[Update] Yoon Sang Hyun and Maybee to tie the knot next week! + Wedding Photos

On Feb. 8 2015, actor Yoon Sang Hyun and singer Maybee will be getting married. They wish to have a private wedding, meaning it will not be like a red carpet affair where the press is invited and the A list guest are getting their photos taken at a designated photo wall. There will be no pre-wedding press conferences (as if you need one to get married) like they were promoting some movie, but just a simple ceremony with loved ones.

I am quite happy for Yoon Sang Hyun, he was one of the first actors I happened upon once I entered the world of Kdramas and I have enjoyed his work. I like the approach he is taking to his wedding by the way. A marriage is a very sacred thing and a wedding is the beginning of that new chapter in their lives, it is a special event that should hold precious memories. I highly doubt they would look back fondly on their wedding, reminiscing on how they had to cater to the media. Constant camera flashes, intrusive questions, and the compulsory guarded answers comes with the territory of their line of work, but a wedding is their special time so let them have it. Also, on the day when the bride should be the center of attention, who wants to read that actor/singer X was a nuisance guest because of all the media attention they attracted.

Although I admit I do want to see photo spreads of the bride and groom ( and who knows we might get them regardless), I like how they are doing things on their terms and have decided not to deal with the media circus. Congrats Yoon Sang Hyun and Maybee!

On second thought, will Dispatch stand for this? I believe they are scheming on how to plant their spies as we speak LOL.


  • DW says:

    Hey rinchan! Thanks for the news.
    I wanted to ask why you didn’t continue your recaps and reviews on Love Affairs In The Afternoon?

    • rinchan76 says:

      I really wanted to complete it, but my workload wouldn’t let me continue.I felt quite sad about it since it was a good drama T_T. I was so swamped at the time, I had to schedule in sleep LOL.

  • Uj says:

    What a beautiful couple these 2 make!
    Congrats to these 2 lovebirds <3

  • Ivoire says:

    Congratulations to the couple! I remember seeing YSH on Entertainment News a few years ago, and he was visiting Switzerland at the time. He had gone to the mountains, and he was interacting with the locals there. I was quite surprised to see how social he was, and how easily he seemed to just go with the flow.
    They taught him what looked like a traditional dance, and he just went with it, and he was having a lot of fun. It was so nice to see. I could also tell that he was enjoying not being treated like a celebrity. I always think about that segment I had seen him in, when I see him now, and how nicely surprised I was to see how friendly he seems to be, in real life. I wish them both, all the best life has to offer.

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