“Healer” Week 9 – It’s Better Without SubTitles

This week, Healer was incredibly awesome to watch live but when the subs finally came in, I was disappointed. Of course, there has to be one final stand by the bad guys but for our side to suddenly appear lazy, sleepy and stupid ticked me off. I guess Young-Shin and Jung-Hoo no longer care if the people who killed both their Fathers face justice? The Elder disappeared into the sunset and the only person who seems to mind is Moon-Ho. Oh and Ahjumma – she’s still fighting too. I love Ahjumma!

I’m happy Young-Shin finally told Pops Choi she found her birth Mother but it’s strange she didn’t say who that woman is or explain anything else. Pops Choi asks no questions, it was a very moving scene and I found myself tearing up. The missed phone call from Jung-Hoo was depressing but I loved the thought he had: If you don’t ask, I can’t answer. *heh* I’m not a big fan of characters who don’t TALK to each other.

No surprise evil Secretary Oh was released, since we know the people involved are very high up on the food chain. His blatant snub in Detective Yoon’s face was hilarious and daring, this guy believes he’s invincible and I can’t wait for him to find out he’s not. Detective Yoon is even more suspicious because of the numerous witness’s who all say the same thing: ex-cop Dong Cheul died at the hands of a 20 year-old man, wearing glasses and a cap, who has incredible martial arts skills. It’s identical to the murder case of President Hwang, the scumbag pimp, where everything was nicely laid out.

Also convenient that Moon-Sik just happened to not be home when Young-Shin decides to pay a visit to Myung-Hee. No matter, I ended up sobbing like a baby, which is most likely the reaction I was supposed to have. (LOL) I knew the reunion would have me in tears, even if Myung-Hee doesn’t know this girl is Ji-An. I loved that she told the complete truth about the photo, naming Gil-Han as her husband. Yea…Moon-Sik keeps leaving that part out. Was this the first time Young-Shin had ever seen her Father’s face? We don’t know because we didn’t hear her full conversation with Moon-Ho last week.

The scene between Jung-Hoo and Secretary Oh in Moon-Sik’s office was hilarious, Jung-Hoo knows this guy has OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and plays with him by pulling books off the shelves and throwing them onto the floor. I loved that wuri Healer showed zero fear talking to the Elder over the phone but I was kinda hoping he would beat the crap outta Secretary Oh. (LMAO) My violent streak is coming out.

Finally hearing Myung-Hee’s story left me…blank. She got a frantic phone call from Moon-Sik to leave because “those guys” were coming so she runs but hides Ji-An under a blanket in an alley. Well, at least we know how they got separated but how exactly did Myung-Hee end up on death’s door? Did she run out into traffic and get hit by a car?

The 1992 story is not at all what I thought and I confess to being stunned. We learn the two fathers had been following a story for over a year (I’m guessing it was about the Elder) and take photos of what they believe is slush money being loaded into a truck. They’re caught, Gil-Han is beaten to death and dies but when Joon-Seok sees this, he’s stopped from rushing out by Moon-Sik – which makes Moon-Sik a hero in that moment? Excuse me while I go vomit.

Joon-Seok did manage to grab one of the cans of paint and he took photos of Gil-Han’s dead body. He later goes to the police station to report this murder as well as giving evidence about the contents of the paint can but we have no clue what happened to him after that. The idea that Jung-Hoo or Young-Shin are satisfied with this tiny bit of information about how her Father died is crazy. And it turns out the whole thing was about using cheap materials in construction? LOL, wut? There has to be more, right?

So Moon-Sik was brain-washed: using torture, sleep deprivation and withholding food and water to make him give false testimony and blame his friend. Joon-Seok supposedly got angry and killed Gil-Han over this money. Is it just me or did the story jump around quite a bit, not really giving us any concrete information? I still have no idea how Joon-Seok died, how Myung-Hee was injured or when the Elder approached Moon-Sik. Knowing Myung-Hee does not and has never believed Moon-Sik’s story, how on earth did she end up married to him? I want answers, damn it!

The whole cloak and dagger routine to get Joon-Seok’s interrogation tape ended up falling flat. Yes, our side got their hands on the tape but what did they do with it? Nothing. Although it’s lovely that Young-Shin and Jung-Hoo know the truth, was that truly the only reason they were searching for it? I didn’t think so as Jung-Hoo went through all the trouble of exposing Elder’s face but then everyone went into zombie mode.

From there, the story dissolved into romance, with Jung-Hoo meeting and greeting Pops Choi. Funny and most definitely cute but where did the suspense and tension go? There was a horrible rumor that there might have been some lasting drug in the incense, which is why Jung-Hoo is suddenly sleepy all the time but why didn’t it have any effect on the Elder? Was he holding his breath? Our OTP getting cozy and cute inside the enemies house doe! Did that bother anyone beside me? (LMAO)

I loved Bong-Soo’s return. I don’t know what it is about Ji Chang Wook playing a rather helpless, dorky, somewhat whiny guy that hits all my buttons but he did this in Empress Ki too and I loved him. Maybe it’s because it makes me laugh or maybe it’s just that I don’t go for the ultra-macho, manly type who’s pompous and a bit of a jerk – which is most leading male K-drama characters. I love Bong Soo, he’s adorable and it appears everyone else loves him too, his co-workers were delighted to see him.

This was my face after seeing this weeks episodes with subtitles:

Moon-Sik’s appearance on Jae Il News was revolting to watch but I can not believe our side just folded up, like it’s all over and they’ve lost. Where did their fight go? URG! We heard the Elder discussing how people disappear and no one questions it, which made me think that’s his plan for Moon-Ho. Or is this a test for our Healer, who will he save – the woman he loves or the man who has become like a brother to him? Nothing better happen to Moon-Ho or I’ll be majorly upset. His sudden decision to take photos of all his “kids” scared the hell outta me, it was like he was saying goodbye.

I also wonder if it will be Myung-Hee who will finally step forward and call Moon-Sik a liar. I hate having this many questions when we only have 2 episodes left! Am I too nit-picky? As an aficionado of mysteries, I do like a tight story full of intrigue with all questions answered but I’ve learned that usually doesn’t happen with K-dramas. I didn’t expect to have so many innuendos or hinted, half-told back stories, I expected solid facts. Could this be why I’m so disappointed this week? Talk me down, people, talk me down!

“I don’t understand why no more smexy-times”


  • ColleenF-H says:

    “I don’t understand why no more smexy-times” This is a question I often have when watching these dramas. After the initial serious bit of skinship it is like they do not want to touch each other again. I just find it a little weird you would think that they could not keep their hands off each other. I am really loving the chemistry between JCW and PMY, they are very endearing.

    • tessieroo says:

      ROFL, that’s exactly what his expression was saying, why would she suddenly put the brakes on! Maybe he forgot that Pops was right down stairs? *kekeke*

      • Mary of bethany says:

        Healer is diff from other k drama in het approach to relationship in a mature n frank way n raw v natural n both leads are not pretentious n waste times doubting guessing and girly tantrum flying insensitive macho thinking .. none of the usual k drama thingy. Instead even with the cosy scene at beginning ep16, you don’t feel PG16 n start chasing minors away from screen. Both doubt or angry or sad, but they trust each other even before has a chance to talk it out.

    • Ani says:

      I was laughing when he said let’s get in bed & talk about it.. 🙂 & I also love it when Moon Ho found them in the staff lounge where Young Shin was asleep & her head was on Jung Ho/Bong Soo’s lap, so sweet!

  • goodange says:

    So, I shouldn’t watch without subs then? I enjoyed it a lot when I live streamed … now, you’re scaring me.

    I just gathered that the Elder’s men (since he has the resources) was able to nab Moon Shik, and he and his friends did use his car, so, it probably wasn’t hard for the bad guys to track it down.

    Anyway, I’m hoping the next episode will answer a lot of questions and that the final week will still end on a satisfying note for all of us viewers 🙂 LOL. I’m blinded by my love for this show.

    I do agree that Healer’s team got rather careless. Ahjumma is usually on her toes. Even Detective Yoon seemed to have slacked off. LOL.

    Thanks for the recap, Tess. I hope you don’t mind I add music to the post.

    • tessieroo says:

      I never mind when you add music! 😀

      I’m not sure why but both episodes this week had me on the edge of my seat while live streaming, I loved it! Then I watched with subs and kinda deflated. (LOL) It’s mostly the back story that left me feeling a bit off? I just hope there’s more to it.

  • Alexis says:

    I actually really enjoyed these two episodes. Some of the questions that you ask are completely legit but I’ve decided to just sit back and enjoy this drama. How many times have you seen such a cute and trusting couple in kdramas? No stupid misunderstandings, no noble idiocy, no stupid obligatory seperation… that’s my kind of drama and I’m totally loving it!

  • Heartoppaya says:

    So I should watch it without subs? But korean for me is like donating for Secretary Oh. I just can’t…

    I loved these two eps, except no sexy times had me crying..

    • tessieroo says:

      It was SO GOOD watching live, I was so excited! (LOL) Even though I didn’t understand most of it, I cried, I laughed, I squealed, I got scared…it was awesome. Then I watched with subs and learned what was said and just felt…seriously bummed. (LOL)

  • omiki says:

    I think the reason why Elder was not affected by the incense was because
    1) the antidote was in the drink he originally offered to JH. He knew that JH would be too cautious to drink it
    2) Elder is already immune to the effects through long term conditioning

    As for why JH seem sleepy, I hope it is because he is bored with normal life, as opposed to the exciting nocturnal life he used to lead. After all, he was known as ‘night courier’? Only 2 episodes left – not enough time to go into ‘being poisoned’ arc.

  • Hellomello says:

    I believe that it was said in one of the earlier episodes that Joon Seok committed suicide because everyone accused him of having murdered Gil Han.

  • houstontwin says:

    Hellomello, I thought that we were supposed to believe that Joon Seok was murdered by crooked cops who made it look like suicide.

    As for Jung Ho having to choose who to rescue…it cannot be a coincidence that YS’s dad has a large following of ex-con/clients at his beck and call. Surely the writer included this detail so that Adjummah could call Dad and he and the ex-cons can come to the rescue. Dad, being a lawyer, will also extricate JH from his legal morass. I would love it if Dad fell in love with YS’s mom who will divorce Moon Shik and bake yummy things for the cafe.

  • maddymappo says:

    Hi Tessierroo! I do not understand why you think that Jung Hoo and Young Shin were satisfied. There was a twist in the time line. Healer’s junior girl went to the urn shelf first and found the real tape which she gave Moon Ho. Moon Ho gave Jung Hoo and Young Shin the story while they were in the car. They were happy to hear the truth but committed to get the evil men who hurt their dads. So, then they set up the sting, to go and fetch the empty tape box that was left by Hearler’s junior girl on the urn shelf, and use that as bait for Jung Hoo to get to meet the Elder, and to take his pictures and expose and identify him.

    It may also be possible that Young Shin gave more info to her Dad about her mom before we see them share the cookie.

    Many questions left. This show has infinite possibilities for a second season. There is so much rich character development. The back story on Ahjumma, Detective Yoon, the SS guys, Young Jae’s mysterious ways, Healer junior girl and even the Someday manager we learn has a wife who has a chicken store, and the “spy” guy who is always the third wheel and getting left out.

    • maddymappo says:

      And just wanted to add, in that last scene at the garage elevator, I really, really, want episode 19 to open with YS giving that little dirt bag, one swift hard kick in the balls.

      • tessieroo says:

        OMO, Maddy! Do you have a violent streak too? (ROFL) I love this idea! That guy is such a little worm, how awesome would it be if Young-Shin shows no fear and kicks him! Bwahahaha, love it. 😀

  • Ssixfile says:

    Until ep 18, I still don’t understand why they have to add cyber crime detective. The show will be just fine without him.

  • Odessa Jones says:

    Yes, Tessieroo! I can’t say that I watched without subs, but I did feel deflated by these episodes. I was hoping for more. I can deal with Someday News hitting a roadblock in the investigation, I can even deal with Healer trying out a “regular life” for a few days. But I was really bummed that the police put Healer on the wanted list and then _nothing happened._

    If he’s on the wanted list, and if Detective Yoon is moderately intelligent, why isn’t Yoon nosing around Someday interrogating people and making trouble? He asked Moon-Ho to help him identify Healer, but we didn’t hear the rest of the conversation. What did Moon-Ho say? I hope the last two episodes will contain a lot of action to make up for the slowness of episode 18–and the action will have to include a resolution of whether Healer is an outlaw or not. Right?

    I also thought there was some kind of drug or poison in the incense, since the Elder seems to specialize in poison. But I guess that’s a red herring? Come on, “Healer,” don’t make me wish you were 16 episodes!

    • Vincent says:

      Teacher already confessed he was Healer so there is no reason to investigate Healer by the police.

    • tessieroo says:

      It was SO incredibly action packed and exciting watching live, I was literally on the edge of my seat! But then yep…like someone popped me with a needle when I watched with subs. *scratches head* I don’t mind any of the things you mentioned either – for me, it was the back story about the events of 1992 that fell flat. I’l admit I was really disappointed by the story and then the lack of concrete information frustrated me even more. *sigh*
      No matter, I’m already uber excited for next week! 😀

  • Vincent says:

    Moon Ho’s broadcast was not just identifying Healer, but to clear up JH’s dad and YS’s dad with the tape, and prove JH’s dad was innocent.

    Myung Hee married Moon Shik out of appreciation because he took care of her and got her the best treatment. Also, Myung Hee knowledge of the past has been skewed to Moon Shik benefit. She didnt even know the Moon Ho quit and bought Someday.

    • tessieroo says:

      You’re right, I think what Odessa meant is the cops investigating the murder of ex-cop Dong Cheul more thoroughly and not just buying what all the fake witness’s are telling them. (ie – that it was a 20 yr-old male, wearing glasses and a cap) But that’s most likely a dead end too because I’m guessing the Elder has people inside the police force as well as the Prosecutors office. 🙁
      The only way would be to expose it via a news broadcast, which might explain why he asked Moon-Ho for more help. (totally guessing here)

      • Odessa Jones says:

        Yeah, I’m wondering what Inspector Yoon’s doing and why the writer hasn’t let him do anything interesting in a long time. As an old student of Min Ja’s, you’d think he’d have some tricks up his sleeve (or some curiosity). I hope he’ll come through next week! Aargh, 3 long days!

  • Mary of bethany says:

    Jung hoo dear. Answer to your question ” why no more smexy times”?
    :-)drama has this tradition or idiocy to refrains from “smexy times” ( that’s why k drama more “family theme friendly” than Hong Kong or Japan dramas)… but often when main leads got their smexy times earlier in ep, writer or director will kill off the belle at END of story or give some CRAP sad ending. It’s happening all the times, someone dies, parting because I killed your father my enemies, went oversea studies infinitely…. So, bong sookie, if writer Song is merciful , pray that that ending mins of ep20, you got your girl, 2 kids, dog, cat, goldfish plus bonus smexy times. And we fans give our PLEDGE TO SUPPORT KBS FORVER AND EVER , above all subs or mbs, for HEALER good ending sake.

  • fery says:

    I love this drama but they had many waste time 4 many things.

  • azraqey says:


    Haha. Yeah, I second that suggestion for YS to kick the hell out of Secretary Oh, he’s getting on my nerves.

    Too many things to solve with just 2 episodes, I hope it ends well.

  • I think Elder had an antidote in the drink he offered Jung-hoo but he knew he wouldn’t drink it. If you notice, just as Jung-hoo was passing out he tried to reach for the drink but couldn’t. I also think Elder left Jung-hoo alone for the time being because he believed he could find a way to bring him over to his side just like he did Moon-shik, hence the kidnappings at the end. He’s going to use it as a way to blackmail Healer to his side.
    Young-shin put the brakes on their smexy times cause Jung-hoo said he wanted to live and Love like other people and that includes taking things slow, we all know how far they went in such a short time.
    And regarding the backstory, I don’t think Joon-seok and Gil-han knew exactly what they were getting themselves into, they didn’t know just how deep the Elder’s roots were. They believed that it was just something as simple as taking a few pictures and writing a few articles. Joon-seok also believed that the Police could help because that was their job, but he had no idea he had gone from frying pan straight into the fire. Moon-ho also mentioned something about Joon-seok being poisoned in his broadcast, so I guess that’s how he died. And we remember that Moon-shik was tempted to the dark side with promises of the best doctors for Myung-hee, so he was initially torn between defending his friends and saving her. Obviously, his obsession with Myung-hee won out. And Myung-hee probably married him just cause it was him. Her friend, her saviour, but I doubt that marriage was ever consummated but Moon-shik probably doesn’t mind just as long as he can have her.

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