“Healer” Week 8 – Once Is Not Enough Or Something Like That

The first episode this week was so full of cuteness, I found myself just staring at my screen with a silly grin on my face. It amazes me when watching romantic scenes in a K-drama, how quickly I turn into a giggly, squealing mess. Then we were shoved into dark territory, things got seriously scary and my heart dropped. I think we might need to form a support group just to make it through the next 5 days.

It’s rare (but not unheard of) to get sex scenes in a drama between an unmarried couple, they do it in very subtle ways without showing too much. Our couple, all cuddled up in bed with less clothing on or clothing strewn about the floor let us know something happened. It might also have been the very intense gaze shooting from Jung-Hoo’s eyes, he looked like he wanted more. (LMAO) Or maybe that was my personal interpretation? His face said more, more, more.

That perception continued through most of the following cute scenes: when he tried to kiss her while drying her hair, when he couldn’t keep his hands off while she took care of his wound or while cooking and when he kissed her again in the kitchen. There were comments of him being clingy but what I saw was a man in love who wanted more smexy times. It was clear he wasn’t ready to let her go when he followed her onto the bus, his smile when he finally waved goodbye turned me into a big pile of goo.

How nice was it to finally see Jung-Hoo willing to talk to Moon-Ho? The fact that he showed up with beer, after having been told his Father and friends would get together and drink was sweet. Although he was still a bit cold, it’s a start. I loved it when Moon-Ho said he only knows of one way to get to the bad guys – to use the same method their parents used: reveal the truth via news broadcast. Jung-Hoo admitting he likes Young-Shin with a grin on his face was cute. I think Moon-Ho is a shipper?

It was also fascinating to listen to Moon-Ho’s thoughts about his brother. Moon-Sik doesn’t get his own hands dirty, which might be why he believes he hasn’t done anything wrong but anyone who understands criminal law knows this to be false. If you order the hit, you’re just as guilty as the person who commits the actual murder.

The interactions of our small, motley group of reporters continues to delight me, I love how much fun they’re having. Moon-Ho seems to be enjoying what he does for the first time in his life, surrounded by people who respect, trust and believe in him. This is something he never had working at Jae Il News or working with Min-Jae. Seeing his big, broad smiles or hearing his laughter warms my heart. It’s almost as if he’s found that warmth he saw and felt when the 1980 group of 5 were all together, with the exception of Moon-Sik.

It was awesome to see our Healer back in action and more incredible: Ahjumma fashioned Young-Shin her very own communications device, a hair pin. More cuteness as Young-Shin whines she misses Bong-Soo, which leaves Jung-Hoo possibly jealous of himself again. (LOL) She’s the perfect partner-in-crime with her quick thinking to draw Detective Yoon and his team away from their desks long enough for Jung-Hoo to break into the system. This allows Ahjumma to plant a new back-door since Detective Yoon was just about to erase her old one.

As he leaves, Jung-Hoo tries to scold Young-Shin by informing her of all the laws she just broke. Hilariously, she thinks it’s great fun and laughs as she runs back inside while Jung-Hoo is left to ponder her use of the word “boyfriend”. Again, his smiles take my breath away.

I knew it wouldn’t take Moon-Sik long to confirm Bong Soo/Jung-Hoo is Healer but the knowledge that he’s been listening in on Myung-Hee’s phone calls brought forth chills. So not only has he been (maybe) drugging her all these years, he really has kept her a prisoner inside that house! Much more frightening was the eager look on Secretary Oh’s face as he listens to Moon-Sik talk about “teaching” the kids the rules of society. *shivers*

The target of our newly formed team is the cop who poisoned Teacher. While Young-Shin keeps Detective Yoon busy, Jung-Hoo and Ahjumma manage to draw this guy out by sending him photos of his family and secret stash that Jung-Hoo finds inside his apartment. Ahjumma forwards the information to Moon-Ho who works a deal with Detective Yoon: he’ll hand over the evidence as long as SomeDay News is allowed to film and broadcast everything.

They hit the jackpot when the murderous cop phones Secretary Oh in a panic, wanting help to get out of the country. *cheers* This means they have Secretary Oh’s voice on tape! When it’s all over and Young-Shin is done reporting her segment, Jung-Hoo appears behind her and whispers in her ear, asking if she’s free.  OMO, more smexy times? *kekeke* She snarks to Ahjumma to please not teach him such corny lines. She’s lyin’ – she loved it. (LOL)

I’m wrong, it turns out our OTP head to his place to watch Moon-Ho’s broadcast together as he exposes the truth behind Teacher’s death. It’s the first time Young-Shin hears about the original group from 1980 who dared to report on the governments wrong-doings and that Teacher spent 11 years in jail but she doesn’t yet know her parents were part of this group. She does learn how much Teacher meant to Jung-Hoo, the flashback scenes with Teacher had me in tears again.

Moon-Ho shows a connection between the murderous cop, Secretary Oh and Moon-Sik, the candidate for Mayor of Seoul. He might not have concrete evidence that Moon-Sik ordered the hit but he does show CCTV footage of his brother arriving with Secretary Oh when Teacher was kidnapped. And Detective Yoon admits on camera that Teacher was just about to inform him of deals with higher-ups when he died. Moon-Ho also plays murderous cop’s phone call to evil Secretary Oh.

It was frightening when Moon-Sik rushed to Myung-Hee to find her watching the broadcast. While I love that she shut the door in his face, it scares the hell outta me. I’m so worried for this woman! The phone confrontation between the brothers showed Moon-Sik’s insanity, that laugh creeped me out. What’s frustrating is that he clearly made a threat where the “kids” are concerned which should have lit a fire under Moon-Ho to tell them everything but he didn’t. *sigh*

When Moon-Sik discovers his wife has an appointment with Young-Shin for an interview, he doesn’t waste any time trying to keep the two women apart and tries forcing Young-Shin to his side. I knew there was no way he would allow these two women to meet and was literally screaming at my screen for her not to get into that car. We did learn a tiny clue when she talked about her fear of driving, the look that passed over Moon-Sik’s face tells me she inadvertently hit the nail on the head.

It was a bit of a cliché’ to show the people who have the information Jung-Hoo needs are being paid off by the Elder. I mean, really? The woman was so obvious, like she had the word “liar” written on her forehead but it was covered by her bangs. (LMAO) I personally get tired of stories where everyone is motivated by money but it’s a K-drama staple so I should just learn to deal with it.

I also wanted Young-Shin to walk out of that office, interesting that Moon-Sik twisted the story behind the group photo to suit his needs! And who the hell is the new guy, feeding her lies about Jung-Hoo? It was awesome that Ahjumma contacted Moon-Ho herself but I’m still peeved that he hasn’t told either of the kids the whole story. I laughed right along with him though, when Moon-Sik said the 1980 group of 5 were his friends. Excellent acting by Yoo Ji-Tae, I’m loving his performance.

I didn’t expect Moon-Ho to tell Young-Shin her Mom was still alive in that particular location but I’m happy he finally did. Her reaction was to be expected too, but you could tell she finally believed him when she saw the tears in his eyes. We finally learned it was a traffic accident that put Myung-Hee in a wheelchair but is Young-Shin truly going to pretend she doesn’t know this woman is her Mother? UGH, I don’t like that idea.

I was a little confused at Young-Shin’s reaction to seeing Jung-Hoo was Joon-Seok’s son and that he killed his friend, Oh Gil-Han – when did she learn Oh Gil-Han was her Father? I’m going to assume either Moon-Ho told her or it was written on one of those pages. It’s annoying to me that while Young-Shin  has no memory or knowledge of Gil-Ran, she’s letting it suddenly keep her from trusting Jung-Hoo. I do think she was aware of how ridiculous that was herself, it was written on her face. But ouch for poor puppy when she stepped away from him.

What’s amazing and wonderful about this leading lady is that it took her less than a minute to realize she’s being ridiculous and run downstairs to make sure Jung-Hoo knows she trusts and believes in him. I’m so happy we didn’t have to go through 4 episodes of her doubting him. How hilarious were Pops Choi and Ahjussi’s faces when he came back to kiss her? Get used to it, guys. Wuri Healer Jung-Hoo is a very physical puppy and he always wants more.  *hehehe*

Moon-Ho was right, even if they get rid of the Elder (or his minions) another one just pops up. We might have gotten rid of evil Secretary Oh but there’s a new one in his place. It’s strange that Ahjumma would pick this particular time to nap when she knows the whole thing was a trap to catch Jung-Hoo, am I right or am I right? And the cop who has the tape Jung-Hoo needs of his Father’s testimony is another money-grubbing SOB. Doesn’t it feel as if there were TOO many road-blocks in this episode? Overkill?

The first thing Young-Shin wants to talk about with Moon-Ho is their relationship when she was little? I mean, I figured she would immediately quiz him about the murder but she didn’t. Pffftttt, the writer lost me quite a bit towards the end of episode 16. I’m happy she knows Jung-Hoo was a childhood playmate and it was nice to see such relief on Moon-Ho’s face when she came in. I wonder if anyone has ever been nice to this guy! We didn’t get to hear the rest of their conversation but I hope Moon-Ho explained everything and maybe warned her how dangerous these people are.

The ending leaves us hanging but we know the cop whispered something to Jung-Hoo right before he died. Let’s pray it’s the location of his father’s video taped statement. I’m not going to allow myself to think either Young-Shin or Moon-Ho will believe for one second that Jung-Hoo murdered this guy, it’s too ridiculous. Especially given the fact that Myung-Hee phoned with the information that Jung-Hoo was in danger – that should tell them there were others present before they arrived. If the writer goes in that direction, I’ll be disappointed.

I’ve read people questioning why Young-Shin stopped in her tracks but I think it was because she saw the bloody pipe on the ground. Let’s face it, this girl does not have good memories of pipes or baseball bats – she was beaten with one. So that’s why I personally believe she hesitated but I guess we’ll see.

Is Jung-Hoo going to be accused of a murder he didn’t commit, like his Father was? Let’s hope that this time, those people with knowledge step forward and do the right thing, unlike what Moon-Sik choose to do. I have no idea how we’re going to survive until Monday, maybe we should form a circle, hold hands and chant. The preview should be out by Friday or Saturday.

“More? Already? Shouldn’t we eat first?” 


  • Ani says:

    Great recap! I didn’t think he was being clingy at all..:) more like he’s so enamored w/ her & couldn’t believe how lucky he is that she likes him too & more! I just love, love watching his loving gazes at her..:) How does he do it!!
    Also thank you for leading this article w/ that wonderful pic up top!

    • Newbie says:

      Same here. He wasn’t clingy, he was desperate for human contact after years of loneliness. This man is in love and he is not too shy to show it. Rawr.

    • houstontwin says:

      Well…clingy has a negative connotation. But he has been love-deprived for most of his life. It is normal that he wouldn’t want to let go for a minute.

  • maddymappo says:

    Hi, Thank you Tessieroo for your great re-caps.

    I agree, I don’t think Young Shin and Moon Ho will believe that Jung Hoo killed the x-cop. (The actor who played the x-cop was great.)

    I have a question: You said “I knew it wouldn’t take Moon-Sik long to confirm Bong Soo/Jung-Hoo is Healer but the knowledge that he’s been listening in on Myung-Hee’s phone calls brought forth chills.” When did he listen in? When Myung Hee called Young Shin about the interview, Moon Sik was already outside waiting for Young Shin. I thought he must have learned about the interview earlier, perhaps Myung Hee told him she planned the interview to help his political campaign.

    I am also wondering how Myung Hee got that bug set up, which allowed her to listen in on what was happening in his study. Mail order? Maybe she learned how to set up bugs when she was a reporter? Maybe the bug was in the stash behind the bookcase? (What did Myung Hee find behind the book case?)

    Agree, Moon Sik’s investigation squad was a surprise and there was that cliche k-drama way of the omnipotent bad guys pre-planning and setting up informants. But, to give the writer credit, as soon as Moon Sik learned Jung Hoo was the Healer and even when he learned JiAn was in the picture, he was worried. He told Elder he would handle everything. He was scheming and planning.

    I was creeped out when Moon Sik told Moon Ho he would protect JiAn and Jung Hoo because he was friends with their fathers. I don’t think he can harm Myung Hee, because I think protecting her, is his way of excusing himself for his sins.

    • tessieroo says:

      Hey Maddy!

      Moon-Sik heard Young-Shin’s initial phone call to Myung-Hee, the very first one she made asking for an interview (when Myung-Hee said she would think about it and call her back). Evil Secretary Oh played the recording for him.
      I agree, when did she put a bug in his office? (LOL) No idea but she’s certainly gained my attention with that move. I’m still scared for her though.

    • houstontwin says:

      It doesn’t seem like Myung Hee has any hi-tech mavens around. Maybe the lady who helps her bake cookies is really another genius hacker, like Adjummah.

  • Rowanmdm says:

    When I watched the first part of ep 15 raw I thought Jung Ho was incredibly clingy. Then I watched with subs and I got it; he can’t quite believe that it’s real, she’s not a dream, and he has to keep touching her to confirm it. One of the things I like is that we don’t go back to barely touching after their intimate night(unlike what many shows do).

    As for Young Shin knowing Gil An is her father, it does say so on one of the papers Moon Ho gave her. Part of the reason her reaction to Jung Ho is so pronounced is that she made this discovery moments before he arrived. Poor thing hadn’t had time to process it yet. Once she did have a chance to process, that’s when she did go out to him. I do like that she had a moment of doubt since she’s had a LOT of information thrown at her in a brief period of time.

    • maddymappo says:

      I agree, Young Shin had a lot to process. She just learned her father was killed by his friend. The friend is Jung Hoo’s father. Her mother is alive but so badly damaged she could die if she learns she is alive. And both Moon Ho and Jung Hoo knew her mother was alive but didn’t tell her.
      I think that if I suddenly learned my lover was the son of the person who killed my bio father, I would be momentarily repulsed even though I knew he was innocent. Its almost as if her body betrayed her. Its a jolt. It all had to sink in and seeing how much Jung Hoo loved her and how he was hurt, snapped her out of it.

    • tessieroo says:

      That makes perfect sense – I thought either Moon-Ho told her or she read it on one of those papers. I also agree, she had a ton of stuff thrown at her all at once. I do wonder why she hasn’t spoken to Pops Choi about any of it? How hard is it going to be for her to pretend Myung-Hee isn’t her Mother? *sniff*

    • maddymappo says:

      Oh yes, now I remember, and Secy Oh also works for the Elder, so she is in grave danger.

    • houstontwin says:

      Rowanmdm, sorry that I didn’t read you comments before putting in my 2 cents above!

  • Mary of Bethany says:

    actually he said it himself,… in self assurance that this is not a dream…all will not go away when i hug those shoulders.. when i stroke those just shampooed hair… did i smell myself when i sink into her…. he thinks and think…
    poor puppy, ..(liked how you called him)..
    yeah, time to enjoy being a puppy,,, have been macho healer for damn too long…. puppy don’t desire too many… just the love of one person, his owner…
    POOR BOY.. has been lacking, in wants, until the rainbow drop into his backyard, he also don’t believe that it is real….
    how did he past the those, not having something like THESE….
    nice thing is.. like what you said.. the ‘SCENE” was done in good taste.. nothing of 50 shades,,,, good old korean styles… many left to be imagine, and make us viewers want mooorrrrreeeeee.
    did you not see, last week how the shrieking teens, and swooning noonas all went hysterical guessing “will they, will they not”…
    its human nature, once to be given what we want (in this sense, is that “scene”)… then we are satified already, and we no longer desire and sought after what we earlier on covet after… if everything is delivered raw.. what can we look forward for the next few weeks….
    and just let the poor puppy has some love and hugs and assurances… because it is a Kdrama thingy, to provide some sunshine before the big storm. true enough. last moment we lauded youngshin for not holding back, for stand firm to comfort … now we blamed her, “if i am her,i will not doubt”… are we that sure we will not fail also…
    thank to you,CK, that you reminded us, at least she delivered greatness,(as usual), by waking up and forget her SELF, and ran after the wounded puppy, to ensure him, come back, whether you can find not..
    putting her own “justice, needs, hurt” aside, (who say a never seen before father killed by someone is no big deal..?) did you not grow up watching those Taiwanese show when Jacki Chan or some Macho keep seeking revenge over some fathers that are killed, but they cannot ever met in life>
    to Young shin, what so great is, she is willing to put aside the cruel shock, and trust, when none else trust, not even the police on his side…that is GREATNESS.

    • tessieroo says:

      I loved that scene, when she told him to come back even if he does’t find any evidence that his father didn’t kill her father. Lovely! I really hope Moon-Ho told her everything – that JH’s father was a suspect but would never have killed his friend. She needs to know the whole story and not just these bits & pieces.

  • Dani says:

    Oh, I so wish that the writer will not go through that path, making our YS not trusting our JH, because that would be very ridiculous. After so many things happened and love and all that…and it disappeared just because MS’s word, that would be make me want to stop watching the show for that episode if the writer go in to that ridiculous cliché. I hope they will present a very good drama next week, plus more touching for our lost puppy. He had enough of the bad luck already, give him some more love, hugs, kisses, lots of it, then I will be a happy woman. MH is so sexy too <3

    • tessieroo says:

      YES, that’s what I’m talking about. For Young-Shin to throw everything out the window because of some lame story Moon-Sik told her, when she KNOWS he’s not a good guy! That’s too cliche’ for me, I’m really hoping we don’t go down that road.

  • juzluvpink says:

    Thanks for the recap!

    I have to say your first picture was my favourite. I love how brightly SJH is smiling. It was really the happiest day in his life, so happy that he cannot believe it was real and if it is real whether is it okay.

    My 2nd favourite will be his looks when CYS rejected him after she knows about his dad and her dad. Although she said it has nothing to do with them, her reaction shows otherwise. The hurt on SJH’s face just sends a dagger through your heart (JCW is just so darn good). I really thought that the drama will bring us the normal angst but SJN writer-nim proved us wrong by having CYS running after SJH and tell him to come to her regardless whether he finds the evidence or not.

    I just so love CYS. She has her vulnerable moments, but she recovers. Whatever the situation in hand, she will always realise that nothing matters more to her than SJH. And if after you weigh what matters more, the rest of the issues will not be insurmountable.

    4 more episodes to finale. I am really sad that this drama is ending. Heartfelt thanks to all the cast as everyone is excellent. No one felt like a second lead, everyone has a story to contribute, has a part to play in the 1992 incident which is nicely kept under wraps but I never felt that the delay in the big reveal is unnecessary.

    What I’m looking forward to is 1) CYS reunion with her mom; 2) SJH finally meeting Ahjumma and have a nice dinner with her and 3) SJH & CYS going to Pacific Ocean (for honeymoon :>) to scatter Teacher’s ashes there so that he can see ladies in bikini whole year round. 🙂

  • yisoo says:

    i think why young shin did not ask moon ho about the murder because she afraid to face the truth
    that is difference between jungho and youngshin
    jungho..if he wants to know something he will go for it
    for example following moon ho..asking his teacher..
    while young shin..she always afraid to ask because she afraid she will lose it
    for example she did not ask bong soo why he is hurt..

    but still it makes me wonder why youngshin is afraid and start to have blurred vision and difficulty in breathing when they tell about healer at jaeil newspaper
    eventhough before when detective yoon tell healer kill someone..she did not have any prob with it at all
    but now..she alreaddy know bongsoo/jungho..buy why still she be afraid?

    • houstontwin says:

      Yisoo, great points! Maybe she panics because she is beginning to understand what Healer is up against. She is afraid for him.

  • houstontwin says:

    Tessieroo, thanks for these great recaps. I also am becoming a big fan of Yoo Ji Tae. That scene where he laughs in horror at Moon Shik’s insanity was really moving. We often see “evil” laughter in kdrama, but this kind of tragic laugh is harder to pull off and conveys so many complex emotions.

    • Odessa Jones says:

      That was an amazing moment. It was weird that he started laughing, but at the same time entirely right. I hadn’t seen Yoo Ji Tae before this show, and now I’m a big fan. Such a subtle actor. (And I don’t mind seeing a good-looking man who’s actually my age!)

  • happybread says:

    I can’t stress enough how much I love love love this drama… it just moves at a nice easy pace and the acting is great all around. I can’t there are only 4 episodes left…it just doesn’t seem like there’s enough time to resolve everything…i really want the back story on how hacker ajumma ended up working with the healer and now that the guy who has the tape of Jung hoo’s father’s statement is dead…where do you go from there… and myung hee and young shin haven’t even met yet… and what about the adopted dad finding out what’s going on, and why did they work so hard to get into the police computer system….will they have enough time to answer all of my questions?!?

  • truefeather77 says:

    P.S. I was also a bit sad that she pulled the towel down off her head and didn’t let him kiss her that way. He was reenacting their very first kiss on the rooftop, with her hat pulled down over her eyes. Very romantic, given their strange circumstances.

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