“Dear Sister” Finale Episode – My Happiness Is My Sister

It’s over! *sniff* I’m kinda bummed since this was my feel-good drama, everything about it made me happy. Maybe it’s because everything happened exactly the way we all wanted? (ROFL) Now I’m back to being frustrated with the over-the-top makjang currently airing and the level of stupidity some of the leading characters show. Ugh. Ah, well – it was good for 10 episodes!

After being released from the hospital, Misaki was probably put on bed-rest, which means confined at home. Her first outing with Hazuki results in her big sister saying they’ve been out long enough and to button her coat. Misaki laughs, she believes YoHei is going to have a hard time since Hazuki’s a worry-wart.

Hazuki asks if she’s given her answer to Eito yet? Misaki’s surprised she knows and how dare she eavesdrop! She’s not sure what to do, everything is so complicated that she doesn’t know what the right answer is anymore. Plus she worries what her daughter will think so maybe it’s best not to marry. Hazuki tries to reassure her, she should just be honest about her feelings.

Misaki calls Eito, asking to see him the next day to help her shop for wedding favors. He has no clue what wedding favors are (LOL) but agrees. They’re being all cute, shopping together when she suddenly sees a piano music-box that plays the song her sister always played for her when they were little. She also sees a pair of Christmas baby booties but puts them back.

Hazuki tells her friend Kazuko that she’s planning on always living with Misaki, someone will need to monitor her Lupis and she’d rather do it at her sister’s side. Kazuko is jealous of how close they are, even though they fight all the time. I hear ya, hon – me too.

Eito waits until they’re almost at his place before he asks Misaki about the other day…only to look up and see his Father standing at his door. He’s angry that Eito wants to marry someone who is pregnant with his brothers child and tells him to wake up. Eito fights back, he loves Misaki. Dad doesn’t care, he tells Misaki he’s sorry but he can’t give permit them to marry. Misaki runs out the door.

She heads to Apple Seed, YoHei immediately notices her mood and asks if she’s sick? Misaki wants them all to stop treating her like a diseased, dying person. (LOL) Eito tries to call but Misaki ignores it, YoHei puts it together – she had a fight with Eito? Misaki beats herself up for being so selfish and never once thinking about Eito’s happiness. YoHei thinks that’s because she’s never thought of Eito as anything but a friend, she can start now. He tries to pump her up, she calmly says she’s going home. LMAO! I love these two.

Eito shows up at Hazuki’s place to drop off the present he bought for Misaki and ends up telling her what happened with his Father. He asks Hazuki to comfort Misaki since his Father said some pretty nasty things to her and admits he doesn’t care who the father is. He proposed to Misaki because he loves her. Hazuki thanks him for always caring so much for Misaki.

When he gets home, he walks towards the door and Christmas lights suddenly turn on – Misaki decorated the outside of his house with YoHei’s help. Her eyes sparkle as she watches Eito’s face light up with delight. They decorate the inside together and celebrate with non-alcoholic champagne. Misaki tries to tell him she’ll be fine without him. She’s happy he proposed and thanks him but doesn’t think they should get married, everyone would be unhappy. In spite of her words, they both look crushed and Misaki cries all the way home.

At home, Mom gives both girls a savings account she started when they were born. They didn’t always have money for some things but nothing stopped her from adding to each of her daughters account. Hazuki initially refuses to take it but Mom explains (again) how she lived thinking only of her daughters, they are the reason she’s alive today.

Hazuki can tell Misaki is feeling down, she gives her the present Eito dropped off earlier. It’s the Christmas baby booties. Misaki cries while Hazuki stands outside the room and listens. *sniff* The next day, Hazuki finds Eito’s Father and begs him to forgive her sister and let them marry, even falling to her knees. He refuses to talk to her and walks out.

The Professor meets his Father for drinks, he doesn’t understand why he’s so angry and butting into Eito’s life. He reminds him that he married a much younger woman once their Mother died, he’s surprised that very young girl stayed and took care of two brats that had no blood relation to her. Eito is only voluntarily doing the same thing! When his Father asks if he’s okay with it, the Professor admits he’s in no position to make anyone happy right now.

It’s wedding day, Misaki arrives at the venue and sees the completed wedding dress her sister made but wonders why she’s not wearing it? Hazuki tells her she named this dress “Misaki” and she made it to fit her belly. Misaki is confused until Hazuki tells her that she’s not getting married today, Misaki is. When Misaki complains, how could she just decide this herself – Hazuki reminds her she’s been doing that to her most of her life. ROFL!

Misaki wonders if it’s because she’s sick and could die? Hazuki reminds her she told her not to have any regrets, she knows both Misaki and Eito will regret not being together. Misaki argues that he shouldn’t be wasting his time with her. When Hazuki asks if she loves him, she admits it – of course she does. She loves him so much, she’s setting him free to live the life he wants to live. Eito walks in, right at that moment, wearing a white tuxedo. *squeals*

He stands in front of her, saying they should get married. Didn’t she just say he should live the life he wants to live? Nothing would make him happier than to be with Misaki forever, his life is meaningless without her. Awww! *sniff* Misaki cries but finally says yes. *tears* WooHoo!

Hazuki changes the sign out front, welcomes Eito’s parents and sits down to play “When You Wish Upon A Star”. Misaki enters, on Eito’s arm. OMO, she’s looks gorgeous. She smiles at Hazuki and then bows to Eito’s Father. Eito places the ring on her finger and then kisses her twice. (LOL) He’s been waiting years to kiss her, right? Since high school! *kekeke* Everyone claps.

The Professor leaves with his wife. Misaki wakes Hazuki up at night to apologize for something, Hazuki says she already heard from Eito the reason she butted into her sisters relationships – because she loves her and was afraid of losing her. But she wonders, if Misaki loved her so much, why was she always pranking her? Like when she cut her braid off before graduation?

Misaki says she did that because Hazuki was nervous about making a speech and didn’t want to go to school that day. What about when she drew on Hazuki’s piano recital dress with marker? Because Mom bought her a simple, white dress and she was upset that it wasn’t patterned so Misaki drew a picture on it to decorate it and make it prettier. LMAO!

As for the day she stopped Hazuki’s alarm clock during the entrance exam…she didn’t want Hazuki to go to that school because it was 2 hours away. It would have cut into their play time if Hazuki was on a bus four hours each day. Misaki apologizes again but feels better now that it’s all out. They go back to sleep but Misaki wakes up in labor and is rushed to the hospital.

The doctors determine the baby is in distress, an emergency C-section is needed. Hazuki calls everyone and then talks to Misaki before she’s taken to surgery. Misaki begs her to take care of her daughter if anything happens to her. Hazuki promises. In the delivery room, Hazuki sits beside Misaki, holding her hand. Misaki is awake but groggy as she flashes back on her life with Hazuki.

Suddenly they hear a baby crying, it’s a girl. When Misaki wakes up, everyone is there – her Mom, Hazuki, Eito and YoHei. Eito holds her hand, crying, and tells her to rest. Hazuki takes YoHei up to the roof, is he still waiting on her? Of course. She finally accepts YoHei’s proposal, if he still wants her. DOH, he’s so happy that he picks her up and spins her around. *hee* Cute.

We time jump to a few years later, Hazuki is on a picnic with YoHei, his sister and her family. His sister had yet another boy, that makes 4. (LOL) Hazuki watches a little girl in pink, blowing bubbles. She’s so cute! YoHei says she was so small but now she’s a big, healthy girl. Hazuki complains that Misaki is always yelling though.

Behind them, we hear Misaki yelling out “Stop! Hana, don’t put that in your mouth!” They both turn and we see Eito walking up with Misaki. Misaki yells at Hazuki for letting Hana put the soapy end of the bubble-stick in her mouth, she told Hazuki to watch her! Hazuki tries to take the stick from Hana but nope, she’s not giving it up. Misaki tells her to hand it over, Hana says “No!” and runs. Ahahaha, she’s adorable! Both women chase after her.

Eito laughs and tells YoHei they’re a rowdy bunch and things will get louder once Hazuki has their baby. OMO, she’s pregnant too? Woot! The guys open their beer and laugh, watching the ladies. It ends with both sisters holding Hana’s hand and running up the hill.


Perfect. Just perfect. I realize there wasn’t much “drama” in this drama but like I said – every now and then, I don’t mind watching something simple with an expected happy ending. No loose ends, no frustration and not much turmoil, both sisters end up happily married to a man who adores them. It doesn’t get any better than this. Definitely the best J-drama I’ve seen in a very long time.

I loved that Misaki’s daughter is basically a little carbon-copy of herself, that’s hilarious. And I’m delighted Hazuki was able to overcome fertility problems and is now expecting her own child. I highly recommend this drama to everyone, it’s only 10 episodes so it won’t take much time. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll never be able to get Che’Nelle’s song “Happiness” out of your head.

Lovely side story – women in Japan have been posting videos of themselves with their own sisters and families with this song as background. Sweet. Until next time!


  • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

    Another drama to add to my list. Thanks for the recaps.

  • martha says:

    It really was the perfect ending! Just what I needed to cheer me up after all the melodrama going on in the other dramas I’m watching. Ugh
    I was happy to find another fan of this fine little drama. 😀

  • Heartoppaya says:

    This was amazing. My favorite relationships in order is:

    1. Hazuki and Mizaki
    2. Mizaki and Eito
    3. Hazuki and YoHei
    4. The girls and their mum

    This drama was tear inducing. And we got a MiTo kiss! I love this drama. Thank you girls for recapping. I would love Mizaki to be pregnant too you know, coz that means MiTo “did” it. But I’m VERY satisfied with the end. This drama didn’t disappoint me.

  • Joanne says:

    Thanks for your recap on this great drama. Just wanted to point out that Misaki’s illness is “Lupus” not “Lupis”. Thought it was typo error at first, so didn’t mention it before.

  • Tasha says:

    A resounding yes that this drama is best I have watched in a lng time. It’s real, it’s short and beautiful ending. Merry Christmas to all of you.

  • Fantast1ksuae says:

    Awww! Yeay! Happy ending! First I thought Mizaki’s was going to die after giving birth. This is a really good drama. Thanks for recaps Tess!

  • onmyouji says:

    “women in Japan have been posting videos of themselves with their own sisters and families with this song as background.”

    Really!?! Aaawww, that’s really heartwarming. Can you provide any links? I’m curious.

    • tessieroo says:

      This is the only one I could find, I think the record label (Universal Japan) has been removing them from YouTube due to copyright infringement so I don’t expect this one to stay up for very long either. I can’t find many of Che’Nelle’s performances of this song anymore either. I don’t think this one is from Japan, the writing is English. (the others I saw were all Japanese writing) 🙁 I’m bummed, I loved watching her perform this song live and the videos I saw were adorable.


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