“Pinocchio” – Discuss-O-Cap On Episodes 11-14: Revenge Time: Pack Your flame throwers and pitch forks!

As Ha Myung embarks on his revenge, he must leave In Ha behind, but someone failed to tell his heart this. Despite it all getting back at those who wronged him is quite a challenge because he must abstain from becoming the evil he faces. Nevertheless, he perseveres with none other than In Ha supporting him in the backdrop. It is looking like our OTP will have to team up again to save their friend as they uncover more truths about the factory fire 13 years ago.

“You said it was your wish to eat a whole pizza by yourself” 

Ha Myung And Jae Myung Reconnect

Rinchan: They are together at last but things aren’t the same. The shame and guilt are written all over Jae Myung’s face. Chatting over lunch, his request that Ha Myung remain as Dal Po shows how much he wishes to avoid tainting his little brother. Bearing the title of murderer, makes almost makes him a different person. He is no longer the same Jae Myung in Ha Myung’s memories. It is all quite saddening, because Jae Myung tried so earnestly to find Ha Myung, was overjoyed at their reunion, but simultaneously he is forced to push him away. How isolated Jae Myung must feel.

Tessieroo: Agree and it’s a bummer for me since I love the Jae Myung character. *sigh* As I said, I completely, 100% understand this man, even though I don’t condone what he did. His entire family was destroyed…for television ratings.

I loved the pizza scene. It’s like, all these years, he wanted to buy his little brother a pizza. What I most loved was the way Jae Myung immediately seemed to realize the huge mistake he’d made and confessed. He didn’t try to hide it from Ha Myung, he came right out and told him: I’ve killed people.

“If you had been at home that day, Mom wouldn’t have made that fatal decision!”

Ha Myung’s Guilt 
Rinchan: The truth about Jae Myung is out and about to become news, but to save his brother he asks his captain to postpone the story while he convinces his brother to turn himself in. He is trying to save his brother from a worst fate than Jae Myung is already facing. Turning himself in redeems him and it will get him a lesser sentence. However when he realized his brother didn’t abandon them, he understood the magnitude of the situation. Jae Myung murderous acts were a product of being alone. When Ha Myung decided not to look for his brother, he seemingly condemned him to a life of greater anguish and misery. In a sense he must have realized he failed at protecting his brother, and although Ha Myung is not at fault, he may feel that his current actions are too little too late because it wasn’t Jae Myung who abandoned him, but he who abandoned Jae Myung. The guilt must be eating him alive.

Tessieroo: True, but I doubt it would ever have crossed Ha Myung’s mind that Jae Myung got thrown into jail that night. That one decision by the evil Cha Ok furthered the tragedy and basically ensured the whole family was torn apart. That both brothers feel guilty about any of it infuriates me! (LOL) Jae Myung should feel guilty and be made to pay for murder (and he is), but neither of them should feel guilty for anything else.

“The more my heart aches for my brother, the bigger my hatred grows for your Mother, to the point that I just want to destroy her. But I can’t do that because of you”

In Ha: Ha Myung’s Achilles Heel 

Rinchan: I genuinely love this OTP, the amount of trust and understanding between them is what’s part of the beauty of having a significant other, they can always count on each other no matter what the circumstances. This is the kind of support system any successful person is known to have therefore, it is crazy to think it is In Ha who is holding Ha Myung back. Yet, because of his love for her, he cares about how her mother affects her. He doesn’t want to hurt In Ha, nor can he see Cha Ok as solely his enemy. When exacting revenge or attacking in general, there can be no hesitation, if he falters for one minute, Ha Myung might let Cha Ok off and revenge for his family would go unavenged. Jae Myung is fully aware of this, which is why he is unwilling to turn himself in and let Ha Myung take hold of the reigns. It wouldn’t be odd if Jae Myung thought that all he accomplished so far would be in vain if Ha Myung did not properly whip Cha Ok, because he got soft-hearted half way. Jae Myung isn’t confident in his revenge and Ha Myung isn’t confident either.

Tessieroo: It’s strange to me that, even knowing how evil her Mother is and what she’s done (especially to the person she loves), In Ha is still hoping on some small level that this woman can be the Mother she wants. And Ha Myung knows that, even without her saying a word. I truly love this OTP too.

“Don’t let yourself be weighed down with concern for me and don’t hesitate anymore because of me…put up a good fight against my Mom” 

In Ha Sets Ha Myung Free

Rinchan: I feel like this is the side effect of all the love they have for each other. Realizing she makes him hesitate, she breaks their relationship off. Essentially she pushes him away to propel him forward, but their hearts are sacrificed. In truth, to carry out his task Ha Myung can’t maintain the comfortable and happy life he has become accustomed to. He must be a lone man on a mission, but I hate how it just leaves him alone with his anger. This is not how humans were meant to live, he himself couldn’t choose this life, In Ha had to do it for him. Although he lacked the strength to leave, I don’t think In Ha could deal with the knowledge that he was not okay and loved him enough to let him go. Their love is beautiful, but their fate is dreadfully sad.

Tessieroo: Ugh. I’m not a fan of noble idiocy at all and this is an example of that. There’s no reason Ha Myung can’t do whatever he needs to in order to bring Cha Ok down, especially since In Ha agrees and wants her brought down too. They agree this woman should not be a reporter and should lose her job so I’m not seeing anything beyond a manufactured conflict.

Rinchan: His conscious is powerful reason enough. His anger is necessary to fuel his revenge, but it will dissipate for In Ha sake if he sees her as Cha Ok, In Ha’s mom not his enemy. Also, In Ha can say with her mouth she is okay, but Ha Myung knows In Ha well enough to realize that will not truly be the case. Ha Myung loves In Ha enough to sacrifice his revenge and be lenient towards Cha Ok, for In Ha’s sake. It may seem ridiculous in the scheme of things, because he obviously still loves her. However, now that they are no longer in a relationship, he is no longer obligated to her in anyway. Therefore in theory it should help, but we know theory and reality are two different things LOL.

“I’m going to stop thinking of Sung Cha Ok as In Ha’s Mother and fight her, as a reporter against another reporter” 

Jae Myung Surrenders

Rinchan:  Jae Myung’s shame was palatable when he initially confessed to his brother. I feel as though meeting Ha Myung again triggered his conscious back to life, but he was so bent on completing his revenge, he could not fully let go. Yet, I believe the desire was there and the opportunity arrived when Ha Myung offered to take over. Another thing that Jae Myung did was test Ha Myung’s integrity. How can he trounce over Cha Ok if he is as dirty as she is. What Ha Myung promised his brother was a bloodless revenge that would destroy Cha Ok, but Jae Myung also doesn’t want his brother to be soiled. However, I stand by the belief that revenge is a thing that can only hurt or even destroy both parties involved. The true and best revenge is to move on and succeed in life. For Ha Myung the best revenge would be to rise to the top as an upstanding reporter, but I do admit it is hard to leave behind the pain of the past, especially when the perpetrator is as shameless as Cha Ok.

Tessieroo: Although I love revenge dramas, they’re usually a disappointment with the perp being forgiven at the end. No matter how many horrible, evil things this person has done or how many lies he/she has told, they end up being forgiven because that’s the message drama writers wish to convey.

The best revenge for Ha Myung will be proving you don’t need to twist things or lie in order to make a story interesting, it’s much more important to have the public’s trust.

“The one who manipulated her way to the top shall be brought to ruin by manipulation”

Cha Ok Is Crowned The Queen Of Fabrication

Rinchan: She had it coming and it was too fun to watch. I love the way Jae Myung confessed, simultaneously revealing how she edited the video, this is fact + impact done properly. It was a saddening first story for Ha Myung. Your first story is the one that follows you forever, I hope he isn’t characterized as an overly ambitious reporter that put his brother in jail. I doubt people will understand how much Jae Myung needed this. He was actually relieving his brother of a painful burden, he is more like his hyung’s hero than anything else.

Tessieroo: Most definitely, it was so satisfying to watch Cha Ok squirm as Jae Myung faced the cameras and told the truth about what she had done. She tried to turn things in her own favor or the networks favor but he wasn’t going to let her off that easy. And then to tell everyone to turn to YGN news for the full story? Ahahaha, awesome scene.

How funny was Yoo-Rae editing and uploading that video? I like this girl, she’s got some spunk.

“Can you prove it? That they’re just false rumors?”

Ha Myung’s Revenge Begins

Rinchan: I was a bit surprised how early they began this arc, but I admit I was loving how Ha Myung could get a rise out of Cha Ok, she literally exploded. It looked like he was having fun goading her when he clearly already knew the truth, kekeke. Things really started looking up for him as well when she was forced to step down as anchor woman. However, for a moment I was a bit worried about him when he learned the death certificate was fabricated. He really seemed to lose sight of what’s right in that very moment. It seemed as though he was so bent on getting revenge he was ready to lie, which I feel is improper for him. If he would have gone that route, he would have been beating Cha Ok at her own game, but it would also imply he was no only no better, but also could do know better. He would also fail at teaching Cha Ok how to be a proper reporter. I want to see him step on cockroaches not sling dung with them.

On another note it is good to see him not totally pushing his feelings for In Ha aside. Seeing her must have given him the pang of guilt necessary to do the right thing, which is also important in understanding Cha Ok. She either feels no guilt over her actions or she is a master at compartmentalizing them so she can carry on with her “impactful” news.

Tessieroo: We seem to have the same worries. I too, was very concerned that Ha Myung would end up lying since that would make him no better than Cha Ok. But I also don’t think this is the last time this issue will come up, Ha Myung is most likely going to be tested over and over as a reporter and struggle with doing the right thing.

I loved that he threw Cha Ok’s own words right back in her face, asking if she could prove the things being said were rumors. Hearing and watching her lose it and scream in his face was very telling. Is she one of those people who can dish it out but can’t take it? LMAO!

 “I know who you like and how much you want to erase him. Let’s date”

In Ha, Bum Jo, and Ha Myung’s (non) Love Triangle

Rinchan: Bum Jo has been flip-flopping on his feelings for In Ha, and I can’t blame him, it is hard to beat Ha Myung. Learning that they are no longer together encourages him to move in for the kill, but I am not sure he would be doing this if he knew under what circumstances they broke up. Having Ha Myung on the other line was a dirty trick, but if Ha Myungs drunken reverie was any indication, he is not ready to let her go to someone else nor is she inclined to actually leave him. Did you catch her button necklace, in truth I never knew a button could make such a cute accessory, but for Ha Myung and In Ha it scream “eternally yours.”

Tessieroo: I died laughing when she agreed to date Bum Jo but then hiccuped. LMAO! I feel like no matter what anyone does or what happens, it won’t have any impact. Nothing will come between these two and that’s the way I like my OTP couples. Any manipulative trick Bum Jo tries (and I actually find him harmless) or if there were strong parental opposition (which there isn’t), it wouldn’t break the bond between these two – it’s that strong.

“He thought that his son would be bullied because he didn’t have one” 

Case Of The Overpriced Bag

Rinchan: Ok, I can’t really see anything wrong with her selling these bags way more than they are sold overseas, because it is a business model thing. She is entitled to sell it at whatever price she wants, it is not something that is mandatory, also there is no competition to drive the price down. I have heard of people who have purposefully made their items exclusive/rare and therefore created a hype around it that actually made people go out and buy it. I am also aware that people buy $500 jeans. What disturbs me is that she imprisoned a father, who I admit did wrong for stealing the bag, in front of his son, so that she could use the media to promote her bag. I can’t even admire the genius of it all because the basis is so evil. I mean I can appreciate it if it was some media play that promotes her business and hurts no one, but she sacrificed two lives just to boost her business.

I should have known she was too awesome to be true, I don’t know who has it worse, In Ha with the openly evil mother or Bum Jo with the mom who hides her evil with a supportive smile.

Tessieroo: Again, we agree – I also don’t think there was anything wrong with the bags being sold at whatever price she decided but using the Father & Son and putting him in jail just to create a buzz was deplorable. And I find the one who hides evil with a smile to be worse, that’s much more scary to me.

“Would it be okay if I came to visit you often?”

Grandpa Visits Jae Myung

Tessieroo: I love the entire Choi family and Grandpa is adorable. I’ll admit I burst into tears when he wrote “family” in the box for visiting Jae Myung in prison. That whole scene of him talking and showing pictures of the young Ha Myung was so heartwarming, I couldn’t stop the tears. I’m praying he continues to visit, Jae Myung needs people like this in his life to remind him kindness and love exist.

Did I miss something or wasn’t there supposed to be a scene with Jae Myung meeting his attorney? I was looking forward to that! I have this fantasy in my head of Jae Myung going to live with the Choi family. *grin*

Rinchan: What I love about family is that you don’t have to be blood related. Filling out family in the visitation box was like adopting him into the Choi clan. Jae Myung doesn’t have to feel alone anymore, hopefully he will no longer feel tortured about his past or actions and move on to a happy life.

He did appear at the end of episode 12, he wasn’t pleased that Jae Myung described him as clumsy LOL. I hope to see more of him.

“He’s starting to get on my nerves…that Ki Ha Myung”

Cha Ok Is Bum Jo’s Mom Henchman

Rinchan: When another factory fire occurs that looks similar to the factory fire that occurred 13 years ago, Bum Jo’s mom, Park Ro Sa, instructs Cha Ok to distract everyone’s attention, and this times make Chan Soo the scapegoat.  Poor Chan Soo looked completely lost as he realized he was caught in a trap. He has kids and a pregnant wife, and Cha Ok is painting him, an innocent man wrong. However, the thing that irks me more is that, this is an attempt to repeat something that occurred 13 years prior. Her goal is to make people focus on the scapegoat and not on the cause of the accident. I know Cha Ok could have been spouting her lies, but where was YGN and the other news station? They should have broaden their investigation, but then it shows the flaw in journalism at the time, and probably even now. The stations are so caught up in competing and trying to stay relevant, they forget that the news material is flimsy and give it ground because the audience is paying attention. I am amazed at how well Ro Sa figured these people out. Luckily for us, the newer generation of reporters are of a higher caliber. I can’t wait to see Ro Sa’s face when Bum Jo plays a role in her down fall, will she look like Cha Ok when In Ha called her out for being a third-rate reporter? LOL.

Tessieroo: This move by the writers to make Bum Jo’s Mom the evil mastermind, who manipulated Cha Ok into doing her evil deeds really ticks me off. It’s giving Cha Ok an excuse for what she did, like she’s not responsible because she was just following orders. And I’ll need a strong reason for Cha Ok to be afraid of Park So-Ra, why is she cowering in fear and doing exactly what this woman tells her to do? Illegal, explosive waste chemicals should have been the focal point of the story 13 years ago and I’d be ashamed if I were Cap Hwang too.

Rinchan: Nope, Cha Ok is still responsible for her own actions, despite her soulless behavior, she is not a robot. Ro Sa does not punch orders into Cha Ok, Cha Ok receives the orders and makes conscious decisions. If Ro Sa ordered Cha Ok to jump off a bridge do you think she would do it. This might however open up a road of redemption for Cha Ok, because if it turns out that she was a pawn in the greater scheme of things, it also implies that the fault does not solely lie with Cha Ok but Ro Sa as well. Everyone involved must receive their punishment.

Tessieroo: What I’m curious about is who owns the building, because it wasn’t made clear. Is the owner the Senator that Park Ro Sa mentions or did he just give the construction permits? Who is the actual owner and why were there illegal, explosive waste materials in that building? I think we can count on this younger generation of reporters to find out and clear Chan Soo’s name in the process. Episode 14 also left open the question of just how involved Park Ro Sa was in the fire 13 years ago that claimed the lives of all those fireman but I’m not impressed with this move to make Park Ro Sa the sole rich, evil villain. That story line has been done ad-nauseam.

Rinchan: Who ever owns the factory is most likely an affiliate of Ro Sa and she is probably has a hand in dumping said waste. She may not e the sole rich evil villain, but it does explain why Cha Ok still has a job. The magnitude of the scandal surrounding her is too grande for her to remain a reporter and yet she is still around. Park Ro Sa being her benefactor really clears up why she never got fired. Also to keep things from being stagnant, making Ro Sa evil ups the anti because it is linked to a greater problem at play. It goes beyond a battle between Cha Ok and Ha Myung, but a greater evil that the four young reporters must take to task. It moves the drama from a small personal battle to a full out war.

Despite my disappointment over Bum Jo’s mom, I still like the direction this drama is going. On one hand it can be seen as child turning on parent, but what we are really seeing is how the younger generation can change the tide of a situation. Standing up against the older generation in order to stop the wrongs of the present situation is the banner of these young reporters.

(Credit for the term “Discuss-O-Cap” to our lovely Sally_B – whom we miss very much and hope is having a lovely holiday, wherever she is!)


  • Minihaha says:

    Happy New Year ladies.
    thank you for this discuss-o-cap, what you both discussed and dissected was how i thought and felt about these particular poignant moments in the show. In Ha and Ha Myung love is binding and eternal, nothing will break it. and their honest conversation, motivation, and determination to do what is best to right the wrongs of the past through honest, great reporting. love the show

  • houstontwin says:

    Happy New Year! I was also looking forward to the scene with the lawyer. I wonder why it was cut.

  • bmore says:

    Loving this show. Surviving the grief of episodes 11 & 12 nearly killed me. But I love that this show, unlike the cliches of so many, is allowing some revenge to actually take place. So soul satisfying to my vengeful nature! I think the story with the death certificate was perfect and necessary. Ha Myung needed to face that fork in the road to see how easy it is for any reporter to follow the straight and mowed path or take the hard decision and follow the crooked and tangled path. Searching and exposing the truth and the whole story takes time that most reporters, under the gun to be the FIRST with the story, won’t do. It also gave him a perspective of how even a good reporter can be tempted to take that wrong path and how difficult it is to choose. Now, hopefully, this lesson with help guide him in the future, give him that one moment to hesitate and think. I also like the fact that this is not revenge for revenge’s sake, nor do I believe that he will be scarred or damaged by the revenge that he will seek. The story is showing he will use the truth to bring her down. If you will, the weight of her own sins will cause her collapse. It will not be him creating a web of lies or some other fantastical fake mechanism to destroy his enemy, but the slow exposure of who she really is leading to her own demise. In Ha will survive, because she is being given time to absorb the fact that her ‘mother’ is no mother to her. The emphasis on blood as the deciding factor in what constitutes ‘family’ is consistently being discarded in this drama to a wonderful effect. In Ha has a family, and her mother is a fantastical dream she needs to wake up and leave behind. If they turn her mom into a victim, I’m going to be pissed.

    I too am unhappy with the turn we are taking of turning Bum Jo’s mom into the bad guy. I was so enjoying this really unique parent/child relationship. It is so rare to see healthy chaebol relationships like that and I was loving it. It was heartbreaking to see what this is going to do to Bum Jo. He is a child who was brought up with great love and support. It is going to be devastating to have his entire life revealed as a lie and to see the mother he so obviously adored turned into an evil, murderous, monster. He is going to need a lot of love and support and, unfortunately for him, he will not be able to look for that from In Ha, who cannot be that rock for him to hold on to in this. She can be a friend, but he will need more than that. Though I’m sure we will see all of them pull together for him. Poor guy. He’s such a sweetie. And, until now, such an innocent! It’s a cruel lesson.

    This show has turned into so much MORE than I expected. I’ve never been a fan of PSH, and LJS has been sorta up and down for me, but these roles have been perfect with them. They have great chemistry with one another and their love story is tremendously heartwarming and a great relief from the painfulness of the drama behind all of this. Still, Yoon Gyun-Sang is the breakout star of this for me. His story is the most compelling as it is the most difficult and heartwrenching. We are in the difficult position of condoning yet not condoning murder….I guess not condoning, but understanding it. And I find that repellant in myself, and yet I have been put in this position too many times while watching Korean film in particular. Where something so heinous is done to someone that I know I want them to kill the perpetrator and get away with it….because in their position I would want to do the same. But, I cannot get past the fact that every, single scene that young man is in, I start crying the second I see his face. I envision many years of prison for him, with lots of visits from his ‘family’. It is unfortunate that the reality is that life in prison is potentially what he faces. The premeditated murder of 3 people, despite the circumstances, is what he will be charged with. I’m sure they will argue temporary insanity. That will probably be accepted so the death penalty will be taken off the table. Right now the minimum penalty for murder is 5 years, with mitigating circumstances, it escalates from there. 3 murders = 15 years???? It will be interesting to see if the show includes scenes of his lawyer arguing those ‘mitigating circumstances’ and how the judges (and the public) accept or reject those arguments. Because, unfortunately, those murders were pretty brutal.

    I’m so very happy this is not a 16 episoder. There is so much still to cover and, thankfully, we have 6 more to go!

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