Hong Sister’s next drama soon at MBC

It seem like ages since the last Hong Sister’s drama. You know how much I loved watching Master’s Sun (2013) that took away the number one spot from My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (2010). The sister’s know how to make romantic comedy extraordinary. Well, let’s just say their brand of humour is unlike any other plus the romance created on each OTP is a stand-out on its own. So far, they had winning combos that every viewer loved according to their preference. Surely this next drama will be no different.

I’m curious, what is the next drama from the amazing Hong Sister’s??

It has been reported that MBC will be set to air this. However no title, no script, no actors/actress and no plot has been revealed just yet. This makes me more anxious! I will surely do recaps for this once everything is final.

This drama is set to air May of this year. I can’t wait!!


  • lily says:

    Yey hong sisters back me to cant wait for their masterpiece again. Surely daebak !!!!!

  • czak says:

    Hong sisters are known to either make careers as with the stars in chunhyang and my girl or shake up known images much like so ji sub and cha seungwon.
    For this new drama how much would i wish for those two elements of the hong dramas to collide, for them to create new stars and shake up an image of a star, most i wish for them to shake up an image would be kang dong won…. he has always picked gritty thrillers in the past few years and i cant say i cant complain cause he has been arresting in those but man how i wish he would do a romcom. I mean he has been good in romcoms early jn his career like in too beautiful to lie… but then again i just wajlnt him back i dramaland so anydrama out there i want him to be a cast…

  • stuartjmz says:

    When I read about this yesterday, I had to look up which Hong sisters were meant. I then found that of THIS set of Hong sisters, I’ve seen exactly none of their work. Given what I’ve read of the way they ruined the endings of both Hong Gil Dong and Big, I’ll be very wary when deciding whether this upcoming Drama will change my score.

    • Denali says:

      Wise decision, as often. I seriously do not get the fuss over this pair of writers, with their crappy stories, infused with more than questionable ethics and a tendency to portray supernatural matters as ‘good’, ‘fun’ and ‘innocent’. What a snare.

    • ckphoenix ckphoenix says:

      in total the Hong Sister’s have written 9 dramas and I’ve watched 6. I haven’t seen Hong Gil Dong and I would have to agree about Big. It has one of the worst drama ending in my book. I didn’t like Greatest Love (Best Love) much though Gong Hyo Jin was there. But apart from this, I’m fine. I truly enjoy the Hong sister’s writing. And since Master’s Sun was so lovable and amazing, I’m hoping the Sister’s didn’t lose their adrenaline and magic touch writing the next.

      Denali, I get you, that’s exactly how I felt watching Big. But through the years I’ve watched the Hong sister’s drama, most story is enjoyed according to the viewers preference. Not everybody will be pleased, and its fine. 🙂

      – Leila

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