“Healer” Week 3 – Thoughts So Far

Healer is an AWESOME action/thriller, I’m loving it and frantically stomping my feet when I have to wait for subs. (LOL) It’s got the right amount of action, mystery, comedy and romance to keep me interested but without taxing my brain too hard trying to figure out what’s happening. *glaresatPrideAndPredujice* And each week, the romance is taken up a notch, which is exciting. I’m a bit late for a recap of last week so I decided to just discuss how much I’m loving this drama, what’s going on so far and what I think.

We learned the second-in-charge at Double S Guard is a thug named Yo-Yo, who likes to fight using that Yo-Yo he carries around. Pffftttt, Healer took him down pretty quickly so my advice is to stop playing with toys or find a job at Mattel. When Healer whispered to Young-Shin during her anxiety attack, asking how many pills, I squealed out loud. Who knew those exact words would sound so smexy? (LOL) And when he pulled her against him, OH MY GOD, his hawtness burned through my screen!

Since the beginning, I’ve been hoping the reason Moon-Ho wasn’t telling Myung-Hee the truth about her daughter wasn’t something simple – like he just didn’t want to hurt her or something. But we found out it’s a little more complicated than that. He can’t even bring up Ji-An’s name without Myung-Hee being consumed by guilt and even having seizures. It’s frustrating that I still don’t know why she’s in a wheelchair but I’ll be patient. *bites lip* Okay…well, I’ll try.

I’ll admit that both Moon-Sik and Moon-Ho kinda creep me out but it’s obvious which one is the most evil. Are we being fooled? When Moon-Ho mentioned Ji-An’s grave being empty and asked if she was alive, I was shocked that Moon-Ho’s answer was: “She can’t be alive“. Moon-Ho asked the very questions I wanted to ask, if Ji-An is alive, does that mean Moon-Sik will try to kill her again? Did he purposely cause the accident 23 years ago that killed her Father, Gil-Han? He pretty much admitted he did!

Moon-Sik did have a point when he said Moon-Ho has known everything about his brother all these years but has done nothing – which makes him just as guilty. I’m hoping Moon-Ho has been gathering hard evidence all these years which will make it impossible for Moon-Sik to dig his way out. I don’t see any love or caring between these brothers at all but maybe that’s just me.

We learned one of the other men in the photo (besides Moon-Sik) is alive and has some type of relationship with our Healer, who calls him the “Master”. He works with Ahjumma, she turned off the cameras outside Healers lair so Master could snoop around. And both seem worried about what will happen when Healer finds out his Father was friends with Moon-Sik.

The relationship between Ahjumma and Healer got a bit more complicated last week, she knows more about his past that she’s letting on. I’ve loved the teasing banter between them since the beginning, like when she asked if Young-Shin is that pretty and sexy or the way she interrupts every time he tries to eat. To learn that she’s actually working with the Master was kind of disheartening – I don’t like that she’s keeping things from our Healer but I guess we’ll see where that goes. And she used to be a Police Detective? Interesting.

Speaking of Detectives, I don’t trust Detective Yoon at all and it doesn’t make any sense that he’s the one who interviewed Young-Shin regarding her attempted kidnapping or assault. Isn’t he head of the Cyber squad? What does that have to do with assault? (LOL) The only thing he did was fire questions at her, trying to get information out of her.

We also learned the world believes Healer’s Father murdered his best friend for money and then committed suicide and it sounded like both the Master and Ahjumma believe that too. I’m wondering if the friend Healers Father supposedly killed was Young-Shin’s Father? That would be a major roadblock to any romantic relationship between our OTP!

If this whole story involves Moon-Sik, I’m more inclined to believe he planted evidence to make it look like Healer’s Father murdered his friend for money and then murdered Healer’s Father, making it look like a suicide. Maybe Healer’s Father found out something he wasn’t supposed to. I feel sorry for him, how sickening to find out Moon-Sik, who he thought was his friend, was insanely jealous and lusting so badly for his wife that he wanted him out of the picture. *shivers* Creepy.

This is all speculation on my part since I don’t yet have enough information regarding what happened to Healer (or Young-Shin’s) Father or the events surrounding the 1992 accident. I’m completely guessing it involved Moon-Sik’s jealous obsession with Myung-Hee. But I kinda want Myung-Hee out of that house (like, desperately) and I’m dreading her finding out Moon-Sik had anything to do with her first husband’s death or her daughter’s disappearance.

I knew about Moon-Ho’s past relationship with Min-Jae but honestly, I still don’t like her. She’s clinging, trying to make him feel bad for not returning her feelings. AGAIN, with the “I love you so you must love me back” crappola that shows up in so many dramas. I didn’t like the way she put Moon-Ho down, calling him a fame-whore and constantly belittling his work and I don’t like her even more now that she’s whining about not being his “first woman”. I applauded her breaking up with him but she needs to let go.

I asked a male friend of mine how he would feel if an ex-girlfriend approached his brother, asking questions about his first love and who she was. He said he would think she’s bat-shit cray-cray and would stay very far away. LMAO! He’s right but that kind of stuff always seems to happen in K-dramas.

Healer’s confession to himself about why he likes Young-Shin was cute but even cuter was Young-Shin telling him she feels “Bong-Soo” (his fake persona) is like a sister. LMAO at the look on his face! I loved his little smile when he learned she no longer has a crush on Reporter Moon-Ho but instead, her new crush is the mystery-man known as the Healer.

Did I mention the humor? If you haven’t started watching this one yet, you should.


  • Minihaha says:

    I love Healer too, great thoughts by the way, Moon Shik definitely killed Gil Han and framed Healers dad, killed him off in police custody and made it look like suicide. This drama is simply amazing, the romance is building, the mystery and intrigues are mounting, and all the characters are either very likable or very detestable. Myung will find it hard that she married her husbands killer and the person who abandon her child. Can’t wait for the subs for epi 7.

  • Heartoppaya says:

    Omo, that last pic! *melts*

    It’s nice to see that you’re not only obsessing over SoLim only, Tess. Hehe. We should all follow you like a role model.

    Anyway, this drama is one that I would give my full attention to, because right off the bat, Healer caught me. I think it’s better than City Hunter, which is funny, cause it’s the same actress. I think another reason would be my love for Ji Chang Wook. But that’s just one reason…

    • tessieroo says:

      ROFL, is it that obvious I’m obsessing over the OTP in this one? But then again, I’d pretty much watch Ji Chang Wook in anything he does. 😀

  • Rowanmdm says:

    This and Pinochio are the only shows I am really excited about right now. I’m with you on the impatience waiting for subs. My internet was out for about 8 hours today and I actually thought “At least I don’t have to worry about the subs for Healer being up and my being unable to watch the episode.” If the stupid snow storm takes out my internet again tomorrow I’m going to be TICKED.

    I understood why Detective was questioning Young Shin about her abduction. She only came to his attention b/c of Healer driving straight to the cops to get away from crazy business man. Set. isn’t going to let an opening like that be handled by someone else. When Young Shin mentioned the attempted kidnapping of course he asked for more details.

    One of the things I really love about this show is Young Shin. She is so loving and so stinking brave for trying so hard to overcome her fears and protect people around her. One of the things I love about our OTP is that Healer also recognizes how impressive her bravery is.

    And top it all off with an interesting back story, a chilling, compelling villain and a couple of living enigmas and I am just hoping this show continues to follow through on all it’s awesomeness.

    • tessieroo says:

      And I’m with you too – the only things I’m really interested in watching right now are this and Pinocchio! *high-five* I hope your Internet doesn’t do that again. O_O

  • Boston mass says:

    No two ways about it your reviews are fantastic funny. Enjoyable I really look forward to reading Could you be the next greatRoger Egbert( spelling might be wrong .He was the great TV movie critic.

    • tessieroo says:

      Thanks so much for the compliment, it certainly lights a fire under my butt to do even better! 🙂 I’m slacking off because of the holidays but sure hope to get back on schedule.

  • Neha says:

    I’ve been following this one, and absolutely love it. I don’t even wait for the subs, I just watch it twice. And read recaps of it. And then maybe watch it again.

    I LOVE IT. And I’m so routing for the main couple. Even the back story and all the politics and plotting seem interesting ♥

    • tessieroo says:

      Agree, this one is knocking it out of the park right now and I hope it continues!

      And I do the same thing, watch raw, wait for subs, watch with subs…it’s a never-ending cycle. *keke*

  • I can’t wait for the day Young-Shin finds out Bong-Soo is Healer. And I would love to see a great bonding between Healer and Moon-Ho.

  • azraqey says:

    Hi Tess~!

    *sigh* I’ve been obsessed more than I should. Glad that we have you recapped this.

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