“Pride And Prejudice” Week 2 – One Word: Excellent

A few details were revealed, we learned more about Yeol-Moo past. We also met her Mom, who is most likely crazy from grief and we learned the reason Yeol-Moo dropped Dong Chi but we’ll need more to understand why she thinks he’s a murderer. Ratings for this drama are strong, beating out Secret Door and Tomorrow’s Cantabile to remain #1 in its time slot. I’m gonna make a wild guess that part of it is due to the power of Baek Jin Hee again.

Those of you who watched Empress Ki with me will remember the Korean audience being very vocal in their adoration of this actress, to the point that the script was changed to extend her part. I’m sure Choi Jin Hyuk is loved as well but the very tiny Baek Jin Hee has become a mighty draw on TV when she’s paired with a great script. All those pieces are falling into place with this drama, at least for now.

Chief Moon is excited about the drug bust and tells Dong Chi he’s still got it. (LOL) He asks Yeol-Moo if she’s really okay? When she affirms she’s fine, he tells her to go home. When she demurs, he says it again and tells her not to make him repeat himself. Hmmm, I’m thinking he knows she slept in the on-call room and doesn’t like it either.

They question the suspect, who refuses to give up the name of his supplier. Dong Chi threatens additional charges: kidnapping, imprisonment, assault…Kang Soo joins in: destruction of property and possibly a stolen ID which means forgery? LMAO, he’s screwed so he finally gives in. Chief Moon rubs his hands together, eager to catch the next big fish.

Jang-Won sits waiting with investigator Gwang-Mi and isn’t happy about it, he hates pulling all-nighters. He makes a nasty remark about Gwang-Mi failing the bar 3 times and that’s why she became an investigator. Okay, she was right, this guy is a jerk.

Yeol-Moo pulls her suitcase out of a locker and walks to the boarding house, a sign says “3 Meals Per Day”. During the meeting, Dong Chi announces the name of the main guy and details how the drugs are shipped into the country. But in order to investigate further, they need money. In walks Do-Jung (Kim Yeo Jin) who is Deputy Chief Prosecutor – which means she’s above Chief Moon.

She wants them to turn over the case to the narcotics division since Chief Moon doesn’t have the money. Ohhhh, that would tick me off too, although I guess as long as the perps are caught, it shouldn’t matter? Still, it’s like you do all the work but someone else gets credit. Ugh. Chief Moon refuses to hand it over so Do-Jung tells him he’ll have to come up with the money on his own.

Gwang-Mi meets Jang-Won on the elevator as they’re leaving, she knows he leaked information about the drug case. He denies it but she knows he went to school with the narcotics prosecutor, everyone knows he sucks up to that guy. He accuses her of spreading rumors but she not only doesn’t deny it, she tells him she also leaked that his ideal woman is whoever his Mother likes. LMAO!

We finally arrive at last weeks ending, Dong Chi responds to the suggestion they live together with “Says who?” The landlady (whom they all call Grandma) walks in, saying she said so. *heh* Grandma gives Yeol-Moo a key and tells her which room she can use. Dong Chi points to his own room saying she can use that one and then smiles to himself.

While Yeol-Moo is unpacking, Kang Soo knocks and comes in to tighten the outlet cover? Ahahaha, that’s so lame. He actually blushes and turns his head when he notices her gaping neckline. Dong Chi kicks the doorway, startling both. He looks pointedly at Kang Soo and tells Yeol-Moo to lock her doors or someone might break in. Kang Soo sputters who and Dong Chi says ME! LOL

Yeol-Moo tells Kang Soo to finish but Dong Chi kicks him in the butt and warns Yeol-Moo to be careful of this guy because he’s a hot-blooded, 22-year-old – which makes him an animal who can’t control his urges. Kang Soo denies this, he’s not a high-school kid, Dong Chi laughs. Grandma shows up at the door, asking what they’re doing and ordering both men out of the room.

Once they step out, Grandma calls them both rascals, grabs the tape and places a long strip in front of Yeol-Moo’s door, warning both guys that they’re not allowed to cross it. LMAO! Dong Chi protests, Grandma should put one in front of his door to keep Yeol-Moo out of his room too. Grandma warns them again, she better not catch either of them or she’ll break their legs. OMG, I love her.

The next morning during breakfast, Chang-Gi shows up, this draws everyone outside because he’s fighting with a cabbie. Yeol-Moo is just as surprised to see him as he is to see her. Dong Chi pipes up, announcing they live together (implying other things). As Kang Soo drags Chang-Gi home, Yeol-Moo asks Grandma if he’s Kang Soo’s Father? Nope, just a neighborhood bum.

Yeol-Moo rushes towards the office saying she’s late but Dong Chi stops her at the doorway to insist they come to work together from now on. She refuses so he then refuses to give her a case – he was going to but now he’s not. What, is he 5? Childish jerk. He gets thisclose to her to say he’s having too much fun lately. He’s not sure if it’s because of Grandma’s cooking but she’s really pretty (as he pats her hair and face). Yeol-Moo is stunned and can’t move. LOL

They learn the morning meeting is delayed as Chief Moon meets with a Director who reminds him his team is supposed to be invisible. Meh? He doesn’t think it’s a good idea if they make too much noise working on a drug case. What the…what? I’m confused, who is this guy? He also mentions Incheon, wanting to know how things are there. Chief Moon doesn’t look happy.

At the meeting, Chief Moon asks Dong Chi when he’s going to turn in a child case he’s working on, Dong Chi isn’t done yet. Chief Moon demands he turn it over to Jang-Won or give up the drug case. Jang-Won whines he’s busy so Yeol-Moo offers to take the case. Everyone turns to stare at her. Did she say something wrong? I don’t get why they all look unsettled.

Chief Moon gives the case to Yeol-Moo and offers pointers so she should feel honored. The case involves a handicapped child who fell down the stairs at daycare but it was an accident. The victims father refused settlement money so it was dropped. Yeol-Moo needs to review the paperwork, he wants it resolved before the end of the day. Oh and by the way, the child died.

The daycare Director comes in to speak with Yeol-Moo but before she can say too much, the woman starts crying. The child followed her around like she was her Mother so it’s her fault. Yeol-Moo investigates with Kang Soo helping. The child’s real Mother ran away and the Father is in jail.

They talk about Dong Chi, he’s one of the best prosecutors there is. Yeol-Moo wonders why he was sent back here if that’s the case, Kang Soo says Dong Chi makes the higher-ups uncomfortable because they can’t control him. She’s told this case was sent for prosecution as it was reported it as child abuse. She interviews the patrol lady, only to discover this woman has to pay a fine if a case is later reported as abuse. So she was just covering her ass and didn’t witness anything.

Yeol-Moo concludes it was an accident but the daycare was negligent. Just as she’s about to turn it in, Dong Chi asks about the victim. Yeol-Moo reminds him the child is dead, she can’t talk to her. Dong Chi tells her if she can’t “hear” from the victim, she should quit. She turns around and goes back to her office to find Kang Soo reviewing CCTV footage of the accident. It just came in, Dong Chi was having it repaired. Ahhhh! He’s totally helping her behind the scene.

They see the girl fall on the stairs while the husband was on the phone, the husband heard a noise but didn’t check so the victim laid there until she died. All that’s visible on the video is her foot, which causes Yeol-Moo to flashback to someone on a stretcher with only the foot visible. Kang Soo notices the tears in Yeol-Moo’s eyes.

Kang Soo goes down to retrieve some documents when Yeol-Moo gets a phone call that her Mother is in the lobby. Her Mom is obnoxiously loud, she brought sandwiches for Yeol-Moo’s co-workers and wants a tour of the office. OMG, I’d yank her ass out of there quick. How embarrassing, what if her daughter gets fired? Yeeesh!

Dong Chi recognizes her, it’s the woman Yeol-Moo was fighting when she jumped into his car. Mom loudly shows off her expensive clothes but assures Yeol-Moo she kept the tags. What…so she could return them after wearing them? When Yeol-Moo grabs her to take her outside, she starts screaming. *gasp* Mom throws a tantrum, she’ll return them right now. Yeol-Moo panics, Dong Chi rushes forward to drape his jacket over Mom and asks if she’ll join him for coffee. Wow, is Mom crazy?

Outside, she unpacks a sandwich but Yeol-Moo storms up, throws it to the ground and tries forcing her into a taxi. Mom yells, she angry that Yeol-Moo doesn’t care about her or Dad, Yeol-Moo snaps that she enjoys living alone. Mom suddenly asks about Yeol-Moo’s brother, which stops Yeol-Moo in her tracks. Dong Chi watches as Yeol-Moo sadly tells her Mom to go. Okay, yep – I’m thinking Mom is mentally disturbed.

Dong Chi gives Yeol-Moo photos of the dead child with a little boy, she needs to interview this kid since he’s probably a witness. Back inside, Chief Moon stops her, didn’t he tell her to turn that case in before the end of the day? He proceeds to chew her out, telling her to marry a prosecutor since she can’t be one. Wait, I thought this guy was cool, why is he being a jerk? Yeol-Moo goes to the roof to collect herself and runs into Gwang-Mi. She tells Yeol-Moo each prosecutor handles over 1,600 cases each year – which means they take care of 5 or 6 each day.

That evening, Chief Moon is pissed – not only did that new trainee disobey his order but she failed to show up for her own welcome party. He starts making everyone drink. This part of being a “new” employee always pisses me off, why on earth is it disrespectful to refuse to drink? Yeol-Moo meanwhile, is with Kang Soo trying to find the little boy.

When they do find him, he stares at Yeol-Moo and then steps forward to silently offer his milk. Awww, he’s too cute. In flashback, we see Yeol-Moo 15 years earlier, leaving for school when her little brother begged to go with her. When she turned around, he spilled his milk on her school uniform. Back in the present, she looks down at the little boy still offering his milk.

The boy’s caregiver tells them the Director isn’t available and the boy can’t speak, he’s mute. Chief Yoo phones Yeol-Moo to tell her she has to come to the dinner. Oh, for Gods sake – get over yourselves. So stupid. She rides the bus back with Kang Soo, he stands by her seat as if protecting her. LOL, cute.

During the bus ride, Yeol-Moo flashes back to getting a page from her Dad. She ran home but we don’t see what happened. Later, she’s riding her bike and sees a missing child poster with her brother’s face on it. She rushes to a homicide scene and sees a stretcher with a foot showing. Her Mom started screaming that it couldn’t be Byul.

When Yeol-Moo arrives at the dinner with Kang Soo, Chief Moon continues to be an ass. He makes and forces her to drink 3 drinks, which she does – one right after the other. But the more calmly she manages it, the more pissed off Chief Moon seems to get.

Yeol-Moo asks for more time. When he refuses and even orders Jang-Won to get out his stamp, Yeol-Moo asks why he’s rushing it? This surprises him but she yells, it’s not like his neck is on the line nor will this ruin the prosecutor’s office! I love her but it’s probably not a great idea. Chief Moon takes a drink, saying things are going to get very interesting between them now because she just stepped in a pile of shit with her boss. Dong Chi grabs Yeol-Moo’s hand, dragging her outside.

Dong Chi wonders why she’s acting so rashly? She doesn’t believe exceptions should be made, not when it involves a child. What if it turns out to be murder, how could they ever make up for that? As she turns to leave, Dong Chi says that’s why he’s here, it’s his job to watch her back and make sure things like that don’t happen as her superior.

She steps close and asks what happens if her superior is trash? He wants to know why this case makes her so antsy! She tearfully tells him her brother’s name was Han Byul and the only people who remember are her and her Mom. And because of someone’s power, authority and irresponsibility – how he died, why he died and who is responsible will never be known. She turns and walks away, Dong Chi runs the other direction. Kang Soo walks out, sees Yeol-Moo and follows her silently until she reaches home safely. Awwww, that’s so sweet.

Inside his office, Dong Chi unlocks the bottom drawer and pulls out a case file. He looks at a missing child poster and reads the name: Han Byul – 6 years old. He flashes back to seeing a little boy behind a fence. (?) Once home, he remembers Yeol-Moo said she wanted revenge and she snooped through his desk. In his bedroom, he pulls out an old book and remembers it being there the night she disappeared. He opens it to pull out the 1/2 torn paper and stares at it.

Grandma scolds Kang Soo for coming home so late, Chang-Gi teases him about having a girlfriend (which he vehemently denies – LOL). At the office, Yeol-Moo wants to hand the case back to Dong Chi but he talks her down. During the morning meeting, Chief Moon starts to belittle Yeon-Moo again when Dong Chi steps in, saying she’s his employee so he’ll deal with her. Chief Moon angrily orders everyone out.

During the showdown, Dong Chi comments the only reason Chief Moon stepped in on this case is because the Director (the guy Moon met, who holds the purse strings) is friends with the daycare Director. OMO! So he was trying to bury this? Dong Chi tells Yeol-Moo to continue investigating, she’s angry he took her side and doesn’t want his favors. Is that because of Han Byul?

When Dong Chi says her brothers name, Yeol-Moo freezes. Dong Chi gives her the 1/2 torn paper, he knows this is what she was looking for. Whoa, he’s this smart? *drools* Clearly she doesn’t want to talk so they concentrate on the child-abuse case. Chang-Gi learns Kang Soo paid all of his fines so he’s free to go. He meets Chief Moon in the elevator and the two men exchange barbs. I know these two have a bad history but we’re not given any hints.

Yeol-Moo finds the daycare Directors financial records on her desk when she returns but doesn’t know who put it there. It shows this woman did a lot of shopping right after the girl died, buying expensive designer items. Kang Soo gets flustered when Yeol-Moo gets close to him and retreats to the safety of his own desk. LMAO, he’s really cute!

Yeol-Moo’s Mom shows up wanting to know where her daughter lives, Dong Chi sends her off with Chang-Gi since they’re going to the same boarding house. Uh, oh, I doubt Yeol-Moo wanted her Mom to know where she lives! Yeol-Moo heads to the daycare with Dong Chi and Kang Soo to speak with the little boy but they don’t get much. She’s ready to admit it’s an accident when Chief Moon drops the news that the girl’s Father is holding her memorial. Umm, why is he helping her now?

The daycare Director shows up at the memorial and does the same crying bit she did in the office. On their way out, the female caregiver tells Yeol-Moo about finding the little girl tied to her bed one night. The Director is hostile when they confront her, the girl was a sleep-walker. The team finds footage of the girl standing in front of the gate and signing “Help me” to the camera. Oh, GOD.

They speak to Chan again, this time he admits the Director hit his Noona. She also lied that his Noona would come back. Ugh, horrible witch. Yeol-Moo tells him she’s not coming back and comforts him as he cries. Chief Moon calls that other Director to tell him he needs to cut ties and distance himself since they’re going to arrest the daycare Director.

They bring her in, Dong Chi confronts her: she not only was abusing the little girl but also the boy. The girl could handle it but she couldn’t handle the little guy being hurt. The day of the accident, the Director called the girl to the top of the stairs and then shoved her down those stairs. Dong Chi managed to get a recording of her voice during her husbands phone call. They’re both arrested.

The little boy is brought back to the boarding house, Grandma agrees to watch over him. Yay! I love that he’s going to be living there! Yeol-Moo fights with her Mom again, begging her to stop her crazy behaviour now. Byul is dead and he’s not coming back. Mom blames Yeol-Moo, he wouldn’t have died if only she had walked him home when he followed her. Ouch.

When Dong Chi gets home, he talks with Yeol-Moo about what’s changed since he gave her that torn paper. She gives it back to him plus hands him the other half, saying he was a good student. His hands shake as he holds the two pieces together, he admits he initially wanted to study medicine. Yeol-Moo gets close, looks up at him and tearfully asks why he killed her brother? He looks at her in shock, turns the paper over and reads the words “Please save me” on the back.


So her brother’s name was Byul. He was kidnapped and then murdered and this is the case Dong Chi has kept locked inside his desk drawer all this time. For some reason, Byul had Dong Chi’s report card and used part of it to write a message, begging for help. This makes Yeol-Moo believe Dong Chi had something to do with it. Okay, that all makes sense. But where was Byul found and was the note found with him? Ugh, questions. *hee* I’m kidding, I actually love mysteries!

The comedy and romance were dialed way down this week but that’s okay since we needed to get to the meat of the conflict between these two. I am a little surprised that it’s out this early but I won’t complain since we still need a lot more information before this can be solved. Does Yeol-Moo think Dong Chi is a child murderer? With Chan living at the boarding house now, will she think he’s in danger from Dong Chi? So many directions this could go!

I love that quite a few of our characters live at the boarding house, most of them need nurturing and Grandma is perfect for that. I think Chief Moon is either bi-polar or he’s corrupt (could be wrong) but watching him go back/forth is giving me whiplash. I like all of our main characters and can’t wait to learn more. Between this and Misaeng, I’m a very happy drama-watcher right now.

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  • chaybags says:

    I would say, excellent story, excellent cast and excellent tandem .. that makes the drama really excellent. Therefore, credit is due to the whole cast and production team of PP!

  • knvgrime says:

    Yes this drama is excellent. I was surprised that the writers decided to reveal Yeol Moo’s “secret” to Dong Chi so soon. I mean as an audience we still have a lot of questions and that’s a good thing. This and Misaeng are in my top dramas right now.

  • bmore says:

    This, Misaeng, Best Marriage/wedding, Liar Game and ….maybe Bad Guys. Legendary Witch, and Birth of a Beauty (need to see a few more eps of those). And so many new ones coming up. But this one had my heart pumping at the end of this episode.

    Jin Hyuk has such chemistry with his co-stars. His intensity of interest, his way of looking at them, makes you totally believe in the romantic part of this. He’s the reason I tuned in to this. I am not a huge fan of Jin-Hee. She was so wooden in Triangle and there was absolutely no chemistry with her co-stars. But in this, there is definitely a different vibe. But I put most of that down to Jin Hyuk. Still, she looks softer and prettier in this than she did in Ki or Triangle. So I am liking her in this role a lot.

    I don’t really think Yeol-moo believes Dong-chi killed her brother… in the sense of he took a weapon and killed him. I think she suspects he knew something or didn’t do something that might have saved her brother and so is blaming him…as she blames herself. The quick flashback he had of seeing that child peeking through the fence and showing the Please Help Me sign was pretty horrifying, and it is his memory so he must have seen and ignored something. I think it is something he has buried from guilt and fear. I’m betting we are going to find that he may have suspected something, but was somehow distracted from pursuing or convinced by the actual perpetrator that nothing bad was going on and, since this was 15 years ago and he also would only have been a child, like her, both of them have been carrying this guilt inside them for what “could have been” “if only”. The fact that he has all the paperwork from the case means he has been following it all these years, probably trying to solve a closed cold case on his own.

    Also, those 2 have had too much light-hearted banter and give and take with one another for me to believe she really believes he is her brother’s killer. If she did, she would be repulsed by him and afraid also, and she exhibits none of those behaviors. You notice when Moon jumps back into the room yelling, she automatically leaps behind Dong-chi. That is not the behavior of someone who thinks this man is a murderer.

    This next week is going to be a long one. Thank God this is not another one of those torturous once a week ones! HATE those! But I cannot wait for the next 2 shows!

    • tessieroo says:

      Bmore! *hugs* You watching this one too? Yay! (LOL)

      Agree, I don’t think she truly believes he murdered anyone but she does seem to believe he and/or the Prosecutors office are corrupt or just lazy. The way she argued with Chief Moon over rushing the daycare case shows she’s very idealistic but we’ll see what happens when she’s handling 5/6 cases per day herself. O_O She was right though – Chief Moon was trying to push that case through to protect the relationship of a higher up? (but then he turned around and gave her the financials to help). Very compelling! I’m fascinated with his character.

      I hope we get more of the light-hearted banter, this episode was a bit heavy. I still find it very odd the secret is out this soon but it’s all good since there’s still a lot left to figure out. Oh, and that scene of her brother, behind a fence and holding up the “please save me” sign? If Dong Chi saw that 15 years ago but didn’t tell anyone or think much about it, can you imagine how that’s been eating away at him when he learned the boy he saw was murdered? OMG, how horrible! I kinda hope she finds out soon and they don’t drag that part out. You might need to hold my hand, I don’t do well with child abuse stuff. 🙁

      BJH was incredible in Empress Ki, not so much in Triangle (although the BTS I’ve seen of her and JaeJoong show amazing chemistry, they had fun on that set) and I like her here but for some reason, Korean audiences love her – which might explain the ratings. Agree, paired with CJH, she’s gold – he’s perfect for this role! I love their height difference, cracks me up. 🙂 There’s no way I would miss this with him, it might be his last role before heading to the military. *sobs*

      • bmore says:

        Hugs back!!! Oh and I am so with you on the child abuse/child killings thing. I don’t do well with it at all. This penchant so many dramas have of children being slapped or beaten. I have such a hard time with it. I watch a lot of dark crime movies, especially Korean stuff (they are the best in the world at dark!) but kid stuff just tortures me.

        I totally agree with you that Yeol Moo believes it may have been sloppy detective work that never solved her brother’s murder (or, something more sinister like a cover up). And, I suspect, that both of them became prosecutors because of it. And, that both of them have been unjustifiably torturing and blaming themselves. I keep seeing that flash of the little boy holding up the Help Me sign! Horrors. Like you, I think: can you imagine how that would haunt the young Dong Chi…because you know, whatever happened that caused him to ignore it, it will be something he shouldn’t be blaming himself for, like her getting on the bus and watching her brother walking away….never realizing it would be the last time. I like how they give us these snippets of info and we can create our whole storyline! Well, how long and how many of these have we been watching?

        Moon is an interesting character. He has some dark and some light. I LOVE when a writer doesn’t take the easy way out and make all the ‘bad guys’ cartoon bad. Not that I think he’s a bad guy, but just that he has that edge he walks along the dark side. He’s older, been there longer, been through much more. So his cynical side is more prevalent. Or. Maybe he is dark…but I don’t think so.

        And I’m totally LOVING Glorious Days’ Uncle CEO (Son Chang-min) in his new persona! What a change! Holy Smokes I hardly recognized him. He’s loving the role, you can tell. What a cutie. How I miss that drama!

        I’m really enjoying all the other shows I’m watching right now too. So many good ones, but Misaeng is top of the heap! Still each of those I mentioned has their unique draw, so I have lots to look forward to. Unbelievably, I am down to 10 currently watching, the lowest in maybe ever! And (thank god) Lovely Girl will drop off now! Maybe I can actually get a few old movies off my list!

        I’ll be watching and yakking on your recap my dear! So glad to have a ‘nice’ one to watch together!

        And yes…it is going to be a long 2 years without CJH! 🙁 I fell for him in I Need Romance and have been his faithful cheerleader ever since! So glad he is going out on the top of his game. There will be offers waiting for him when he gets back.

    • Odessa Jones says:

      I’m so glad I found some people following this show! I started watching for CJH and I come back because the plot keeps surprising me, like the end of episode 4. She doesn’t act like she thinks he’s a murderer, it’s true, but there’s a lot we don’t know yet. I’m curious to learn what additional stuff leads her to this conclusion. And Dong-Chi was a school kid 15 years ago, which is another wrinkle. I think maybe the murderer was someone Dong-Chi is close to (a hyung, maybe?), so that Dong-Chi is living with one of those K-drama struggles that I love: protect your family or protect justice? I hope it’s something like that. For him to have strong emotions about the case without being a killer, my vote’s on hyung! Or maybe Dong-Chi’s evil twin (just kidding, though wouldn’t it be great if there were two Choi Jin-Hyuks?).

  • nini says:

    Yes! my favs are this one and Misaeng, too. Adore Geu-Rae and the whole setting there as well 🙂 <3

  • P says:

    this wk redeemed the show. the lead actress acting especially her sad scenes need a lot of improvements. her lip trembling doesnt cut it.

    plot wise, thumbs up.

  • Nick says:

    It might just be me but the premise of this drama is very similar to ‘You’re All Surrounded’.

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