“Kill Me, Heal Me” – First Impressions And Thoughts

If you’re not watching “Kill Me, Heal Me”, I’m about to give you reasons why you should give it a try. Anyone who watched the melo “Secret” saw the off-the-charts chemistry between Ji Sung and Hwang Jung-Eum, and I’m not just talking about romantic chemistry. These two throw themselves into a scene completely when they work together, which is rare. The level of performance that we end up with is outstanding, it’s clear these two actors respect and trust each other and it’s a joy to watch.

The project they choose this time is not of the sad, overly dramatic fare but instead, it’s a cheeky, hilarious look at the relationship between a man with 7 distinct personalities and his private doctor. The first few episodes are a bit confusing but don’t give up, everything becomes clear eventually and it’s worth it. I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time, although I suspect things might turn weepy down the road.

The subject of multiple personalities or D.I.D. (Dissociative Identity Disorder) isn’t really something to laugh about, I get that. From what I understand, this disorder can develop in people who have extreme difficulty coping with stress, which makes it impossible to form trusting relationships. It’s also a highly suspect and controversial topic among mental health professionals. Okay, now that we have the serious stuff out of the way, let’s discuss Se-Gi, the first alter of Cha Do-Hyun’s (Ji Sung) that we meet. Rawr.

Because of something traumatic that happened in his childhood, Do-Hyun has created 7 personalities, each one deals with different stresses that he himself can’t handle. He’s been hiding out, secretly getting treatment in America but is called home by scary, overbearing Grandma. He initially refuses but unbeknownst to him, one of his alters books a flight home. That’s kinda creepy, right? Another side of you just takes over and decides when and where you’re going so you wake up on an airplane.

I’m not sure about the family dynamics yet, it’s very confusing. Do-Hyun is the grandson of Seung Jin Group but I have yet to completely figure out who is who. I believe his Father, Cha Joon-Pyo, is in a coma and his Mother is alive and lives in the family home. But she’s the mistress? Grandma is CEO of Seung Jin Group and hates everyone. (LMAO) She’s screechy, bossy and just not a nice person. Her husband, Chairman Cha Gun Ho died in a car accident along with his daughter-in-law, Seo-Yeon.

There’s a rumor a son was born between Chairman Cha and his daughter-in-law (which, ewww!)  which might explain why Granny has her undies in a bunch. The other son is President Cha Young-Pyo, he and his wife also live in the family home but their son, Cha Ki Joon (Oh Min-seok) lives on his own. He is Do-Hyun’s cousin and doesn’t seem to be a nice guy either. So we have another chaebol family who are fighting for power, position and/or money. And birth secrets, there are birth secrets everywhere. (LOL)

Do-Hyun’s father, Cha Joon Pyo is the eldest son and was to become the next Chairman. There was a fire at the Seung Jin mansion which resulted in Do-Hyun being traumatized as a child and his Father, Joon Pyo ended up in a coma. I made a wild guess that Joon Pyo’s legit wife was the daughter-in-law who died but Joon Pyo was carrying on with a mistress, who bore him a son. That son is Do-Hyun. OR is he the son of the late Chairman and his daughter-in-law? 

Do-Hyun’s first love, Chae Yun (Kim Yuri) is the snooty daughter of a diplomat who had a crush on Ki Joon as a child but is now chasing after Do-Hyun. (I know, right?) Since I don’t know her full back story yet, it could be that she was in love with Do-Hyun but he went running off to America. Or she just doesn’t like the idea that Do-Hyun is no longer living only for her, her reaction to learning Do-Hyun has a girlfriend was astounding. Ki Joon is aware of this first-love business and implied she’s after Do-Hyun only because he’s back in line as the first successor. So is it just about power and money for her too?

On the flip side, we have Doctor Oh Ri-Jin (Hwang Jung-Eum) a first year psychiatrist who meets one of Do-Hyun’s alters, the smexy Shin Se-Gi, at a nightclub and is horrified by his seemingly sudden declarations of love. She has a twin (not really) brother named Oh Ri-On (Park Seo Joon) who writes mystery novels under the alias, Omega. The Oh family is hilarious but they’re also very close, loving and supportive. We’ve learned one of them was adopted, Ri-On knows Ri-Jin is not his real sister.

The comedy begins when Ri-Jin’s patient, Sook Hee (cameo by Kim Seul-Gi) escapes from the hospital and Ri-Jin chases her to a nightclub. There she meets bad-boy Se-Gi and is pulled into Do Hyun’s world. She learns Do Hyun has D.I.D. and that her Professor has been treating him. At first glance, it seems Ri-Jin is the adopted one as Se-Gi recognizes her and talks about meeting her in the past. Se-Gi leaves a video warning: Do-Hyun should leave Se-Gi’s woman (Ri-Jin) alone or Do-Hyun’s woman (Chae Yun) will be in danger. It’s creepy enough to get a video message from yourself but a warning?

The first meeting between Ri-Jin and Do-Hyun is very sweet, he shows unwillingness to allow anyone inside his world for fear they will be hurt and tells her to stay away from him. She expresses a doctors concern (and interest) and learns from her Professor that if alter-personality Se-Gi likes her, he will keep seeking her out. The only way she’ll be safe is to leave the country. We later learn brother Ri-On met Do-Hyun on the plane back to Korea but he met him as Perry Park, another alter who likes making bombs. We also learn Ri-On has been secretly researching the whole Seung Jin Group family history.

Things finally settle in episode 7, after we get past some really bad English, hi-jinks over a biker jacket Se-Gi stole, crazy bomb-making Perry Park and we’re introduced to Yo-Sub, the 17 year-old suicidal personality inside Do-Hyun. Ri-Jin is all set to leave the country and study at John Hopkins but a phone call with Yo-Sub stops her as she realizes he’s about to kill himself. She races to the roof of a building to prevent this from happening.

Yo-Sub has spray painted images of all the alters (thank you) with their names on the top of this building along with the words “Kill Me!”. When Ri-Jin arrives, she gets nowhere trying to talk him down so she physically pulls him down, crying for Do-Hyun to “come out”. It works. This rooftop scene was heartbreaking and had me fighting back tears. In spite of all the laughs, it finally got through how hard life must be for Do-Hyun, he believes he’s a monster.

Both Do-Hyun and her Professor try to talk Ri-Jin out of helping him, she needs to stay away before she’s hurt again. We also learn Do-Hyun’s mother might just be aware of her son’s disorder, she hires a Private Investigator to find this supposed child of the other daughter-in-law, Seo-Yeon. And evil cousin Ki Joon starts snooping around, trying to find out why Do-Hyun was seeking medical attention in America. He and his father are determined that Do-Hyun will not be the next Chairman.

After thinking it over and remembering how helpless Do-Hyun seemed, Ri-Jin makes her decision. She goes back to the rooftop of the building Yo-Sub was going to jump from, wipes the snow from the images of the alters and builds a snowman. Something propels Do-Hyun back to that rooftop as well and he discovers Ri-Jin spray-painted over the word “Kill” to now say “Heal”, which brings tears to his eyes.

The Oh family goes to see Ri-Jin off, excited that she’s going to John Hopkins to study. It’s all a ruse to make her family believe she’s leaving the country when she’s really accepted the offer Do-Hyun made to be his secret psychiatrist. She arrives at his home to learn she’ll have to pretend she’s his secretary at work and she’ll be living with him. Yay, co-habitation hi-jinks! Do-Hyun loses his temper for the first time in a long while, which makes both his assistant and Ri-Jin question if he’s Se-Gi?

His assistant notices Do-Hyun letting down his guard around Ri-Jin and tells him not to lose her. Awww. Do-Hyun spends some time explaining each of his alter personalities to Ri-Jin, along with laying out who is who in the family business and who she needs to be especially careful around – namely Grandma and Cha Young-Pyo. He doesn’t mention his cousin, Ki Joon which makes me think he’s not aware of how much of a jerk the guy is.

Ki Joon visits Ri-Jin’s Professor, trying to pry information out of him about Do-Hyun’s condition but thankfully the doctor/patient privilege is kept in this drama (shocker) so he learns nothing. He does discover Ri-Jin is on temporary leave.

Trouble in the Ki Joon/Chae Yun relationship as she continues to chase Do-Hyun but now, she’s doing it in front of other members of this high-society, such as interrupting a blind date Grandma set up for Do-Hyun. This embarrasses and pisses Ki Joon off but Do-Hyun finally sets her straight. When she shows up at his house again, he calls Ri-Jin outside to imply she’s the woman he’s in love with. Chae Yun slaps him and leaves. *groan* Why are second lead females always insane?

At the Oh family home, Ri-On is confronted with a pornographic poster his Mom found and it becomes clear he’s in love with Ri-Jin. Through flashbacks, we see they were introduced as twins around ages 8 or 9 but instantly fought. In high-school, Ri-On protected Ri-Jin so she wouldn’t be hurt at discovering her crush liked someone else. No one knows his face as the best-selling author Omega, he pretends he’s the president of his own fan club. (LOL)

Ki Joon is President of ID Entertainment, part of Seung Ji Group and they’ve been chasing Omega, wanting to buy rights to his books for a movie. The task of finding him is given to Do-Hyun. Talking it over with his assistant, Ri-Jin overhears and is shocked they’re looking for her brother. She argues against going with Do-Hyun to one of Omega’s fan meetings but eventually gives in once she forces Do-Hyun to say they’ll go as friends.

Ri-On attends the book reading as President of the fan-club and meets up with Do-Hyun. Ri-Jin sneaks out so her brother doesn’t see her since she’s supposed to be at John Hopkins. While they talk, Ri-On explains the synopsis of one of his books: it’s about a boy and girl who are thrown together, like siblings. The girl is afraid of basements so her family sends her there frequently, trying to rid her of this fear. Each time, she asks the boy to come with her until he finally begins to wonder why they’re both afraid of basements and decides to find out.

During this talk, Do-Hyun begins sweating and has flashbacks of being thrown into a basement. Ri-On notices and rushes to get him a glass of water. Luckily, Ri-Jin comes back inside. Grabbing his hand, she reassures him she’s with him and takes him out to the car. When Ri-On comes back, Do-Hyun is gone but he sees his sister putting him in a car outside. Ruh oh.

In the car, the 17-year old twin of Yo-Sub makes her appearance and we meet Yo-Na. I can’t even begin to explain how hilarious it was to see Ji Sung playing a 17 year-old girl, how they kept from laughing through that whole scene, I will never know. Yo-Na escapes from the car when she sees her favorite idol group giving an interview. She rushes forward, screaming “Oppa!” while the crowd stares in shock at this grown man in a suit. ROFL, I was dying.

Ri-Jin finally catches up with him and drags him away, they end up fighting and pulling each others hair while the crowd watches. Some of them even take out their phones and video tape the scene. I’m gonna guess that comes back to bite them in the bum. Yo-Na manages to escape again but runs head first into a pole and passes out. When Do-Hyun wakes up, they’re in a train station and both have tissues stuck into their nostril.

He’s embarrassed and ashamed, Ri-Jin just appears to be exhausted. I don’t think she realized how tiring this private job would be! She questions him, she knows Yo-Na comes out when he’s under extreme suffering so she asks what exactly happened today? Did her brother say something to upset him? He doesn’t answer so she instead asks him if he wants to grab a beer. He finally agrees, they can begin their official consultations.

Over a beer, he explains Chae Yun was his first love. She was nice to him but he finally figured out she was only that way because she was interested in his cousin. Ouch. He believes he’s moved on but Ri-Jin thinks otherwise. Once he discovered he had D.I.D., he’s never allowed anyone close or fallen in love again. Ri-Jin tries to explain she didn’t want to do an official consultation, she actually just wanted to be his friend. Awwww!

He says something that reminds her of something Se-Gi said to her so she questions him, is he Se-Gi? Nope, he’s still Do-Hyun. He wonders if she’s secretly hoping Se-Gi will come out? She thinks he’s jealous and teases him about being jealous of himself. He insists he’s not and they go back/forth. (LOL)

Walking home, Ri-Jin explains why she decided to help him. It’s not because of Se-Gi, it’s because Yo-Sub wrote “Kill Me”, which she believes was a cry for help. Do-Hyun himself told her that once a ball crossed, it can’t be returned. That was his own cry for help, his refusal to let her leave and that’s when she realized he needed her. She wants to get close to all of his personalities and comfort them, reassuring them they won’t die. They will all still be living inside of Do-Hyun, no longer scattered pieces but a connected puzzle.

At these words, Do-Hyun leans forward and kisses her. He pulls away, looks her in the eyes and tells her he’s Do-Hyun. Pulling her body closer, he hears Se-Gi’s warning ringing in his ears but he kisses her again. *swoon* I can’t wait for next week, things are getting really exciting! If you’re not watching this one, you should be.


  • tara says:

    awesome drama ,..waiting eagerly for nxt episodes …really worth watching. I think RE-ON IS IN LOVE VTH RE-JIN..

  • trotwood says:

    I am LOVING this show. Ji Sung is nailing this role (or rather these roles). I hope this show will not be forgotten during award season because while watching I think to myself-he is really doing such a good job. Ep.8 was hilarious and heartbreaking and RAWR sexy. Anytime one episode can make you laugh out loud, cry, and sweat, you know you are having a good time. I was so worried that when he heard Se-Gi’s warning he would pull the noble idiocy thing and not kiss her again, but we can see the fight is really on now.

  • NINI says:

    Yeh, in love with the show. I liked this pair immensely in ‘Secret’ and here too , they hit all the right notes.. they get me excited , and warm , and fuzzy, and heart-broken all at once . The terrace scene was really heart rending and reassuring too, although it had that which is inside of me in shreds. I dont know if the show is getting the recognition it deserves, but yeh the DID , and all the characters do give so much meat to the script, and the direction and flow , the thrills .. ah. just Love it.

  • Renu says:

    Thanks Tessieroo for the review. After watching Misaeng and Bad Boys, I thought I would not be able to watch the love stories for few months. But this drama is different. The story is usual, but it is executed brilliantly by Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum. After watching 4 episodes of this drama, I watched their last drama ‘Secret’. Their chemistry and acting has improved two levels up. Ji Sung deserves awards for this role.

  • Odessa Jones says:

    Isn’t Ji Sung amazing? The first two episodes of KMHM were a bumpy ride, but then with episode 3 it suddenly turned very good. Now I remember that they must have made the first episodes in a gigantic hurry. I don’t think they had the cast nailed down until right before starting to air episodes.

    So anyone who thinks the first two episodes are kinda dopey (or offensive–bad American stereotype alert), use fast forward if necessary, but keep going to episode 3. Hwang Jang Eum screams a lot in the first two episodes, but quiets down in #3. Almost everything that irritated me in the first two episodes disappeared after #3. I’m so into this show now.

    • jusash says:

      *hands up*

      Confess to thinking the first 2 episodes cheesy, and far-fetched. And this is from a Secret (chemistry!) fan. Plus HJE was somewhat OTT for me here – still is, sometimes.

      While I loved Secret, I think I am more a Ji Sung follower here in terms of acting.

  • Jo says:

    Haven’t laughed and cried for a drama since My Love From Another Star…and that was a year ago! Can’t say enough on how well Ji Sung is distinctively playing out all the various personalities. HJE is lovable and quirky. Hooray for a heroine who is smart, sassy and hilarious!

  • SoyJade says:

    Thank you so much for this outline of the first 8 episodes! As much as I already love the series, and the acting, and everything else I was getting very confused. I still don’t know who Do Hyun is really related to the seJin group, but now I see I’m not the only one. Other points were also clarified. Thank you so much.
    I was not planning to watch this drama. It looked like it was going to be a horrible mess, but once they locked in JiSung I knew it had to be better than what it seemed. And you are absolutely right, they are really ALL IN with their characters.
    I hope it continues to go well, and they start clarifying a lot of plot points. It’s about time.

  • Denali says:

    Orion and Origin? Man, I luff such puns. No other sibling/relative named Ri-oh in the Oh family?

  • Shira Ulwiya says:

    Thanks for the review. It is done splendidly. I have watched all episodes so far and I am already a fan of this drama since first episode, but I still like reading comments or reviews about this drama, loving to know how people see it. Most of the comments or reviews I read so far are all complimenting about how Ji Sung is perfectly fit for the roles, seeing how he is able to remarkably portray each personality’s unique character. And after knowing that he actually was a substitute of Lee Seung Gi who declined taking the drama, I felt thankful. I love Lee Seung Gi, but I think this role is meant for Ji Sung at first place. The drama is indeed so good that make me unable to look at other drama *LOL. I love both main actor and actress here as well as chemistry of them and am highly anticipating for next episodes.

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