact leaves me with little choice amidst the K-hawties hence my pleading over CJH who I wouldn’t have to look down on literally, cause you can claim just about every one else. LOL

        The second male lead shipping syndrome has affected me as well. This young actor manages to convey a lot even non-verbally. Alas our ship will undoubtedly sink.

  • ESPIE says:

    There was a scene which showed Dong Chi looking at his book which was slotted in the wrong place by YL. Title is also Pride and Prejudice. In face, when I came across this drama, my first thought is is it going to be a Korean remake of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. So far no, except for the arrogance of the male lead and the prejudice of the female lead (also found in Austen’s text). So wonder why the strong suggestion of linking it to Austen?

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