“Kill Me, Heal Me” Week 6 – Don’t Touch The Hair, Babe


This drama is amazing, the tension builds with every single episode and we’re getting a very intriguing story. Did Do-Hyun’s father really abuse him and who was “the other child” that Se-Gi believes should have been saved instead of himself? Does that mean the other child died or is he just misleading Granny by not telling her the child is alive? My brain won’t shut down, every thought brings up a million more. Let’s discuss!

So we left off with Se-Gi toying with the idea of shutting off Joon-Pyo’s (his real Father or not?) oxygen supply which would kill him. Suddenly hired assistants come rushing into his hospital room, reporting back to scary Granny that he’s gone and the CCTV inside the room is broken. I’m gonna guess Se-Gi just moved him to mess with scary Granny.

Scary Granny orders they round-up the CCTV footage from other areas of the hospital but they are not to call the police. Yea…this family has too much dirty laundry that she doesn’t want made public. Ri-Jin discusses the possibility of Do-Hyun being abused with Professor Seok but who abused him and how is still unknown.

Ri-On takes all the files he’s collected on Seung Jin Group and prepares to burn it but is interrupted by voices. Se-Gi has come to ask Ri-Jin if he should steal Seung Jin Group and give it to her or just destroy it. Whatever he does, he begs her not to kill him. *tears up* Tears stream down Ri-Jin’s face as Se-Gi holds out his hand, asking her to go with him.

She takes his hand but they’re interrupted by Ri-On, who grabs Ri-Jin, forcing Se-Gi to drop his hand. Ri-On drags her inside the house and locks her inside her room? What the…isn’t she a grown woman? I know he’s trying to protect her but …DUDE, you seriously need to either tell her what the hell is going on or just back off! Plus she’s a doctor so how the hell is it okay for him to interfere with her patients? URG!

Scary Granny views the CCTV footage and sees Do-Hyun (Se-Gi) stare right at the cameras and point. Whoa, he knows she’s watching. I’m dying to know what Se-Gi has on this woman that makes him completely unafraid of her. Was she another witness to the abuse? That might explain why he treats her with the same contempt he does his mother.

Ri-Jin finally escapes, stands outside Ri-On’s room and explains why she has to go back. She has to continue what she started plus she feels like she might be responsible, she’s somehow connected. He catches up with her and offers to drive her. Jumping on his back, she’s happy he’s back to being Ri-On. (Yes, we are too) LOL

When they arrive at Do-Hyun’s, they do a cute parody of Team Rocket before getting embarrassed and each goes in a different direction: Ri-Jin goes inside Do-Hyun’s house while Ri-On gets back in his car and drives away. LMAO, they’re dorks. 

Inside, Ri-Jin finds Se-Gi sitting with his head buried against his knees. She asks why he’s not sleeping and his reply brings tears to my eyes: he’s afraid he might disappear if he sleeps. *sniff* She offers her shoulder, he declares that a man doesn’t borrow a woman’s shoulder and turns away but a tiny smiles crosses his face.

When Ri-Jin wakes up, they’re in the same spot but she finds Se-Gi staring at her. He cutely asks her to guess who he is? She guesses Se-Gi, which brings a huge smile to his face. Cute! President Cha meets with his son, Ki-Joon to tell him scary Granny has collapsed. He thinks it was a good idea to announce Ki-Joon’s engagement but still wants him to find Do-Hyun’s weakness ASAP.

Se-Gi wants Ri-Jin to spin a wheel, forcing her choice between him and Do-Hyun. The wheel shows Se-Gi has the majority of the space while Do-Hyun is only afforded a tiny sliver of the pie. They spin the wheel together but it lands on Do-Hyun. ROFL! Se-Gi roars in anger that it’s not fair so Ri-Jin quickly declares the spin invalid. OMG, these two! She talks him into pretending to be Do-Hyun at work.

Chae-Yeon tries on a wedding dress with her mom and mother-in-law present but Ki-Joon doesn’t show up. Her thoughts wander back to Do-Hyun’s (Se-Gi’s) previous visit, where he offered to keep meeting her in secret, even after she marries his cousin. Se-Gi, that’s just nasty! I was right though, it obviously is making her waver again. *sigh*

Getting dressed turns into a major chore as Ri-Jin tries to make him dress like Do-Hyun. He fumbles over the tie, she ties it for him while he stares at her face. *fans self* Se-Gi will not allow her to mess with his hair though, it’s his last pride. ROFL, I can’t…

Once at work, Ri-Jin admonishes Se-Gi for pulling at his clothes while he demands she throw out the handbag his mother bought her. When she refuses, he pulls off the tie and throws it, saying he won’t wear it. She tells him to wear it and they actually begin a rap battle over wearing or not wearing the tie. LMAO,  a rap battle over a necktie?

Secretary Ahn walks up and throws out a rap hand gesture before asking what the hell they’re doing? Ahahaha, that makes it even more hilarious. Ki-Joon requested a meeting with Do-Hyun so off he goes. The meeting involves Jay-I Oppa, (who Yo-Na was squealing over) from the idol group Rocking, who are signed to ID Entertainment.

Jay-I Oppa’s contract is up for renewal but he refuses to sign unless he’s given the lead in an upcoming movie. *snort* Se-Gi remembers Ri-Jin’s words: don’t get angry or use violence. Once Ri-Jin learns it’s Jay-I Oppa, she panics. This should be good.

Se-Gi introduces himself to the brat, who appears unimpressed, until he takes a good look at Se-Gi’s face and flashes back on him jumping up and down at the fan-meeting. The brat storms out, Se-Gi follows and after roughing him up a bit, he clings onto his arm, which prompts the brat to ask if he really likes him?

Se-Gi offers to let the brat do a screen test but his acting is so horrible, everyone in the room cringes. Finally Se-Gi gives in, the trend these days is crappy idol acting, it’s everywhere. Bwahahahaha, it’s so true. Ri-Jin tells him he was supposed to get the brat to sign a new contract but give up the movie role. He doesn’t care, he wants Ki-Joon to know how it feels to get screwed over and demands Ri-Jin play with him.

They head out to play arcade games and take silly photos together, which is cute. Se-Gi notices Ri-Jin’s makeup (or lack of) and drags her into a store, ordering the sales woman to transform her. He wants to buy all of it but she refuses, saying it’s Do-Hyun’s money…until she notices his face and corrects herself that it’s Se-Gi’s money too. He angrily picks up a lipstick and tries some of it on. LMAO!

They end up having a fight when Ri-Jin asks him to share his pain with Do-Hyun since Do-Hyun is stronger than Se-Gi thinks. She apologizes for sticking her nose in where it doesn’t belong. Secretary Ahn announces scary Granny is looking for him. Before he arrives, Granny enters a secret room behind her husband’s portrait and pulls out a signed non-disclosure contract along with a 5 million dollar check. Hmmm…

She asks is if her son is okay? Se-Gi implies if she doesn’t want anything to happen to her son, she should hand Seung Jin Group over. She wonders how he can be so greedy and act this way towards his own father? Se-Gi tells her he knows exactly what kind of father Joon-Pyo was and all the things he did to him. Scary Granny says his father saved his life, no matter what else he’s done.

Se-Gi screams in her face that he never asked to be saved, that other child should have been saved. *gasp* Who? WHO IS IT? He tells her he’s going to take Seung Jin Group and give it to that child. He gives her one last chance: choose either Joon-Pyo’s life or turn over Seung Jin Group. She refuses to turn over the company. Whoa, did she just chose the company over her son?

Re-Jin starts cleaning up Ri-On’s room but finds the box of clippings about Do-Hyun and Seung Jin Group. When Ri-On enters the room, she asks what it’s for? Is this the reason he told her not to mention Do-Hyun’s name or Seung Jin Group to their parents? Yes, TELL HER (and us). *kekeke*

Se-Gi leaves scary Granny but while driving, has another flashback of the basement, he can’t figure out who the other child was. Suddenly the door opens behind him and he sees Joon-Pyo coming towards him with his hand raised. He quickly scrambles across the floor and using his arms, protects the other child. Waking from this flashback, he’s sitting on the floor beside Joon-Pyo’s hospital bed. Is this still Se-Gi?

When he sees a finger twitching, he falls over and cries out to his father that he’s sorry, he did wrong. Curling into a fetal position, he cries over and over, apologizing to his father. This is hard to watch, he’s essentially terrified of this man. Another flashback shows him making a mistake at the piano so Joon-Pyo grabbed him by his shirt and threw him into the basement. Grrr…now I wanna kill Joon-Pyo myself. Do-Hyun returns!

Granny had him followed, assistants storm the room, dragging him out. He’s brought back to Granny and thrown on his knees. She slaps him, how dare he threaten her son’s life? His demeanor and manner of speech is different as he apologizes. Granny notices, comparing things Se-Gi said to her against what Do-Hyun is saying now. DAMN! He hesitates but asks if there was another child with him when he was younger? Granny lies, she regrets taking him in, there’s no way there was another child.

Ri-On lies to Ri-Jin, the stuff she found is simply research, his next novel is a mystery about a chaebol. He tries to say he felt guilty, which is why he admitted to Do-Hyun he was Omega and sold him the copyright. As he puts things away, he hides a photo of a woman in his pocket. She still wants to know why she can’t tell the ‘rents, he stutters that it’s Do-Hyun’s privacy. Everyone’s pants are on fire.

On his way out, Do-Hyun learns that Se-Gi sent his mother abroad. Ri-On burns the photo he slipped into his pocket. Upon arriving home, Do-Hyun hallucinates Joon-Pyo is the cab driver, jumps out and vomits on the sidewalk. Seriously, what did that man do to him? Entering his house, he immediately searches for Ri-Jin. Awww.

Secretary Ahn tells him she’s on her way. He phones to make sure Chae-Yeon is okay but learns Se-Gi tried making a secret deal with her, which he tells her to ignore and hangs up. As he walks Secretary Ahn out, Chae-Yeon shows up and throws herself into his arms. Ugh. Ri-Jin arrives, throws herself between them and (because she still thinks he’s Se-Gi) yanks him inside by his ear. ROFL!

Once she figures out he’s Do-Hyun, she cries so he kisses her forehead. Awww. She goes through the same routine with him the next morning, trying to get him to dress a little more like Se-Gi but he also won’t allow her to touch his hair. So it’s up for Se-Gi but down for Do-Hyun. Maybe she should take notes? He also learns all the women in his office seem to be crazy for Se-Gi, Ri-Jin tells to gain confidence from it.

He lucks out since Oppa Jay-I turned down the movie role to start smaller, he’s just happy someone believed in him. (LOL) Ki-Joon congratulates him in a meeting but I have a feeling it’s not good. Sure enough, he roughs Do-Hyun up but it’s because he knows he was at Chae-Yeon’s house. Do-Hyun makes it clear he has no feelings for Chae-Yeon.

Chae-Yeon corners Ri-Jin, demanding to speak to her and tries to make her believe she’s being used. Didn’t she know that Do-Hyun came to her house that night? Ri-Jin reminds her she’s engaged to Ki-Joon, which shuts her up. *snicker* Right then, Do-Hyun phones Ri-Jin and tells her to come home.

Secretary Ahn shows Do-Hyun the footage of his fight with scary Granny when he dropped her son’s photo and he hears Se-Gi yelling about the other child that should have been saved. Scary Granny goes to visit Professor Seok and I won’t even get into how angry I am that he told her about Do-Hyun’s D.I.D. Anyhoo, scary Granny now knows. Ri-Jin finally tells Do-Hyun what Se-Gi told her about his mother being a witness to his abuse but he already figured out he was abused.

He’s called to the main house again by scary Granny but his time, Ri-Jin goes with him. Granny makes it obvious she knows and orders him back to the US. She can’t leave Seung Jin Group to him if she doesn’t know which him it will be. He asks if she’s ever once truly considered him as her Grandson? or family? or even a person? Ouch.

Ri-Jin is asked by one of the housekeepers to go down to the wine cellar for a certain bottle. While down in the cellar, she suddenly has a flashback and sees a little girl drawing on the wall. *eyes widen in shock* Do-Hyun tells Granny he’ll leave the company but he’s not leaving Korea. He plans to stay and find out why his heart was broken into so many pieces. He’s not a guard dog for Seung Jin Group, he’s not a substitute for his father nor is he a monster. He’s just Choi Do-Hyun.


*mind blown* I just have to comment again on Ji Sung’s acting, he’s blowing everyone else out of the water. And there is definitely something to be said for his on-screen chemistry with Hwang Jung-Eum, they seem to feed off of each other, it’s amazing to watch! Whether it’s a romantic scene, a comedic scene or a weepy, dramatic scene – doesn’t matter, they just sync together. It’s rare to see two actors who enjoy what they do so much, they both throw everything they have into every scene. Okay, enough gushing.

Is this why the alters are so active around Ri-Jin, she’s the other child who was in the cellar? Her very presence has made it impossible for Do-Hyun to continue living a normal life, it’s almost as if the alter personalities are trying to shake him enough to remember. I loved the last scene, it was incredibly satisfying to see Do-Hyun standing up for himself and not letting scary Granny intimidate him again.

Now that we know Ri-Jin was in that basement, how long before Do-Hyun figures this out? And more importantly, whose child is Ri-Jin, why was she in the basement with Do-Hyun and how did she get out when the fire started? Ugh with my questions.

And I find it hilarious that neither man would allow Ri-Jin to touch his hair. It’s always all about the hair.


  • azraqey says:

    I have no words for Ji Sung amazing acting. *incoherent thought* The drama is not ending yet I want another Ji Sung-Hwang Jung Eum drama’s already!

    LOLLLL for the rap battle over the tie. Haha. Segi and Ri Jin really like to rap, isn’t it? Same with the scene in episode 10 when they pulled out Se Gi out by the chair. LMAO

    Another my favourite scene is when Ri Jin yelled at him “I’ve told you! I’m not yours yet!” LMAOOOO at how Ri Jin startled him and then immediately change her tone. LOL at Se Gi’s face. HAHAHA he messed with the wrong lady.

    • tessieroo says:

      Me too, they’re amazing together. I did read that “rap battle” was completely ad-libbed by the two of them, it wasn’t in the script. If you’ve seen any of the BTS clips of this drama on YouTube, you know they’re both very actively involved during filming of their scenes. They don’t just sit on the sidelines in a chair, reviewing their scripts. Hell, no! They’re both out there talking to the director or talking to each other and going over different things to try! It’s such a joy to watch. 🙂

  • Renu says:

    I just finished watching episode 12. Rap battle was hilarious. They bicker like a real couple. Whatever they say or express, its seems so natural. It doesn’t look scripted. Lol I read the review of the people in another website guessing about the past. So many theories lol. Just waiting for the past to be revealed.
    Thanks Tessieroo for the review. You are jjang! 🙂

  • bmore says:

    I have seldom watched a drama whose episodes have flown by this fast. It seems like they barely start and BAM! over! What would we do if this was one of those once a weeker things?! ugh! Ratings are good, but I wish they were higher. This deserves it. ONLY 8 more episodes to go! I can’t wait for the next ones, but it brings us ever closer to the end!

    • tessieroo says:

      I agree, this drama has flown by. I find it hard to believe we’re already heading for episode 13. O_O And I’m already anticipating Ji Sung’s next project, can’t wait!

  • jomo says:

    OMG Thanks for writing this!

    Rarely do we get to watch something that is off the wall ridiculous, then touching, then romantic, then frightening. I don’t even want to imagine another drama attempting all of those moods side by side in one ep.
    But that spin the wheel spot was so like nothing I have ever scene.
    Like an SNL skit plopped into a network show.
    And RJ’s reaction was perfect. What the heck is WRONG with you SG?
    How can you not see this an unfair?
    Then his reaction when he didn’t win. I laughed for about 10 mins.

    I think people have to like being flipped and flopped from one genre to another, from one of CDH’s personalities to another, in order to enjoy this show.
    And if you do, you really really really do.

    JiSung is ♥
    He is his own genre of actor.
    It isn’t just about skill, but commitment to the role, and not being even slightly self-conscious, trusting the PD, the writer, and most importantly, HJE, to make all of this work. Week after week, he is giving us his guts up there on the screen.

    It doesn’t matter if he wins awards, just that he keeps working and keeps having fun doing his job, and letting us watch him, please!

    • tessieroo says:

      YES, you hit the nail on the head perfectly and it’s something I noticed when these two worked together before: neither of them are the least bit self-conscious or embarrassed to throw themselves into a scene. HJE doesn’t give a crap what she looks like (not a glamour girl, for sure) which makes me think of Lucille Ball or Carol Burnett. (LOL) She’s turning out to be a really good, physical comedic actress with great timing. She’s a bit screechy in parts but I’m finding bothers me less with each episode.
      Ji Sung has always had great timing, his movie “Whatcha Wearing” proved to me he’s not the least bit afraid to do anything on screen. (LOL, masturbation scene?) This guy doesn’t care in the least what netizens or fangirls think, he’s awesome. And since there is zero romance between these two in real life, I think it’s easier to throw themselves into a scene 100% without being uncomfortable. They trust each other, I love it!
      Oh, I’m gushing again. Sawwwy, not sorry. 😀

  • Hipployta says:

    The show is great and I’m amazed we still have so many episodes left

  • DPKT says:

    The OTP has an incredible chemistry and the storyline is amazing! The mistery is killing me..
    I’m hooked to this drama and suffering until next week! I haven’t been like this since Master’s sun 😀
    Thank you for the review Tessieroo 🙂

  • DIMPLES21 says:

    OMG. This drama is amazing. Just finished watching all 12 episodes.
    The lead actor is nailing all the personalities. Both him and the lead actress have great chemistry together.

    This is one of the best drama I have seen in a long time. Loving it, awesome.
    It prick at all your senses. It makes you laugh, cry , feel anger and compassion towards other.
    It also makes you wonder if people realize who their cruelty affects a child and the last impact it has on them.

    Anxiously awaiting this weeks episodes.
    Loving this drama and highly recommends to everyone.

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