“Healer” Week 7 – The Heartache Has Only Just Begun


Both the action and romance were elevated and expanded this week, I was on the edge of my seat but moved quickly to either tearing up or squealing. I can’t deny there were also bouts of fear combined with anger and I’m sure everyone knows who that’s directed towards. *grump* It seems silly to get angry with a fictitious character, right? K-dramas do this to me every time.

There was little doubt in my mind Young-Shin would learn Bong-Soo was the Healer, especially after the harrowing car ride. I can’t say I blame him for racing towards his Mom’s location but he was certainly taking a risk. Knowing Secretary Oh was anywhere near his Mom is a scary thought, especially since he knows what the creepo did to Young-Shin. If he had arrived a split-second later, Young-Shin would be dead at the bottom of that elevator shaft.

Secretary Oh’s questions ticked me off, who the hell does this guy think he is to demand information about her son? And wanting to know what she talked about with Myung-Hee? Urg, I wanted her to tell him to go to hell and walk out. Does it bother anyone else when the bad guy (or the ex-girlfriend) demands info, like they have a right to ask? Dude, do the world a favor and jump off a bridge.

Thankfully, Young-Shin found our Healer with Ahjumma’s prodding. I loved the way Ahjumma dealt with the questions thrown at her: there’s no time! (LOL) I woulda been all – how do you know he’s still in the building and that he’s injured? When the doctor told Young-Shin wuri Healer was very muscular, I laughed out loud. *giggle* Yes, we know – we’ve seen the shirtless photos on Google.

In the hospital, Young-Shin flashes back on all the tiny clues and ends up finding the origami star she made in Bong-Soo’s car. It surprised me that she didn’t immediately question him but we’re given the impression that she’s angry at discovering he lied to her. That was the only part I didn’t believe, I figured she’d be ecstatic to learn he’s the Healer! Maybe I was projecting.

So much awkwardness when he wakes up and leaves the hospital, it was uncomfortable to watch. Young-Shin cries as she explains to Pops Choi why she kept quiet: she was afraid she would never see him again. I love Pops Choi, he’s got my vote for Father-Of-The-Year. There aren’t many willing to adopt a damaged child, his explanation that he waited for her to come to him was so moving, I couldn’t stop the tears. And LOL that she bit him when he tried to wash her.

The flashback between Moon-Sik and Young-Jae showed us that even back then, he didn’t trust or believe Moon-Sik but I’m very curious where he went after that. We know that visit occurred after he was released from prison so it seemed odd to me that he just let it go. Was he afraid of the younger Moon-Sik? That guy was nothing but an obsessed loser with delusions of grandeur, I can’t imagine anyone being afraid of him back then. He certainly wasn’t their friend.

Being afraid of him now is another story, he’s a sociopath.  Myung-Hee might be wrong if she thinks he would never harm her, suddenly rejecting him or asking probing questions showed how dangerous and unstable he is. When he pushed the glass of water off the counter and let it crash to the floor, it crossed my mind he was visualizing pushing Myung-Hee over a cliff or down a stairway. Or maybe it was to symbolize what will happen if she pushes him too far?

The cafe scene was cute but heartbreaking. Young-Shin letting Jung-Hoo know that she’s hurt since “that guy” isn’t coming and him trying to explain there might be a reason had me both tearing up but yelling at my screen at the same time. (LOL) I understand her thoughts: some strange guy kisses you but then you never hear from him again. I think she’s going to feel horrible once she learns why (as Healer) he’s been avoiding her. It was at this point that I realized we have a lot of story left.

It was shocking that Young-Jae was poisoned and worse, he knew he was dying. For Jung-Hoo to lose another person in his life is too depressing. We weren’t given concrete information who ordered this but my money is on Moon-Sik. Jung-Hoo begging Young-Jae to stop playing tricks and get up was crushing to watch, major kudos to Ji Chang-Wook for making me feel every tiny emotion I saw cross his face. I was a blubbering mess.

My ambiguous feelings about Moon-Ho continue. While I understand feeling helpless, I do wonder what it would take to light a fire under his bum and get him to DO something. The question I had was how many others have died and did it not matter since those people were probably not friends or family? He’s done nothing beyond getting in his brothers face and blustering. He mentioned it wasn’t his brother but the Elder, does he truly believe that? If so, I foresee much more heartache coming once he learns what his brother has done and that he is a monster.

The flashback scenes of Jung-Hoo with Young-Jae were hard to watch but now we know for sure why he can’t cook. *sniff* Ahjumma calls Moon-Ho, not only inform him of Young-Jae’s death but also to tell him Jung-Hoo is out for Moon-Sik’s blood. The scene between these two men in the middle of the road was off-the-charts amazing. I’m really looking forward to them becoming closer, they both need that to happen (and we do too).

It was pretty obvious Moon-Sik set up that whole interview scene so that Myung-Hee would have no other option but to smile and let her picture be taken – he’s refusing to acknowledge her feelings. That’s frightening, lets just pretend nothing is wrong. On the other hand, if he’s forced to deal with her doubts, he might go off the deep end. Young-Shin being accused of scaring Bong-Soo into running away was hilarious, I love the bits of humor thrown in.

Young-Shin is correct that Moon-Sik would never grant SomeDay News an interview. I did find it odd that she didn’t even question why Moon-Ho would make the statement that he no longer considers Moon-Sik his brother but her focus was the lovey-dovey marriage between Moon-Sik and Myung-Hee. She believes he can’t be all bad if he’s been able to remain devoted to one woman his whole life. Oh, gurrrrrrlllll, you have no idea.

Ahjumma hacks into police department computers, her target is Young-Jae’s last statement. In flashback, we see how she and Detective Yoon know each other: she was his Sunbae. We also learned Ahjumma was married with a 4-year old son who was sick, having multiple surgeries but we’re not told why. Detective Yoon tried to talk her into going to the hospital but she remained on the job. It was all for nothing because not only did her son die but she was forced to delete the files in that case and cover it up. Horrible!

This explains why she quit the force but not how she hooked up with Young-Jae, maybe we’ll get that next week. She busts into Jung-Hoo’s system to show him Young-Jae’s video and it’s clear part of it is directed to Jung-Hoo. He denies killing anyone as Healer when Detective Yoon asks, he doesn’t take those types of jobs. His one regret is (and he looks directly at the camera) he should have stopped, married the woman he loved and had kids, dogs, cats and goldfish. *sobs*

Wanting to see the rest, Jung-Hoo tears up when Ahjumma tells him there was nothing more worth seeing after that. Awww, she doesn’t want him to see his beloved Teacher dying. I love Ahjumma! She offers to full-fill Young-Jae’s wish by either making Jung-Hoo a new identity or letting him continue as Park Bong-Soo. He says it’s too late since Young-Shin knows who he is. OMGosh, he knows that she knows? #EverybodyKnows (LOL)

He thinks Young-Shin will be hurt or possibly killed if he stays close, he decides to un-plug from the world and just sleep. Whoa…I totally understand that feeling, I’ve done that myself a few times. I was totally off regarding Min-Jae losing her job because of Moon-Ho’s stunt but I still don’t understand the attraction Moon-Ho has for this woman. She exhibits zero empathy when he tells her a close friend died and basically calls him a coward. She’s just the sweetest thing ever. *snark*

I love the way Young-Shin approaches Healer/Jung-Hoo/Bong-Soo. First she scolds him and then sends an apologetic text, asking if she said something wrong? She did this one other time, even using foul language to chew him out but then asking if he’s okay. LOL, she’s adorable. With his team gearing up for Moon-Sik’s take-down, Moon-Ho wants the spy to be a double-agent and get the questions to be asked in advance.

I’m a bit conflicted on Moon-Ho giving Young-Shin his Noona’s phone number and letting her go ahead with an interview. He has to know Young-Shin is going to be very angry, right? And if Moon-Sik walks in during said interview to see Young-Shin there, wouldn’t that place her in grave danger? I’m worried, excited, relieved, and terrified. I’m also terrified that Secretary Oh will find Myung-Hee snooping. We were again shown how sheltered Moon-Sik keeps her when she told Young-Shin she didn’t even know Moon-Ho was now working at SomeDay News.

Ahjumma cleans up nicely, I loved her waltzing into the cafe, demanding Ahjusshi open and then demanding a female take her order. Even more hilarious was Ahjusshi believing her husband cheated on her and she just wanted to take out her anger on another woman. LMAO, we’ve seen that so many times in K-dramas, it was like poking fun at that stereotype. And Young-Shin thinking she might be Bong-Soo’s Eomeo-nim? ROFL!

Then heartbreak again as we learn Jung-Hoo hasn’t moved for 6 days, not even to eat. My eyes immediately filled with tears as Young-Shin grabbed Ahjumma’s hand, begging to know where he was. How exciting (and funny) was it to watch her trying to find him via the tracker on her phone, even braving another elevator? SO CUTE! All those tricks she learned from the cons came in handy, she ended up right in front of his door and figured out the trick to spring it open.

I love how daring and brave this woman is, thank goodness we don’t have the shy, timid “Omo, he touched my face” type woman for our lead. When she was searching for injured Bong-Soo, she didn’t hesitate to storm into the men’s bathroom and now, upon hearing Jung-Hoo say he’s cold, she doesn’t hesitate to hop into bed with him to keep him warm.

Things finally come to a head when he wakes up and voices his displeasure at finding her really there, he thought he was dreaming. She’s right when she said Bong-Soo would never speak that way. I also loved her curiosity, is this the real him? Her hilarious attempts to baby him only brought out more of his grumpiness but this woman has a fearless, can-do attitude that would win anyone over. She took time off work, she borrowed his clothes and she’s cooking for him (with help from phone calls to Pops Choi). Tough if he doesn’t like it.

I again laughed out loud when she ran from him as he attempted to shove her out the door, “I’m not leaving”. Probably not the best time to play catch-me-if-you-can? I do hope she remembers his words later though, there is much more she’s not aware of. Her determined belief that he would never hurt her, as she wrapped her arms around him and begged him not to send her away disarms him completely. Poor puppy needed that hug, the kiss was a bonus. I heard all of you squealing. *hee*

It’s incredibly satisfying that Young-Shin refuses to leave Jung-Hoo, as so many others in his life have done just that. It’s interesting if you think about it – both these kids were adopted by a single or widowed father, it’s so sad that Jung-Hoo had to lose that father figure. How incredible that both these men were willing to take in an orphaned child and raise them alone. I love them both.

I’m still afraid for Myung-Hee but looking forward to mother and daughter re-uniting, I’m praying this writer doesn’t cheat us of a true reunion, where they both know who the other person is. I’m also looking forward to a final confrontation between husband/wife as well as the brothers but it better not come at the expense of the kids losing newly found loved ones.

Monday is so far away! *groans*


  • houstontwin says:

    Thanks for the awesome recap and great stills! I think that Young Jae does know about Moon Shik’s involvement in his friend’s death when he first gets out of jail. He referred to it once, I think in a discussion with Adjuma (sp?) when he said that he was too weak to do something about it back then (or something like that) and then again in the flashback to the hospital this week when he voices his suspicions to Moon Shik.

    As for Min Jae, Moon Ho’s icky ex-girlfriend…doesn’t she seem like a stock character in kdrama. She is cold, amoral, and ambitious. What did he see in her!?!

    • tessieroo says:

      I knew he was suspicious of MS but still can’t figure out why he chose to just “let it go”.

      I’m with you, I can’t figure out what Moon-Ho sees in her. Unless…he feels horribly guilty, like he’s not worth a damn so her constantly telling him he’s a worthless piece of crap is what he feels like he deserves for not doing anything all these years about his brother? I dunno, I don’t understand wanting to be around someone who continually puts you down. T_T

    • hollie says:

      thank u for the recap….love love love ‘Healer’

  • maddymappo says:

    Thank you for another excellent recap Tessieroo! I was struck by Young Shin’s dad telling her how quickly she reached for his hand, that would have waited, but she always lacked patience. Young Shin does not have our typical kdrama damsel’s reticence for physical contact. I thought when Jung Hoo said he was cold and she took her coat off, she would cover him with her coat, but, no, not Young Shin, she got under the covers with him and embraced him with her whole self! This warm, loving, impatient girl.

    I feel a bit kinder toward Min Jae than you do. She did not after all, dump the Starbucks coffee over Moon Ho’s head, as I would have done, after he betrayed and used her trust. And then, he has the colossal gall to ask her for her help! And it appears she will agree. And, sadly she is also correct about Moon Ho, herself and most of the world. We will go so far, and then knowing another step will put us in danger, hold back. Moon Ho never took that next step until now. He always hated himself for that. He told Moon Shik he is guilty for withholding the truth from Myung Hee. And although taping his brother’s secret library conversations for years, never did a damn thing with that info.

    Young Jae we hardly knew ye! He confuses me. I still do not understand why Teacher left Jung Hoo on his birthday and not sure he really went to the South Pacific (but who knows?.) I thought all those sexy pictures were to bring Jung Hoo out of his anti-social stupor. Or, not.

    In the past Young Jae did tell Healer he tried to find out the truth behind what happened to his Dad, but could not go on and left the mission to him. I guess that is when Young Jae originally joined forces with Ajumma, after she was told to cover up and destroy all her investigation findings.

    But what is Teacher’s will? He told Jung Hoo to find out what happened to his father, but now tells him to get married, have kids, a dog and 2 cats? But Jung Hoo will never give up.

    • tessieroo says:

      Very true, Min-Jae was correct about that. I guess I just don’t like the way she’s always throwing his faults or short-comings in his face. My Abuela always says if you can’t say anything nice…blah, blah, blah. Min-Jae needs to hammer this saying into her brain.

      And you’re right about Teacher too…he’s given Jung-Hoo a lot of conflicting direction.

    • beautofjoy says:

      I’m guessing Teacher left Jung Hoo because he sensed that JH might get too emotionally attached to him.So in order to make him more independent, Teacher made the first move to leave. I’m not sure why he left on his birthday though…nor can I guess if he really went to the South Pacific.

  • myra do says:

    Oh, thank you so much for the recap, we’re enjoying watching this drama because of the passionate scenes of the couple and we’re looking forward to the succeeding wonderful and exciting episodes!

  • houstontwin says:

    MaddyMappo, you bring up an important plot point. It would be great if we learn some significant motivation for Teacher leaving Healer

  • Ivoire says:

    Hello Tessieroo,

    Thank you so much for the recap! Two points: 1–When Teacher went to see MH noona at the hospital, KMS said she had been there for a year (either KMS or Teacher said that she had been sleeping for a year). We know that Teacher was put in prison for 11 years. He came back out, looked for SJH and adopted him, and raised him. So in my mind, it doesn’t make sense that the scene at the hospital is after Teacher came back from prison. My understanding is that the scene at the hospital took place a year after the accident, and it is possible that Teacher had not gone to jail yet. I could be wrong, however that was how I understood it.

    2nd point–It was also my understanding that Papa Chae was married when they adopted CYS. I think I remember seeing a picture of CYS with her mom and her dad (her adoptive parents). And then we learned at some point in the course of the drama, that her mom died of an illness. So, if memory serves me right, Papa Chae was not a widow (yet) at the time he adopted CYS. Again, I could wrong, however that was what I understood the facts to be.

    • Ivoire says:

      OK! I was wrong about my 1st point. I just reread part of the recap on Dramabeans, and you are right, Teacher went to see MH AFTER he came out of jail. Now, I am confused about the timeline, and how events happened, because for some reasons, I had assumed that CYS’s dad dying, and Healer’s dad dying (did he kill himself?) and MH’s accident had happened at the same time (or around the same time, like very closely in the past). I guess I was wrong.

      • maddymappo says:

        I was curious about when Young Jae met with Moon Sik in the hospital. It looks to me like this is a different hospital stay than the one where she is initially so severely injured. I think she may have been hospitalized many times over the years. I could be wrong. Also Young Jae was in jail during the murders of his friends, but he had served part of his sentence already at the time of their deaths. He seems to get out of jail and takes care of Jung Hoo around the time Jung Hoo is twelve or thirteen years old? Before he goes to High School? I find that the story behind how and exactly when Myung Hee got injured has been kept hidden by the writer, even though many of the characters know the story, no one has told Healer what happened. (interesting Healer doesn’t ask how Myung Hee got the way she is). We are just told that Moon Sik accused Joon Soek of killing his good friend Gil Han over stolen money and that Joon Soek commits suicide while he is in jail (I think). But then we see Myung Hee all bandaged from head to toe in the hospital. I think that whatever it was that caused her injury is when she was separated from Ji An. I think Ji An saw something and she was supposed to be killed because of it and that Myung Hee got hurt saving her. That is why Moon Sik tells Young Jae “That child hurt Myung Hee..” ( he could also be referring to Jung Hoo, when he visited her and she had a spasm, but I think he meant JiAn.).

        • maddymappo says:

          Replying to myself. Young Jae takes care of Jung Hoo after his Grandma dies and Jung Hoo gets out of reform school. So he may have gotten out of jail earlier than that and been acting as Healer for a while.

          • tessieroo says:

            Thanks, both of you! I’ve been confused on the timeline myself and started thinking the “11 years” that Teacher was in jail might have been a mis-translation? (LOL) I agree the hospital scene we saw might have been a different visit and not when Myung-Hee was initially injured.
            I find it amazing that none of us know yet how Myung-Hee ended up in a wheelchair or why she has spasms. Very clever of the writer to keep that hidden so far! I’m creeped out by the idea that Moon-Sik has been keeping her drugged? O_O

  • azraqey says:

    Omo~ Uri Tess~~ Don’t be so hard to Moon Ho ^^’

    He is very conflicted now…and putting up a tough facade for a moment. He is worried about Jung Hoo, sad about Young Jae hyung, angry with his brother and yet he has no one to share his feeling. Min Jae is the one who was putting up with him all these years, with his cold feeling and all his witty remarks to her. I bet she was the only one who understand him and yet he don’t even return her feeling… And looked how he searched for her, despite all his betrayal and stubbornness towards her, she still see him and listened to what he wanted to say. I also don’t find her boastful or annoyed, and her remarks was spot on, as she knew him thoroughly, his personality. As I watched his face, he seemed quite relieved to talk to her, and to have her say, that what he did isn’t abnormal—it’s applied to all–human being.

    Moon Ho was indeed scared. He is in denial initially. He don’t want to think that MS was capable to do those evil deed. He thought MS was just being puppet to Elder. He just want to take the fact that his brother was not that bad—until he find Young Shin is alive. Then he started to rebel. He started to question himself, and he DOES want to do something about it. However, the outcome of his thought and reality isn’t the same—many things happened—lead to elevator accident—and now Young Jae hyung’s death.

    I know..I know. I take too much positive angle on his side, huhu what to do… His feeling was real indeed. He really want to do something for Jung Hoo and Young Shin. The middle-road scene was definitely get into me. And seeing his taking action to make Young Shin to see her mom, I hope everything is fine.

    Surely Young Shin will be mad at him. He is prepared to the receiving end, to take all those anger like he took it all from Jung Hoo before.

    Hehe. I’m sorry for rambling more about Moon Ho. >_<

    • tessieroo says:

      LMAO, I know, right? It’s obvious I love his character though…otherwise I wouldn’t be all ticked off when that girlfriend is mean to him. T_T *quietlyfumes* I don’t like it when she says nasty things to him and wanna punch her in the face. (ROFL) Why couldn’t she just give him a hug, I think he needs a hug just as much as Jung-Hoo does. YEEESH!

      You’re not being too positive, I get it and I feel the same. *sigh* What’s strange is that I think I understand him the most out of all the characters. Of course he doesn’t want to admit to himself that his brother has done all these horrible things and of course he wants to protect his Noona (and now the kids) – that’s very human. He’s so controlled though, I wonder how he’s managed to keep it all together all these years without screaming. *sniff*

      • azraqey says:

        Right?? I wonder that too. He was sooo composed, calm and all. But then, he need those tough façade while being a reporter, right? The best of the best at that. And also…who else that he watched…other than than two-faces brother. These two brothers have a same trait for that, right?

  • Ivoire says:

    Hello Tessieroo,

    I have been engrossed in Healer, doing some thinking of my own, as you have been able to see. I would like to share some analysis of my own which is rather long. That might give you some more perspective on KMH. I apologize in advance for the length of my post, I think I got carried away. I will make an effort to not write such long posts in the future.

    PART 1:

    I would like to be an advocate for KMH, if I may. KMH is not a perfect character, like all the characters in Healer. We know that the bad guys (KMS, the Elder, and Sec. Oh, the head of Double SS agency, Dir. Hwang, etc…) are definitely not perfect, which is why they are the bad guys. The good guys are not perfect either (Healer, CYS), except for Papa Chae, JS (KMH’s hoobae), CYS’s boss, etc…, at least based on what we know of them. So that being said, I actually like that KMH has shades of gray, and MJ happens to know him really well. That was why she told him some truths about himself. KMH is a star reporter, and he got there because for the most part, he didn’t (always) follow the script, the line drawn by his former station.

    However, as MJ also pointed out, he has always played it safe, stopping when he felt that he might be “in danger.” Thus, KMH would only go so far, in pushing the envelope. That might be one of the reasons why he has not reported his brother (yet), and I understand him. It is after all his brother, who raised him, though it seems that the emotional and parental support came from MH noona. It could also be that, even though he knew (because of the cameras he had in his brother’s office) that his brother was corrupt, and possibly a killer (he said so to KMS’s face), he didn’t want to face that fact (and do something about it). You know, parents and loved ones react the same way sometimes, when one of their relatives has a problem. So some parents might know that their child has a drug addiction, and yet pretend that “it is not that bad,” or go along with the child’s reasoning that s/he just needs those sleeping pills (or whatever pills or alcohol) to sleep better, feel better, etc… People do it with their spouse as well, you get my point.

    KMH told SJH that for 20 years, he felt limited, and paralyzed. We are not totally sure why. I suspect some of it might have to do with the Elder’s power in that universe, and some of it might have to do with KMH’s own hesitations. Though we do know that he has tried to find more info about SJH’s dad, and about what “truly” happened 20 years ago. I give him credit for that. I wrote in a previous post why I thought KMH was not such a bad character and the blogger (either you or Goodange) agreed with me. Now looking back (over the past epis. up to ep.14), I would like to add a few more things. KMH had been wondering what to do, when CYS was almost killed, and that was when he lost it, and he dared to confront his brother (in the meantime, he had been looking for CYS, which KMS had not done). I believe that he truly loves noona, and he truly loves CYS (as his niece). The death of Teacher (by his brother), was the straw that broke his back, and he separated from him, as we saw in ep. 14. It’s almost as if KMH had to be pushed, to want to do more about the past, about his guilt, and to help CYS and SJH.

  • Ivoire says:

    @ Tessieroo, PART 2:

    I believe that KMH also deeply cares about SJH, and that he loves him. I watch this drama with headphones on, and I always pay attention to not only what is being said, but also to HOW it is being said. Starting from the time when Healer confronted KMH in his apartment, KMH has often spoken to him with a tender voice, and at times, a voice that indicated that he longed for how things used to be between them. KMH extended a hand to SJH, who refused it at the time (the junkyard scene), because he did not trust him (yet), and I can understand that (though I had wished SJH was not pushing him away, because it was clear that SJH needed and could use a Hyung by his side. He was yearning for it). KMH told SJH, “you used to call me uncle,” and he sounded nostalgic about that. KMH sounded also sad to realize that SJH had not been studying abroad, he had stayed in Korea, grew up without his mother, and became Healer, someone who has to live in the shadows, who breaks the law, and who is lonely (b/c of the nature of his job, and just as a lifestyle).

    When SJH went to confront KMH, about lying about who CYS was, KMH took the beating SJH was giving him, b/c maybe he felt that he deserved it, but also b/c he understood SJH’s anger (and anger is actually just a symptom of feeling hurt). At one point, he raised his hands in surrender, which was when SJH stopped hitting him. KMH also wanted to explain a few things to SJH, but SJH was not ready to listen (though I wished he had then). SJH can be hot headed, sometimes. In ep. 13, KMH tells more about the Elder to SJH, and even though he (KMH) does not have all the answers (as to how to bring the Elder and people like him down), he wants to work with SJH (and possibly with CYS).

    In ep. 14, titled” It’s OK to cry” (or something like that), KMH is the one who: 1-runs ahead, when he sees that some of the doctors have been knocked out (at the hospital), b/c like the detective, he suspects that SJH is there, and (I thought that) he doesn’t want SJH to be found out. 2-When Ajumma tells him that SJH will be going to KMS, KMH races again on the road, stops SJH, and lets SJH beat him up. You don’t see KMH hitting back, you do see him trying to stop SJH, several times. Three times, (I counted), KMH tells SJH, “It’s OK to cry. Go ahead and cry. Cry,” b/c once again, he understands SJH. He understands where SJH is coming from. He understands the pain and the hurt he is going through, and KMH actually LISTENS, when SJH explains why he (SJH) feels so guilty about Teacher’s death (“I summoned Teacher here [when he didn’t want to come], I made him talk about things he didn’t want to talk about, and then I got angry, because I was angry, I didn’t even buy him a meal”) and though SJH did not fully say it, the rest was “and that old gizzard, took my place, so I would not be found out, and he DIED in my stead.”

    That’s deep, and painful, and KMH listened to all of it. Also, remember that SJH didn’t have to go to his mom. Ajumma told him not to go (b/c Teacher was on his way), but he couldn’t help it, and then Teacher took his place. KMH also shared his own frustrations, and his own pain, to show SJH that he TOTALLY understood SJH’s pain, which I believe he did. So for me, though many of us think that CYS is the one who let (and helped) SJH grieve (ending of ep.14), I would say that Ajumma, Dae-young (and her friends), AND KMH helped SJH (in their own ways) in that process as well. And I am glad about that, because I like KMH better with shades of gray (he is more human, and I relate to him better that way), than him being all good, or all bad. I kind of wish KMS would be the same (shades of gray). It makes the characters more interesting that way, imho.

    • azraqey says:


      I love your analysis, Ivoire. ^_^

      • Ivoire says:

        @ AZRAQUEY,

        Thank you for your kind words! 🙂 I am glad that you enjoyed reading the post. I hesitated to post it, because it is so long, so I am thankful that the administrators let me post it. Getting your feedback makes it worth the time I take to think this drama through, and the time I take to write my posts (plus rereading them, editing them, checking out a few facts, before I post my thoughts). I LOVE thinking my way through a drama, and being able to share my thoughts (and read what others think), enhances my experience of the drama.

        So I just checked, and the title for ep. 13 is “I’m waiting,” and the title for ep.14 is “It’s alright even if you cry.” That confirms to me the fact that KMH, since he has reconnected with SJH, has been inviting him to open up to him, and to feel or be vulnerable in his (KMH’s) presence. I rewatched that scene, when KMH is trying to stop SJH from going and killing KMS, and KMH (according to Dramafever) says, “It’s OK to cry. Go ahead and cry. Just cry.” I feel that this is huge, because it shows us that KMH has been wanting to be SJH’s hyung since they have reconnected. Granted, KMH had kept some truths hidden from SJH (CYS’s identity), however his heart, in general, is in the right place. And SJH, in spite of not trusting KMH (yet), longs for that male bonding, which is part of why Teacher’s death hurts so much (Teacher was like a dad to him).

        Also, I happened to glance at one of the previous episodes recaps here, and I was reminded that KMH also told SJH that his dad was a suspect in the death of GH, CYS’s dad, not his murderer. So, from the 1st time they reconnected, KMH wanted to assuage SJH’s thoughts or guilt at (maybe) having a murderer as a dad. That is also important, that KMH did not want SJH to believe that his dad was someone who would kill someone else. And remember that Teacher did the same as well, when he talked about his dad to SJH.

        KMH deeply cares for CYS and for SJH. I think that KMH feels lonely at times, and he does long for happy times with CYS and with SJH, as they experienced in the past. I hope that we will have such times before the drama is over. I can see KMH becoming a great grand-uncle to CYS and SJH’s children, and spoiling them silly. 🙂

  • Ivoire says:

    I don’t seem to be able to post part 2. Please let me know if you received it, even if it is awaiting moderation. Thank you!

  • Ivoire says:

    I would also like to say a few words about MJ, if I may. I read her differently than you do, and here are the reasons why. I am not going to try and make excuses for her, I would only like to share my perspective on how I see her, as a character. MJ has a senior position at a major TV station. It must not have been easy for her to get to that place. It is not easy for women in general (compared to men), to get into positions of power (as we know), however, from the little that I have read, I get the sense that it might be even a little more difficult for women in Korea, unless they come from a chaebol family. I am not saying that it is impossible, only that my sense is that men have a lot more power in that country than say, in Europe or in the US (I could be wrong. Again, this is just my opinion, based on my limited knowledge, and on dramas [though I know that dramas don’t count wholly as a source of info]. So please, don’t be mad at me for it).

    So MJ finally became KMH’s boss, and she is also his former girlfriend, and she still loves him. The only reason why they are not married, is b/c KMH doesn’t want to. KMH is aware that MJ still loves him, and he uses that knowledge to flirt with her, and “get his way” when it comes to certain things at work. KMH has actually gotten MJ in trouble, at least twice, that we could see. Once, at the beginning of the show (ep.1), and when he called her out of the TV bus, so Someday News could ask their questions. KMH knew what he was doing (which was why he apologized to her), however she could have lost her job. That to me, is a big deal. I was not impressed with KMH, when he told MJ that “of course she would keep her job, she is one of the best at the station” (which she is, but still).

    So when MJ is miffed at KMH, and cold with him, I understand. I think she might still feel hurt by some of KMH’s actions, and with good reasons. In listening to the tone of her voice, I have not gotten the impression that she is talking down to him. She IS between a rock, and a hard place. She has a job and responsibilities to uphold, and she cannot (or should not) be babysitting KMH all the time, making sure that he doesn’t get her in trouble with the higher-ups. MJ likes her job, and her position. Many men (and women) would love that position. And MJ has always struggled to get KMH to go along company policies. After all, that’s part of her job.

    We heard and saw how hard the higher-ups fall on MJ, and personally, she has my sympathy. She might not be interested in going against current, which is why she is still at that station, and that is fine. Many people (in the real world), are that way. When MJ talks to KMH, I hear frustration, about how to get things done, without there being a hitch, for a change. Many bosses are like that. And when KMH has gotten her in trouble, she has had to deal with it, while he laughs, flirts or jokes about it. So she has my understanding, and she is one of the people who know KMH really well, methinks. And she is not afraid to tell him what she thinks. Also, MJ does not have a rich and influential relative (like KMH does), who can save her, when her job is in jeopardy. KMS would visit the station (and save KMH’s job), when KMH would be in trouble with the higher-up. We saw that at least once in the drama. Who knows how many times that has happened?

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