“Pride And Prejudice” Week 4 – Cuteness Is Too Much To Ask

We only got one episode this week, MBC had a soccer (or football?) match set to air. That might be why nothing much seemed to happen? Although the cliff-hanger did end with some startling new information, pretty sure most of us had already figured out someone on the inside was dirty.

Tessieroo: So much for Dong Chi’s “proof” that he didn’t murder Yeol-Moo’s brother! How was that supposed to prove anything anyway? That kiss was badly timed and just left me feeling uncomfortable for him – so much so that I have no desire to see them kiss again anytime soon. (LOL)

Clockwatcher: Well, she was as unaffected by the kiss as you considering she goes right to blaming him for not reporting the crime even if he’d only been a witness. Instead of constantly accusing him, why not just ask him what happened?

Tessieroo: After that disastrous failure, Dong Chi enters the room behind the interrogation rooms to watch Song Ah-Reum and Jae-Shik being interviewed. *groan* I knew this case wasn’t resolved yet but is it wrong if I’m not even interested?

Clockwatcher: They could have at least made us care about them if they were going to continue it this week.

Tessieroo: So supposedly, Song Ah-Reum was the Panda serial-killer’s lover?

Clockwatcher: I know, right? Perhaps they jumped into the wrong conclusion?

Tessieroo: Chief Moon questions Dong Chi, they’re not sure which one of them killed Panda and Song Ah Reum is now pleading the fifth. They may have to let them both go.

Clockwatcher: Why can’t they make the “discovery” phase more interesting? Surely, their dialogue can be more fun, right?

Tessieroo: I so agree! So far, all the cases and day-to-day work they do is so dry. Maybe I should pay more attention to Chief Moon’s words, I always feel like he’s dropping hints everywhere.

Dong Chi believes Song Ah-Reum might need protection from someone higher up the food chain in law enforcement so he goes in to question her alone. She writes down the names of the National Director and Security Of Civil Affairs. They also learn Jae-Shik’s lawyer is the most expensive, dirtiest lawyer in Korea.

Chief Moon orders a meeting but the minute they all leave the room, he takes a phone call from someone. Ya know, I keep getting tiny suspicions that this guy is dirty but then he’ll do something to help the team so I end up thinking I’m wrong. *sigh*

Clockwatcher: For now, it seems like he’s under pressure from the higher-ups to drop cases that he knows his team will end up investigating. Honestly, the guy goes on and on and talks in circles so I have no idea what his point is half the time.

Tessieroo: LMAO, we are 100% on the same page on this one. Is that a first?

Grandma waits outside with Chan for Kang Soo to come home. When he finally appears with Chang-Gi, she admonishes Kang Soo for lowering his head and orders him to straighten his shoulders. I love her. OMG, how adorable is Chan with Kang Soo?

Clockwatcher: He probably reminds him of himself when he was a kid.

Tessieroo: Grandma gruffly invites Chang-Gi to eat with them.

Clockwatcher: After he mentions that the others are a family. I guess no birth secret, huh?

Tessieroo: I’m still considering the possibility that the woman Chang-Gi hit was Kang Soo’s Mom, which makes him feel responsible for Kang Soo. Guess we’ll see.

Back at the office, we learn these two suspects and the case are being moved to Seoul, which really pisses Dong Chi off. He argues with Chief Moon privately but is ordered to do as he’s told. Hmmm, why do I get the feeling Chief Moon is trying to steer Dong Chi in a particular direction?

Clockwatcher: As I said, the guy just keeps going on and on that it’s hard to find his point. But I agree that it sounds like he’s really telling Dong Chi to keep at it.

Tessieroo: I also got the impression Chief Moon can’t come right out and say what he means. Do you think his office is bugged or am I going wayyy overboard in conspiracy theories?

Clockwatcher: I don’t know if his office is bugged but he’s definitely being watched.

Tessieroo: I think Chief Oh is for sure but I was kinda hoping it was because she likes him. (LOL)

Dong Chi is right about one thing: Song Ah-Reum gave up those names thinking these prosecutors would help her but they’re being screwed over by higher-ups. Or I think they are. Chief Moon gets another phone call in the middle of fighting with Dong Chi but offers to call the person back.

Yeol-Moo questions Song Ah-Reum about the dead girl, where are her things? Song Ah-Reum begs her to leave that girl out of this. Once again, I’m so confused. Some men from Seoul arrive to take the two suspects. My brain is going into overdrive again, wondering if they’ll be murdered while in custody at the Seoul office.

Clockwatcher: LOL. Jae-Sik is a baddie so he’s safe. He’s not about to out anyone. Not sure about Ah-Reum but then again, I’m having trouble keeping my eyes open.

Tessieroo: *gasp* Wake up, Kang Soo is shirtless! (LOL) He swoops up Chan, wrapped in a towel from his bath and carries him into the living room area to dry his hair. My ovaries are exploding.

Yeol-Moo arrives home at that moment, which prompts Kang Soo to quickly put on a shirt.

Clockwatcher: She totally interrupted their bonding moment.

Tessieroo: Yeol-Moo is happy to see Chan and dries his hair with a towel while Kang Soo gazes at her in adoration. Poor guy, he’s got it bad.

Yeol-Moo asks Kang Soo if he’s okay, she was really worried about him. He bows his head in apology and she suddenly starts drying his hair with the towel too. Ahaha, the expression on his face is adorable! Okay, now I’m solidly shipping these two – which means I’m doomed.

Clockwatcher: Yes, you’re doomed. Drying his hair right after drying Chan’s pretty much indicates that she sees him as a little brother.

Tessieroo: Dong Chi comes in (ruining my moment) and teases that whenever the two of them are together, it’s like they’re playing house, with Chan as their kid. Looking directly at Kang Soo, he asks if he likes that Yeol-Moo was so worried about him? Kang Soo admits it.

LMAO, Dong Chi is obviously jealous but it’s even more funny to me that when he comes close to help dress Chan, Yeol-Moo warmly tells both Chan and Kang Soo good-night and leaves the room. *snicker* Kang Soo notices how cold she is to Dong Chi and tells him to be nice to her.

Clockwatcher: I honestly felt bad for Chan  – there were three adults competing to dress him. Can’t they let a kid breathe?

Tessieroo: Ahhh, he’s such a cutie that I would have been trying to help him dress too.

Inside her bedroom, Yeol-Moo looks sadly at a photo of her Mom. In his room, Kang Soo has a flashback of falling into the river with the dead guy and huddles under the covers, shivering. I’m gonna guess he’s suffering from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).

The next morning, both Chan and Kang Soo help Grandma set the table. Dong Chi and Yeol-Moo both left early, without breakfast. I thought Grandma said she would have to leave if she skipped breakfast again? Grandma asks Chang-Gi where he snuck out to last night, which makes him ask if she has a camera in his room? LOL, I wouldn’t doubt that.

Clockwatcher: Grandma knows all but that guy probably sneaks somewhere every night.

Tessieroo: Grandma harasses Chang-Gi about getting a job. Ahhh, what she doesn’t know is that Chief Moon has basically blackmailed this guy into working undercover for him, right? I love the way everyone covers Chan’s ears when they talk about things he shouldn’t hear.

Clockwatcher: I thought it was sweet when Chang-Gi took Kang Soo’s rice  away when he saw that he couldn’t eat. OTP alert!

Tessieroo: I still can’t get over how tall Kang Soo is. I think my crush on this actor is getting worse, in spite of his young age. Maybe it’s time for me to take up your suggestion about having my own “Noona” romance?

Clockwatcher: Gosh, I just checked his age. I thought he was 22 or something. He’s 19!

Tessieroo: LOL, that’s what I tried to tell you last week, he’s a baby!

Kang Soo is nervous about going back to work which is when Dae-Gi arrives and walks him inside, telling him tales of his own glory days chasing down gang members. Cute.

Chief Moon slams open the meeting room door and gestures for everyone to follow him. They head into the office Dong Chi shares with Yeol-Moo and Kang Soo, Chief Moon welcomes Kang Soo back. He then orders them to pull all the unsolved case files.

Clockwatcher: It’s only Episode 7, surely, the writer hasn’t already run out of ideas?

Tessieroo: Pfffttt, notice the lazy worm Jang-Won sneaking out of the room? He runs to his own office that he shares with investigator Gwang-Mi and hides a bunch of files inside a cabinet, locking it. He must be the designated comic-relief.

Chief Moon orders them to solve all of these cases and hand them over. None of them are allowed to leave until they’re done. LMAO, they’ll be there until next year.

Clockwatcher: Anyway, Dong Chi gets back to investigating Song Ah-Reum’s case and speaks to a fellow prosecutor about why the case was taken from them.

Tessieroo: I love that Dong Chi completely ignored Chief Moon but like you said, he might have been telling Dong Chi to continue investigating in one of those circular speeches.

Clockwatcher: Song Ah-Reum gives Yeol-Moo the combination to a locker with Chan Yoon Hee’s belongings and finds her diary. From there, she learns that she was being sexually harassed by her boss and stayed because she needed to be hired full-time to pay for her mother’s hospital bills.

Tessieroo: Her boss is a slime. I guess getting another job would have been impossible, given the economy?

Clockwatcher: Maybe not enough to pay off the hospital bills? It’s always about hospital bills in dramas. She informs her father who’s mad and promises to sue. Yeol-Moo is fired up and ready to throw the bastard in jail but Dong Chi instructs her to get solid evidence because a badly handled case could make things worse.

She’s convinced that there are other victims and interviews the bastard’s employees. She gets nowhere and some even badmouth Yoon Hee.

Tessieroo: They work in a climate of fear and intimidation but I refuse to believe he didn’t do the same thing to someone else. There has to be another victim.

Clockwatcher: While the Chief is dissuading her from dragging in the director for interrogation, he appears himself, claiming he’d heard that she’d been asking about him and wanted to clear the air. He admits that they were in a sexual relationship but that while she was only in it for a job, he genuinely liked her. So he makes her look like a user.

Tessieroo: Dong Chi was right, it’s too easy for a sexual harassment charge to be turned around without evidence or witness’s.

Clockwatcher: Yeol-Moo is convinced he’s a repeat offender and Dong Chi produces evidence that three others had accused him but dropped the charges. He’d done his research into past employees of the clinic. She’s so hotheaded but not very smart.

Tesserioo: I’m not impressed with her character either so far, all she does is yell or imply others have no guts or integrity.

Clockwatcher: Chan Yoon Hee’s father sheepishly returns to drop the charges. He’s received a settlement and tells them that their slow justice won’t put food on his table or pay his wife’s bills. His daughter tolerated abuse to provide for the family and in the end, instead of getting her justice, he finds a way to justify receiving money from his daughter’s abuser.

Tessieroo: They all suck. And this episode is boring.

Clockwatcher: They listen to the last phone call Yoon Hee made before taking her life and Yeol-Moo said she knew Ah-Reum hadn’t thrown her friend’s things away because pain isn’t that easy to get rid of. She’d met Dong Chi on the day she’d tried to throw her little brother’s things away.

Tessieroo: I thought she did! I had no idea she took that bag back home for her Mom. *sniff* That’s a bit sad.

Clockwatcher: Dong Chi finally explains why he never went to the cops about her brother’s murder: he was scared that they’d think he did it, especially as the bastard criminal got away before he could do anything. It’s the reason he became a prosecutor as his memory is the only evidence. He hasn’t caught the killer but one thing he knows is that the killer was a prosecutor.

Tessieroo: Dun, dun, dun.


Tessieroo: Thinking the killer was a prosecutor helps me in no way, shape or form to solve any part of this mystery. (LOL) The only thing I can think of is that the kid saw something illegal happen that he wasn’t supposed to see – so they killed him. Which is pathetic, since the kid probably didn’t even know what it was he might have seen. I’m rambling.

Clockwatcher: You’re not rambling. The kid must have seen something even if, as you said, he wasn’t aware he’d seen a thing. And if they could let Dong Chi live after what he’d witnessed, are they sure they couldn’t have done the same for the kid? This had better end up making sense.

Tessieroo: Exactly. We did get what…5 minutes of togetherness at the boarding house? And Kang Soo was shirtless, for 1/4 of a second. That’s not good enough! I want a lot more co-habitation cuteness and BOTH men shirtless. Can’t they wallpaper the kitchen or re-paint the living room or something?

Clockwatcher: It’s too much to ask because they need to spend at least 10 episodes on Chan Yoon Hee’s murder… someone we don’t even know. I wish they realize that they are spending too much time on the wrong things. Solve the damn case in one episode while giving us lots of OTP time. Is that too much to ask?

Tessieroo: Cuteness is too much since this drama is serious business.


  • Odessa Jones says:

    I’m loving all the angst! Though I wouldn’t say no to a brooding shower scene… Still, I like the office dynamics, and this episode didn’t feel like it was bombarding us with information like the last one. Only one problem: Baek Jin Hee has me pretty underwhelmed–or perhaps the writer really hasn’t given her enough to work with. I’ll be annoyed if she remains this angry, sulky Yeol-Moo. Luckily, I’m crazy about Choi Jin Hyuk and Lee Tae Hwan, and the writer gives them plenty to do. As long as Dong-Chi keeps getting into fights with Chief Moon, I’ll be enjoying it, wondering how long before Dong-Chi loses it.

    It totally didn’t occur to me that the office might be bugged. That would explain something that I couldn’t figure out in ep 5. Moon intimidated the informant and got the name he needed without saying a single word out loud, exactly as if he thought someone was listening. But I couldn’t think of a reason, unless he thought the informant was taping. But given Moon’s past, he’s gotta have some enemies out to get him. Or maybe he’s really paranoid? Oh no! He’s become the character I’m most curious about!

    • tessieroo says:

      LMAO, yep – I caught that in ep. 5 too – he even wrote on the table instead of saying anything out loud. I dunno, maybe I’ve seen too much CSI and am overthinking. 😉

  • jomo says:

    Thanks for the recap and the guesses.
    I am so glad you guys are as confused as I am with all this.
    She knows her but she called her and he found a ring and what about the yellow scarf? Water meth bottle drink heart attack?
    Now we have friends in high places? I don’t understand.

    But, I love CMS with his accent. He reminds me of what Trash Oppa would sound like at 50. I love every face Choi Woo Shik makes – he is fun to watch in the background stealing the spot light.

    I love how clueless YM is and how often she puts her foot in her mouth. The Chief prolly sees himself in her at her age, which is why he keeps yelling at her instead of ignoring her. She’ll come round eventually with everyone’s help.

    and GOD HELP US ALL. N-n-n-n-ineteen? Seriously? LTH is slaying noonas all over the world. I hope he has a string of dramas over the next forever. I’ll watch em all.

    • tessieroo says:

      *kekeke* I immediately googled that tall-drink-of-water when I saw him in episode 1…and then spent 2 hours after being depressed that he’s 10 years younger than me. Ahahaha.

      I’d love to see some BTS with all the cast – Choi Min Soo is usually a riot on set. And I’m glad they gave both CMS’s character and the female investigator some lines in this episode. 😛

  • tasha says:

    spot on abt the kiss, i think its the worst kiss in a drama. he had to bend so much to kiss her. and yes, why cant she even ask the questions when he said he didnt do it? she knows how to shoot off w smart remarks and yet she cant ask – i see whether the title is based – her pride and her prejudice. its a good drama, but i wish there was a 2nd female lead. wld make this more interesting.

    • tessieroo says:

      Now that she knows why he didn’t come forward as a witness and why he became a prosecutor (same reason she did) I’m hoping she softens up a bit. She should, right? Now that she knows they’re both after the same thing and that’s finding out who killed her brother and why.

  • Pops Mission says:

    Hey everyone! 🙂 I was wondering, but I strongly got the impression that the kiss was in Dong Chi’s head. Cos after it happens his hand is on her neck and then they are staring at eachother, and then her mouth never moves yet she is speaking and there is this weird close up of Dong Chi’s face like he is suddenly waking up out of his dream because she is speaking to him, and when the camera pans out they seem to be standing further away from eachother than they should be and his hand isn’t on her anymore.
    I dunno if I’m reading it all wrong but I was sure it was like a dream sequence and it didn’t happen for real, more like what he wanted very badly to do in that moment, but didn’t have the courage to actually do?
    Tell me if you think that’s crazy, but I was positive that was what happened until I came here and no one else mentioned it so now I am not so sure……

  • Pops Mission says:

    Oh I forgot to say, but that is why I think she doesn’t react to the kiss at all, or even say anything about it afterwards….. cos maybe it didn’t actually happen?

    Anyway, I don’t know if that is right, but I kind of like that version better 🙂 It is a bit romantic that he wanted to kiss her but never did. 🙂

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