“Healer” Week 6 – “Oh, My Love…I’m All Yours”

Apologies to everyone, I’m a bit behind again but instead of being eased in, work is punting me into the New Year. (LOL) What’s worse is that I managed to watch this past weeks episodes live and couldn’t talk about them until now! Do you know how hard it is to keep your mouth shut when all you wanna do is sing “Oh, my love…I’m all yours” and dance around like Young-Shin does?

I’m sure I wasn’t the only one but raise your hand if you were shocked when our Healer stepped out of the shadows and revealed his face to Moon-Ho. I was shocked, I tell you! Although I gotta admit, this show is keeping me on my toes and the things that either surprise or shock me are not bad things, which is good. *hee* I was annoyed with Moon-Ho for telling him that Ji-An died but was sure that lie would come out really quickly. Now I just need to hear a legitimate reason for his lying since (so far) I haven’t heard one. She needs protecting? Ermmm, that might work better if Moon-Ho would fully explain exactly how much danger she’s in, from whom and why.

What I did like was Moon-Ho immediately telling Jung-Hoo that his Father was a suspect, not a convicted criminal and I love the idea of these two working together. But I’m like Ahjumma at this point, I don’t trust Moon-Ho although there’s no concrete reason I can put my finger on besides his ability to lie easily. His tears for Jung-Hoo  at the junkyard were heartbreaking, it shows again how many lives were destroyed but I understood Jung-Hoo’s coldness. His issues regarding abandonment aren’t going to be overcome that easily.

The flashback scene was interesting but I’d like to know if it happened before Moon-Sik was approached by the Elder or after. At least Moon-Ho told Jung-Hoo that his brother was a witness to Gil-Han’s murder but it always feels like Moon-Ho is leaving out vital, important information. I’m so skeptical of his motives that I was afraid he was sending Jung-Hoo into danger deliberately when he told him to find his Father’s interrogation from that day.

Detective Yoon is becoming an annoyance but at this point, he’s like a fly you keep swatting. I imagine he’s going to be more of a problem later on but for now, he just comes off as a stupid, obsessed cop. Did anyone besides me find it odd that Young-Shin didn’t question her Father about those hidden bugs in his office?

I knew Young-Shin’s email to Healer would go directly to Ahjumma and wondered how she would pass it along, that scene was priceless. I also expected her to try to dissuade him from seeing her but I loved that he didn’t give in! In fact, Ahjumma helped him by recording the voice, asking what movie Young-Shin wanted to watch. The date was sweet and the chemistry between these two is something I can’t wait to see more of. I gotta give Young-Shin props for not looking at him cuz there is no way I wouldn’t have tried to sneak a peek. Which is probably why I don’t have a Healer stalking me.

Moon-Sik’s conversation with Secretary Oh explains why any and all of Moon-Ho’s attempts to discover the truth have failed. Moon-Sik just keeps buying off the people Moon-Ho hires to help him and thinks he can also “own” Healer. The scary part of that was him saying if that doesn’t work, to just handle it as they always have. Does that mean he’s ordered more murders in the past? *shudder*

It was nice to see Myung-Hee out of the fortress but learning Jung-Hoo’s Mother was told to let it go back then was scary and makes me afraid for both. It’s also crystal clear the idea of Moon-Sik being involved in the events of 1992 is something foreign to Myung-Hee, she was shocked and confused to discover her husband is the person who told Jung-Hoo Mother to keep quiet.

It was a bit surprising the files on the 1992 case were empty but that just tells us the Elder has someone in the Prosecutor’s office in his pockets. I think of all Healer’s alter-personas, the one he shows as Joon-Hoo is the best – he’s adorable, smacking his gum and his smile makes my heart flutter every single time. Being put into a cell for trying to see files pertaining to his father’s case seemed far-fetched but there are probably FBI case files that even family can’t see without clearance so it was believable. Especially open cases.

Moon-Sik is so smug, I wanted to slap that snarky grin off of his face and I’m sure Moon-Ho would like to also. He certainly has some nerve showing up in front of Young-Shin and worse, saying he’ll protect her. Is he going to offer her a job at Jae Il News? LOL, what makes him think he can control her if he couldn’t control his brother? I know we saw in flashback that he didn’t lose her on purpose after finding her at the orphanage, she jumped out of his car on her own but he stopped looking for her pretty quickly. Where was he taking her anyway? The place he walked towards looked like the Elder’s bar to me. There has to be a special place in hell for people who abuse or mistreat children.

Moon-Ho’s words about keeping Young-Shin safe by breaking her legs and keeping her inside a cage are exactly how I feel about what Moon-Sik has done to Myung-Hee. Of all the characters in this drama, Myung-Hee is the one my heart aches for the most, I tear up when she appears on my screen and I can’t wait to find out how serious her illness is. Would she really die if she were to discover her daughter was still alive?

Moon-Sik using Myung-Hee to find out if Jung-Hoo was the Healer was disgusting, so much for his concern for his wife. And he later blamed her condition on Jung-Hoo? That makes him a huge jerk since he’s the one who called him over and set it up! It is a bit worrying that he can tell when she’s lying and is suddenly wondering why she’s lying to him. Watching her with Jung-Hoo brought tears to my eyes again, you just know she’s thinking of Ji-An.

It was awesome that she told Jung-Hoo (with Moon-Sik standing right there) that his Father didn’t kill Gil-Han, he wouldn’t do such a thing. This effectively tells Moon-Sik that she didn’t believe his testimony back then and still doesn’t. I also loved that she pushed Moon-Sik’s hands away, refusing to let him stop her talk with Jung-Hoo. Unfortunately, her seizure happened but Jung-Hoo learned her daughter’s name and was able to figure out who Ji-An is. Remembering when Moon-Ho called out that name after the elevator incident, he’s able to put it together. He also learned from Ahjumma that Secretary Oh was the person who tried to kill her.

His anger towards Moon-Ho was expected, I actually cheered when he punched him. (LOL) I have to say again that I have very conflicting emotions regarding Moon-Ho but find myself agreeing with Jung-Hoo. Moon-Ho’s ability to lie straight to someone’s face, only giving out partial information and hiding important clues does not inspire trust. He tells Jung-Hoo that Young-Shin/Ji-An is in danger but doesn’t explain anything about the Elder? He’s unbelievably frustrating!

The cafe scene was awesome, that hug was incredible! I mean, she didn’t do the limp arms thing! (LOL) Watching Jung-Hoo pretend to be afraid of bugs, even explaining how big they are and that they travel in packs – just so he can stay at her place is so Park Bong Soo. It did provide an opening to talk about his family which seems to bring out a feeling of camaraderie in Young-Shin. She knows how it feels to have no family. It’s cute that he’s slowly telling her truths about his real self.

That moment when she wiped his lips had me running around, squealing like an idiot.

Then we were back to the funny, cute when he dares to ask if it’s okay that she has a man sleeping in her house? LMAO! The kitchen scene was my absolute favorite but then we already knew this guy has no clue how to cook so peeling a potato must have seemed like climbing Mt. Everest. I loved that they played little tricks on each other, she with the onion-juice in his eye and he pretending to vomit at the food she cooked.

The tension-filled moment that their hands met had me squealing too but for a different reason. Was she going to figure it out this quickly and that easily? Nope, but you could almost see him holding his breath. Then he confess’s his feelings for her…to Ahjumma? *smackshead* All kidding aside, we got another lovely, touching conversation between Jung-Hoo and Ahjumma. He knows why she’s tried to keep him from Young-Shin and he also knows she worries about him. *sniff*

Moon-Ho announcing that he wants to do a full story on his brother, who he believes should not be the Mayor of Seoul was awesome but it’s akin to poking a shark. It was gratifying that he also told Young-Shin to do her story on the murders, trying to clear Healer’s name. I’m still loving this new little group Moon-Ho has built and enjoy watching them work together. As for him not telling Young-Shin/Ji-An anything, he’s waiting for her to come to him? *facepalm*

It was terrifying to see Jung-Hoo’s Mom being used but Ahjumma was right about it being just a trap. My hatred for Yo-Yo grew, I want to wrap that stupid string around his…feet. (LMAO, not exactly the word I said in my head) I’m fairly certain it was Master/Teacher who stole Jung-Hoo’s disguise and shoved him out onto the roof. This means the other side won’t know for certain that Jung-Hoo is the Healer. Will they think there’s more than one? I kinda like that idea.

I did wonder why Jung-Hoo’s Mom seemed terrified upon seeing Secretary Oh, is he perhaps the person who delivered a keep quiet message in the past using threats to harm her son? Did he do that with Moon-Sik’s knowledge or without? She told Myung-Hee that Moon-Sik came to her and told her not to do anything but maybe Secretary Oh paid her a visit too. I don’t know, she looked truly scared when she saw him but I’m not sure why.

The most shocking thing for me was Ahjumma actually calling Young-Shin to help find our injured Healer aka Park Bong Soo. Will Young-Shin figure things out this soon? I’m so excited and eager for next weeks episodes that I can’t think of anything else.


  • Saema says:

    Thanks! It feels great to squee together.

  • azraqey says:

    I know I am really at odd with this drama. I did squee everytime our OTP has development and all but my heart went all to Moon Ho. It’s a wonder that the scene I replayed the most was the one at junkyard where he shed tears and having conversation with Jung Ho. I really like the tone of his voice everytime he speak. He might sound arrogant but strangely I didn’t feel like that, even from the start.

    I think I can understand the burden in his heart and his disability to share the pain before with anyone close to him. Eventhough he has Min Jae who loved him, he can’t express his feeling well and can’t even share the secret he carried for years. It might be the guilt, the feeling of no one can be trusted, the feeling of betrayal, how his heart is frozen from the past because of the incident.

    To make it worse, when he discovered that Ji An is actually alive. This event make him desperate to prevent history to be repeated, but little did he know that his action is sometimes actually make it worse (like lying to Jung Ho about Ji An–lack of trust and feeling too much responsibility). He tried to be calculative and to be a step ahead of his brother, but then Jung Ho as Healer (and in love with Ji An at that) is the other variable he didn’t expect.

    He should be able to realize quickly (I hope) that he can’t move alone. He can’t do all the thing on his own while thinking all of these was his fault. He should open up to Jung Ho, trust him and Young Shin, so the burden will be lifted a little and he should be able to let go of the past. What make him as he is today was the painful memories (like he said to his brother, he grown up looking at him—and becoming more like him), so if he is able to built a solid trust with Jung Ho, he could face Young Shin with peace heart, at least, and told her the truth.

    Omo. I don’t even know I can write this long about Moon Ho. Anyway, thank you for the recap Tess~~! <3 Can't wait for Monday~~

    • houstontwin says:

      Azraquey, what a great analysis of Moon Ho. Although I usually focus on the OTP, Moon Ho is a wonderfully complex character.

      • tessieroo says:

        Agree, you guys have no idea how often my mind goes back/forth (like a YO-YO!) when it comes to Moon-Ho. I love him, I hate him, I’m angry with him, I adore him…it’s horrible. O_O

  • Ann says:

    Thank you for the recap!! Yes, I squealed w/ delight at all the moments you mentioned & w/ deep sighs intertwined..how can this couple be sooo lovely together!!! 🙂 I have never been this crazy over ANY kdrama until this one.. I’ve replayed the episode 13 preview so many times already!!

  • Mil says:

    We know Moon Ho is not being honest because we know that he saw everything back then and didn’t say anything. This is a bit unrealistic (aren’t all dramas) because I am pretty sure his brother would have done something to him by now. Car accident. something.

    • I suppose his brother doesn’t see him as a threat just yet, I mean Moon-ho IS his brother no matter how righteous he may think he is. But, I have a feeling that the moment Moon-ho and Jung-hoo start working together to bring down Moon-shik and the Elder, one of two things will happen. Either Moon-shik offs his brother or Moon-shik will die trying to protect his brother from the Elder. I honestly hope the latter would happen though, even though it’s probably too late to redeem Moon-shik, I still would like him to die a somewhat heroic death.

      • houstontwin says:

        Yes…I am sure you are right. One of them will die.

        • Minihaha says:

          Thanks Tessieroo.

          @Maddymappo, I really like your thoughts, there are so many clues, hints to everything regarding the past and we can only speculate about them right now.

          I really dislike Secretary Oh, he is the real murderer. I believe he is the one that offed everyone that either Elder or Moon Shik wants to silence!

          Count down to episode 13 can’t wait.

          • tessieroo says:

            There has to be a reason Healer’s Mom is so terrified of Secretary Oh so I’m inclined to agree with you guys. I hate the thought of either brother dying though. 🙁 I may not like Moon-Sik at all but that doesn’t mean I want him dead.

  • Mil says:

    Awesome recap and love the pictures! I am one of those folks who likes to know everything that happened and why before I watch. Your recaps are so helpful and so delightful. Thanks for all the effort you put in to them

  • maddymappo says:

    Wow, Tessieroo thank for the wrap up!

    After reading your review, I thought of the following:

    The hand holding and subtle touching in this drama are exquisitely scintillating. The Healer hugs were so real and loving, the character of Young Shin seemed to melt. In this regard in general Young Shin has not been stiff/cool awkward which seems to be required of proper K-drama heroines.

    I am wondering if Ajumma left the police department because of the same corruption in the police and prosecutor’s office that led to the stifling of Seo Joon Seok’s interrogation report and autopsy record.

    Moon Shik allowed Myung Hee to meet Jung Hoo’s mom. That really surprised Secretary Oh. So perhaps he did not expect Jung Hoo’s mom would tell her he threatened the life of Jung Hoo. Jung Hoo’s mom recognized Secretary Oh as Attorney Baek. It is possible that Attorney Baek was working in the prosecutor’s office at the time as a spy and agent for the Elder.

    Moon Ho growls and snarls like a dog in the face of Moon Shik. He insinuates that Moon Shik is responsible for crippling Myung Hee. We do not know if that was intended, but intuitively it would be more likely that it happened as a result of his greed and cowardice which led to Moon Shik’s collusion with the Elder.

    Moon Ho cries in the junk yard for Jung Hoo and his father. He also confesses to Jung Ho that he tipped the police detective off that Healer would be tracking Young Shin. It does seem like Moon Ho does not want to harm Healer and Young Shin.

    Yoyo used dirty fighting against Healer, but despite my higher angels I could not ignore the punk, sexy thug allure of him which he himself seemed acutely aware of.

    Other possibilities of the fake Healer at the top of the stairs, besides Teacher, are, Moon Ho and Dae Young.

    We need to know why Ajumma shut down all power. Was a virus being fed into her computer?

    Again, where did Jung Hoo get the name Healer? He did not know of the underground publication. He tells Moon Ho the name is used in games a lot. Was Young Jae the original Healer did Ajumma create the name?

    • azraqey says:

      I think Ahjumma shut the power down because Det. Yoon is trying to hack into her system, so she need to cut all the line before they can track down her position or something (like where the hacking come from). And I also think Healer name was given by Teacher–maybe to honour Joon Seok’s work, so he gave it to Jung Hoo.

      • tessieroo says:

        Agree, Ahjumma shut things down to stop Det. Yoon from hacking into the system. Also agree (and with MyPinkFairy too) I think Teacher was the original Healer and training Joon Seok’s son was carrying the tradition forward. I guess we’ll see.

        I can’t wait for tomorrow! 😀

  • myPinkFairy says:

    thanks for the recap 🙂

    I’m with you. I believe too that it’s Teacher who will play Healer in stead of jung hoo. he’s the creator anyway or possibly the original.

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