“Pride And Prejudice” Week 6: Is Everybody Dirty?

Tessieroo: So during his meeting with Chang-Gi, Chief Moon also asks who Kang Soo is and seems to think Chang-Gi is planning something with Sleazy Lawyer Oh. Chang-Gi appears to be really shaken as he stumbles away, without answering.

In another flashback of the accident 15 years ago, Chief Moon told Chang-Gi to leave. They’ll both die if they stay, he’ll take care of things here. Asking if Chang-Gi trusts him, he yells at him to go. As Chang-Gi drives away, Moon walked to the sidewalk to call 911.

So that was Kang Soo’s Mom! Where did the kid come from, he just popped up out of nowhere.

Clockwatcher: I know. Why was his mother crossing the street alone at night while he was doing whatever close by?

Tessieroo: Anyhoo, before Moon can finish talking to 911, he turns around and sees a little boy wearing a yellow jacket sobbing over the body and calling out “Mom!”.

As he watches, the little boy looks up and stares straight at him. Moon looks flustered, shaking his head from side to side. When more people appear, he slides away. Does he (for some reason) believe Chang-Gi told Sleazy Lawyer Oh about this accident?

Clockwatcher: I think he just put two and two together. Clearly, that incident soured their relationship and he doesn’t trust him.

Tessieroo: Grandma tells Kang Soo she doesn’t know a thing. When he first came, she did take him around to various police stations but no one was looking for him so she added him to her own family registry. She tells him not to be too preoccupied with it.

He still finds it strange that he showed up the same day Yeol-Moo’s brother disappeared.

Clockwatcher: It is strange. I hope someone didn’t kill Han Byul because they were unable to finish the job (of killing Kang Soo) and needed another child.

Tessieroo: OMG, that’s a horrible thought. Dong-Chi wants to look through all the reports to confirm if there were 2 children on the scene that day. He mentions how odd it is that Kang Soo’s birthday is December 20th and explains he met Kang Soo at the boarding house when he was assigned to the area. Both agree Kang Soo is a gentle kid.

Yeol-Moo doesn’t want to answer Dong-Chi when he asks if she likes him too after admitting she likes Kang Soo. Her reason? She just doesn’t want to answer. *blinks* If that supposed to be flirting?

Clockwatcher: LOL. Well, admitting she likes him has different implications.

Tessieroo: Chang-Gi is still stumbling around like he’s been dropped into hell. He flashes back to seeing Kang Soo during his Mom’s funeral. Moon stopped Chang-Gi from going inside to pay his respects and handed him a plane ticket.

Clockwatcher: Due to his personality, Moon had to keep him away to prevent him from confessing.

Tessieroo: Agree, you could tell he felt horrible. Kang Soo is reluctant to talk in front of Yeol-Moo and goes to his room, Dong-Chi follows. He tells Dong-Chi Dec. 20th is most likely not his real birth date.

He spills the beans, that was the day he showed up at Grandma’s. He’s not her biological Grandson and she used to live close to that factory. Dong-Chi is shocked but asks what Kang Soo was wearing that day? Kang Soo shows him the yellow jacket and this convinces Dong-Chi there were two kids wearing yellow jackets at the scene.

Yeol-Moo tries to call Mom, who doesn’t pick up. From her window, she watches Dong-Chi walk out to his car with Kang Soo. When they come back inside, she asks why Dong-Chi brought the box with the child’s sneaker? He lies that he’s just explaining the case to Kang Soo and tells her to sleep.

Clockwatcher: Easier said than done.

Tessieroo: In Kang Soo’s room, Dong-Chi tells him he was at the scene that day, as a witness. He saw and made eye-contact with the kid, heard him scream and rushed in, trying to save him. But he was knocked unconscious before he could and when he woke up, the kid plus all the evidence was gone – except for that one sneaker, which he kept. Kang Soo wonders if that kid was him, he doesn’t remember anything of his childhood.

Clockwatcher: When did he lose his memory? After that jerk almost drowned him?

Tessieroo: *sigh* They have to throw amnesia in. Yeol-Moo storms into the room, she was listening outside the door. Kang Soo admits he still has one shoe from that day. Yeol-Moo looks inside the box, finds the shoe and they realize it matches the one Dong-Chi has. That means he’s not Byul. Yeol-Moo falls to the ground, in tears.

So Kang Soo is the little boy Dong-Chi tried to save that day but sadly, they’re no closer to solving the mystery surround Byul’s disappearance.

Clockwatcher: The worst part is this everlasting case about Panda et al. will end up tying with it.

Tessieroo: LOL, true. Yeol-Moo wipes away the tears, pretending to be fine while explaining she must have been thinking Byul might be alive. Grabbing Kang Soo’s hands, she tells him she’s thankful someone is alive and Dong-Chi really did save someone.

Clockwatcher: It’s sad. Having hope that Kang Soo is Han Byul means tragedy for another family.

Tessieroo: Once she leaves the room, Kang Soo tells Dong-Chi about the drowning nightmares he’s been having. He hopes he remembers something else, he doesn’t think he was missing but instead thinks he might have been abandoned. Like maybe his own parents had him kidnapped and they’re still alive somewhere, living their lives. Awww.

Clockwatcher: It’s a natural conclusion. He must have thought that many times growing up. Given his profession, I wonder why he didn’t bother checking to see if someone had been looking for a kid who got lost that day?

Tessieroo: I think Grandma checked but I find it odd that Kang Soo hasn’t done any investigating on his own. Chief Moon finds out that Sleazy Lawyer Oh’s lapdog was once a cop but resigned. Investigator Yoo knows Sleazy Lawyer Oh and he also knows the lapdog, he’s a gangster who uses his fists to resolve problems.

When he learns Dong-Chi isn’t at the morning meeting, Moon storms into the room. After knocking over a chair and staring hard at Kang Soo, he storms into Dong-Chi’s office. The two men glare at each other until Dong-Chi tells Yeol-Moo to leave.

Clockwatcher: When you see two men about to fight, it’s best to leave.

Tessieroo: I’m not sure I understand what’s going on but Dong-Chi tells Moon not to interfere or get in his way.  Moon quotes the law that states a Prosecutor must follow a superior’s orders. Dong-Chi quotes another law that states a Prosecutor can object – if there is doubt about the lawfulness or feasibility of the superior’s orders.

Dong-Chi wonders if Moon is going to abandon him, Moon thinks Dong-Chi is too valuable to throw away. He tells Dong-Chi to go ahead and fry the heck out of those 4 high-level people, he’ll take all the credit.

Clockwatcher: It’s like this guy firmly believes in reverse psychology or something.

Tessieroo: He’s totally driving me insane. Investigator Yoo informs Chief Moon that both Ah-Reum and Jae-Sik were released at the same time Dong-Chi gets a phone call about an investigation without detention. When Dong-Chi looks at him, Moon points to his watch. What the…am I the only one a bit lost here? (LOL)

Clockwatcher: He’s telling him to hurry up with the case? They are in an even worse position now that both Ah Reum and Jae Sik have been released.

Tessieroo: The team meets to discuss what to do now that their witnesses have been released. Yeol-Moo has lunch with Dong-Chi. I’m wondering what happened to that snappy chemistry between these two, cuz it’s just DEAD.

Clockwatcher: Maybe they are dating in real life. That often kills onscreen chemistry.

Tessieroo: Ahahaha! They discuss Byul’s case. Kang Soo either saw and met Byul that day or he picked up Byul’s toy in the factory without ever seeing Buyl – otherwise how could he have placed the “Save me” note inside Byul’s toy car. The two boys could have been kidnapped and held hours apart.

Clockwatcher: I wonder if they ever analyzed the note and compared it with Byul’s handwriting. Would they even need to hire an expert for that?

Tessieroo: Oh, good point! Yeol-Moo wishes Kang Soo could remember but Dong-Chi thinks he might not be able to handle it and will end up getting hurt. Kang Soo visits Chang-Gi to get the picture he has of Kang Soo when he was little, it’s the only picture from that time he knows of.

Chang-Gi is reluctant but finally hands it over. Kang Soo compares the photo with Byul’s picture from the missing poster and seems to think Chang-Gi knows who Byul is? Kang Soo refuses to give the picture back and then questions if Chang-Gi is his Father.

Clockwatcher: I don’t think that’s it. He compared it to ensure that he wasn’t the one in the poster. At this point, he was convinced that Chang Gi had abandoned him.

Tessieroo: Ahhh! I’m so glad you’re here to bounce things off of cuz I’m getting confused easily. The next day, that gangster lapdog shows up in Chief Moon’s office trying to bribe (or threaten) him into dropping the investigation. It turns out, he was with Kang Soo (as a kid) when he pointed out Chief Moon walking by a window. So this guy does have something to hold over Moon’s head.

Clockwatcher: Yup. That’s why they sent him the adoption papers last week.

Tessieroo: Yeol-Moo gets a phone call from Ah-Reum who tells her there is evidence behind a TV in a certain hotel room: a USB chip. She’s cut off before she can say anything further. Ugh, I knew it – I knew this girl would be in danger.

Clockwatcher: Yup, the second she was let out. It would be easier to kill her out of jail.

Tessieroo: Dong-Chi heads to the hotel with Kang Soo and Yeol-Moo but two guys come out of the room when they unlock the door. There’s a fight, both guys end up getting away. Dong-Chi forces Yeol-Moo inside the room and tells her to lock the door. Inside, the room has been trashed. Yeol-Moo sees the chip behind the TV but can’t quite reach it.

A third gangster makes his way to that room and goes inside but luckily doesn’t see Yeol-Moo or find the chip and leaves. Yeol-Moo follows him out and sees that he’s about to hit Dong-Chi with his car. She shoves Dong-Chi out of the way but the guy then tries to run them both over. He finally drives off but not before both he and Dong-Chi get a good look at each other.

Clockwatcher: Jae Sik doesn’t play. He didn’t even bother helping his goonies.

Tessieroo: Luckily Dong-Chi got the plate number and calls it in. They are also able to retrieve the chip from behind the TV. At his office, Chief Moon gets an unexpected visit from Deputy Chief Oh and I am really not liking her attitude.

Clockwatcher: Does she actually work?

Tessieroo: When they check the contents of the chip, it’s basically a sex tape with those 4 higher-ups. Dong-Chi lists off Director Joo (slimy doctor), Congressman Kim Jae Ak and Secretary Sung Moo-Young but doesn’t list the 4th person.

Panda also showed up on the tape, dealing drugs. And slimy doctor Director Joo is the one who provided the women: his own staff at the plastic surgery clinic, including Ah-Reum and Yoon-Hee. This was all a bribe by the slimy doctor who wanted support for a medical district in Incheon.

Clockwatcher: This doesn’t make sense. Can he really turn his staff into sex slaves? All because they want permanent positions?

Tessieroo: I agree! Not one of those women refused or quit?

Clockwatcher: Three women had previously accused him of sexual harassment but that’s still a different thing.

Tessieroo: Dong-Chi announces his intention to prosecute all of them when Chief Moon suddenly tells him to hand everything over. Right then, Chief Oh comes waltzing in and announces Dong-Chi has been reassigned to another district. OMO, I knew this woman was dirty! Damn!

Clockwatcher: She set up the meeting with that lawyer so it’s no surprise. I suppose no romance here, huh?

Tessieroo: I hope not, I don’t like her. LMAO!

Clockwatcher: For real. The sweet mom from Angel Eyes is quite annoying here. Moon wraps up the meeting as he had to head out for another one but Dong Chi tells them all to stay put. Since he hasn’t left yet, he will continue working on the case. Moon tells him to do whatever he wishes, after all, what can be achieved in a few days? It’s pretty much a challenge.

Tessieroo: Or a threat. *sigh* I’m so confused about which side Moon is really on.

Clockwatcher: I doubt the dude knows which side he’s on himself with all his meandering speeches.

Moon and Oh meet at the elevators and she’s curious as to why he let Dong Chi go so easily, especially as he could have used him as a scapegoat. It can’t mean he’s agreed to be on their side, right?

Dong Chi steps out of the meeting while the rest of the team try to decipher what’s going on. Yeol Moo meets with Dong Chi on the roof and he explains that Moon could have protected him but he’s not going to become his lapdog in exchange for that.

Tessieroo: Dong-Chi is idealistic in his own way too, he refuses to let politics interfere in his cases. It sounds like this is the first time Chief Moon hasn’t had his back.

Clockwatcher: I think he’s as confused about him as we are.

He guesses that Yeol Moo is only sad to see him leave because of her brother’s case and I wish she’d refuted that.

Tessieroo: Don’t you hate it when a character just stands there and stares? Ugh, SAY SOMETHING!

Clockwatcher: Song Ah Reum is brought in for interrogation. She has the missing pages from her friend’s diary and explains that she too was teased with a permanent position and molested. It was basically a sex ring set up for important people who preferred regular girls. She was disgusted upon learning that Panda was a serial killer and planned to run away with the money she made selling the drugs she’d stolen from him. She’d set him up as Yoon Hee’s killer to have him caught and when that failed, she gave him the water bottle the doctor had asked her to give him, knowing that it might kill him.

Tessieroo: This is the strangest case I’ve ever seen.

Clockwatcher: She said that she was upset that he’d accused her of murder but she’s at least an accessory.

Tessieroo: True, even if she didn’t know what was in the bottle – she knew they would kill Panda.

Clockwatcher: Jang Won and Gwang Mi have a moment after he falls on her in his attempt to run from Moon. He has a girlfriend and calls their relationship “complicated” but she tells him she barely remembers their kiss. It’s funny because he’s acting like the typical kdrama girl.

Tessieroo: I love it when the roles are reversed and it’s the guy who’s all “why didn’t you call me?”

Clockwatcher: Moon suddenly gets chummy with Kang Soo even asking him to become his investigator and that they should go to dinner with Chang Gi.

Tessieroo: No! Nooooooooo! I’m terrified for Kang Soo, this writer just better not go there. On the other hand, since I’m not 100% sure what side Moon is on, maybe he wants to keep Kang Soo close to him to protect him.

Clockwatcher: Yep. The scene was definitely written to instill fear in the audience but are we being punked?

The team manages to fool Kim Jae Sik who’s tailing them and takes Ah Reum to a safe place – Chang Gi’s. Which means the poor man has to sleep in his car.

Meanwhile, Yeol Moo’s stalkerish mother shows up at her place to see Chan. She ends up in Kang Soo’s room and sees his yellow coat which leads to a meltdown. He and her daughter show up and with one look, Yeol Moo immediately knows what she’s thinking. She takes charge of the situation and keeps her from going completely crazy by convincing her that he’s not her son.

Tessieroo: I feel sorry for this woman, she’s never been able to move forward after losing her son. Did Yeol-Moo say Mom is bi-polar?

Clockwatcher: Possibly but I can’t remember. Dong Chi interrogates Doctor-Mobster Joo who is apparently the key to all the crimes (this week). As usual, the smug guy has an excuse for every piece of evidence they throw at him and is not the least bit fazed because he has friends in high places. Dong Chi and later Moon, put their acting skills to good use convincing him that he’ll be made to take the fall for everything.

Tessieroo: He’s revolting, the way he kept glancing at Gwang-Mi made my skin crawl. I was momentarily worried when Chief Moon showed up but it turned out okay.

Clockwatcher: Dong Chi was shocked by his sudden appearance but I think (or hope) this was his plan all along. To put a timer on it so that Dong Chi can solve the case quickly.

Chang Gi spots Yeol Moo’s depressed mother while he’s in his van. They chat about iguanas as he tries his best to cheer her up. She tells him that she wants to see the ocean which is exactly what someone needs to hear when they are keeping watch.

Tessieroo: Well, they have to get him out of the way so someone can sneak in and kill Ah Reum – we know she’s not gonna make it.

Clockwatcher: Dong Chi is still interrogating Joo when Sleazy Lawyer Oh shows up while Moon is watching them from the one-way mirror. He obviously has friends if he’d been let into that room. He’s disappointed with Moon for not playing ball and is mad his “innocent” client is being interrogated without a lawyer.

Chang Gi and Yeol Moo’s mom go somewhere that is not the ocean because she’s changed her mind, believing she’s undeserving of it. She beats herself up for not treating her child well. She then warns him to be nice to his kid (Kang Soo). He insists that he isn’t his father and drives off. Unfortunately for him, the woman walks aimlessly on the road so bursts his tire saving her then piggybacks her for a bit before catching a cab and talking her to his place just as a panicked Yeol Moo, who’d learned of her mother’s disappearance, arrives.

Tessieroo: I’m getting the idea that Mom will continue to be the one who hinders forward movement.

Clockwatcher: It needs to be more seamless next time. This plot was pretty forced.

The whole gang is there and witness both Ah Reum and Jae Sik fall to their deaths out of the window.

On the walk home, Dong Chi asks Yeol Moo why she never responds to his questions about their personal relationship and she explains that she doesn’t have the right to be happy when her entire family is suffering because of her. She’s her mother’s daughter.

Tessieroo: Nobel idiocy, my least favorite K-drama plot. (LOL)

Clockwatcher: Meanwhile, Sleazy Lawyer Oh has more cards to play and this time, he sends a recording of Moon’s emergency call to Dong Chi with a news clipping about the accident.

Tessieroo: He’s determined to destroy Chief Moon but I’m still not clear why.

Clockwatcher: He’s determined to make him his bitch.


Clockwatcher: I wondered last week if Moon was atoning for his sins and perhaps that’s it? I don’t think he killed Byul. My crazy theory is that someone else wanted the boy killed as ammunition against him. They killed the wrong person and hid that by preventing the family from definitively confirming his identity. Am I just hanging on to Moon not being evil? He still covered up a woman’s death. Chang Gi too. He still needs to pay for his crime.

Tessieroo: I’m hanging onto the hope that Chief Moon isn’t a bad guy too but you’re right – both he and Chang-Gi didn’t come forward when they hit and killed Kang Soo’s Mom. The writer is throwing a lot of red-herrings out there in order to keep us in the dark about who is on the side of justice and who is evil. I’m usually much better at figuring that out quickly but this time, I’m stumped.

Having said that, I did enjoy this week’s episodes and don’t mind the pace at all. The more little bits of information that come out, the more interesting the whole case become to me. I love mysteries.


  • Rowanmdm says:

    It’s so weird to see our sweet mom from Angel Eyes in this role. I keep thinking of Dolores Umbridge and how her sweetness and pink fluffiness was just offset her evil nature; this is the same type of role.

  • Denali says:

    Is everybody dirty? Yes, until they wash. Hence Kang Soo’s shower scene in ep 9 or 10. 😀

  • PBS says:

    I’m loving the Dolores Umbridge analogy ROWANMDM!

    So these were my thoughts:

    I figured Yeol Moo was distancing herself from Dong Chi because she felt she doesn’t deserve him or happiness, not when she feels responsible for her baby brother’s death, and since his case is still unresolved, she can’t be happy until its resolved.

    But weeping for Dong Chi who’s the only one still trying to sail my OTP ship. Now that he knows Yeol Moo’s reason for pushing him away, will he leave her be, or will he still try to win her heart? I hope he lets her go so that she’ll go back to him when she’s ready. At least he now knows that she pretty much as admitted that she’ll be happy with him, therefore she can’t be with him, so indirectly, it was a confession, just a really bittersweet one. Until then, he should give her space and focus on the case(s).

    I still don’t really get what both Dong Chi and Kang Soo see in Yeol Moo because they both fell for her on first sight. But whatevs, I guess you don’t need reasons to fall in love with someone. I hope if they do keep the love triangle thing, they’ll give both guys more reason to explain why they are willing to do so much for her. Reminds me a bit of how a past Choi Jin Hyuk character, Gu Wol Ryung, also fell immediately in love with a damsel in distress on sight and was willing to do so much for the woman.

    I do wonder though, if they’ll be able to solve the case before he gets transferred. This show has 20 episodes, more possibly if it does well, so it’ll be interesting to see how they wrap everything.

    But at least we finally understand that Chief Moon is probably not corrupt but the accident did make him susceptible to blackmail from Lawyer Oh and that in turn probably made ex-Lawyer Chang Gi distrust Chief Moon for thinking Moon covered up the accident and/or Moon tried to have Kang soo killed, probably the former since Chang Gi would have dissuaded Kang Soo from working with Moon.

    So now the question is what were Moon and Chang Gi doing together that couldn’t have allowed them to be in the same place. Obviously it probably had to do with a big case since I gather Lawyers and Prosecutors don’t usually work together, or at least, they weren’t supposed to.

    So I’m betting the higher-ups, whoever they were trying to take down, caught wind of it, especially after young Kang Soo pointed out Moon to the corrupt detective. so a plan was put to motion to kill the kid and pin it on Moon, but since it went wrong (they killed Han Byul instead), they could only blackmail him?

  • carolies541 says:

    I don’t know… I think YM is just not ready to let go, given that her brother’s case is still unresolved and they still have the panda case to crack. It’s just weird if she goes all girly and turns on the “in love” mode all of a sudden as it’s not her. I don’t agree it’s noble idiocy, it’s just that her life is still in a mess and her mother is at that kind of unstable state, I don’t think she have the time to think about dating. She may have good feelings towards DC but I don’t think it’s strong enough to make her go all out for it, her life priority has always been about her brother’s case. She just needs more time to have everything resolve and she’ll respond.

    I do wish DC give the girl some space and stop pushing her to answer him because clearly she’s not in the state to be happily dating without worry. I think DC should have a bigger reaction to Ah Reum’s death (it’s like one minute he just saw her dying, then the next second he flirts with YM, that’s a little bit insensitive). At the end of the day, P&P focuses more on their cases so I’m okay with the minimal loveline as it’s fitting to the character’s situation. In terms of chemistry, I miss DC and YM’s chemistry when they first started, all that bickering is a lot more fun than YM just staring at DC. They still have that chemistry but they can’t show it off because the characters’ interactions lately have been pretty one-sided from DC.

  • Peeps says:

    The thing with Moon HeeMan is that he’s not on anyone else’s side, except his own. If it helps his career, he’s all for it. If it’s going to create beef between him and his (useful-career-wise) superiors, he’s gonna put a stop to it.

    The panda case is difficult, because he’s all for indicting Sleazy (but small fry) Joo but not for taking down the superiors that are also complicit in the case. He’s talking in circles because he wants to be able to go “I said nothing of the sort” and erase all his responsibility when things go wrong, but he wants to take credit if the cases turn out right.

    His crazy-talk is just about him telling DongChi to do unofficial investigations about Panda and Small-Fry-Joo but also to stop investigating anything further and shaking up prosecutor-land. But of course, Gu DongChi is not planning on doing anything of the sort, and therefore needs to be removed. (But his heart breaks because Dong Chi his the ace Prosecutor. T_T)

    If you keep that point while watching him go nuts, you’ll understand a lot more. He never really says what he means.

  • Odessa Jones says:

    I love reading your commentary!


    That makes sense. I was trying to figure out what was up with that plane ticket. Why get rid of Chang-Gi? You’re right, it’s probably because he felt so guilty.

    I agree with Carolies541 that it isn’t Noble Idiocy. It feels like a realistic personality thing. YM’s really mentally focused on trying to help her mom and trying to figure out HB’s death. She basically tells DC that she’d be happy with him, but she doesn’t have room in her brain for doing a Happy Thing on her own right now while she feels responsible for her family. I have total faith that DC will figure out how to help her move on. And I will love CJH even more than ever.

    I don’t think Song Ah-Reum or Jae Shik are dead. I thought the camera lingered on their faces and their eyes were moving like they were semi-conscious. And then we cut to Moon’s office and he got a call about a hospital. So I figured they were badly injured.

  • darmini says:

    Can someone please tell me where the rest of the recaps are? I’ve diligently searched this website for more, but I can’t find any. I can’t find any posts saying they’ve dropped either. I really want to read the rest of the recaps so I don’t have to watch anymore. Thanks!

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