“Eo Woo Dong: Lost Flower”- Movie with the longest sex scenes ever filmed

Eo Woo Dong, starring Song Eun Chae and Baek Do Bin, is getting attention for the amount of time it took to film its sex scenes 4 days and 3 nights…..were acrobatics involved? There must have been some dedicated angled shots involved with some aerial views, but 4 days and 3 nights sounds like a bit much ( I hope they got shots of expresso in between takes, because really who has that kind of stamina LOL).

On the other hand the synopsis is pretty interesting, it is a remake of the 1985 movie, “Eo Woo Dong” which tells the story of a noble born beauty, who falls in love with a commoner yet is being forced to marry a wealthy nobleman. Against the idea she runs away, and eventually becomes a gisaeng where her tale of revenge begins. The remake promises to step things up a notch with lots of action, a love triangle, revenge, and I presume sex. I figure it would have a similar feel to the “Concubine” (which has a surprisingly similar poster) or “A frozen Flower” sans Jo In Sung  LOL.

All in all this story is not about the sex, but how a woman regains her autonomy as she reclaims her sexuality, which in those times belonged to their husband. As she seduces men with her feminine wiles they basically fall under her spell. Her exploits as a gisaeng shuns the idea that any man owns her and of course makes her husband mad.


“Eo Woo Dong: Lost Flower” will premiere in Korean theaters on January 15, 2015.

check out the clean trailer:

or the not so clean version:





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