“We Got Married” – SoLim Shippers: Let’s Play A Game

Where are my SoLim shippers!!! Give me an “S”!…Give me an “O”…
*sits back down in embarrassment* Seriously, I’m so sorry that I’m way behind in writing about this couple. It’s not that I haven’t been watching, (haven’t missed a single episode) but the holidays and then work just kicked my arse. When I finally got a chance to sit down and read through some of the comments at Soompi, I was shocked to learn I’d missed a huge controversy. Let’s play a game: leave a comment if it made no difference in your decision to continue watching our SoLim couple.

So apparently So Eun gave an interview and stated there was zero chance of any “real” feelings developing between her and Jae Rim because they only see each other once every two weeks for filming and they’re too busy to keep in contact when they’re not filming. For some reason, this angered Korean netizens to the point that they demanded she be taken off the show or they’ve started leaving nasty messages about So Eun. *sigh* Really? PEOPLE! Let’s get a grip!

I’m most likely the most delusional fan of this couple in the world because the way I read her statement? She was poking Jae Rim. If he has a prayer of getting any further with this lovely lady, he needs to contact her outside of WGM. *hehehe* There will be no kisses coming from her until he does…or any other more intimate forms of skinship. That’s what I’m going with. Call me delusional, call me a sucker of WGM, call me an idiot – don’t know, don’t care.

Honestly, I know WGM is a variety show for entertainment purposes and my guess has been that some of these couples don’t even like each other. No biggie, I don’t care if they end up really dating or not. The reason I remain firmly stuck on the SoLim couple is they’re just fun to watch! Jae Rim doesn’t pretend to be something he’s not: he’s a normal, red-blooded man. And So Eun isn’t putting on any “OMG, he kissed my head!” crap, pretending shock when he initiates physical contact.

Maybe it’s nothing more than a physical attraction but that’s okay too. They’re both adults so if they choose to just flirt, kiss and have fun without developing into anything permanent, who cares? (LOL) They’re both NORMAL, that’s all I care about. The idea that a 30-year old man or a 26-year old woman can’t touch each other, hold hands or kiss without answering to ME (the viewer) is ridiculous. The love-life or sex-life of these two young people isn’t a major concern in my life. Sure, it’s fun to read about or watch but it won’t make or break my day nor will it have any major impact on my life. So let’s just watch and enjoy without digging too deep, shall we?

Last weekend was the dreaded (for Jae Rim) balloon ride but it provided us with quite a few more delightful, squee-worthy moments. How beautiful was that Turkish sunrise? Absolutely gorgeous! Even though initially he might not have wanted to go up in a balloon, I have a feeling it’s something Jae Rim will remember forever, they both will. How sweet was it when he screamed that he liked her, she mouthed “Me too”. THIS is what I’m talking about, you can tell they like each other and are having a lot of fun. If it’s nothing more than that, who cares?

I know others favorite scenes were all the kisses Jae Rim planted on So Eun’s hair (will she go bald? LOL) but my favorite was the street scene when she asked if he was wearing the cologne she bought for him. It’s SUCH a guy thing to say “Here, smell me” or bring his neck close and then whammo, he wraps his arms around you. LMAO! He’s a dork but I love it.

The pottery wheel was hilarious, it’s funny how completely absorbed Jae Rim gets in certain things. It was also funny to me that for once, he didn’t have his hands (or lips) all over So Eun and she most definitely noticed. Ahahaha. Something tells me that if he were to ignore her for too long, she would be all over him but that’s my own personal speculation. “Ghost” parodies are always a failure unless the man is straddling the woman from behind and I doubted that would happen.

I’m sorry to say the hair-cave grossed me out but it was awesome that So Eun had no problem clipping off a bit of her hair. When Jae Rim pulled her against him, I gasped out loud. OMO, I’m such a pervert. (LOL) Is it true that in order for your hair to grow quickly, you’re supposed to think sexy thoughts? That can’t be true. With all the K-dramas I watch, I’m always thinking naughty thoughts so my hair should be down to my feet by now. I’m calling BS. *keke*

I don’t know why it’s fun to watch this couple eat, I normally find the dining scenes between couples on this show to be boring. I love the continuation of the “let’s play a game” with our SoLim couple and hope they keep that going. LMAO at Jae Rim when he said not even a bird or a mouse would notice when So Eun does aegyo. She’s getting better at it though, right? Jae Rim’s whining out “Why?” over and over was cuter. I’m terrified for him regarding what her next wish might be, let’s all pray that it’s not dancing or singing. If he keeps bringing up her failed kimchi stew, she might make him do it again.

This guy…he’s driving all the men out there insane. The way he’s constantly thinking of or preparing gifts for So Eun is amazing. Again, I realize it’s the show but he did say he’s acting like he normally does when he’s dating someone. It’s funny that he got her birthdate wrong again but he was right that September 11th is a special day. Isn’t that the date of their first meeting? Cute.

He searched for the best place to see the sunset? I’m such a sucker for romance and I love it when guys do this type of stuff. That view was gorgeous too. I expected him to say So Eun was the best thing that happened to him in 2014 but didn’t expect her to say something similar. She’s now excellent at giving his cheesy lines right back, I love her. From the preview, I wonder what he said to deserve being put in a head-lock and can’t wait to find out. I’m still enjoying watching this couple and wish them both all the best in 2015.

So why am I still watching? Just cuz 나는 그것을 좋아. JO-AH!


  • houstontwin says:

    I really don’t “get” We Got Married. Can someone explain it to a new viewer?

    • tessieroo says:

      It’s a variety show where Korean celebs (usually idols) are pared up and pretend to be married or date. They’re given a honeymoon, a place to live and various tasks to complete as a couple.

  • bmore says:

    I’m mad mad mad about this couple and you are right…that interview with her saying that was like a punch in the reality gut for me. I was living the fairytale and those words just yanked me back to reality. I was so bummed I was one of those who said…well that’s it for me. Not watching anymore…so when the next episode got posted what did I do? Clicked on it pronto and loved every minute. I’m dying to see if he addresses the issue on the next show or if she does. I find it hard to believe that there is NO contact between those 2 between filming of these episodes. If she is telling the truth about that, then it’s not a good sign. I means he’s just having fun on the show and off the show it’s a no go and that bums me more about who he is than who she is….because she has always been holding back….until lately….and the sheer volume of affection he shows on the show will seem much more phoney if there is no contact in those 2 weeks. Makes no sense. There would be time for phone calls and texts, so that bothers me. I know I’m investing in a pretend romance. But. This relationship, us watching it unfold, is something so out of the norm from anything I have seen on TV before. It may be because I don’t watch reality shows and I’m naive. But they seem too real to me. Therefore, I am going to be much more let down if all of this is just for the camera or whatever. sigh. At my age I should not be such an incurable romantic.

    • tessieroo says:

      You were mad? See, I don’t get that! I don’t care if they’re dating or not and even if they were, there’s probably no way WE would know about it. (LOL)

      I prefer to think So Eun was poking him, letting him know she wants him to contact her outside the show. If he’s too busy, that’s for them to work out – certainly none of my business. I still think they’re cute and enjoy watching them. 😀 I can’t get enough.

      • bmore says:

        no no no. mad ABOUT them! Crazy about them! Loving them! Have replayed parts and lmao at his cheesy sweetness. Hoping like crazy also that you are right. She’s a little devil and loves to egg him on. Their interactions with one another totally belie the statement she made. The way she leans in to him and looks at him…so I like your take on it. My friend Jackie who watches along with me thinks similarly to you…but thinks it is her way of covering for both of them. They have their careers still ahead of them and committing publicly at this time might limit things they could be selected for. She is so young too and they are both going to be getting lots of calls with all this sudden fame and popularity. They need to suck up all the goodies they can while the getting is good!

        • tessieroo says:

          Ahhh…my apologies! I went back and re-read that beginning and see what I did. (ImADork) I’m so happy you’re on board and still crazy about ’em – otherwise, it’s gonna get pretty lonely here all by myself when I’m giggling like a maniac. 😀

          • bmore says:

            hahaha…you are never alone! See…there are lots of us already here with you! By tomorrow there will be even more because EVERYBODY is in love with those 2 and in love with watching them and wants to share our happiness. Who doesn’t just love watching 2 people falling in love and playing such wonderfully free and joyous games with each other. (real or not) He is just beyond words for me. His reactions to her just leave me either laughing, gasping, or actually crying. Is there any one of us out there that wouldn’t wish for this kind of relationship just once in our lives? If it is real, they are at such a magical point in their relationship. I feel lucky and honored to be able to be a witness…however intrusive or voyeuristic it may be…and will continue to hope and wish that, if it is meant to be, they will be happy like this for a very very long time. But their work lives may make that very difficult.

  • tarolove says:

    I absolutely love your enthusiasm while writing this recap. Welcome back! I was wondering why there was no more squeeing of solim couple on couchkimchi. 🙂

    That sina interview brought me back down to reality but it in NO way has brought down my excitement watching these two week-by-week. Either way, they are extremely entertaining and are making many people tune in despite not liking WGM as a concept in general. You really can’t have enough of these two bickering, acting romantic, and playing games like best friends with really great chemistry. That’s why they’re such a popular couple — because they’re the ones that make this VIRTUAL marriage look the most natural.

    Either way, i am still enjoying this couple immensely.

  • fangirl98 says:

    Reality has a rude way of butting into drama and variety-land, doesn’t it? I enjoy watching this WGM couple and if the get together in real life, great. If not then its still entertaining while it lasts.

    And who knows what may happen down the line…… Two of my favorite C-actors just announced their marriage earlier this week after being the OTP in at least 3 dramas.

    All I’m saying is….you never know. 😉

  • Luna says:

    Couldn’t agree more…
    i love solim because they r fun to watch…
    it doesn’t matter if they won’t end up together, all i know is both of them having so much fun filming this show.
    and who knows, maybe someday we will get wonderful news. *wink…
    Thank you for the lovely recaps…

  • Heartoppaya says:

    Hey Tess! *waves*

    My reaction to So Eun’s interview: denial is fruitless when you look at him like you want to eat him or lick his apple butt. So Eun’s such a cutie, prodding Jae Rim to contact her all the time. If these two really marry, I know who the boss would be. And it’s not Mr. Testerone. *snerk*

    This couple is so lovey-dovey and fucking hilarious. They are my drug. I will keep watching them until the end of time… Did I just sound like a stalker? Anywho, I’m regularly commenting on soompi coz I want my drug. My solim..

    Aiiieeeeee….. LOVE these two! And love you for being the adorable fangirl and giving us the delight of reading your (hilariously perverse) thoughts.

    • tessieroo says:

      ROFL, they both look that way at each other, that’s why I believe there’s a very strong physical attraction. *hehehe*

      • Heartoppaya says:

        Both look at each other the same way? So very true. Haha. I personally believe he undresses her with his eyes everytime he sees her, but that’s my view… I dunno whether it’s true…

        Btw, unnie, you’re not the only one squealing and giggling like mad. All of us at soompi are hyper over this couple.

        I’m having a hard time squealing all over the place these days, with Healer and Solim. I dunno how to talk in the normal pitch any more.

  • wyseyoung says:

    Dearest TESSIEROO…

    I always love to read your articles on WGM on this couple and have been missing since your last recap. I definitely look forward to reading more and more in the future…: ) Back to the interview fiasco, what fascinated me more is actually people reactions… fans, non fans, haters. They made me realise how passionate they are towards this couple. Well, I’m passionate about them too…there are a couple of things that i do first time because of them but…but I’m GLAD that it doesn’t effect me in any way…I watched last week episode RAW after that interview and it still gave me the same feeling of sweetness, swooning and heartwarming although I didn’t understand a single thing. Their antics are just…*sigh*..you know what I mean. Anyway to further emphasize my point here… IT TOTALLY MADE NO DIFFERENCE IN MY DECISION TO CONTINUE WATCHING OUR SOLIM COUPLE. Oh ya just some last words on So Eun… really like her honesty and guts in that interview. You GO GIRL!!!! SOLIM ALL THE BEST…WORLD PEACE!!!

  • hipployta says:

    It made no difference and the reactions were as expected and messy…people are amusing

  • allenif says:

    i’m with you tess. the way i read it, she’s complaining. coz how can their relationship turn into reality when they don’t get in touch with each other outside WGM?. IMO, yes, she’s poking him. 🙂

  • starkabbey says:

    Thank you so much for writing this article 🙂 I have been reading the Couch Kimchi articles for some time now, but this is the first time that I actually left a comment. Like the others, I actually was disappointed when I read that interview from So Eun and I vowed to never read any articles about whether they would date in real life or not. Maybe I’m just delusional like that. hahaha But when I watched the latest episode, I was just as in love with them as I was before I read the article. They are so adorable that I don’t think I can even express in words. They have made me very happy every time I watch them, and I will continue to support this couple ’till the end.

    There are so many squeel-worthy moments in this episode, and I loved every single one of them. haha. But I guess my favorite moment was when Jae Rim grabbed So Eun to his waist in the “hair cave”. So naturally sexy!

    Thank you again Tessieroo for giving me a new perspective on the So Eun interview and please keep writing SoRim articles. 🙂

  • azraqey says:

    *scratching head*

    I actually wonder why they took the article in the negative way, because I didn’t. I took So Eun’s answer within the context of the question. Hm..don’t really know how to explain it, but I think it didn’t reflect her true feeling at all–because they don’t ask whether she likes/loves him or anything, just a possibility of dating which she answer that–AT THE MOMENT. It doesn’t mean thay won’t in the future. Hehe

    So, I don’t really bother about it. But I am really sad for all the bashing towards So Eun. Girl is straightforward and don’t ever sugarcoat her words, but then they took it in the harsh way. Poor So Eun… 🙁 I am loving So Eun way before I know Jae Rim, I watched them first because of her and I think it won’t even entertaining (and make it so attractive) if Jae Rim were to pair with any other girl.

    People should learn to take things in positive light.

    p/s: I wonder if anybody want to destroy the show’s reputation. What’s with this article scandal and now Hong Jong Hyun’s rumor. Omo.

  • Melleit says:

    I was sad to read SoEun’s comments. I am a grown woman, I shouldn’t be this invested in a reality show!! Lol…. But, there it is!! I am such a sucker for them it’s embarrassing, glad there are others. I will continue watching, continue hoping and continue enjoying the ride!! I’m all in.

  • Evren says:

    I didn’t read So Eun’s interview but I believe it was a message to Jae Rim. Because in one of the episodes he said that he already remembers her phone number which means they were in contact. Bu if he didn’t get contact with her in the latest weeks I think she got mad and said that. If not Why on earth would she say that? I mean this word jeopardizes the show and the ratings, for a 10 year sunbae in the industry I think So Eun knows this well.

    Their chemistry is excellent .By looking at the way how they interact So Eun’s shyness when she said Me too in the balloon cannot be fake. I told in the beginning , even his words are cheesy, they make a woman flutter and women like that stuff. So she is now used to it, she likes it that is why she responds in the same way.

  • sansukini says:

    I don’t really care about the comment she made. That’s the magic of SOLIM, they are blunt.
    I’m still watching but I’m not really enjoying the wedding and honeymoon as much as their home scenes. The wedding and honeymoon feels somewhat scripted. I dont really see this couple as married, but as 2 grownups constantly flirting and creating ways for skinship. Can’t wait for them to be shooting on their house

    • tessieroo says:

      Me too! Although I did enjoy that wrestling match (still can’t believe she bit him – LOL) I’m really happy they’re back home. Their interactions seem more honest when they’re alone, without any stupid “task” to complete for WGM so that’s my preference with this couple. 😀

  • selina says:

    I swear to the kdrama lawds if So Eun and Jae Rim end up leaving the show cause of all the irrational, immature, stupid, and meaningless, hate she is getting, I will rage and find some way to find each and every one of these children (cause they are behaving like spoiled brats) and kill em.

    Seriously aside from their dramas and public outings, magazine shoots and such, I could care less about these two personal nonWGM lives. So long as they keep being fun, cute, adorable, touchy, behave their age, attractive, and attracted to each other beautiful pepole who entertain me on a variety show and allow me to squint and try to see things that aren’t there (he seem infatuated by her and she seems to like him as a friend oppa who’s antics she laughs and goes along with) then who cares. It is a variety show. Treat it as one. It is so very wrong to push your personal beliefs and desires of ideal love and values in significant others on them. Hell for all we known when the cameras are off he’s an arse who ignores her, and she ain’t got time for his ish (which I know is not true). Simply enjoy the reel and do not try to push it into real. So Eun said/did nothing wrong (better than give delusion fans false hope then they’ll be even more pissed when the truth comes out about significant others -if there are some-) and I hate all this hate and backlash she is getting for it. Whatever haters can take several seats. I will continue enjoy him and her alcohol over boys personality.

  • anna says:

    eh, the interview made no dent whatsoever on my enjoyment of the show.
    BUT maybe it’s because I never treat the show as a seriously as some viewers are? Like, I get that they are portrayed as a couple here, and people wish for reel to turned into real.
    See, that’s not the case for me. I just love to see their interactions on screen. so full of chemistry! and the fact that they seem to genuinely enjoy each others company. Love it.

    so who cares about interviews and what not. I like this couple and will still watch them.
    that said, I’m glad the honeymoon’s over. it’s kinda dragged on a bit towards the end (although thoroughly enjoyed the wrestling scene. they are CRAZY!)

  • SoyB says:

    “I’m most likely the most delusional fan of this couple in the world because the way I read her statement? She was poking Jae Rim. If he has a prayer of getting any further with this lovely lady, he needs to contact her outside of WGM. *hehehe* There will be no kisses coming from her until he does…or any other more intimate forms of skinship. That’s what I’m going with. Call me delusional, call me a sucker of WGM, call me an idiot – don’t know, don’t care.”

    I like your take on it! The above had me laughing out loud…

    I’m not mad or upset by the interview, but truthfully, after episode 254, I think, the one before the hot air balloon ride, I just got this feeling that So Eun just wasn’t really into Jae Rim. I don’t know what it was about that episode. It just made me feel like she really doesn’t feel much beyond friendship and that made me not as interested in watching the rest. But your “delusional” enthusiasm is making me curious about ep 255 now. LOL – you’re postings are why I had started checking WGM in the first place! I guess you have a way with words… Let’s see if ep 255 sucks me in again. 🙂

  • KADZ says:

    Was just wondering, what’s your view regarding the SoEun and HoJoon dating rumours?

    On the other hand, I enjoyed reading your writing they were very entertaining lol. Keep it up! 🙂

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