“Pride And Prejudice” Week 5: Who Is Kang Soo?

I can’t imagine how painful it must be to hear that someone you love was scared before they died. But at least now Yeol-Moo knows the full truth so this should end her accusations against Dong-Chi, right? Let’s hope so. Are they really going with the idea that Byul didn’t die and he’s Kang Soo?

Tessieroo: In his office, Chief Moon gets a phone call from someone named “Ahjumma”. He takes his sweet time answering it but finally does, its Deputy Chief Oh. He tells her he’s leaving now and hangs up.

In their office, Jang-Won and Gwang-Mi are working when he gets a text and hops up, preparing to leave. Gwang-Mi stands in his way, shaking her head no. He slips around her to peek out the door. He’s just waiting for the Chief to leave so he can sneak out!

Chief Moon pauses on his way out and checks Dong-Chi’s office. It’s dark, they’re all gone. He makes his way to the other office and catches Jang-Won peeking out. LMAO, busted. The Chief wants all the reports on his desk by noon, tells them to inform Dong-Chi and Yeol-Moo and leaves.

Clockwatcher: He tells him he’s extended it to noon and not 9 a.m. because it’s his day off.

Tessieroo: At home, Yeol-Moo dries her hair after a steamy shower but stops to write the few clues she has on the mirror: kidnapping, criminal in his 40’s, disappeared without a trace, a fire and a prosecutor. Oh, she didn’t wipe it off so which of the guys do you think will see that first?

Clockwatcher: If they want to make it twisty, it’ll be Grandma.

Tessieroo: LOL! Kang Soo brings Dong-Chi a beer in his room and asks if he’s ever been in handcuffs before? Nope, is that bothering Kang Soo? Yea, he’s embarrassed that “she” saw him like that. Dong-Chi starts teasing, who saw him?

Suddenly Yeol-Moo comes running into the room, with wet hair and in her jammies. Kang Soo looks like he just might pass out. Dong-Chi starts laughing, a girl with wet hair just came running into his room saying she couldn’t wait anymore. Kang Soo should have enough sense to leave the room. Yeol-Moo keeps saying it’s not like that and Dong-Chi is telling him to hurry and close the door. Once outside, Kang Soo looks jealous and throws his shoes.

Clockwatcher: He should give up already.

Tessieroo: My ship was sunk before it even began floating. *sigh* Inside, Yeol-Moo tells Dong-Chi to stop fooling around. He calmly lays down on his bed, like he’s about to get lucky. Pffftttt, not happening. Yeol-Moo sits beside him and asks how he figured out it was a prosecutor who killed her brother?

After staring at her for a minute, he gets up and says they should go out. The records of Byul’s case are in his office. She seems surprised by this, she thought the case files were missing. Dong-Chi tells her “they” got rid of the case files. Great, so the infamous “they” murdered her brother.

Clockwatcher: LOL. Of course. Who else could it be?

Tessieroo: In his room, Kang Soo reluctantly decides to go to bed but hears something and opens his window to see Dong-Chi leaving with Yeol-Moo. Poor boy looks miserable.

Clockwatcher: He always has you, right?

Tessieroo: Well, yea. *hee* Jang-Woo argues with the guy who filed a complaint about employment fraud, telling him they can’t prosecute, he should study and try harder. Whoa, that guy looks pissed off.

Clockwatcher: He does but even if there was fraud, his low score explains why he didn’t get the job but I suppose that doesn’t stop him from being pressed that someone with lower qualifications got in.

Tessieroo: Dong-Chi comes in with Yeol-Moo just as Jang-Woo leaves with Gwang-Mi, he delivers the Chief’s message about turning everything in at noon the next day. As Jang-Woo drives off, the guy he just talked to grabs a taxi and follows him. Well, this probably won’t end well.

Clockwatcher: At first, I wondered if a broke guy really should waste money on cab fare then I wondered if he’d hurt him.

Tessieroo: I thought Jang-Won was in for a beat-down. In the office, Dong-Chi gives Yeol-Moo the files on her brother’s case. He started working on it when he became a prosecutor and copied everything then. He tells her a prosecutor jumped on this case quickly, concluded it was a simple death by fire and closed it – without any investigation.

Furthermore, the prosecutor who signed off on the case, Prosecutor Choi Gang Gook, only did cases that involved unnatural deaths and the investigators couldn’t tell Dong-Chi anything. Wait…so someone forged this prosecutors name?

Clockwatcher: Yup. The dirty prosecutor did his best to not have this case traced to him.

Tessieroo: When he mentions they didn’t do an autopsy, Yeol-Moo admits that her Mom didn’t want one but her Dad did. They scheduled an autopsy but Byul’s body disappeared. He was put down as having no family by mistake and was cremated. How much more messed up can this case get?

Even stranger, when Dong-Chi brought the case back up, the original files disappeared. The only clue had been the day it happened, he overheard bastard criminal call the person on the phone “old man”.

Clockwatcher: Which is what detectives used to call prosecutors.

Tessieroo: So it could be any of them. *facepalm* The scene moves to Chief Moon dinning with Deputy Chief Oh and Prosecutor Choi Gang Gook. Chief Moon thinks the little gathering strange since Deputy Chief Oh and Prosecutor Choi went to school together but he didn’t. And this is his first meeting with Prosecutor Choi.

Two more guests arrive, one is Prosecutor Oh Taek Gyun. Chief Moon doesn’t seem all that impressed but I’m not sure why. He and Prosecutor Oh have a stare-down.

Clockwatcher: Moon can already tell there’s something shady going on.

Tessieroo: So much tension in that room but I have no idea why.

Jang-Won heads to a club to meet some friends and starts drinking. He spots a woman in tight, black shorts on the dance floor and claims dibs. *snorts* Dancing his way across the room, when he turns around, it’s Gwang-Mi. LOL They threaten to kill each other if either tells the Chief.

At the entrance, the angry guy who followed Jang-Won is watching them. Gwang-Mi sees him too and points him out to Jang-Won. As they watch, the guy grabs Jang-Won’s briefcase and walks out. He’s in major trouble, there were case files in that briefcase.

Clockwatcher: If he didn’t leave it in his car for fear of a carjacking, he sure as hell shouldn’t have left it on the table while he chased hotties.

Tessieroo: Gwang-Mi tells him to prepare his resignation but he begs for her help. They head back to the office, searching for the angry guy’s number. Just then, Angry Guy, whose name is Go Young Min, calls. He blackmails Jang-Won: investigate the case properly, Young Min won’t release pictures of the files he found. Jang-Won agrees to investigate but Young Min refuses to return the files.

Clockwatcher: Sure, his job was on the line but he shouldn’t have allowed that guy to have him at the balls like that. He should have gotten him arrested immediately.

Tessieroo: I wonder…if it came out those case files were out of the office, wouldn’t that put all those cases in jeopardy? Because at that point, the files could be tainted. A defense attorney would have a field day with that.

Clockwatcher: I suppose so. It depends on exactly what they were. There’s no jury to taint so it might be a case of confidential files being made public.

Tessieroo: Dong-Chi turns the tables on Yeon-Moo, wanting info from her for a change. She explains how she came to have the other 1/2 of his report card, it was found inside Byul’s toy that he dropped outside the factory that day. But her Dad didn’t find the torn paper until many years later and when they took it to the police, nothing happened. So her Dad starts filing complaints all over the place and protesting outside the prosecutor’s office but that didn’t do any good either.

The awkward, strange atmosphere surrounding the group Chief Moon is dining with continues as they all prepare to leave. A lackey of Prosecutor Oh’s comes forward with Chief Moon’s keys, he got his car for him. The lackey seems to know Chief Moon, both he and Prosecutor Oh bow.

Once they’re gone, Chief Moon checks his trunk. Oh, they put a box inside but what the hell is in the box? A bribe of some sort?

Clockwatcher: Any ol’ person can pick up any car from the valet? Someone should be fired.

Tessieroo: Kang Soo is having nightmares again, he’s drowning. He wakes up, covered in sweat and gasping for air. He goes into work and is happily surprised to learn Yeol-Moo has been working with Dong-Chi the whole time. LOL, he’s a dork.

Clockwatcher: Is he still tormented by the fall?

Tessieroo: It can’t be just that, right? Jang-Won and Gwang-Mi end up begging Dong-Chi to help with the employment fraud case, after a lot of grumbling, he does. And you are not going to believe this. *sigh* This case is also somehow connected with Yoon Hee’s case – the girl who killed herself? The doctor who sexually harassed her, Congressman Kim Jae Ak, and the president of Korea National Bank (where Go Young Min tried to get a job) are all involved. *pulls out hair*

Clockwatcher: LOL. As expected. The sad part is the writers probably think they are brilliant.

Tessieroo: Well, the writer has been misinformed cuz it’s ridiculous. Dong-Chi confirms that Chief Moon personally handed this case to Jang-Won and then warns him to report what’s going on – before it explodes.

Clockwatcher: Basically, Chief Moon wanted him to work on the case because it had much larger implications. Instead of turning it into a board game, why doesn’t he just tell them his findings and make the investigations easier for them?

Tessieroo: Because we’re not supposed to be sure which side the Chief is really on yet? I dunno. Yeol-Moo returns to the boarding house with Kang Soo just as little Chan wakes up. They both greet him, Yeol-Moo is struck by how small he is at 6 years old. She’s thinking about her brother. Kang Soo asks how old her brother was? Ah, it appears Kang Soo overheard her and Dong-Chi talking so he knows.

Interesting that she says if nothing had happened to Byul, he would be Kang Soo’s age. In her room, she pulls out a notebook that I’m guessing is full of information about what happened to Byeol.

Clockwatcher: They are definitely hinting that Kang Soo is her brother now.

Tessieroo: Right before the morning meeting in Chief Moon’s office, Dong-Chi gets a phone call that a big lead came in but we don’t hear what it is. Chief Moon is his usual unpleasant self, snapping his fingers at everyone. When he gets to Jang-Won, he’s given the names of the higher-ups who are involved.

He shoves Jang-Won, still in his chair, outside into the hallway and tells him to get some sleep. LMAO, I’d love to see a BTS of that because it looked like Choi Min Soo was trying really hard not to laugh.

Chief Moon talks to Kang Soo to make sure he’s okay, his family must have been worried? Kang Soo admits his Grandmother was worried. Chief Moon seems surprised that he doesn’t have any parents. Well…that was odd.

Clockwatcher: I guess he knew nothing about his background.

Tessieroo: It creeped me out and I suddenly got very worried for Kang Soo.

Dong-Chi catches Chief Moon as he boards the elevator, he brings up the fact that Moon threw that case at Jang-Won even though it involves some people in his case. Chief Moon has decided to stop here though. (Meh?) Dong-Chi mentions that Moon must have made a good impression the night before.

Does he know about the dinner Moon attended and who was there? *pulls out more hair* I’m confused.

Clockwatcher: He must have told him. Or maybe the Seoul friend mentioned it.

Tessieroo: Dong-Chi tells Kang Soo to go home, grabs Yeol-Moo’s hand and drags her out, saying they’re going to a picnic. Kang Soo runs into Chang-Gi, who has taken a job advertising a nightclub. Kang Soo knows it’s not just driving around and playing music, he’ll also have to do all the dirty work such as cleaning the toilets.

Chang-Gi is just determined to pay Kang Soo’s $2000 back, he doesn’t care what he has to do. Kang Soo wants to know why he’s so focused on that? Chang-Gi uses Grandma as an excuse but I think it’s more than that.

Clockwatcher: Kang Soo should be happy he has something to occupy his time and keep him out of trouble. There’s nothing wrong with honest work. But yeah, there’s definitely more to Chang Gi’s loyalty to Kang Soo.

Tessieroo: Dong-Chi takes Yeol-Moo to his Father’s house, he wants to introduce her. While they wait for his Dad to return, Yeol-Moo tells him Byeol went missing because of her, she left him at the bus stop. She flashes back to 5 years before, when she tried to get her Father to stop obsessing over Byul’s case.

That was the last time she saw her Father, he just walked away and didn’t return but she knows he’s working at a factory in the country. She gives Dong-Chi her Father’s notebook full of information about Byul’s case.

Clockwatcher: Pops just disappeared? The parents were so obsessed with their dead child that they neglected their living one.

Tessieroo: That apparently happens a lot but it’s depressing, nonetheless. Dong-Chi agrees to investigate but he won’t do it for free: she has to go out with him. *blank stare* Is this seriously how they’re going to re-start this romance? An ultimatum? Cuz yeah…that’s so romantic.

Clockwatcher: But are you the least bit surprised that he asked for her heart? We practically replied in unison when she asked him what he wanted. It was so obvious. I have to say that their chemistry isn’t what it was at the beginning of the show.

Tessieroo: I agree, it’s like Baek Jin Hee has lost herself in this depressed older-sister “search for justice” role and forgotten she’s the other half of the OTP. She’s losing me, I’m not impressed.

Dong-Chi’s Dad finally comes home, but quickly leaves after providing snacks. Dong-Chi explains his Dad doesn’t want to move and prefers living alone. He finally finds the box he was looking for, inside is a child’s shoe. He believes it’s Byul’s shoe but both are shocked when she says that it’s not.

Both wonder what happened to the owner of the shoe. Dong-Chi wonders if the body they found was really Byeol? Since the body was burned and no autopsy was done, was it really Byeol? Yeol-Moo wonders where he is if he didn’t die.

Clockwatcher: I remember a reader mentioning that the actors who played Han Byul and the kid Dong Chi tried to save were different. They must have been right!

Tessieroo: That was a great catch. Kang Soo is a child this time but still drowning in his nightmare. He again wakes up, gasping for air. OH! Hot broody-shower alert! *eyes glaze over* Remind me how old this kid is again?

Clockwatcher: NINETEEN! Is he having nightmares about Panda’s death or is it childhood trauma from that guy attempting to kill him?

Tessieroo: This seems different, I don’t think it’s all about Panda.

Clockwatcher: Chief Moon has a meeting with the big boss which is somewhat hard to follow as they are using analogies and being vague. It appears the guy wants him to intervene in some of the deceptively minor cases that involve important people. An attorney at their dinner was also involved in “their case.” I suppose we’ll find out more about that.

Tessieroo: I am seriously annoyed with all the ambiguous conversations. It’s one thing to draw things out and keep the viewers engaged but this isn’t working. I need clues!

Clockwatcher: The smothering of Chan has got to stop! Yeol Moo’s mother shows up with clothes for him because he reminds her of her son. Of course, the audience is expected to believe she IS talking to her son especially when at lunch, a waitress mistakes Kang Soo for her child. She says that Han Byul would have been a year younger than he is.

Tessieroo: Hmmm, does that put an end to the speculation right there? I kinda doubt Mom would be wrong about Byul’s age but who knows.

Clockwatcher: Kang Soo’s new identity could have come with a different birth date. The unemployed kid sends Jang Won and Gwang Mi on a wild goose chase for the files by sending them photos of trash cans he’d dumped them in. Why are they indulging this guy?

Tessieroo: I think it’s the idea that those cases would be dismissed if the judge were to find out the files were in the hands of a civilian. That would be a huge blow on the Prosecutors office.

Clockwatcher: I doubt the cases can be dismissed because of that but it would definitely put the prosecution in a lot of trouble. Regardless, he should have been arrested.

Kang Soo gets worried when Yeol Moo chases after her mother upon being informed that she was just there. Dong Chi notices how he’s been acting around her and asks if he’s got a thing for her. He readily admits it much to his hyung’s amusement. Kang Soo asks what will happen if the feeling doesn’t go away and Dong Chil replies that it would mean war. A friendly, cute, low-stakes war.

Tesseieroo: At least Kang Soo seems realistic, knowing he doesn’t stand a chance. This is awful. I can’t believe I’m cheering for the kid instead of Mr. Hotness himself! Must be temporary insanity.

Clockwatcher: It must be the lack of romantic development. Chief Moon asks the shady attorney to meet him but he sends his lackey whom Moon orders to retrieve the box.

Tessieroo: We’re never gonna know what was in that box,  are we? *grumps at the writer* Were they really trying to bribe Chief Moon and if so, why?

Clockwatcher: I may be mistaken but I think it contained some documents. Meanwhile, the unemployed guy meets with Jang Won and tells him that he’d thrown the files away. He screwed around with them to give him a taste of the life he’s lived in the three years of his job search

Tessieroo: I feel sympathy for him but possibly screwing over other cases is not cool.

Clockwatcher: We’re supposed to view him as a victim but he also comes off as an entitled jerk. They later learn that he’d dropped off their files at noon. Jang Won and Gwang Mi end the night at dinner. They share a bottle of soju as he babbles on about how after his tough day, everyone looks pathetic. And she looks pretty. Then he downs glass after glass of soju right before kissing her. She slaps him because hello, you playboy, what are you doing? Then she grabs his face and plants a big one. And it’s good. When it comes to chemistry and all around fun, I am definitely enjoying this couple more.

Tessieroo: Agree, I’ve lost interest in the main OTP. Is slapping a guy for kissing you but then grabbing him for more kisses considered “push & pull” stuff?

Clockwatcher: Maybe she was trying to play hard to get but it worked too well so she had to take matters into her own hands. The next day, Moon calls them in on a holiday and does his usual thing of not being direct.

Tessieroo: Which is hella annoying.

Clockwatcher: They discuss cases and he tells them to be discreet but keep working on those involving the powerful people. Dong Chi mentions that he will be looking into an old one because the statute of limitations is almost up. He’s agreed to work on Han Byul’s case as Yeol Moo is too close to it.

The cute couple is hilarious. They show up to work still hot for each other. She’s wearing a tight-fitted top with a short shirt while he’s sporting a new hairdo. I love how shy she isn’t.

Tessieroo: Me too, I always cheer for female characters that are NOT shy (provided they’re not chasing some guy who’s already taken).

Clockwatcher:  Dong Chi chats with his friend in the Seoul office about the case. He’s out golfing and when he hangs up the phone, shady Attorney Oh Taek Gyun shows up.

Dong Chi asks Moon how far he’s expected to take his investigations into the prominent people especially as he doesn’t want to be used as a tool in dirty politics.

Tessieroo: Well, at least he’s looking into those names Ah Reum gave him like he promised.

Clockwatcher: Yeol Moo hands over her father’s memo to Dong Chi to help in their investigation. Kang Soo arrives after being called in to help in Han Byul’s case. He reads the note and freaks out when he sees the date he’d gone missing and learns that he’d been wearing a yellow coat.

Tessieroo: It’s kinda awesome that her Dad detailed everything about Byul’s case, that might come in really handy. I’m wondering how/when and where Kang Soo was found.

Clockwatcher: Meanwhile, Moon gets a package from the shady attorney then dials a number.

Kang Soo rushes home and opens a box containing a child’s yellow coat. He runs out when he hears Chan crying and Grandma explains that just like he did when he was a kid, he’s crying because he’s sad. Then Kang Soo asks who he is.

Tessieroo: That can’t be the first time he’s ever asked, about his background or his family or why he’s with her, right?

Clockwatcher: He probably hasn’t asked since he was a child.

Moon and his old pal Chang Gi meet. He shows him the contents of Shady Oh’s package – a document granting adoptive rights. He asks him who Kang Soo is. We get a flashback to the accident and a child in a yellow coat crying.


Clockwatcher: These episodes were a lot better because they involve people we actually care about. So it looks like you could have been onto something about Chang Gi and Kang Soo.

A child died that day that “they” ensured no one could accurately identify. There’s also the kid Dong Chi tried to save that might not be Han Byul. According to the bad detective, there was a mix up because the prosecutor gave him the wrong information. There’s also a prosecutor who wanted a kid dead. A child saw something they shouldn’t have seen. Then there’s Kang Soo who went missing that day. Who might be the child of the woman Chang Gi killed.

Tessieroo: It looked like that kid saw the accident? More wild speculating but, what if Chang-Gi was ordered to “dispose” of the kid but he couldn’t. Or he’s the attorney who wanted a kid dead. So he changed the kids name, dropped him at Grandma’s (allowing her to adopt him) and has been watching Kang Soo all these years to make sure no memory of the accident ever shows up? UGH, that would make him a bad guy!

Clockwatcher: I’m more inclined to believe that Chang Gi has been protecting him and not just watching him to make sure he never recollects.

I would like to think that Kang Soo doesn’t have a crush on his sister. They might later claim that he mistook their connection but I still hope he isn’t Han Byul for this reason. More than his resurrection, I think the family needs closure.

Tessieroo: Yea, that’s kinda squicky. I really hope he’s not Byul, as awful as that sounds.

Clockwatcher: Moon could very well be dirty and everything he now does is in atonement for his past sins which would explain why the dirty attorney is attempting to blackmail him but I’d rather it weren’t the case.

Tessieroo: Agree. I said at the beginning, the relationship between Chief Moon and ex-Attorney Chang-Gi was the most fascinating but now I find myself hoping that neither of them are dirty.

Clockwatcher: What I wouldn’t be surprised to see is a flashback of Chang Gi walking into that factory and picking Kang Soo up. And Moon being the young prosecutor who covered the child’s death up for his boss despite not being directly involved. And Han Byul getting caught in the crossfire for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. But knowing dramas, Kang Soo will end up being Han Byul. I’m crossing my fingers this isn’t the case.


  • Odessa Jones says:

    I love reading your commentary! I’m also really hoping Kang Soo isn’t Han Byul. But someone on another site pointed out their yellow jackets were similar but different in the flashbacks. And you guys noticed the kids were different actors. (Well spotted!) I hope hope hope the show’s setting up a fake-out.

    I actually love the way Chief Moon and his dodgy associates never say anything out loud. I can see why it annoys you because it’s totally confusing. But I love that it’s actually how real people talk when they need to establish plausible deniability. And speaking of plausible deniability, I think that’s why Moon doesn’t say anything to the team, for instance when he assigns these cases that might connect to his political games. The box in the trunk was almost certainly a bribe, because of the way they handled it. I.e., if someone accuses Moon of taking a bribe, he can say, “Oh, someone left a box of cash in my trunk, where did that come from? How terrible!” And the flunky can say, “Oh, it looked the same as my car in the dark, what a terrible mistake!”

    I’ve been assuming the connected-case-coincidences are because Moon is cherry-picking cases that will be advantageous to him. But if I’m wrong, I’ll be annoyed by the coincidences too.

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      It’s funny because when I looked in the box, there didn’t appear to be cash in it but I just took another look and the contents changed.


      So the chief just might be dirty.

      • Odessa Jones says:

        Driving me nuts trying to figure out how evil or not evil Chief Moon is! But right now I’m thinking evil. Choi Min-Soo makes an awesome villain. When he was talking to Kang Soo in the last episode I was like, No! Don’t touch the poor sweet thing with your evil!

  • PBS says:

    I have to say, I think episodes 8 and 9 have been my favorite episodes so far. They bookend each other very well and it finally feels like we have a direction the drama is heading in.

    I’m glad we finally got more co-habitation hi-jinks and bromance between Dong Chi and Kang Soo. The two episodes did a really good job in balancing humor, wit, snark, romance, drama, intrigue, life lessons, etc. Yeol Moo and Dong Chi finally have reached an understanding with each other, even though the romance between the two have been pushed aside, I would rather see them build up mutual trust before jumping into any OTP shenanigans. Though I love how YM subconsciously finds herself talking to DC more (like after she found her mum, she bypasses a worried Kang Soo to talk to DC).

    Chief Moon definitely does not seem to be the bad guy like we’re being led to believe.

    Glad that P&P is ruling it’s ratings slot. Super happy for Choi Jin Hyuk and company. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, P&P’s charm is its cast chemistry. I really liked that episode 8 showed the entire team working together without needing the chief to lead. It was nice to see Dong Chi flex his prowess as a leader. I cracked up over his Chief Moon imitation, as well as Investigator Yoo’s imitation of the Chief.

    I’ve said it before, but regarding Kang Soo, my bet is that he’s the boy Dong Chi tried to save. Not Yeol Moo’s brother. I believe that Yeol Moo’s brother is dead, but was mistakenly killed in place of Kang Soo. Kang Soo’s real mother is probably the lady Lawyer Chang Gi ran over. Either that, or he was the witness. The fall into the water with Panda probably triggered his repressed memories of being drowned before Dong Chi “tried” to save him. At least that’s my theory so far. I haven’t pieced together why either boys were at the factory in the first place.

  • Denali says:

    Who is Kang Soo? He is a dorkable character awakening our inner noona and/or cougar self, tempting us to join Koala’s ICOMYM, what with Lee Tae Hwan’s physical assets.

    • tessieroo says:

      ROFL! Yep, I’ve got it pretty bad. The kid might be only 19 but I’m obsessed. 😀 (Also think he’s a better actor than his bandmate Kang Joon but that’s me) I’ve officially joined Koala’s ICOMYM now.

  • Tasha says:

    These 2 episodes have got me sitting on edge. Go figure Kang Soo out, seems we can read hi like a book and then yet no…so near yet so far.

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