“Healer” Finale – Things We Like: Ji Chang Wook’s Smile


I went into this last week with trepidation, worried how it would all turn out and if everyone would be happy with the ending. This is most likely a result of being disappointed with many K-drama endings in the past but I guess whether or not you’re satisfied depends on the characters or parts of the story that are most important to you. Healer’s ending was one of the better ones I’ve seen but I’m kinda bummed it felt rushed.

This week began with Jung-Hoo being blackmailed into finding a tip that came into SomeDay News from Russia. HUH? What the…I’m so confused. Once he figures out what they want (and we do as well) he’s forced to record a ridiculous POW-type statement, admitting he murdered ex-cop Dong-Cheul – which no one in their right mind would believe since it’s obvious he’s under duress – or watch as Young-Shin is possibly poisoned.

Then we see the Elder flash on the screen, spouting the same lines he used with Moon-Sik: just close your eyes once and then open them back up. Suddenly, Moon-Ho is let out of the locked room he was in and forced to join his brother and political cronies for drinks again. I couldn’t for the life of me see why he sat down, I woulda decked Moon-Sik and walked out! But I guess it’s consistent with his character that he doesn’t do anything.

I was happy to see our OTP communicating, he tells her what happened and I loved her anger and spunk, wanting to immediately attack that crazy old man. We had another confrontation between the brothers with nothing being resolved, just more of Moon-Sik smirking and laughing and more of Moon-Ho clenching his fists in anger. One new thing we learned is that Moon-Ho also lied in 1992, saying Gil-Han and Joon-Seok often fought over money… because Moon-Sik told him to.

We also learn Moon-Sik is very much aware his wife is listening, the only honest reaction we get from him is when Moon-Ho brings up Ji-An and he suddenly rips the tiny microphone from the back of the picture frame where Myung-Hee placed it. Too late, it turns out, since she already heard Moon-Sik lied about Ji-An being dead when she’s alive. Ah God, poor Myung-Hee, my heart just aches for this woman.

Ahjumma figures out creepy-guy-in-the-glasses was involved in the last case she worked on as a detective. He’s Team Leader Ahn, head of Jae Il New’s Special Investigations and the new thugs all work under him. But if he’s part of Jae Il News, wouldn’t Moon-Ho be aware of him? Never mind, I’m trying to make connections where there aren’t any. (LOL) We’ll just assume Team Leader Ahn works underground at Jae Il News.

Jung-Hoo wastes a bunch of time getting photos and fingerprints of these thugs but it all turns out for naught since no fingerprints are found on the lead pipe used to kill ex-cop Dong-Cheul. And in spite of Moon-Ho being offered the position of CEO at Jae Il News, he and our rag-tag crew of reporters continue digging up dirt on the Elder. Moon-Sik snarks that his brother is inflexible but orders if Jung-Hoo isn’t found within one more day, Team Leader Ahn should release the video of him confessing to murder.

Awesome cuteness as our OTP miss each other. While Young-Shin goes up to her room, hoping he crawled through the window again, Jung-Hoo is at a computer/gaming room, watching Young-Shin’s broadcast clips. They are adorable.

The next morning, Moon-Sik is all smiles until he understands Myung-Hee, she’s clearly saying goodbye. She thanks him for taking care of her all these years, even when she told him she would never be his woman. She’s going to stay with Moon-Ho and try finding her daughter. He offers to help *pulls out hair* but she admits she can’t trust him. He seems unable to process that, insisting she, of all people, trusts him.

She hits him with the information that she knows he lied about her daughter being dead and his answer is very unsatisfactory: everyone said Ji-An was dead. He’s still lying! *shakes head* Unbelievable. Moon-Ho walks into the room and wheels her out. Instead of tears during this scene, I was cheering. I’ve wanted her out of that house and away from Moon-Sik’s creepy, obsessive love since episode 1.

Moon-Ho takes her to visit SomeDay News where she gets a hero’s welcome, being one of the 5 original pirate-reporters from 1980. She questions Young-Shin when they’re alone about her boyfriend, doesn’t he work here? Young-Shin mentions he’s fighting the Elder, that crazy old man is trying to blackmail her boyfriend into working for him. Moon-Ho watches through the window, I’ll bet he’s been wanting to see these two together since he found Young-Shin.

They broadcast the 1992 lead-paint story, fake varnish was used on a bridge, which later collapsed before it was opened. The company supplying the varnish went bankrupt, merged with another company and Omega Venture Capital profited. Myung-Hee explains the original pirate broadcasters were investigating Omega Venture Capital, which seemed to be forcing companies into bankruptcy and then buying them up. Omega Venture Capital is now Omega Holdings and the CEO is Park Jeong Dae – the Elder. Moon-Ho calls him out, requesting an interview.

Ahjumma gets in touch with Detective Yoon to ask if he remembers that Ahn guy, he was the expert hacker involved in their last case. Yoon wants to meet Ahjumma in person, he misses her. She asks if he’s not married yet, tells him he needs to get over her and meet another woman. Ahahaha, I love these two. She wants him to match the fingerprints Jung-Hoo took against fingerprints on the lead pipe but he’s more excited that she left him a phone to contact her with.

Team Leader Ahn planted a tracking device in one of the black-box memory cards Jung-Hoo stole from the thugs van. This means when Ahjumma tries to download the information from that card, her locations is beamed onto the computers at Double S Group. Ahn, his thugs and Double S thugs all head out to find her. Luckily Jung-Hoo figures this out and rescues her just in time.

The first face-to-face meeting between wuri Healer and Ahjumma is hilarious, he can’t believe she’s this frumpy, does she really go around dressed like this? When he continues to stare at her in the car, she threatens to pull out his…but doesn’t finish the sentence. LMAO! He wants her to work with him on something but she only works for money. He reminds her that he’s the Healer so she should trust him and grins at her, laughing. *faints* His smile should be registered as a deadly weapons.

When Team Leader Ahn and his thugs don’t find anything in Ahjumma’s lair, he’s furious so they send thugs to Pops Choi’s cafe. When Young-Shin arrives home, she finds Pops and Ahjussi tied up with thugs waiting for her. As she runs, Jung-Hoo comes flying out of nowhere, beats the thugs and ties them up – in front of a shocked Pops Choi and Ahjussi. Jung-Hoo tries to stammer out an explanation but Young-Shin takes over.

Pops wants to know if this means Young-Shin is in danger and (by the way) is his name not Park Bong-Soo? Ahahaha, Pops moves forward to smack Jung-Hoo but Ahjussi holds him back. He hugs Young-Shin in front of both men again but when he returns for a kiss, he stops (since it appears Pops is gonna kick his ass) and just tells her to eat and listen to her Dad. ROFL!

Moon-Ho is attacked next, they capture him in a compromising position with a high-school girl but Dae-Yong manages to catch the thug and beat the crap outta him. The other side also sends protesters out to try sullying the reputation of SomeDay News and force them to close. Ahjumma meets Moon-Ho, tells him to be more careful and hands over what’s referred to as the LA video clip that got Seong-Cheol murdered.

Detective Yoon phones Ahjumma to tell her there were no fingerprints on the pipe used to kill ex-cop Dong-Cheol. He also receives the video of Jung-Hoo confessing to murder. Young-Shin happens to be in the room and overhears this, which sends tears streaming down her face. She tells Jung-Hoo they need to get that crazy old man but if they can’t, they should just run away together. Awwww.

Moon-Ho brings Myung-Hee to the cafe, it’s clear he finally told her. Although she doesn’t say anything to Young-Shin, she cries as she looks through photo albums with Pops Choi and sees how her daughter grew up. Jung-Hoo visits Moon-Sik’s but finds him drunk and hallucinating. *blinks* Seriously? Oh, come on! Pfffttttt, so he just ends up going crazy? *sigh* I guess losing Myung-Hee was punishment enough.

Jung-Hoo slips a bug into Secretary Oh’s pocket, tells him he wants to meet the Elder and that he has the Russian tip the Elder was looking for. One inside the Elder’s place, he roughs up Secretary Oh but it’s really to take the bug back. Ahh…he knew Secretary Oh wouldn’t be searched so it was the only way to get a bug inside. Smart. He places the bug on the underside of the bar.

Jung-Hoo hands over the phone from the Russian tipster, it contains a video of villagers throwing up and collapsing. The Elder wants the video but also continues to demand Jung-Hoo work for him. Little does he know the real phone from the Russian tipster is in Moon-Ho’s hands, listing her flight information for arriving in Korea. Jung-Hoo only handed over a phone with a copy of the video.

Young-Shin goes to her room to find Jung-Hoo sitting on her window sill and gripes about his use of cheesy pick-up lines again. She’s still lyin’, she loves it. They go for a drive, just the two of them and end up sitting together on the rooftop of a building. In voice-over, Jung-Hoo lists all the things he likes: high places, first snow, small hands, white bedding and that hair. The things he doesn’t like is anything and everything that keeps him from the things he likes.

Elaborate Plan B involves making the Elder believe Jung-Hoo is willing to work for him. I guess this guy is so used to people bending to his will that it never crosses his mind he’s being played. Our Healer team plan to meet the researcher who took part in the creation of a bacteria that could be used to make people ill. The idea was to first make people sick, then demand a private company should be in charge of managing the water – which the Elder most likely owns. So we’ve moved from lead-paint to laced water. Yeeesh, all that for money?

Moon-Ho is to meet the researcher, who is bringing the last supply of bacteria with her but he tricks the bad guys by acknowledging the wrong woman. The real woman slips away to meet Young-Shin in a bathroom, hands over the live bacteria and sits for a quick interview. Team Leader Ahn, furious they lost the woman, threatens Jung-Hoo to either find her and stop the interview or he’s done for.

Jung-Hoo pretends to capture the woman, drags her out of the bathroom and straight to Team Leader Ahn but the whole thing is being filmed by Young-Shin. *snicker* When Ahn orders his thugs to grab the camera, Jung-Hoo stops them long enough for Moon-Ho to grab the camera. Unfortunately, researcher woman runs but she’s heading straight towards the killer Ahn hired. Jung-Hoo beats a couple of cops, takes one of their guns and aims it at the guy, which is when Detective Yoon shoots Jung-Hoo.

Panic for a moment as he falls in slow motion and Young-Shin crumbles to the ground but we learn it was all part of the plan. LMAO at the look that passes between Moon-Ho and Detective Yoon. Jung-Hoo was “killed” as Park Bong-Soo in his attempt to stop a whistle-blower against Omega Holdings. This leaves him free to live as himself: Jung-Hoo. Ahn, Double S Group and all the thugs are taken into custody. It’s also reported that Omega Holding CEO Park Jeong-Dae (Elder) is the person who ordered the hit but we don’t see him being arrested or in jail.

Reunion between Moon-Ho and Min Jae (Ugh) which is the only time I wanted to fast-forward. Really cute ending with Jung-Hoo being Young-Shin’s photographer as she chases yet another story. She lists the things she likes: the sound of the camera shutter he makes, his big hands, smiling eyes and big embrace. The things she doesn’t like is anything and everything that keeps her from the things she likes. And kisses, kisses everywhere.


Was it more important to have quality OTP time, with kisses or maybe marriage and babies? Then this ending probably made some happy. Did you want a true re-union between mother and daughter or conclusive answers to what exactly happened in 1992 and how Healer’s father died? Then you might not be 100% happy. There were quite a few things thrown at us that seemed desperately important but ended up not being important at all.

Joon-Seok’s interrogation tape seemed to be a matter of life and death but it had no impact at all. Was Joon-Seok murdered by poison or some other way or did he kill himself in prison? Not important. Nor was it important how Myung-Hee ended up so critically ill and in a wheelchair, we were left to guess. Even the last-minute placement of a bug on the underside of Elder’s bar became not important since we never saw how it was used.

We didn’t get a complete re-union between mother and daughter, we’re left to guess they both know who the other is but nothing is said. Nor did Young-Shin ever introduce Jung-Hoo to her mother. There were viewers wishing for a scene between Jung-Hoo and his mother, where he told her what truly happened in 1992 and introduced Young-Shin but we didn’t get that either.

I’m not sure what the purpose of Jung-Hoo’s “Healer” interview was since we never saw it being broadcast but I’m gonna go with the idea that he did it for Young-Shin. I do remember one of her original goals was to interview the Healer so it fits. But we also know she can’t show it on air so it must be for her own personal use. *hehehe* That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Things I like: Ji Chang Wook’s gorgeous, smile.
Things I don’t like: Anything and everything that keeps me from the thing I like.


  • JCWLove says:

    I realized that I am a kdrama addict that watches for the beauty of watching and then analyze after it all comes out, unless it is horribly executed and there are obvious flaws to take not of when watching. But anyway, what I loved about Healer was that when I was watching it, there are imperfections and gaps but I don’t question them and I don’t easily find them. And even now when I look back at the whole series, it’s still so perfect to me. I loved the ending because it was so satisfying and I got what I wanted out of the drama. Yes, there are a lot of things to answer but I also enjoyed knowing how things were going to turn out. Many dramas leave wrap things up but we don’t get enough character development to predict what will happen and so I always feel lost or hurt that I don’t know where things will go. That wasn’t what I got from Healer. It was different because the characters are so fleshed out that we really do know what will happen and can easily predict them to do the things we didn’t see in the last few episodes.

    And I loved how episode 1 and 20 were tied in neatly. There was a beginning and end although….the real Park Bong Soo…..will always confuse me. Hopefully his family is outraged that he is dead when he is not? Lol. But whatever, I can overlook that.\

    Awesome drama though. Great acting from everyone.

    • Dani says:

      I have read at dramabeans comment section that the real PBS is a hit and run victim with no next of kin. It was in few episodes before when Det. Yoon was investigating PBS and found out that the real PBS died of car crash, that’s why ahjumma used his identity, because there’s no next of kin. So, the writer actually did quite a good job of tie all the things together. The pic shown as PBS is the real PBSs pic.

      • Jcwlove says:

        Omg now that is why I love this drama so much. It is just so freaking awesome. Thank you for reminding me of that.

      • Really, thank you. I will have to check that out because I have seen every episode more than once and did not see that at all…. do you happen to know which episode? I think there will be a sequel….that’s why the underside of the table when turned over held a hard drive taped to it…I hope.

        • Dani says:

          Hi Evelyn, I think it was on episode 3 when PBS appeared at Someday news and ahjumma give a little info about who PBS is, but I am not quite sure. I have to re-watch it and let you know. But I found other explanation on the Q&A with Song Ji Na the writer on Soompi.
          Q: What happened to the real PBS?
          A: Remember what the Elder said about missing people in Korea? That they stop looking for them after 5 years? PBS is probably one of them. Somebody gone missing over 5 years. That must be why MJ used it as a fake identity for JH.
          PBS, if you’re alive and well, go after MJ. She’ll figure something out for you.

    • Leesa says:

      I would love to see a movie to tie everything up. Any chance of that?? Would be amazing!

    • Cat says:

      Kdrama Addicts Unite 🙂

    • Zuzu says:

      Attention Healer fans! Vote for Healer to make it the best drama of the month at:
      Healer ANTI Fans, you can vote for Kill me heal me to bring it down. Just kidding. 😉

      Healer is in the second place right now with 4294 votes. We need 1400 more votes to be in the first place!

    • Christopher says:

      The ending leaves so many questions unanswered, it makes me frustrated. None of the main villains (except the elders) are shown caught, the mother-daughter relationship, the two hackers relationship, either families of main characters, anything related to the internet company and its co-workers, even kim moon shik fate is not shown.

      • De says:

        Thank you Christopher! I’m feeling the same way…. I LOVED this drama….the pace, the characters, and the storyline….but I’m sorry way too many unanswered questions. I’m like really? I guess I have to give it a pass since the two leads were absolutely adorable together. KMS punishment will have to be executed in my imagination. And though I’m glad KMH did end up with his girl it would have been nice to hear him say that he was over his first love. I guess I’ll have to play that one out in my head too.

    • Avery says:

      I thought the elder released the video of Joon Ho confessing to the murder of Park Dong Cheol to the police. Why is Joon Ho free to live under his own name then?

  • I agree about the rushed ending…but I hated it to end period…now I feel a serious downer…. I can’t imagine anything taking its place that I’ll love as much. I want more… more, more.

  • maddymappo says:

    Hello Tessieroo, thank you for this great wrap up.

    I loved this drama but the ending, in my opinion, was not up to par with the drama as a whole. There were storylines we expected to be resolved but were left hanging. Yes, I really did expect to see how Myoeng Hee got into that accident. Since JiNa’s last memory is of her wandering along the highway, I was also wondering if she actually saw her mother get hit, and if that was why she lost her memory. Apparently, that all does not matter.

    We all wanted to see YS’s Dad’s x-con buddies, help Healer bust Elder. Or, at least YS’ Dad using his criminal law expertise to help. That did not happen. Instead we got a glam girl cameo with this from Russia with love bio scam story.

    Also, we were told over and over again that Myoeng Hee’s convulsions were so severe she would have a brain hemorrhage and die from the stress if she found out her daughter is alive. In an early episode, when Moon Ho suggests JiNa could be alive, Myoeng Hee vehemently denies it and has a severe convulsion. Yet, when she finally does learn the truth, she takes it in stride and calmly makes plans to move out. (But she does answer one crucial question for us – No! she never had sex with yeechy Moon Sik. Now I can sleep).

    There were a few spots of humor when Double S leader eats Ahjumma’s dinner, and when Healer side steps his swing and instead he belts in the face one of Elder’s minions.

    What worked big time, as you glowingly point out, is JCW’s devilish grin. For that, I thank the powers of the universe and JCW’s parents. If such a smile is possible, life must be worth living.

    If I had my druthers there would have been five weddings at the end. JH and YS, Moon Ho and Min Jae (although why they got back together I am not sure), Myeong Hee and YS’s Dad, Ahjumma and Detective Yoon, and Spy Guy and Dae Yong (why not?).

    And in the end, “all’s well that ends well”, and “all you need is love.” So, despite the lose ends, its all good.

    • tessieroo says:

      I did read that quite a few people were hoping Pops Choi and his x-con buddies would be involved but it didn’t go that direction, we only saw them at the beginning. I think part of my problem was that I began to care wayyyy too much about some of these characters – like Joon-Seok. I really wanted to know what happened to him after he was dragged out of the police interrogation room!
      Strangely, it doesn’t matter that much, I still really enjoyed this whole drama and the ending was enough that I’m not angry or upset. 😀

      • xyrsh says:

        If I’m not mistaken, it was mentioned somewhere by Moon-Ho in one of his broadcast that Jeon-Seok was poisoned and made to look as he committed suicide out of guilt for killing his friend – He never went to the jail in the first place. I think it was the same night when Moon-Shik called Myung-Hee to warn her that there were people coming after them (Moon Shik knows what’s up –> probably means that JS was murdered already and they are trying to get rid of JS family too). I bet Myung Hee’s “accident” is not really accident at all.

        I just finished watching this drama. JCW smile is so addicting >_<

  • twaambo says:

    Loved this show. I don’t even care about the loose ends. …. and finally going to watch Empress Ki because he is in it! <3

    • tessieroo says:

      Ohhh…be prepared to not like JCW’s character (TaHwan) very much – he’s bratty and whines a lot. *kekeke* But he’s funny so I loved him and that drama remains one of my favs! You can check out our recaps for it on this blog. 😀

      • Dani says:

        Tessieroo, what do you think about the Bachelor Vegetable Store, is it worth watching? I have heard bad things about it, but I need my JCW fix after Healer

        • Thanks so much to @Tessieroo for your wonderful site and recaps. I wasn’t asked but I did want to say I loved Bachelor Veg Store after I got over seeing the lead woman in it..since she had been a serious villain in another show that I thought she got away without anything serious happening to her… and our guy looked so much younger, as an old woman, I wasn’t smitten like I am with Healer… that said, it’s a very sweet drama.
          I have watched Healer 3 times since it ended and still not tired of it… still wanting more, and hoping that the Healer reappears real soon. Thanks all of you for your entertaining and wonderful comments…I enjoy reading this blog.

          • tessieroo says:

            Bachelors Veggie Store was meh…but the kiss between the leads at the beginning of ep 18 was fun. (LMAO) *heheh* I preferred Empress Ki as far as JCW’s works go. I also really enjoyed his performance in Five Fingers, that drama was MEH too but JCW’s acting was interesting to watch.
            As far as chemistry with his leading lady, fun/cute BTS vids, romantic scenes and off-the-charts STELLAR acting of JCW, it’s Empress Ki.
            And thanks Evelyn, that’s very sweet! I’m happy you enjoy reading here! *hugs*

            • tessieroo says:

              Oh, almost forgot!

              Dani, if you need a daily fix of JCW, be sure to visit Ji Chang Wook’s Kitchen blog. 😀 They translate a ton of his interviews from both videos and magazines too! 😀 Excellent site for keeping up with what he’s working on and future plans.

              • Dani says:

                Hi Tessieroo and Evelyn, thank you for the insight of BVS series. I have watched Running Man eps 211-212 with JCW in it. It was hilarious! I remember someone made a GIF about your expectation of Healer, and the reality, using the image of JCW in Running Man. If you have not seen it, I recommended it. I have never been an addict, so it is been a quite withdrawal of Healer for me. I try to avoid watching Healer now, since I would be sad towards the ending again hahaha I have been very silly since I was hooked up with this drama. And thank you Tessarioo for very nice recaps on Healer.

            • Dani says:

              I just watched the first 10 mins of ep 18, just for the kiss scene as your ‘recommendation’ hahaha. Oh he looks so cute, but yes, the female main lead is not my favorite. Maybe I should just watch with sound off, and just goo goo ing over JCW, and his lips, and his eyes.

              • tessieroo says:

                Oh, almost forgot another thing he was in – “Have You Ever Had Coffee With An Angel?” (it’s on YouTube w/Eng subs) That was cute too and he’s adorbs in it. 😀
                It’s under “KARA: Secret Love” and I think it was episode 5.

                • Dani says:

                  Yay! Thanks Tessieroo! I am watching it right now!

                • Dani says:

                  OMG semi nude JCW!!! My heart!!!! The story is very ordinary, plus the full make up every time of the day in every situation leading woman is quite disturbing #huahaha this is perhaps pure jealousy from my part. But, that b£$% pushed him to the water!!!! If I was there. there will be some serious cat fight, you woman!!!!

  • Juzluvpink says:

    “Things I like: Ji Chang Wook’s gorgeous, smile.
    Things I don’t like: Anything and everything that keeps me from the thing I like.”

    My exact thought. Every time he smiles my heart skip a beat. Coming from a married woman doesn’t sound v right huh? Lol

    Of all his smiles the one tt is most charming was the one he did after Elder said “Well done”. So cunning yet so satisfying. It’s like saying “I got you Elder”.


    • tessieroo says:

      I first saw JCW’s smile back in Warrior Baek Dong Soo (which I didn’t finish) He really has the prettiest smile – it’s very warm and genuine. Totally daebak. 😀

    • I’m an old, married woman Juzluvpink and I felt the same way so I understand completely what you’re saying. In fact I watched The Vegetable store one just to see it again…I tried Empress Ki but couldn’t make it through that one (again) and he didn’t look the same to me in the Warrior Baek Dong Soo…. or it just didn’t appeal to my interest.

  • goodange says:

    I enjoyed the ending a lot, but yes, there were some things that are still unanswered … still, I can live without those … If I try hard not to think about them. LOL. I wouldn’t have complained for 30 extra minutes to wrap up the rest of the story, but also, anything to keep the show from ending.

    • tessieroo says:

      Me too, Ang. The one I’m having the hardest time letting go of is Joon-Seok, my brain won’t stop with questions regarding him. (LOL) But all in all, really good ending! 😀

    • Ani says:

      Lol I just saw your comment wanting another 30 extra minutes (& to keep the show fr ending)! I felt the same way!

  • Ani says:

    I am still in denial that I won’t get to see anymore episodes next week..:( how is it possible to feel so empty like this… I loved the ending though I wished it was prolonged! This has got to be my favorite drama of all time!! JCW/PMY, what can I say that no one here hasn’t said yet. Love them both..I’ll be forever going back to all the sweet, romantic, kissing/hugging/hand-holding moments they shared!
    I too, wished that Young Shin & Jung Ho had met & introduced each other’s moms. That Moon Shik & his evil, ocd secretary get punished! They should’ve extended the finale for another 30 minutes!!

  • Newbie says:

    Thanks for your recaps of this entertaining show.
    The OTP became one of my favourite couples in Kdrama and this show for sure gives us the best kisses and romantic scenes ever. JCW simply got IT.

  • SoyB says:

    This is the one rare drama where I wished for an extension… it could have used one or two more episodes to tell the final end of the story… alas. My disappointment with the ending is directly in proportion to how great the series was overall and having to throw logic out the window was hard while watching it the finale the first time. But after 24 hours, I mourned for what could have been and rewatched ep 20 with logic checked and just with my heart and I enjoyed it so much more. The humor and fast paced excitement was back and we got kisses… you know how some k-dramas will have a mid series kiss, but nothing at the end? Anyhoo, it was almost perfect and so it will go up there on my favorites list regardless.

  • Pearl says:

    Hello CK Ladies 😀
    I was just a lurker around for all 20 episodes till now but, yes.. (I discovered CK 2 years back and for the first time in 5 years of ‘watching korean dramas’) I can’t resist commenting here 😀
    It’s been four days since Healer got over and I can’t stop thinking about it. 🙁
    Healer is indeed a rare drama which should have extended till 24 episodes (Lol 😛 Yeah to feed my addiction for JCW) but the story was a masterpiece which is rare to see in Dramaland. Yes, there were a few imperfections regarding other parts of the story. Definitely an extra 30 minutes would have closed the loose ends, but overall it was an awesome satisfying drama which I will keep watching in future. 😀
    Thanks TESSIEROO for your wonderful recaps. You have a great sense of humor which makes me laugh all the time 😀 Especially when I read your ‘Greatest Marriage’ recaps. 😀 Omg, they had me dying. Lol. Though I dropped it when you stopped recapping 😛
    It’s dangerous to read your recaps while having lunch as I choke and snort by laughing.
    When you and Clockwatcher do recaps together, I can’t tell you my level of excitement to wait for your recaps. 😀 I follow all CK posts on Soompi too. 😀
    Thanks for existing Couch Kimchi. Love you guys.

    • tessieroo says:

      Awww! I’m really happy you decided to comment! 😀 I agree with everyone who thinks this drama would have benefited from maybe 2 more episodes, just to properly fill in all the blanks but I did the same thing (re-watched the ending) and I too found it much better the second time around. I know myself well enough to know I would have been fuming if we hadn’t gotten any kisses or lovey-dovey screen time for our OTP.

      *shakes hand* Always delighted to meet another fangirl of Clocks! I can’t tell you how many times she’s made me laugh out loud at 2am when everyone in my house is sleeping. 😀

  • Pearl says:

    Hehehe 😀 Healer made me to delurk finally and comment here..and I can relate to that I guess. Sometimes, I laugh so hard reading recaps on CK by you guys, around 2-3 am that my family thinks I go insane at that time in night. 😀 Sometimes I remember them randomly and start laughing Lol. 😛 My mom says how can someone laugh just by staring at the wall. I love CK 😀

  • Mary of bethany says:

    Things I like: her natural instant protective holding of his hands, his hand removed fron his glove to lift her beanie to stop her hurt misunderstanding, entwined hands to give her something to hold on to while waiting in silent, her hands that wiped his tears/doubts away, her hands pulling him back to come back even if “cannot find”, their hand that spoke n promised “it is okay ” when words need not be spoken, hands that hold while looking at future together finding the “Real me”. Things I don’t like,: my hands that aimlessly clicking “nothing” n couldn’t type anything meaningful , in my Heal-less state since Feb 11.

  • jaepooh says:

    This may come in REALLY late, but I refused to read anything Healer-related when I finished watching it because I was nursing for my Ji Changwook craving and went ahead and watched Empress Ki.

    Anyway, 51 episodes later, and a number of sleepless nights, here I am, reading recaps of Healer, and reminiscing the days when I couldn’t get anymore of the drama.

    So my real question is (I might have missed it somewhere but if not) why was Youngshin’s rib cage broken when she was found as a kid? I remembered she was found in the garbage dump, and she’s not speaking at all because her Mom told her not to. Then there was the scene where Moonsik presumable purposely lost her. And another scene where an unknown man came with a bat/pipe and pulled her out of the closet to hit her. Or were these all imaginations? I don’t get it. Somebody care to explain, please?

    Great recap by the way! I always love reading your recap especially when I was watching Empress Ki. I had to sometimes cut in part because I had to go to work but I would turn to your recaps whenever I felt impatient in finishing an episode.


    • tessieroo says:

      Awesome, I’m happy you liked the EK recaps! That drama was a tough one to finish, didn’t much like the ending *sniff* but it sure made my JCW crush go into higher mode. *keke*
      If I remember right, in Healer, YoungShin spent time in a few foster homes as a child and in most of them, she was either treated as a slave (doing all the work) or she was beaten. The scene they showed with the guy finding her hiding in the closet was one of the foster homes where she was beaten. 🙁

      • riya says:

        Did it really happen that way? I don’t remember mentioning of her being beaten by people from her foster homes…can anyone please post the episode reference where it was mentioned….

        • tessieroo says:

          Sure, no problem!
          At the end of episode 2 when Young-Shin is trying to talk Yeon-Hee off the ledge on the roof – she mentions her Mom and Dad threw her away, she was found next to a trash can when she was 5. She goes on to say she was sent to 5 different orphanages where she was adopted and sent back, adopted and HIT (beaten) and she wanted to die. She was suicidal when she was 7, she remembers it was cold and it hurt where she’d been hit (beaten) because her ribs were broken.

          • jaepooh says:

            Ahh I see. I thought the whole episode with the beating was part of the “chase” that was shown somewhere near the end when their plight from the “farmers” was explained. I guess I connected that part to a totally different episode.

            Thanks for shedding light on this! So apparently she didn’t speak for two years until Papa Choi found and adopted her.

          • riya says:

            Thanks Tessieroo!

            • maddymappo says:

              She also says that she lost her memory from before she was found. We learn at the very end after she recovers some memory that she did not speak because while they were running away from the killers her mother told her to be silent so that they wouldn’t be found. So she stayed silent.

  • Growingbeautifully says:

    Attention: All ‘Healer’ Fans

    Join us in the fun and vote for your favorite things about the show over at the Healer KDrama Awards! Simply click the following link to cast your vote:


    This online poll was created by some Healer fans in Dramabeans, who are united by our immense love for this show. We do hope you’ll enjoy all the categories we’ve come up with and can find your favorites among them.

    Voting will end at 23:59 hours (GMT) on July 4th, 2015. Official results will be released on July 5th, 2015 (Ji Chang Wook’s birthday).

    You are all cordially invited to Healer Ji Chang Wook’s online birthday party on July 5th 2015 at Dramabeans (see link below). We will relive the phenomenon that is Healer, and celebrate Ji Chang Wook’s 29th birthday. See you there!

    To find out the latest vote tally, and if you have any questions or need clarifications with the awards OR the show itself, please head over to Dramabeans (http://www.dramabeans.com/healer-episode-20-final), and we’ll be happy to help you.

    Thank you!

    “There will never be another one.”

    • maddymappo says:

      Thanks for the poll! It is amazing how many of these scenes I was able to visualize and remember after so long. Goes to show Healer is truly an “eternal love” action classic.

      • Growingbeautifully says:

        Glad you had a fun time at the poll Maddymappo! Yes, isn’t it amazing that we can see those scenes replayed in our minds?

        On re-watching, we found that we had even more things we would have liked to have added to the categories but with Healer being so full of goodies, that would have been just too long a voting page LOL!

  • mary says:

    ohkayyyyy so this is really really late but just watched this drama few days back and as much as i am spellbound by this masterpiece that forced me to watch each episode for like thousand times which is why some questions keep popping in mind:
    *healer in last epi still working as a photographer for someday news,wouldnt other members of elders cult can still recognize and threaten him as they would have known eventually that healer betrayed them by giving video to kim moon ho too???!!!
    *what about the fate of kim moon shik n secretory oh???
    *in last epi,while young shins was doing biochemist interview,healer hands over a usb..what was in that???

  • Beez says:

    While I watched Healer the same year it was broadcast, I’m only now reading CK’s recaps/review (CK, y’all need to remedy this because, I get an email for everything else, but not for series recaps or reviews).

    Anyway, I wanted to address the question raised by Tessierioo regarding what happened to Young shin’s dad after he entered the police station – while we don’t get exact details, Healer mentioned that Young-shin’s dad died while in police custody “just like Teacher”. Although, it may or may not have been the identical poison, he made it clear that her dad never came out of the police station alive.

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