“Pride and Prejudice” Week Three: It Ended With A Kiss

Tessieroo: Since I miss doing recaps with Clockwatcher, I talked her into teaming up on this one with my usual persuasive arguments. *heh* It’s always much more fun being able to bounce ideas off each other but the real reason is that she makes me laugh and she’s much better with mysteries than I am. Join me in welcoming her for this drama!

Clockwatcher: It’s always a pleasure recapping with you, so thanks for the invite! Although I’m not sure there’s much of a mystery here as they pretty much tell us everything. I suppose the twists and turns will come later.

Tessieroo: Was it really anything I said that convinced you to join me or is it the possibility of a shirtless Choi Jin-Hyuk?

Clockwatcher: You know which it is. 😉

So we learned that Dong Chi is not a murderer. Was this a surprise to anyone?

Tessieroo: No. I also don’t think Yeol-Moo believes it’s a possibility either but she seems determined to dump as much guilt on him as she can.

Clockwatcher: And I suppose we are getting some clarity on who is proud and who is prejudiced although I don’t think Dong Chi is particularly proud.

Tessieroo: As far as I can see, both of those terms only apply to Yeol-Moo (so far).

Clockwatcher: So basically, over a decade ago, Dong Chi was excited by his great grades and ran off to tell his dad at the warehouse he worked. He found a criminal there who tore up his report card which is how Yeol-Moo’s brother got half of it. He asked for help and Dong Chi did try, even managing to hit the bastard who was drowning the child (WTF?) and run off with the kid. But unfortunately, he tripped, fell and hit his head. When he came to, the kid was gone. I’m surprised they didn’t kill him too but there’d be no drama if he were dead.

Tessieroo: True. And he’s not exactly vigorously defending himself against Yeol-Moo’s accusation. Unless he’s trying to “inspire” her somehow to solve it on her own thereby boosting her confidence to become a successful prosecutor. Or he’s using the theory that her fresh, newbie eyes can see things he can’t, which might help him solve it.

Clockwatcher: Do you think he made a fatal mistake by not calling the cops first?

Tessieroo: Yes but it might have been too late. The bastard criminal was already trying to drown the kid within just a few moments.

Clockwatcher: Anyway, Dong Chi kept his half of the sheet as a reminder of the day he couldn’t save the child and it’s probably his motivation for switching from medicine to law.

Tessieroo: Han Byul’s death seems to be the reason both he and Yeol-Moo became prosecutors. It’s sad that Dong Chi has had to live with that guilt all these years. When he pulled out the file, you could see he wrote “I’m sorry I couldn’t save you” all over the back of the missing poster.

Clockwatcher: So there was that scene of Chang-Gi trying to scam Yeol-Moo’s mother. Do you think there will be a romance between them?

Tessieroo: He tried to scam her into investing in Iguana’s. (LOL) I suppose a romance is possible but do we know where Yeol-Moo’s Father is? I must have missed that part.

Clockwatcher: No word on Pops yet.

Tessieroo: I was also a bit confused by Dong Chi’s conversation with Yeol-Moo in the office, it sounded like she does know everything. She knows that was the day Dong Chi got his report card, she knows he went to that factory, she knows her brother was alive and asked Dong Chi to save him and she knows that was the day her brother died. According to Dong Chi, she went through her brother’s case file during law school so that means all of that information is in the file but she never mentions the bastard criminal. Why assume Dong Chi is the murderer and ignore the obvious, bastard criminal?

Clockwatcher: Was the obvious, bastard criminal ever caught? I’m a little fuzzy on the details myself. She knows her brother pleaded for help on the back of Dong Chi’s report card so it sounds like she concluded that he’s the criminal.

Tessieroo: No, I don’t believe bastard criminal was ever caught. I’m wondering if there’s even a description of that guy in the files. I found it somewhat depressing Chief Moon wasn’t “excited” by any of the cases he distributed, is that the only reason he investigates cases? Ugh. I do love it when Yeol-Moo stands up to him but I kinda love it even more when he picks on her. (LOL)

Clockwatcher: Chief Moon always appears nonchalant and uninterested but constantly has a trick up his sleeve so I think it’s just an act.

Tessieroo: He’s a fun character but then I love Choi Min-Soo. When Dong Chi scolded Yeol-Moo for not being focused on the current case, he mentioned there are only 3 months left in her brother’s case which seems to convince her even more that Dong Chi is guilty. Does Korea have a statute of limitations on murder?

Clockwatcher: It looks that way.

Tessieroo: I had no idea that any country had statutes on murder. How cute is Kang Soo? I’m thisclose to shipping him with Yeol-Moo even though I know it ain’t happening.

Clockwatcher: I need to know exactly what his relationship with Chang Gi is because I’m even closer to shipping them. I need clarification that they are definitely not related.

So this week’s episodes are about some drug dealer who pretended to be an informant while double-crossing them. But they still found the real drug mule who knew Dong Chi somehow. And while trying to escape, the dude died.

Tessieroo: Right, Man Shik (drug dealer) betrayed them but Chief Moon figured that out and made him spill the beans. Plus Dong Chi noticed a suspicious truck driving onto the ship. But it’s so annoying when one person goes in without backup, in this case: Kang Soo. And LOL, they blurred out the knife again.

Clockwatcher: Blurring knives will never not be funny.

Tessieroo: When Kang Soo grabbed the guy and jumped into the water with him, that must have been when the guy was stabbed but I fail to see how that makes Kang Soo guilty of killing him.

Clockwatcher: Exactly. The guy was clearly resisting arrest so how does that make him guilty? According to American shows, he’d be put on desk duty pending an investigation, not hauled off to jail.

Tessieroo: So true! It appears the cases are connected, the dead guy had a panda tattoo on his hand which means he’s the person who’s been murdering women with yellow scarves. I’m confused.

Clockwatcher: Yep, it’s confusing. The man knows Dong Chi because he’s supposedly the Panda guy.

A devastated Kang Soo finds solace at Chang-Gi’s place and the old man is helpless as he rummages through his drawer trying to get a usable band-aid and ointment for his bruised knuckles.

Tessieroo: *sniff* I see what you mean, these two are pretty damned adorable together. As far as I know, Chang-Gi is only the “neighborhood ahjussi” but I suppose a birth secret could come later.

Clockwatcher: The police go looking for him at Grandma’s which clues her in to his predicament then she goes to find him at Chang Gi’s where she lovingly zips his coat up and tells him that this too shall pass. She’s been taking care of him since he was a kid.

Tessieroo: The kid is so tall, he’s an amazon beside Grandma! I think I have a major crush. Plus this guy’s acting (so far) is better than his 5urprise group mate, Seo Kang-Joon.

OMG, I just googled his age so never mind – he’s a baby. (LMAO)

Clockwatcher: Age is nothing but a number when the guy is such a cutie.

Anyway, it turns out that the drug dealer didn’t die from a knife injury but cardiac arrest and all the blood was spilled from an injury on his head. It’s crazy because despite the evidence showing that Kang Soo didn’t cause his death, he’s still locked up because it looked like he did. Does that make sense?

Tessieroo: No, but I did learn to go-with-the-flow on Korean police dramas. A lot of things don’t make sense but I’m not all that familiar with their laws and statutes. Plus there’s always so much corruption (or the cops are idiots) that it takes me awhile to figure things out.

Clockwatcher: While they are discussing their latest predicament, their boss who only shows up in a crisis does what she does best. That woman cares more about the press than the actual case and points out that they will have a field day because a supposedly dead serial killer was alive and entered the country as a drug dealer.

Tessieroo: She has a point, this would be a huge stink for the prosecutors if the public believed the Panda serial-killer was dead only to find out he wasn’t and there was another victim (the girl tied with the yellow scarf). Do you get the impression Chief Oh is out to bury or “best” Chief Moon?

Clockwatcher:  I thought so last week but I’m not sure anymore. She appears to enjoy “battling” with him so I wonder if she gives him a hard time simply because she gets a kick out of it.

So basically, in order to prevent looking impartial, they have to go heavy on Kang Soo. Excuse me but why in the world would the press persecute Kang Soo for killing a drug dealing serial killer?

Tessieroo: Exactly! I don’t think they would but if the prosecutors wish to appear impartial and fair (ie-doing their job, no matter who the victim is) then this is the kind of crap they put up with. I think they’re wrong in this case and agree with you, no one would blame Kang Soo.

Clockwatcher: Then our dear Yeol-Moo gets her panties in a bunch because it looks like they are hanging their teammate out to dry. I understand her anger but Dong Chi is still her boss. She’s lucky he loves her and feels guilty because most people wouldn’t tolerate her insolence.

Tessieroo: LOL, she is a feisty ball of idealism, isn’t she? She needs to learn the ropes (and patience) before she starts arguing with her superiors. They may have a plan to deal with Kang Soo but haven’t informed her because she not in the “need to know” group yet. *heh* So far, she’s a pain in the arse.

Clockwatcher: I get where her attitude comes from but patience is a virtue, Honey. Kang Soo’s Daddy/Boyfriend/What is he?!?! almost has a heart attack waiting for him outside the station.

Tessieroo: Chang-Gi is the neighborhood ahjussi who has been around the boarding house for years and has known Kang Soo since he was little. We know Kang Soo was an orphan but I’d love to know how he ended up with Grandma. Does she repeatedly take in strays? If so, she’s incredible.

Clockwatcher: Yeah, I know who Chang-Gi supposedly is but they are almost unnaturally close. And yeah, it looks like she takes in people in need and I hope someone will take care of Chan when she’s gone.

The cops review the incident tape (there’s CCTV everywhere) and determine that the Panda killer was under the influence of something during the confrontation.

Tessieroo: How can they know that from a video tape? LOL, I guess he was weaving all over.

Clockwatcher: Kang Soo’s man needs a favor so he approaches his enemy, the Chief, for help.

Tessieroo: THIS is the relationship I find most interesting, these two men seem to hate each other.

Clockwatcher: It’s a serious scene but I couldn’t stop laughing at Chang-Gi’s wig.

Tessieroo: LOL, and apparently Chief Moon clean-shaven = a younger Chief Moon.

Clockwatcher: Were you surprised by the twist? We already knew there was history but I never imagined that they were partners.

Tessieroo: I was surprised, I had no idea Chang-Gi used to be a lawyer. Chief Moon called him “Lawyer Jung Chang-Gi”. They made a point of showing us the timeline too, it was exactly 15 years earlier which is around the same time Yeol-Moo’s brother died. I wonder if the woman he hit died and he was brought up on manslaughter charges. That would also mean he lost his license. but it doesn’t explain the antagonism between these two men.

Clockwatcher: Maybe Chang Gi feels betrayed because his old buddy didn’t stand up for him but dude, you just killed someone!

Tessieroo:LMAO, I gotta say – Chief Moon looked pissed off when he got out of the car and stared back at Chang-Gi after he checked the victim.

Clockwatcher: Maybe he’d  insisted that he was okay to drive despite being damn near asleep then he hit someone. I’m enjoying my fanfiction. From this point on, we learn that all these random cases are connected. Isn’t this a bit ridiculous?

Tessieroo: Agree, I feel like this episode was choppy and not very clear.

Clockwatcher: So some guy who poured boiling water on a homeless guy just happened to have the bamboo ring that some girl, Song Ah Reum, had put on a dead person’s body to alert the cops that the Panda killer was alive?

Tessieroo: I thought the girl was trying to let the cops know Panda killer was still alive but nope, it turns out she killed him only to take the drugs. It makes no sense to me that this guy had to be some serial-killer from Dong Chi’s past unless they’re trying to show how sloppy the prosecutor’s office is. They certainly took the long way around.

Clockwatcher: I feel like we were  supposed to have been amazed by all this but unfortunately, it had the opposite effect.

At the end of the night, all the baddies are caught and we’re left with the OTP in their office. Well, I don’t know if they are an OTP but there’s certainly some kind of flirtation going on between the chief and his boss. And she doesn’t only show up in moments of crisis but also success as she’s there because she wants to take credit and hold the press conference about the case.

Tesserioo: Chief Oh took that case from him and took credit for it so easily, like it’s no big deal and it happens all the time. Did she read the speech he wrote at the press conference? LOL, that’s gotta bite.

Clockwatcher: Haha. Maybe there will be a twist and we’ll learn that she helps him out because our good ol’ chief has stage fright. I’m obviously desperately trying to make their romance plausible. She takes the credit in exchange for releasing Kang Soo despite there not being any logical reason to hold him longer.

Kang Soo is freed and has a sweet reunion with Chang-Gi. I want to make a joke about expecting them to make out but I need to be sure that they are absolutely not related.

Tesserioo: LMAO!

Clockwatcher: The real OTP get some alone time in their office. She confirms that he’s got Man Sik’s brother then asks how he’s sure that Song Ah Reum is the real killer. He’s surprised that she doesn’t know since she’d backed him up with the chief.

Tessieroo: So Yeol-Moo didn’t really know, she just believed what he said about why Song Ah Reum was the killer. Pffftttt, that tells me she obviously doesn’t truly believe Dong Chi killed her brother. There’s no way she’d be so calm around him if she really thought that!

Clockwatcher: She ran away from him years ago but I bet even then it was hard for her to reconcile the guy she’d fallen for with the demonic killer she’d imagined. But she’s hurt and lashes out at him because he’s an easy target.

So he asks her how she can have faith in someone she thinks is a killer and she admits that she’s battling with it. Then he tells her he’s got irrefutable proof of his innocence. What is it? A kiss!

Did you expect that? It was obvious from the way he looked at her but I didn’t expect them to kiss in this episode. I will say that I was hoping we’d get some romance since most of their interactions have mainly consisted of her being antagonistic or accusing him of murder.

Tessieroo: And a wide-eyed, dead fish kiss at that! UGH! *pulls out hair*

Clockwatcher: LOL. I thought it was okay since it was a surprise to her.


Clockwatcher: Basically, my big problem with this case was having all these random culprits connected. It kind of soured the episode a bit for me.

Tessieroo: I agree, this episode was all over the place. They tried to shove too much information into it which just left me having to go back multiple times and re-read the subs because I was confused. I hate that! I can’t find any reason why all these cases needed to be connected either.

I’m a bit disappointed. I hope they bring back the cute sparring between our OTP but maybe they had to show us she doesn’t believe he killed her brother first? I’m also not happy with the non-existent co-habitation fun at the boarding house so far. I sure hope this improves.

Clockwatcher: For real. What’s the point of moving in together if there are no cohabitation high jinks? That’s just a waste of a great opportunity so I hope it gets rectified next week.

Till then!


  • Odessa Jones says:

    I love your commentary! I agree about getting pretty confused in the second half this week. Suddenly in episode 6 there were too many people involved. Too bad, because the first half–ep 5–made sense. Maybe they can explain everyone being connected, since they get their info from only one drug informant. But I needed it explained more slowly to get it. Usually K-dramas move too slow! Not this one.

    Chang-Gi totally acted like KS’s dad in this episode. The tofu! New theory: was the person Chang-Gi accidentally killed in the flashback one of KS’s parents? Then Chang-Gi would have a guilt reason to look out for KS. I LOVE the Chang-Gi with the crazy Iguana Scheme. I don’t see Yeol-Moo’s mom going for him, but I love that he always gives it a shot.

    But, dude, Dong-Chi, how does kissing her help? DC’s always telling Yeol-Moo to use evidence properly, and now he’s trying to pass a kiss off as evidence? The show’s had other moments that were more kiss-appropriate. Though it’s fun to imagine a world in which a kiss from Choi Jin-hyuk had legal power in a court of law. Or maybe just magical powers, period. Mm. I’ll keep checking to see what you guys think. (And I’m blogging P&P theories and pics at my site.) May Yeol-Moo please chill out soon! Lots more episodes to go.

  • kdramaloverDee says:

    I do t usually comment but Odessa Jones,you comment about a kiss from Choi jin hyuk was hilarious.
    Thanks for the recap ladies, was a fun read.
    On a side note…the kid playing kang soo is soo cute n talented;)

  • tasha says:

    Im holding on to this and waiting for more episodes to be uploaded before i watch. Stopped after ep 1 since i had a feel this will be a keeper.

  • houstontwin says:

    Thanks for the recap. As you say, the plot is all over the place. There are already enough storylines for a 50 episode drama!
    And more importantly, as you allude to, there are so many opportunities for cute, sweet, and funny interactions. I don’t want the drama to be more weighed down than necessary by evil politicians and corrupt prosecutors.

  • vforvintagevera says:

    Love your recaps!
    Yes, we all need a little more shirtless Choi Jin Hyuk in our lives. In general, we just need moar Choi Jin Hyuk.

    The way I viewed Dong Chi’s reluctance to reveal the truth to Yeol Moo is that he knows no matter what he says, she’s already made up in her mind to cast him as the villain. Even if he were to explain how he tried but failed to save her brother, she’ll just think he’s making excuses and lying. He has no defense or evidence she’s wrong but his word. 6 episodes in and it’s pretty evident that DC has learned that without solid evidence anything you say is worthless.

    At this point, he knows her prejudice against him is too strong, which is why he’s always challenging her to think and deduce like a prosecutor. Find evidence and connect the dots. All she’s done is accuse him of being the murder, but she’s hasn’t asked the right questions, like motive, etc.

    As for Yeol Moo digging up her brother’s case file, it’s pretty evident that whoever was the prosecutor in charge of the case, wanted the case quickly closed and swept under the run, which is why when YM’s father requested for a re-investigation, he was denied, hence making him bitter against prosecutors, tainting YM’s view of them as well. I don’t think Dong Chi ever had a chance to testify in the case. Which is why she doesn’t know his POV. He probably wanted to testify but was denied because the case was closed quickly or buried under the rug.

    Dong Chi probably also learned the hard way how the prosecution’s office worked and the level of corruption going on, which is why he was assigned to this “losers prosecution” team. In EP1 they hint at this when Chief Moon is introduced. They’re like the team of rejects assembled to take on mundane and banal cases out of punishment or probation, which is probably why Chief Moon never looks thrilled when he’s dolling out the cases. It’s established that DC doesn’t take corruption from his superiors and I’m guessing Chief Moon is probably like this, but ambitious so he’s ruthless. They’re supposed to stay out of the way and low-key, not draw attention to themselves, and give the prosecution’s office a “good image” of prosecutors taking on everyday citizen’s banal complaints.

    Which is why when it looks like Kang Soo accidentally killed the Panda dude out of self-defense, it’s a huge problem for them because a.) it’s drawn attention of the media b.) they were supposed to be low-key and not take on drug cartels c.) pissed off the corrupt higher ups who would use this to spin negative press against them

    But the team all knows this (except Yeol Moo) and that’s why everybody is secretly helping Kang Soo in their own way, after hours. So when Yeol Moo is ranting at Dong Chi for not defending Kang Soo, he challenges her again. Her point is that he’s only guilty of involuntary manslaughter while on duty, but Dong Chi, having seen the crime scene, already has a different opinion. She thinks he thinks KS is guilty, but in fact, what I love DC for is that he’s thinking the other way, that KS is completely 100% innocent and that the man’s death is not KS’ responibility but of a drug overdose. This shows that DC, with his 10 years of experience is able to think outside the box, while YM, in her limited experience, is still too hot-headed and narrow-minded in her prosecution.

    It’s why I also love that Grandma isn’t too worried about KS, knowing that DC has his back.

    A theory that people are speculating right now is that Kang Soo might be Yeol Moo’s long lost brother, only because in Dong Chi’s flashback, the kid actor who DC tries to save, is played by a different child actor than her brother’s. Which then begs the question, if there were two kids who went missing, who was the kid that died and what happened to her brother?

    On Dong Chi’s kiss with Yeol Moo, I love it, he’s such a cheeky witty namja, I love it. When he says I have “evidence,” apparently, it’s a pun of the Korean word for “drama kiss” which is why he swoops in for the KO.

    And yes! More co-habitation hi-jinks! We need more of this. No more Dong Chi working overnight at the office. We also need more bromance between Dong Chi and Kang Soo because I want to learn their backstory. And more Chan! He’s adorbs.

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