Couch Kimchi’s Mini Giveaway Winners

It is the season of GIVING!

We want to share the blessing of 2014. It has been an amazing year and YOU have been part of it. I know that we have not officially announced a mini giveaway here on our site. I just used twitter and the CK ladies just RTed the messages I’ve been sending, hoping that it will reach most of you.

How did this mini giveaway work?

For the month of December, we have consolidated the TOP 3 COMMENTERS. Only approved comments for the month were counted. We had to set a boundary or wouldn’t have finished on time reading more than 18,000 comments.

Reading your comments gave us a chance to catch up on our site. We have read amazing insights from enthusiastic commenters who continuously support the CK ladies’ written work. You are all AWESOME! You gave each post a new life by simply sharing your thoughts or reacting on each author’s candour. YOU are the reason we write. Knowing your appreciation and love for each post is a prize in itself. It makes us love what we do even more.

Are you excited to know if YOU are included in the TOP 3 list?? Well, we won’t delay it further. CONGRATULATIONS to the following:

1. Denali 

2. bmore

3. carolies541

You will receive an official e-mail from us using your e-mail address when posting. Please wait for the details on how to claim the prize especially wrapped FOR YOU. We hope that you will enjoy this little gift from us.

A special thanks to our generous sponsor tofebruary.

Keep on visiting, keep on reading, and keep your comments coming! We look forward to an awesome 2015 with all of you.



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