Jung Il Woo Enhances Natural Beauty Of Bali In BNT International

After wrapping “Diary Of A Night Watchman”, Jung Il-Woo headed to Bali with BNT International and the pictures were finally officially released.  He looks rested, relaxed and stress-free and Bali looks like just the place to be when the weather turns cold.

Check it out!

Source  |  BNT International


  • martha says:

    He is just so handsome – he is my ultimate bias. That guy makes my heart flutter. When is he going to get some good offers? Or maybe he does and he just doesn’t take them.I have watched some pretty bad dramas just to see his beautiful face. Well not every episode – the fast forward button is my friend.

  • martha says:

    He was the hottest scheduler EVAR. LOL(see – 49 Days)

  • ulie says:

    Photoshoot in bali but not exploring its authenticity…just room??

    • tessieroo says:

      There are MANY more photos, including a whole bunch of him outside. Just click on the BNT International link. 😉

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