“Kill Me, Heal Me” Week 5 – Ji Sung Is Totally KILLING It!


This drama has been fun, the humor in the last few episodes has been a joy to watch. There are also moments that bring tears, where you can feel the character’s pain and heartache. This week things got more serious as Ri-Jin’s fake twin brother meets face-to-face with Do-Hyun and agrees to let him manage turning Omega’s books into movies. He also makes it clear that he knows where his sister is living and doesn’t like it one bit.

It begins with Ri-Jin waking up and wondering where the hell she is and how she got there. LMAO, I guess that kiss threw her for a loop. When she finally remembers, she’s mortified and crawls back under the covers. Do-Hyun is experiencing similar morning-after flutters while exercising, he keeps flashing back to the look on Ri-Jin’s face and the kiss. He hits a button to speed up the treadmill and ends up falling. Bwahahaha!

Ri-Jin convinces herself that Do-Hyun was drunk while Do-Hyun does yoga and hears a voice telling him to cut lust out of his life – while hearts and kisses float around his head so he ends up slapping his own face. I’m seriously laughing so hard, I’m crying. Ri-Jin tries to sneak out of the house but Do-Hyun catches her. He follows her outside and they end up chasing each other all over, which is cute.

They finally head out to eat. While Do-Hyun watches her and smiles, Ri-Jin stuffs her face and then lets out a huge burp. I can’t…Ahahaha! In his head, Do-Hyun promises alter bad-boy Se-Gi: if he doesn’t stop these moments or steal Do-Hyun’s time with Ri-Jin, he’ll fulfill all of Se-Gi’s wishes in his next life. Awww, he’s in lurve, he can’t take his eyes off her. So this means both Do-Hyun and alter, Se-Gi are in love with Ri-Jin.

A meeting between cousin Ki-Joon’s Mother and insane girlfriend Chae-Yeon where they discuss the rumors floating around that Chae-Yeon’s eyes are wandering because of Do-Hyun. Mom poo-poo’s this idea, her son Ki-Joon is superior to Do-Hyun in every conceivable way so the rumors must be groundless. Ermmm, from the look that crosses Chae-Yeon’s face, I don’t think she agrees with this.

Ri-Jin sets up a desk area to have an official consultation with Do-Hyun, complete with scented candles and tells him not to be nervous. He thinks the atmosphere is excessive and she’s the one who seems nervous. (LOL) She brings up Positive Transference, which is when a patient feels excessive positive emotions towards their therapist. When he smiles, she squeals inside her head and talks about his puppy-like smile. OMO, she’s just like all of us! *keke* She rushes out of the room to get coffee.

Alone, she berates herself for talking about Positive Transference when it’s actually Counter Transference, which is when a therapist obsesses over or has feelings for a patient. Well, at least she’s admitting it? *snort* These two are making me crazy.

When she returns, Do-Hyun is gone and there is a notepad on the chair with the words, “I’m Nana” written on it. Calling out NaNa’s name, she searches the house but finds Yo Na in the bedroom, snooping through her clothes and wearing her PJ’s. Yo Na calls her a bitch (LOL) then sees a photo of Ri-On and they fight over Ri-Jin’s phone because Yo Na wants his number. I love Yo Na, I think she’s become my favorite.

This turns out to be a very long and tiring day for Ri-Jin as ALL of Do-Hyun’s personalities make an appearance with the exception of Se-Gi. She spends hours dancing with Perry Park to keep him from making bombs but the most moving scene again involves Yo-Sub. She finds him looking at an art book and asks if he regrets not being able to die the day he wanted to jump off that building?

She gently explains if he had died that day, he would no longer be able to enjoy the music or pictures that he’s enjoying right now. He heads out of the room, saying he’s tired and going to bed but stops. Calling her Noona, he thanks her and reassures her that he’s not thinking of killing himself right now. Tears stream down her face (and mine) as she breathes a huge sigh of relief. The moment he called her Noona, I teared up. *sniff*

The next day at work, there’s an elevator confrontation with cousin Ki-Joon and insane girlfriend Chae-Yeon. Ki-Joon tries to apologize for Chae-Yeon’s behavior but also scolds Do-Hyun for cheating on his doctor girlfriend by going on a blind date. Do-Hyun puts them both in their places when the doors open and Ri-Jin appears as his new secretary. LOL, I loved the looks on both of their snooty faces.

Chae-Yeon throws another tantrum but this time, she’s insisting to Ko-Joon that they announce their engagement asap. *snicker* She’s so jealous that Do-Hyun brought Ri-Jin into the company that she can’t see straight. Poor Ki-Joon, I’m starting to feel sorry for this guy since he knows Chae-Yeon still has feelings for Do-Hyun – which makes him second choice. That kinda sucks.

Do-Hyun’s Mother is waiting in his office, which creates a problem when scary Granny shows up. I guess Mom isn’t allowed to show her face at the company or even allowed to visit with her son? I still don’t quite understand the family dynamics but I’m sure it will all be clear soon. Ri-Jin rescues Do-Hyun, pulling him away from both women. After they leave, Mom tells scary Granny that her son will most likely never wake up from his coma.

Ri-Jin meets Professor Seok, who is surprised she’s here but understands her wish to help Do-Hyun. He’s also very surprised to learn all of Do-Hyun’s personalities came out in one night and wonders if Ri-Jin is the catalyst. Is she the reason the alter personalities are coming forward and suddenly being much more active? *ding, ding, ding*

Secretary Ahn informs Do-Hyun that mystery writer Omega wants to meet but when he arrives, he’s shocked to see Ri-On, who introduces himself as Omega. He confesses he knew who Do-Hyun was when they met on the airplane, he assumed “Perry Park” was Do-Hyun’s fake identity to hide his chaebol status. (LOL, so close!) He agrees to sign a contract to allow ID Entertainment to turn his books into movies but with conditions.

First, he wants control of the scenario and arrangements because he doesn’t trust anyone else with his work. Second, he wants to be known as ghostwriter for Omega because he still doesn’t want his identity to come out. He finally makes it clear that he knows his sister is living with Do-Hyun, his last condition is to be put in touch with her.

When Ri-Jin shows up, she’s shocked to see her brother and tries to run but he chases her around the cafe. *sigh* Why is this girl running away from all these hot guys? IDIOT. He demands she come home immediately but she begs for time to help this chaebol person. He reluctantly agrees but as he drives home, he sadly tells himself that it’s his own fault for allowing contact. Hmmm…

While fake brother/sister are arguing, Do-Hyun is home having flashbacks of being alone in a basement. He hears Se-Gi’s belittling voice inside his head: he won’t be able to handle the pain of those memories, he’ll run away and hide like he did before. Ahhh, so it’s Se-Gi who comes out when he’s most frightened? Ri-Jin arrives home to find Do-hyun in the throes of a nightmare. He won’t release her hand when she tries to leave but instead, pulls her closer, hanging on for dear life. (that’s my impression).

Some time passes, both curl facing each other and fall asleep. Suddenly Do-Hyun’s eyes fly open and he sees Ri-Jin on the bed with him. Her eyes open too but she can instantly tell this person is not Do-Hyun. It’s Se-Gi…and he’s very angry. He jumps on top of her and screams in her face: why is she in Do-Hyun’s bedroom? *gasp* Okay, that scared the hell out of me. Se-Gi might be smexy to look at but he’s creepy and threatening. (LOL)

Ri-Jin tries to explain she’s there as Do-Hyun’s doctor to help mediate things between him and Do-Hyun. He thinks she’s there to try killing him and because Do-Hyun has essentially declared war. He also firmly believes Ri-Jin has fallen for Do-Hyun. He directs her attention to the video message, dresses and storms out – locking Ri-Jin inside. She watches the video and immediately understands Se-Gi is headed to Chae-Yeon’s place.

Se-Gi arrives at Chae-Yeon’s and watches Ki-Joon leave. He phones Chae-Yeon, who comes to the door. Has she never seen a scary movie? You do NOT open the door! That makes her that stupid dead girl. (LOL) Se-Gi works his way inside, supposedly for a glass of wine. Uh, huh. Secretary Ahn arrives to unlock the doors so Ri-Jin can head Se-Gi off but she arrives too late, she sees Se-Gi emerging from Chae-Yeon’s house.

Ordering him into her car, she drives home. It’s odd that Se-Gi listens to her and follows her orders. He also keeps saying she must make a choice between the two men and that if she’s not going to “have” him, she can’t touch him. His plan is to completely destroy Do-Hyun’s life, making things such a huge mess that Do-Hyun never comes back out and remains hidden. OMO, that way Se-Gi can take over? Whoa!

Once back home, Se-Gi angrily comments that everyone appears to be on Do-Hyun’s side but he plans to change that. He also refuses to answer when Ri-Jin questions him about her presence in his childhood – he will only tell her if she chooses him over Do-Hyun. He insists Do-Hyun won’t come back because his memories have finally begun to come out and Do-Hyun can’t handle those memories. This is truly fascinating.

The next day, Se-Gi retrieves his car at Chae-Yeon’s and goes to work. All the females (and some of the males) coo over his appearance, he’s so handsome and fashionable. (LOL) He sits in scary Chairman Granny’s chair and talks to the photo of his Grandfather but…he doesn’t call him Grandfather, he calls him Father. OMGosh, was my guess right?

Ri-Jin and Secretary Ahn finally find Se-Gi and try to drag him out but it’s too late since Do-Hyun is expected in a meeting with Ki-Joon. During this meeting, Ki-Joon is surprised Do-Hyun was able to get Omega to sign a contract. Not only that but Do-Hyun is to remain in charge. HA! Ki-Joon returns to his own office and throws things. Se-Gi wonders out loud why Do-Hyun takes this kind of crap from people, is he stupid?

Ri-Jin meets Do-Hyun’s Mom, who gifts her with an expensive handbag but it’s really only to pry information out of her about Do-Hyun. Se-Gi angrily interrupts, dragging Ri-Jin away and warns his Mother never to call her out again. When Ri-Jin questions him, he yells that woman basically stood by and watched while Do-Hyun was being abused. Yea…can’t say that I blame him here. Ri-Jin is shocked to learn he was abused.

Ri-On goes back over things in his head and remembers a few remarks Ri-Jin made about the chaebol she’s treating. He figures out Do-Hyun is suffering from D.I.D. and decides to remove his sister from the situation before she gets hurt. He drags her out of Do-Hyun’s house, shoves her into his car, slams the door and turns to confront who he thinks is Do-Hyun. Well, he certainly figured that out fast.

Se-Gi snarks: is he even Ri-Jin’s real brother? *gasp* He knows? Also very interesting that it only takes Ri-On a few seconds to figure out this person is not Do-Hyun but tells him he’s taking his sister home. Se-Gi doesn’t believe he has that right and threatens Ri-On for looking at Ri-Jin with the eyes of a man. Ri-On threatens right back, saying he’s the son of Seung Jin Group so he has even less right. Wait…what does that mean?

A late night confrontation between Se-Gi and scary Granny, he demands she give him Seung Jin Group and tells her to stop waiting for son Cha Joon-Pyo to wake up. When he breaks this son’s photo, she starts to slap him but he stops her. He will no longer live quietly as if he’s not there, why does everyone think he lost all his memories? He’s incredibly threatening, it’s awesome!

He then goes to visit the comatose Cha Joon-Pyo, saying it’s time for that guy to rest in peace. OMO, is he going to kill him? OH MY GAWD, this is so intense!


At the beginning of episode 10, we heard Do-Hyun’s voice as he questions himself: what did he figure out, that he wasn’t alone in that basement? There was another person with him but who was it? All we see is a shadowy figure so I have no idea. Was it really another person or did he create these personalities to keep him company? Was he locked in a basement because of whose son he is? Professor Seok believes Do-Hyun might come back, stronger than ever but I’m not so sure.

I also have a question: the synopsis says “a man with 7 personalities” but…guys, we’ve only met 5. There’s Se-Gi, Perry Park, Yo-Na, Yo-Sub, Na-Na and, if we include him, Do-Hyun. That’s 6 so is there someone we haven’t met yet? *shivers* Exciting!

There was immense satisfaction in seeing Ki-Joon’s face when the signed contract was presented and that one of Omega’s conditions is Do-Hyun remains in charge. You just know Do-Hyun was given that task because Ki-Joon thought he would fail and be a laughing-stock within the company so yay for the underdog. *snicker* This kind of stuff always makes me happy. I hate it when the bad guys continually win, it’s more interesting when there’s a bit of back and forth.

I’m somewhat relieved nothing happened with Chae-Yeon but I’m not 100% sure since parts of their meeting inside her house weren’t shown. It’s enough to know he’s shaken her, yet again. (Ugh) I’m kind of hoping Se-Gi remains to handle company matters since he’s better able to play dirty and fight back but I don’t want him around to deal with either Ri-Jin or Chae-Yeon. I wonder if they would let me set an alarm clock for when I want each guy to appear? *hee*


  • bmore says:

    He’s killing it and Killing Me along with it! Man….it’s gonna be a looooong 5 days to the next episode! And Se Gi may be scary…but he’s still sexy as all hell. Dual personalities aside, not many guys would be happy to find their girlfriend in bed with “another man”. Especially when he was already suspicious and when he suspects they may be trying to “kill” him. So his reaction was actually pretty normal…for a guy like him…who isn’t really real. Or…is he? Maybe he is the real one and everyone else is make believe???? Ah…don’t care. This is too much fun.

    • bmore says:

      Oh. And we still have to meet Mr X. Is he going to be a new one? Or is he one that has been there all along and no one else knows about him? Or, will he be a combination of some identities as the pieces start coming together? I wonder how that is going to work. I cried buckets, literally sobbing my heart out in It’s Okay when Jae Yeol was giving Gang Woo his new shoes and saying goodbye. Thought I would die from grief and heartbreak. I don’t think this will be like that. It’s not really that kind of show. But, I really hope we have an entire episode at the end with our OTP spending a day together (maybe at the zoo or amusement park or whatever) doing stuff; and as they do, see tiny bits of each of his Others coming out. That would be fun. A lot of work for Ji Sung though!

      • tessieroo says:

        ROFL! I don’t care either, this is wayyy too much fun. 😀

        Ahhh, Mr. X! Thank, hon – I suddenly remembered the “7 personalities” thing and counted (LOL) which made me realize there’s one missing.

  • stuartjmz says:


    He really, REALLY, is! I avoided this Drama because the premise was so utterly ludicrous and because the casting troubles made it seem like DrWTF Part 2 was on the way. After holding out for three weeks I caved, solely on the basis of hearing literally NOTHING but raves about Mr LBY’s performance. Those raves were not wrong. His astonishing performance is the only thing that lifts this Drama above the ordinary. What could propel it into the EXTRAordinary is if instead of “Ji Seon Killing It” it was “Se Gi Killing It”, with the “it” in question being the creepy and conniving Omega, of course. Make It so, writers!

    • bmore says:

      the casting troubles really made me question the quality on this too…so glad I gave it a chance…but with Ji Sung in it I couldn’t not! He has such an amazing range of dark and light in his roles. He can be absolutely hilarious, heartbreakingly sad, and scary bad. And, can you imagine Lee Seung gi in this part? I know Hyun Bin was also mentioned early on. I wonder, given the uneven tone of Hyde’s script, if he is regretting that decision now?

  • ulieulie says:

    Totally agree with the title, but ji sung please hehehehe.
    So, is there a possibility that do-hyun an adopted child or he is chairman cha gun-ho son with another woman?
    Thanks for the recap

  • NINI says:

    He’s killing it..? OH .HeLL.Yeh. Damn if this show isnt gripping, and thrilling, and endearing, and whatnot with Ji Sung at the helm of affairs. Although its Se Gi who ‘s more outwardly hot and aggressive, its really Do-Hyun, when he’ s with Ri Jin, that sends my pulse racing. I mean the way he looks at her.. ‘m a puddle! And its cause its truly Ri Jin her’self’ that he’s falling for, the closeted, aloof , lonely man who still loves life and wants to live it. Hes so truly decent, dignified ,yet so charmingly boyish in his besotted smiles, God its disarming!
    I like immensely how the show is paced, the later egos, and the sometimes outlandish humor..hehe.. Ri Jin is nuts (to put it mildly). But they balance it all so well. It has me hooked, if simply for the fact that none of the alter egos remind me of Do-Hyun or each other! They are soo distinct, disparate, I am sure their thumb prints wont match! Ji sung all the way.

    • tessieroo says:

      I’ve also noticed the physical humor – Ji Sung falling on the treadmill, both chasing each other through the bushes, Hwang-Eum sliding across the floor and more. They’re both doing an excellent job with the physical humor too. 😀

  • trotwood says:

    I was a puddle of goo when he called her noona, too. I love the way this show can make me laugh out loud even at tense parts (like when she slid across the floor to grab SG’s hand!). I love the way DH looks at her, but I also love the way SG is taking no prisoners at the company. She is right. All the personalities need to come together to fight the company forces; otherwise, he is truly outnumbered. Or SG could just recruit all the female office workers as his spies; they are all in love with him on site anyway. 🙂

    • tessieroo says:

      This is exactly why I want SG to be the one handling company and work matters, he doesn’t put up with any crap from any of those people. 😀

  • Renu says:

    Its getting interesting. Let’s see how it goes. I am still not able to understand the big incident happened in their childhood. Seul Gi knows everything. Whatever he says, its related to the past. It has deep meaning lol. We need to understand his dialogues properly to know about the childhood incident. 🙂

  • jomo says:

    Thanks for the weekly cap.
    Things I never expected to see in a drama: “She spends hours dancing with Perry Park to keep him from making bombs…”

    So funny how that makes perfect sense!!
    JiSung owns me right now.

    I have one comment about SG. He is tough as nails, and won’t back down, but he doesn’t have the brains or education to outwit his cousin. His doodling at the meeting, the way he listens to RJ when she scolds him and the fact he is so worried about losing RJ to himself prove he’s mentally still about 13. LOL
    We need both DH and SG to beat Gramma, etc. IF that is what he wants. Whether to destroy the company or make it his.

    I linked my fanvid I made last week. Even though we got trolled by the preview, so my Nana isn’t accurate!

  • paloma says:

    Ji Sung has me in his grasp with each and every one of these personalities, although I do have a fave in Yona lol

    I agree about Se Gi taking a turn for the scary when he reacted that way. I find it sexy when he exudes his outer confidence but not so much when he’s overpowering and yelling at our heroine.

    I will say that, for me personally, one of the most touching scenes this week has to have been when SeGi was talking to Do Hyun via the mirror when they were alone. He has had to deal with the harshest memories by himself for so long that for the first time I felt that rather than just taunting or belittling Do Hyun this scene showed SeGi screaming for help just as much, if not more so, than Do Hyun or Yo-sub. And if Ri Jin is his only source of healing I can definitely understand his protectiveness over her. It’s almost as if he’s begging Do Hyun to let him have at least this for himself but since he doesn’t know how to rationalize he just threatens and intimidates instead.

    Alas, these are wild guesses since we don’t know exactly what happened yet but I am oh so looking forward to the answers! It will definitely be a loooong 5 days!!

    • tessieroo says:

      True! I think SG is the most angry, which tells me he was shoved forward to deal with all the frightening things that happened in the past – he had to witness these things firsthand. Even his anger towards his Mom for not doing anything and just watching while DH was abused…he’s VERY angry.
      I’m making a wild guess that it was scary Granny or the guy in the coma who maybe locked DH in a basement as a child? Scary Granny probably considers him an abomination if he’s really the result of an affair between her husband and the daughter-in-law. All speculation on my part. 😀

      • bmore says:

        one of my speculations too…scary

        • tessieroo says:

          I can’t wait to finally figure out who is who – which one is the son of the Mistress and which one is the daughter-in-law’s son. I thought it was just a rumor (affair between Gramps and daughter-in-law) until this week when SG called that painting “Father”. O_O
          We also now know the Oh family raised that daughter-in-law’s child but that means Ri-On is …what? Does that make him Do Hyun’s step-brother? ARRGGGG, I get so confused when I try to figure it out!

          • bmore says:

            I think so too…they are some kind of brothers or cousins…or..if one is the product of Grandfather and DIL and one is the product of DIL and random dude …..WTH??? what kind of relationship is that? Or worse. One is the son of Grandfather and DIL, one is the son of DIL and ComaDad. Yikes. With a mom like that, no wonder he/they would be messed up after finding that out! Yet, mystery mom/Hwa-Ran says she is the birth mother of Do Hyun. Or is she? I don’t know!!! She obviously has some kind of hold over that family or she wouldn’t still be around. But she is very afraid of Do Hyun ‘waking up’. Like she will lose her hold on him or something.

            Of course both brothers (or whatever they are–cousins? Uncle/nephew?) MUST love the same woman…and we HAVE to have the little hint at incest…that isn’t REALLY incest…but kinda is! aaaaaaahhh. wishing my life away day by day until Wednesday. I wonder how long they are going to torture us as our speculations fly further and further afield into far more wild and twisted areas? Brunkle? Unkther? What WOULD you call 2 men whose moms are the same but whose dads were father and son?

            Time for me to fire up the still and brew up another batch of moonshine to go with my biscuits and redeye gravy and grits!!! Maybe I should break out Deliverance and watch it for the umteenth time? 🙁 or not. I think Cinderella might be a healthier choice for my brain at this point. OH…next ep of Heart to Heart should be ready soon…now there is a sure antidote!

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