“Healer” Week 2 – Nightmares Of The Past

This drama is awesome! I like that we’re given bits of information in each episode, I don’t feel frustrated or left in the dark about what’s going on. Past characters are introduced, their purpose is shown and we move right along, there’s no long, boring back-story. And so far, it’s very easy to distinguish between the good guys and the bad but that can always change.

This week’s episodes begin with Moon-Ho having a nightmare. As he stares at Young-Shin’s picture, he says it’s always the same dream. He thought it would stop after a few months but it hasn’t…because he committed a sin. He clearly knows what happened to Young-Shin/Ji-Ah but has kept it from Myung-Hee all these years. So…just tell her now?

At Young-Shin’s house, she’s regaling her Father with her heroics to stop the young lady from jumping off the roof – even acting out parts of it. (LOL) In the background, our Healer sneaks by and seems to smirk at her bragging. He places recording devices at various locations in the house.

She discusses letting the woman, Yun-Hee, stay with them for a while, she might try to kill herself again. When Yun-Hee joins them for breakfast, she begs to be allowed to stay. If she goes home, even to pick up some clothes, thugs will be waiting for her. She also begs Young-Shin’s Father to accept her case. Young-Shin is horrified when her Father tells Yun-Hee she can sleep in her room.

Our Healer snoops around Young-Shin’s bedroom, wondering why her phone is so old. He’s obviously used to the latest high-tech stuff. When she enters the room, he quickly hides under the bed. She’s whining about having to share her room and suddenly breaks into song, singing and dancing to “Hug” by DBSK. Our poor Healer is stuck beneath the bed, listening. ROFL, I’m dying here, she’s hilarious. As he watches in horror, she suddenly whips down her pants and pulls on her jeans. He only sees the bottom half of her legs but closes his eyes, like he can’t believe he’s stuck there.

When she starts looking for her phone, he belatedly realizes he’s still holding it so he slides it out onto the floor. She seems perplexed to find it there but picks it up just as her Father yells at her to clean up her room since she’ll be sharing it with a guest. She yells back, she’ll take care of it and kicks her PJ bottoms under the bed…right onto our Healers face. Ahaha, I love this episode.

Once she’s gone, he pulls the pants off in disgust and rolls out from under the bed. Sitting up, he seems frustrated to have been stuck in that situation but I think we all loved it. *heh* He stops and stares at the poster of Moon-He. Moon-He gets into another squabble with Min-Jae over the stunt he pulled during the live broadcast. She reminds him that even if he has the protection of his older brother, Moon-Sik, who is head of Jae Il News – she doesn’t and could have been fired.

Upon learning his brother is there, Moon-Ho waits for him downstairs and glares at him angrily when he shows up. In the car, Moon-Sik says he wants Moon-Ho to quit and come to work for him at the newspaper. Moon-Ho has no intention of joining his brother’s “gang” so Moon-Sik tries to explain that since he and Myung-Hee have no children, he considers Moon-Ho his son. Moon-Ho angrily warns Moon-Sik to leave him alone.

Young-Shin arrives at the celebrities apartment to continue her stake out but finds it surrounded by reporters. Her boss yells at her for not being there, other rags have already written it up. LOL, she was there first but ends up missing out on the story because she saved that woman from suicide.

Our Healer watches Young-Shin punching and kicking invisible targets in her room and eventually falling on her butt. He calls Ahjumma, who wonders why he’s still tracking that girl. He wants to find out why she has his picture. Ahjumma reminds him someone is trying to frame him for Sung-Chul’s murder. Not only did they leave Healer’s email address on the body but they also know he hid Sung-Chul at a love-motel – they planted a fake receipt in Sung-Chul’s pocket.

Detective Yoon of the Cyber Squad briefs his team about the Healer. According to Sung-Chul’s autopsy, he was poisoned, someone poisoned the guy and then threw his body off the moving train. So even though the majority of Healer’s crimes have been trespassing and theft, Yoon believes he’s now branched out to murder-for-hire. Pffffttt, he’s an idiot.

Ahjumma pulls a copy of Sung-Chul’s autopsy and tells our Healer he was poisoned but who? Healer says Ahjumma did it. LMAO! He remembers Song-Chul’s words about Jae Il Newspaper, it must be someone from there. Ahjumma orders him to leave, but he refuses. Should he live his whole life on the run, as a murderer? No, he has to catch the real killer himself.

Suddenly, Moon-Ho pulls up outside Young-Shin’s home. Healer wonders if he’s the guy? He watches Moon-Ho, who watches Young-Shin come outside to put the cafe stuff away for the night. Ahjumma pulls Moon-Ho’s info, he’s a star reporter but also the younger brother of the President of Jae Il News. Healer smirks, that’s interesting.

Moon-Ho flashes back to seeing baby Young-Shin/Ji-Ah for the first time and thinks to himself that Noona’s daughter has grown up beautifully. Young-Shin notices him sitting inside his car watching her but when she approaches, Moon-Ho pulls away so she didn’t see his face. Our Healer decides to follow Moon-Ho from above, jumping from rooftop to rooftop. Finally calling on delivery-girl, he takes her motorcycle and continues to follow.

Young-Shin learns Yun-Hee is a bit-part actress who was forced to perform sexual favors with wealthy and powerful men for her boss, President Hwang. When she reported it to the Police, they said there was no evidence that she was forced. And President Hwang threatened, it would be easy to get rid of her. The only reason she was kept alive was because a certain person wants her and that person is a candidate for Mayor of Seoul – Congressman Kim Mi Chan.

Young-Shin tries to talk him out of it but her Father has decided to press charges against this guy. And he wants her to write a news article, that’s the only way it might be resolved. They have to get netizens involved. (LOL)

Healer follows Moon-Ho all the way to his brothers compound. Wow, does this guy keep his wife locked in a fortress? Healer jumps the fence. Myung-Hee is happy to see Moon-Ho but doesn’t answer when she questions why he’s here so late. He’s acting strange. Healer breaks into the house, enters Myung-Hee’s bedroom and sees the group photo sitting on her nightstand. He’s shocked. Telling Ahjumma things are getting exciting, he laughs.

Moon-Sik and his assistant meet Sang-Soo, the owner of Double S Guard and offer to buy the company. He agrees but this means Moon-Sik owns him. When Young-Shin arrives at work the next day, her boss introduces a new rookie employee, Park Bong-Soo – our Healer in disguise. Or NOT in disguise and just dressed as a normal person. Showing him around and introducing him to everyone, she tells him not to eat the boss’s food…as she takes a bite of the boss’s sandwich. (LOL)

The bugs Healer planted inside Young-Shin’s home were for Moon-Ho, he listens as her Father explains the case against Congressman Kim Mi Chan and also hears that Young-Shin’s dream is to be a serious, respected reporter. He flashes back to the day Myung-Hee had Young-Shin/Ji-Ah. He visited with older brother Moon-Sik, who wasn’t happy to be there. Instead of being happy for Myung-Hee and Gil-Han, it looks like Moon-Sik was insanely jealous and obsessed.

At work, Young-Shin asks Healer if they’ve met before? He stutters out a “no”, she can tell just by looking at him – he was a loner in school, a loser in the army and his parents probably bought this position for him. (LOL) Ah, well. She offers to buy him lunch, grabs his arm and drags him out with her. Moon-Ho is outside the building and sees them coming out. He follows from across the street, watching Young-Shin closely. Healer notices Moon-Ho watching them.

The next scene was my favorite. Our adorable Healer is back home, barely awake and trying to eat – but keeps expecting his phone to ring since Ahjumma always interrupts when he’s eating. That one piece of hair sticking up on the back did me in, I’m in love. LMAO! Sure enough, Ahjumma interrupts again with the horrible, cackling laughter. She wonders why he’s awake this early, is he really going to work at SomeDay News, with normal people? *gasp*

He stumbles into the bathroom to brush his teeth and shower while she badgers him: doesn’t he know that if one person sees his face, his life is endangered 12 times more? It’s hard to take Ahjumma seriously when she’s wearing pigtails. (LOL) Healer puts the group photo inside his briefcase and dresses…in slow-motion (thank you very much, PD Nim) *hee* Ahjumma keeps her spiel going, if they just lay low for 3 months, the detectives will drop that case!

Whether Moon-Ho is the one who killed Sung-Chul and framed our Healer or there’s another bigger fish behind him, he’s not sure but he’s going to find out. He’ll give it 4 days and if nothing happens, he’ll stop. Ahjumma warns him not to show his true self or give himself away. Just follow orders and do as he’s told. And take off the glasses. (LOL)

Young-Shin has no luck getting her boss to publish the article she wrote about Congressman Kim and Yun-Hee, since no one died, it’s not news. Pulling her by the ear, he tells her to just train the rookie, who at that moment can’t figure out how to work the copy machine. Telling the rookie to move, she attacks the copier, kicking it and cursing while our poor Healer stands behind it to protect himself.

Moon-Ho attends a meeting at the VIP room his brother set up with all the media higher-ups. These men fawn over Moon-Ho but he’s clearly angry. Why was he asked here, what’s this all about? They want to use him, use his star power and influence to elect certain politicians. They’re demanding he become their “spokesperson”. He doesn’t answer but instead, glares at Moon-Sik.

Detective Yoon from the Cyber Squad shows another detective CCTV footage of the subway when Song-Chul and the Healer jumped off. The footage also shows thugs from the Double S Squad chasing them. He’s certain, however that no one can hack into the police system computers. LOL, he’s wrong: we next see Ahjumma doing just that. She wonder when that jerk Detective Yoon will retire.

Ahjumma contacts motorcyle-delivery girl, she needs to find Healer as he’s turned off his tracker again. She knows he doesn’t like being tracked but the situation right now isn’t good. He should be around Young-Shin and she zero’s in on the tracer that Healer put inside Young-Shin’s purse.

They find Young-Shin drinking with her co-workers and still badgering her boss to publish the article. She wonders why the rookie, Bong-Soo isn’t there and is told he’s on a personal errand. She rants that he didn’t get permission from his superior. (LOL) Healer looks at the group photo, in voice-over, his Mom tells him he looks just like his dad. So his Dad is one of the guys in the photo?

In flashback, Healer is with his Mom and Grandma. Noticing the bags by the front door, he asks where Mom is going? Somewhere far away and she might not come back. Well…that’s nice, she abandoned him because he looks like his Father? Ugh, selfish beotch. The poor kid is crying but there’s not one single tear in her eyes. He meets with an older woman I’m assuming is Mom and it appears he’s forgiven her. He asks about the people in the group photo, were they Dad’s friends? She didn’t know them very well but points out the married couple who were reporters (Myung-Hee and Gil-Han). She has no idea where they might be now.

He finally shows up for the company drink-a-thon, just as Young-Shin is being escorted out. She’s hammered and babbling about dinosaurs, he offers to take her home. Her Dad can tell how much she’s had to drink by the fact that she’s talking about dinosaurs. Asking who the hell Healer is, Young-Shin drunkenly introduces him as her junior employee, Bong-Soo-Ahhhh. (LOL) While Yun-Hee drags her upstairs, Healer is dragged to another room to be drilled by Dad and his worker.

Cornering Healer in the cafe office, they warn him about 3 things: never let Young-Shin drink, don’t let her open cans and don’t let her witness any violence. She talks about dinosaurs when she’s drunk, she always cuts herself opening cans and she’ll hyperventilate if she sees violence because of a childhood incident that left her traumatized.

Upstairs, even though Young-Shin is drunk, she manages to write up the account of sexual abuse and extortion Yun-Hee suffered at the hands of President Hwang and Congressman Kim. She publishes it to SomeDay New’s website. Downstairs, Healer is given blankets to sleep on the sofa but he sneaks out to confront motorcycle-delivery girl. He knew she was following him? Impressive. He orders her to follow Moon-Ho instead.

Young-Shin suffers a nightmare, she’s hiding inside a closet while a man comes closer, dragging what appears to be a metal bat. Oh, is this the incident where her ribs got broken? Ugh, more childhood abuse. She wakes up just as this man opens the closet doors. Dad walks through the living room, stopping to cover our Healer (who is pretending to sleep) with a blanket.

Young-Shin comes out of her room, carrying her pillow and moves towards the sofa. Our Healer moves just in time, as she lays down and covers herself with his blanket. He tries to wake her and make her go back to her own room but she just rolls over, grabs his arm and continues to sleep. I thought she couldn’t sleep with anyone else in the room?

Healer’s Mom finds some old photos of the group and flashes back to having a meal with them. It was to celebrate she and her husband (Healer’s Father) buying their first house. Wondering where the little ones went, they found a young Healer with a young Young-Shin/Ji-Ah sleeping together, her holding his arm. When her Dad wakes in the morning, he sees Healer and Young-Shin sleeping close together, with her holding his arm. The pose is identical to the picture of them as children.

At SomeDay News, all hell is breaking loose due to the story about Congressman Kim on their website. Her boss wants the article taken down and yells for Young-Shin. She’s hiding beneath a table in the break room. Min-Jae hears about the story and orders an assistant to keep Moon-Ho from finding out, threatening to send the assistant to the countryside if he can’t follow her orders. Pfffttt, she’s a pain in the ass. She tries to steer Moon-Ho to another story but he sees right through her. He discovers the story by snatching the assistants tablet and sees Young-Shin’s name as the writer.

Moon-Sik meets President Hwang and Congressman Kim, assuring them he’ll take care of it. Since Yun-Hee is missing, he’s convinced that reporter is hiding her and order his newly acquired Double S Guard to find her. He orders them to bring Yun-Hee to him and make sure the reporter keeps quiet – using whatever means necessary. Moon-Ho arrives at the offices of SomeDay News and runs into Young-Shin as she’s trying to sneak out. She goes speechless upon seeing him, he asks if they can talk. Holding out her hand, she tells him she’s a fan, he grabs her hands in his and smiles.

Later, as she’s walking home with Healer, she snaps that Moon-Ho is a jerk, she never thought he would be that way. In flashback, Moon-Ho told her to pass the story to him, it was unlikely that she could protect herself or her source since the story was dangerous. She wonders if this is how he became so hot, by stealing other reporters stories?

Suddenly she and Healer are surrounded by Double S Group thugs. He quickly calls Ahjumma, who tells him to run or those guys will see his face. Sung-Soo asks Young-Shin if she knows Yun-Hee and tells her she has to come with them. She whispers to Healer that she’ll stall so he should call the police. Sung-Soo isn’t putting up with her sass and shoves her headfirst into a brick wall but Healer manages to protect her head with his hand. Sung-Soo orders his men to get rid of Healer, he puts on an act when they start punching him.

Young-Shin tells them to stop, she’ll go with them. They stop hitting Healer and roughly grab Young-Shin, forcing her away with them. The moment they’re gone, Healer stands up and patches himself into Ahjumma, who again tells him to leave. He remembers back to what Young-Shin’s Father told him, she can’t handle violence. He also remembers her rooftop confession of broken ribs.

Young-Shin begins hyperventilating and her vision grows dim when suddenly Healer shows up to fight with the thugs. Covering Young-Shin and moving her to safety, he knocks down quite a few of the thugs but he’s clearly outnumbered. Young-Shin looks up but only sees a guy wearing a grey hoodie and dark glasses. Is it the Healer?


I love how quickly this is moving along, it’s obvious our Healer is already fascinated or moved by Young-Shin since he’s suddenly doing things he wouldn’t normally do. However, this does put him in danger as Ahjumma warned – the more people who see his face or see him around Young-Shin, the faster his hidden identity will be discovered.

We learned a bit about his childhood but it doesn’t fully explain him isolating himself. And while it was nice to see him spending time with his Mother, it was also sad. Knowing she abandoned him in order to make a new life for herself and re-marry irks me but at least he was left with Grandma.

Young-Shin’s nightmare gives me the shakes, did that man (whoever he is) beat her so badly, her ribs were broken? Ugh, more child abuse. Is Moon-Sik the reason both Young-Shin and Healer lost their Fathers? (assuming they died at the same place, same time). Is Moon-Ho being blackmailed to keep his mouth shut? I hope that’s not it, I’ll be screaming for him to just tell Myung-Hee what happened, accept his responsibility in the matter and put his brother behind bars where he belongs.

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  • EB says:

    love the episodes that have aired so far! it’s like my favorite action tropes all mixed into one: the quirky and forthright heroine, the disillusioned hero with multiple identities, the noble and conflicted mentor figure, and memorable supporting characters (love the ajumma hacker character! yay for ajumma power!) plus, it’s great to see the reunion of some older stars like park sang won with this writer. i haven’t finished a drama by song ji na since namja’s story so hope this keeps my interest.

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