“We Got Married” – SoLim Shippers Need A Hug

Breathe, my fellow honeybee’s, JUST BREATHE! *big gulps of air*

It’s been a tough few weeks for followers of our beloved SoLim couple on WGM. It’s almost to the point that I’m seeing conspiracies everywhere, like there are truly keyboard or paparazzi warriors determined to bury WGM into the ground and never let it be resurrected. That would be a shame but my reasons for not wanting that to happen or for enjoying this show might be different from other people.

One of the reasons I enjoy this show is that every now and then, we see tiny glimpses of the REAL person behind these celebrities. It’s a chance for us to get to know them outside of the characters they play in dramas or their performances on stage. Oh, granted most of it is an act and they’re very aware of the cameras (who wouldn’t be) but every now and then, something true and honest slips though and it’s awesome.

I’ve never hidden the reason behind my fascination with SoEun and JaRim. I love that he’s a normal guy, who likes teasing about sex, kissing, ect and can’t keep his hands off of her. He’s not pretending to be some innocent idol, who is saving himself for all the insane fangirls out there. He has no problem admitting he’s been in love before nor does he ever once give the impression he’s a never-been-kissed virgin.

I also love SoEun. She’s blunt and honest and doesn’t have a problem telling him when she’s uncomfortable with certain topics. (ie – do we really have to discuss his butt burning when he eats spicy foods?) She’s a grown woman, with strong opinions that she’s going to share, whether people like it or not. I understand maintaining a certain image as a Korean celebrity but she’s made her desire to move past the innocent, angel typecast very clear.

I also made it very clear in my last post that I honestly don’t care if they’re dating, not dating or dating other people secretly. It doesn’t affect my life one way or the other. Having said that, do I wish they were really dating? Sure! But who the hell am I to tell someone who they should date? LOL, that’s a bit insane – like a K-drama Mother-In-Law insisting her child go on a blind date with someone because it’s who she prefers. I don’t have that right, none of the viewers do.

There’s also the idea that, since this is a variety/reality/entertainment program about a couple, as viewers, we have the right to demand that neither of these lovely people date anyone other than the person they’ve been paired up with. Well, that’s kinda…I don’t know, mean? (LOL) I’ll admit the idea that So Eun is dating this other guy and in love for the first time in her entire life crossed my mind. If that’s true, how horrible for her to be tortured and bashed when this should be a happy time in her life! And we all know Jae Rim would be the first to agree, he would be very happy for her!

Maybe she wasn’t dating anyone until very recently. Maybe she just met this other guy and sparks are flying all over. Maybe he’s just a good drinking buddy and she momentarily forgot fans of WGM are stalking her every move. Having said that, from what I understand, WGM makes the participants sign a contract stating they’re not dating before they’re allowed on the show. So my final thought is the paps who took those photos and plastered them all over did so for one reason: money. It’s all about money, guys. That’s it. They’re trying to outdo Dispatch. (LOL)

If I put that in perspective as a viewer from the US, it’s like the National Enquirer trying to outdo Globe or Star. All are junk tabloids who use sensational headlines to lure shoppers into buying the magazine when you’re standing in the check out line. They make me laugh but only because I don’t care who Justin Bieber is dating, what kind of underwear he wears or how many times he’s been arrested. I’m sure there are fangirls who do, I’m just not one of them. I’m not obsessed with the personal lives of celebrities, I’m too busy living my own life and trying to keep it on track! (LMAO)

There are blogs and Korean news outlets that do this same thing, competing with each other to get the most lurid, sensationalistic headline out there so more people visit their site or buy their newspapers. And it works! How many times have you clicked on one of those only to discover the accompanying story is much ado about nothing? Do they get facts right every now and then? Yes, but most of the time, it’s garbage.

So, back to our SoLim couple. Do you enjoy watching their interactions and listening to their silly conversations? Do they make you laugh and wish to see both these actors in other projects? If so, then WGM has fulfilled its duty since I think this is why Korean celebrities or idols go on a show like this to begin with. I know I’m looking forward to seeing Jae Rim in “Unkind Women” and I also look forward to So Eun’s next project.

I love that he wavered between being jealous, protecting his own pride, being goofy and trying his best to lighten the situation by making her laugh. I love that she did laugh, it shows she’s stronger than people believe. I love that this might bring them closer as friends and colleagues. I still believe it must be incredibly lonely to be a Korean artist since you’re not allowed to even have friends, especially of the opposite sex. Horrible.

“If SoEun needs protection from the storm, I will be that place”

It still makes no difference in my decision to continue watching these two dorks. I’ll be there, each and every Saturday, with all my fellow honeybees to cheer this couple on and wish them both good things, wherever their future takes them. *group hug*

Last thought: Did Jae Rim totally use this situation to get So Eun to finally agree to riding his motorcycle on Jeju Island? Ahahahaha, never one to miss an opportunity.


  • bmore says:

    will not miss a moment of them…still love them both individually and together and I hope they are life long friends even if nothing more. And now the NEWS FLASH that the other 2 couples are, are not leaving the show. Just makes you wonder if it’s the news media drumming up controversy or fake leaks being put out by the show itself to drum up controversy….it’s all about viewers and, yep, the bottom line…$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    • tessieroo says:

      Her face looks so haunted in a couple of those photos, makes my heart ache. I never want to see that look on her face ever again and like Jae Rim, I just wanna make her laugh. *sniff*

      • bmore says:

        I know! And his face in some of the pics they posted a couple days ago looked so puffy…like he had been crying or not sleeping or drinking too much.

      • Claire says:

        I agree with her haunted expression. So Eun is the one who needs the biggest hug after this. People were SO QUICK to judge her. It was INSANE!!!! I love KSE and she was the reason why I started watching this so it really broke my heart what they were doing to her. And the thing is I don’t even think they were dating. Feels like a wrong-time-wrong-place kind of thing. I think she was just unlucky! Anyway, amazing post to help put this whole thing in perspective for all the people who seem to have taken the whole “marriage” too much to heart. I enjoy their chemistry so much, I wish they do stay in WGM for 50 years! 🙂

        • tessieroo says:

          Agree. Only in South Korea, does having a cup of coffee with someone mean you’re dating. T_T So depressing.
          I do think So Eun will be okay though, she seems much stronger than I thought. It’s horrible this is happening while she’s dealing with her Mom being in the hospital too but I think she’ll be just fine. I’m really happy Jae Rim was able to make her laugh. 🙂

    • bonnie katzell says:

      Your so stuck on this. Dam I need to catch up.. Love you friend.. Your observation is so good I will have to catch up on this..

  • Kaciemom says:

    When I first them together, I saw a genuine friends between the two. I also saw that they both were not the shy one likemost of the other couples. So when she shared about the rumor, he was there for her. So like you said, whatever the outcome after this show is over, I am hoping these two do become a couple. They are so well match for each other.

  • fangirl98 says:

    Hey there! I’m a fellow honeybee for sure! Thanks for the group hug. That’s what I luv about our drama community….we’re all co-dependent. LOL! 😛

    Like others have said – whether SoLim goes from reel to real, that’s their own business. I enjoy WGM for the harmless fun (mental cotton candy!) that it is. And I’ll watch every episode they’re on for my weekly dose.

  • Alex says:

    She intrigues me; Kim So Eun. I thought she would cry or shed a tear, but damn! this girl is tough. She took the highway; no begging for sympathy or groveling. She’s got a tight leash on that composure of hers though you could see it slip a notch in some shots. I like what i see in this girl.

    • tessieroo says:

      Me too, I think she’s amazing. I love that she doesn’t do the helpless, aegyo thing or talk baby-talk like so many K-celeb females. Tough as nails. 😀

  • Fantast1ksuae says:

    Yeay! My SoLim Happy pill will go on…tessieroo Chinguu! It’s been a very painful, angry and exhausting week for all HoneyBees…we were all shaken and stirred. If Rimmie believes Eunnie, then who am I to deny her a second chance. Wish they had a pact like JungJung couple in the beginning of their marriage—being loyal inside and outside WGM. I’ve always said that Im not hoping they would become real but at least hold off dating or seeing someone in real life out of respect to the premise of WGM, Jae Rim and the show’s fans like me. I’ll continue watching and hopefully there won’t be any awkwardness.

    • tessieroo says:

      If anything, I kinda expect Jae Rim to be even more “hands on” with her. (ROFLMAO) That would be hilarious but I’m not sure what to expect. Doesn’t matter, I’m still watching!

  • cc says:

    I’m not biased with one of them. I’m biased with both. I don’t want to stop watching them just because I got a wake up call from the unintention-falling-too-deep into this virtual marriage.

    I have to be honest, what saddens me the most is how people reacted to it; how some shipper jumped off while the others still bloodly keep sailing the ship. But, no matter what happens, I will stay.

    Anyway, thanks Tessieroo for so comforting article. I always love it!

    • tessieroo says:

      ME TOO! I really like both of these people, as actors and just normal people (from what I’ve seen on the show) – the kind you wanna hang out with. And I’ll admit, there are very few K-celebs I feel that way about. *heh*

  • Seriously!!! Fans just need to chill out (not us of course, the crazy kind). I really don’t like it that the crazy fans give the rest of us a bad name by being so dang mean to people. I do NOT understand why netizens insist that Korean celebrities not date. It’s absurd! It makes me really mad actually. But thank you for your lovely and great post about this topic! ^^

    • tessieroo says:

      Hey you! *hugs*

      Who was it that said that…TaeYang? “Only in South Korea do idols need official statements on their personal lives”

      INSANITY, I tell you! 😀

      • {HUGS} right back ^^ I think that was Taeyang after everyone getting after GD. When I see news about someone in K-ent dating, I’m like: whoohoo!!! They have some love and happiness!!! Oh well.

  • quicksilver says:

    “Last thought: Did Jae Rim totally use this situation to get So Eun to finally agree to riding his motorcycle on Jeju Island? Ahahahaha, never one to miss an opportunity.”

    Totally agree with you there, chingu! LOL
    Honestly, you can feel the awkwardness the first few minutes but towards the end, the “SoLim couple love” prevails.. hope this incident will bring them closer not just as partners on a show but friends for life…

  • Hana says:

    “Last thought: Did Jae Rim totally use this situation to get So Eun to finally agree to riding his motorcycle on Jeju Island? Ahahahaha, never one to miss an opportunity”

    after read this I remember “my husband” <3 Yoon Dong Ha in A witch's romance (if you saw this Drama would understand) My lips service only want to go to Jeju island for 4 days 3 night all the time for receive the gift xD

  • NikdaESQ says:

    I feel like all of this drama over the show could be solved by placing a simple disclaimer either before or after the show. Production could assertively but playfully state that these are not real couples although they, and us the fans, do hope sparks form between them. I find it ironic that EVERYONE knows about the significant and substantial restrictions placed on these people’s PERSONAL lives yet, there’s an expectation that these couples are real, functioning and we are entitled to watch every moment. It’s laughable. Maybe this is indicative of what’s wrong with the entertainment industry as a whole, regardless where it is in the world. For some reason, and for some time now, people have come accustom to celebrities sharing so much of themselves that there’s now a sense of entitlement.

  • Mia says:

    I love this couple! specially Kim So Eun! she holds a specially place in my heart .<#
    and now, I like Jae Rim too cuz he's so different from So Eun and yet they compliment each other so well.
    Fighting! SoRim couple!!!!!

  • Loribag says:

    Thank you for writing this. Please know that even when a year has already passed since this news (i will never call it a scandal, ever), a new and clueless fan of SoLim who just recently learned about this heartbreaking moment of their lives, is taking solace in your words. I’m not so big in the K-ent world adoration since I’m more of a J-ent lover. So I’m not well-informed about how the culture of Korea’s ent industry truly runs. Hence, I was really surprised, more like shocked, disappointed, and angry when I saw how “fans” (or should I call them haters?) treated So Eun. They sounded so selfish. And correct me if I’m wrong but the pictures taken of KSE and the guy showed no evidences of being on a date. There were no skinships, right?? Really, my heart broke for her. I guess being an idol or just being someone in Korea, is both a blessing and a curse.

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