Indie Fix: Green Nocturne

This needs no further introduction. Listen.`

Nell knows how to make pain sound so beautiful. I can’t imagine anybody who can sing a feeling better than Kim Jong Wan. For me, his voice is an emotion that has its own definition when felt. The instrument adds harmony that only Nell can produce.

Listening to Green Nocturne for the first time was such an experience. It truly gripped me, even if I haven’t read the translation. Nell has this power to stop me from what I’m doing and just be enthralled listening every second, never wanting the song to end. I’ve been repeating this and it never gets old.

The impact is strong! Kim Jong Wan.. your voice is incomparable.

How can this band write such cogent lyrics with perfect rhythm? Listen to it one more and watch the official MV. Nell incorporates their music with the ambiance to describe it visually. Perfect combo.

Are you curious what the song is about? Woollim Entertainment described it: “The song reflects on oneself by singing out the past when we were brave, sincere while unsure and insecure. Nell, however, does not praise or consulate those past, but just whisper serenity with the calming sounds of acoustic guitar. This winter, a beautiful melody of ‘Green Nocturne’ is dedicated to the winter of 2014, which will never come back.”

Green Nocturne (청춘연가)

I didn’t know back then, that’s why I was careless
And that’s why it was more beautiful

Giving and receiving scars is part of being human
And I don’t think I was really scared of that

If you just wipe it, that’s it that’s what tears are
If you don’t go there, that’s it, that’s what memories are

Sometimes, I still think I can be like that
But once again…

It felt a bit strange and unfamiliar
But that’s why it was more beautiful

I clashed against things like I was going to break
And I don’t think I was really scared of that

If you just endure, that’s it, that’s what pain is
If you just take it, that’s it, that’s what sadness is

Sometimes, I still think I can be like that
But once again…

Fear takes a hold of me and my heart grows heavy
And a sigh comes out of my mouth again

Time made me into an adult
But I don’t think it made me strong
Time made me into an adult
But it made me that much more of a fool

I didn’t know back then, that’s why I was careless
And that’s why it was more beautiful
Love is about doing it until you break
And I don’t think I was really scared of that

Nell released Green Nocturne during winter last year. However, you can feel the warmth every time you will listen to this.

Reminisce and reflect.

How would you like to remember your past? For me, the past made me realise the lesson I’ve learned that defined who I am today. We can all move forward as a better person.

Happy listening!

Full Credits: woolliment and nellhome at youtube; pop!gasa for translation


  • trotwood says:

    Thanks for posting this. I really love this band. For some reason, I listen to them nonstop while I am grading student essays. Nell’s music keeps me calm and put things into perspective. My students don’t know how much they owe Nell for keeping me from losing my temper!

  • martha says:

    NELL is my favorite indie band for heartbreaking, beautiful, sad songs. LOL I bought this one and I can listen to it over and over. His voice is wonderful. Ocean of Light is another favorite of mine -_- so gooood

  • leila108 says:

    No band can surpass my love for Nell!

    trotwood, your students are lucky! haha. I know how you feel. If I want peace and spend a day doing nothing, or whenever I’m driving, I listen to them. They are always part of my playlist.

    Martha, Ocean of light has a great beat! But from the Newton’s Apple album, Four Times Around the Sun is my favourite.

  • SoyJade says:

    I’m happy to see there are other Nell lovers out there. They are my favorite Korean band. I LOVE their music. Slip away is my favorite album. I play the whole thing in repeat. Slip away, and Beautiful Stranger are my favorite songs from that album. Words you shouldn’t Believe, rendered live is my absolute favorite song of theirs, and It’s Okay, and Great Escape are in my most played list constantly. I really love them. I heard from a reliable source that they are coming to California to play in a live concert. I can’t wait. I will get tickets as soon as they are posted. 🙂

  • jensredshoes says:

    I love Nell. A major reason I’m lucky to have been introduced to Korean dramas and films (besides the obvious) is that they made me aware of so many outstanding musical artists from Korea. I’m not Korean and I’ve only begun learning the language bit by bit for several years but I only listen to Korean music now. There’s not enough time to catch up on so much amazing music let alone keep up with new releases. So much intense emotion is expressed beautifully across different genres. Like Nell’s music, so fantastic!

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