“My Lovely Girl” Episode 14 Preview

It looks like the stupid continues in this preview and by that I mean, Se-Na (for some reason) spending time with and talking to Jae-Young. How can she believe a word that comes out of his mouth about her sister? Does she truly believe her sister was friends with this ass or has she conveniently forgotten that he is an ass? That makes her somewhat annoying.

Also a bit annoyed with Shi Woo but poor puppy has a crush so I’ll let it go. *hee* He can’t possibly be proposing so maybe that’s a couples ring he’s giving to Se-Na, it looks like a huge scandal breaks out because they’re supposedly dating.

I’m still waiting patiently for the ghost of So-Eun to show up again, working her magic to bring our OTP back together. She did it before so I’m hoping she can do it again. My Lovely Girl will be airing 2 episodes back-to-back on Wednesday with the final episode on Thursday. Lets keep our fingers crossed that Jae-Young isn’t the only one who gets a happy ending.


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  • Dee says:

    Yay! You’re back to posting again for MLG! I love the spoilers for this weeks episodes. So glad Se Na and Hyun Wook are going to get together soon. I love seeing their happy faces instead of tear-filled ones.

    Shi Woo is so self centered. But he’s always been like that, and that’s the kdrama norm for second leads so it’s to be expected. I’m just so exited to see our OTP together again. Bring on the hats and confettis!

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