“Kill Me, Heal Me” Week 7 – Memories Return


So in between fighting nausea, fever and body aches, I was determined to watch the next episodes of this incredibly fascinating drama. My very own Pops (similar to Pops Choi from “Healer”) walked into my room, saw me propped up with the laptop and yanked it away from me, forcing aspirin down my throat. My cries of “I HAVE to see what happens this week!” fell on deaf ears. *sigh* Pops is no fun when it comes to my drama addiction, which means I didn’t get to watch live and just now got around to seeing both episodes.

The beginning of episode 13 confirmed what I thought last week, scary Grandma did have tears in her eyes as she listened to Do-Hyun calmly explain he wasn’t leaving because he intended to find out why his heart was broken into so many pieces. It would be awesome if Granny suddenly decided to help her Grandson but I doubt that will happen.

I was surprised Ri-Jin didn’t tell Do-Hyun what she had seen in the wine cellar but since she passed out, we’ll let that go. When she spoke the same words he used (or Se-Gi used) “Play with me”, there was little doubt in my mind Do-Hyun would start putting it all together but he didn’t! And how interesting that, even though they’re not really twins, Ri-On woke up at that exact moment knowing his sister was having a nightmare.

The tarot reading was a bit random but I immediately started laughing at the way she was drooling over him. Yes, join the club! And when she scolded Ri-Jin for being a player, calling her “dirty”, I lost it. I don’t know who the actress is who played her but she just might be my favorite cameo ever. Watching Do-Hyun and Ri-Jin fight over his phone, it dawned on me how childish they both are. Could it be that maturity and growth were stunted for both of them as a result of whatever trauma they faced?

It also crossed my mind that Ji Sung and Hwang Jung-Eum are ad-libbing a lot, such as the scene where they point their fingers, accusing each other of having a reading done. All the cute moments following were (of course) ruined thanks to insane, clingy Chae-Yeon. I loved that he turned her down flat but it resulted in her threatening to tattle to the family. Pfffttt, go ahead! It was very cliché’ that Ki-Joon’s Mother happened to see them.

Hilarious watching Ri-Jin drink and break down crying that she’s going to church. Even more hilarious watching Ri-On try to be all smooth with the ladies, only to be interrupted by a phone call from his sister. LMAO! The brother/sister moment was really sweet: she knew all along he protected her in high-school from being hurt and asks him to do that again if she’s on her way to making another mistake. Awww. It’s also very cliché to have one half of an OTP overhear something that makes them feel they’re a burden.

Ki-Joon and his Father meet with important business men to discuss Granny firing her own Grandson. They’re pretty confident this means Young-Pyo will be named Chairman at the upcoming stockholders meeting. Young-Pyo gets a phone call informing him that he’s not the only one looking for this “lost child” and tells his team to hurry.

Do-Hyun’s questioning his Mother about the “lost child” is an eye-opener. We knew he was alone but he truly can’t trust anyone, not even someone who is supposed to be on his side. She’s a piece-of-work, the whole family is. The flip side is the Oh family. Listening to Ri-Jin speak to her parents about their ability to love a child who isn’t their biological child tells me she knows she was adopted. Her thank you brought tears to my eyes.

Although I continually get annoyed with Ri-On (he’s interfering with my OTP) I can’t say anything he’s done seems too far off. He is acting like a brother, showing concern that his sister is getting too involved with a patient and a crazy man at that. So I get it. The next scene was, of course, the one we’ve all been waiting for: YoNa meeting her Oppa, Ri-On. I laughed so hard, my sides were aching. Both actors played this brilliantly!

And then once again, the family dynamics have me all confused. Do-Hyun’s Mistress Mom finds a photo of another woman with a little girl inside one of Joon-Pyo’s books. Saying she knew he loved this woman, she vows to find the girl and keep her away from Do-Hyun. At the same time, Do-Hyun sees a partially burned photo in the trash at Ri-Jin’s house and wonders why there is a photo of his Mother here.

Although he stated she’s his Mother on the family registry, it still came off very confusing. Mistress Mom screeches at someone on the phone to hurry up and find that child, so it’s a race. Scary Granny stares at Grandpa’s portrait. The two women fight over who is to blame for Do-Hyun’s condition, with Mistress Mom screeching some more for Granny to hurry up and bring Do-Hyun back into the family.

More filler scenes of Do-Hyun questioning Ri-On, who lies that he only collected things about the Seung Jin Group family for book research. Although the Oh family scenes are some of my favorites, I obviously wanted to get back to the main issue. I like that Ri-On and Do-Hyun might end up being friends but I guess we’ll see. I loved that Dad kept harassing them and making them work. And we got another kiss in the basement!

The flashback Do-Hyun has this time was interesting, things he was seeing were reversed. Instead of him hanging onto the other child, begging her not to leave and to play with him – it’s the little girl who hangs on to him. He’s shocked to discover it’s a girl and we hear his child self saying he will secretly come again tomorrow. The little girl shows him a picture of her Mother, which prompted him to tell her that her Mother was dead.

Right before the little girl tells him her name, the door opens and Joon-Pyo enters with his hand raised again. Child Do-Hyun promises not to play in the cellar again and begged Joon-Pyo to hit him instead of the little girl. Do-Hyun cries watching this memory. Seriously, these people are monsters. The next morning, Do-Hyun is gone from Ri-On’s room. The Oh family has breakfast with Professor Seok.

Young-Pyo, his wife, Ki-Joon and Chae-Yeon pay a visit to scary Granny on the pretext of giving their greetings before Ki-Joon’s engagement is announced. Mistress Mom views the visit differently, Young-Pyo is only there to make sure Do-Hyun is cut out completely. She snarks at all of them, heads down to the cellar to get wine and happens upon Do-Hyun, who is sitting on the floor, alone.

He confronts her, the child she’s looking for is Seo-Yeon’s child, right? She’s the daughter-in-law who died with Gramps in a car accident. Mistress Mom tries to lie again, it’s the first time she’s heard Seo-Yeon had a child. She’s a horrible liar and a horrible person. He screams at her that she witnessed Joon-Pyo abusing that little girl, why is she lying? He’s going to find that child and spend the rest of his life atoning.

Upstairs, Granny badmouths Do-Hyun, much to the delight of her audience. She thinks she called him back to soon, he’s not ready so she plans to send him back to America. At that moment, Do-Hyun walks through the door, like a boss. *hee* Walking up to Granny, he demands to know if she knew what was happening in this house 21 years ago? She tells him to shut his mouth and leave. Yea…that’s so not gonna happen.

He snarls that he’s going to find out what happened 21 years ago, what role Granny played and reveal all of it. Granny looks scared but Young-Pyo looks intrigued. Mistress Mom gets a phone call, they found the girl and send her a photo. She’s shocked to see it’s Ri-Jin and concludes Ri-Jin approached Do-Hyun for nefarious reasons. She demands her guys catch Ri-Jin, no matter what. It’s gonna get ugly, right?

Ri-Jin talks with Professor Seok about her strange memories that came out during a visit to the wine cellar in Do-Hyun’s family home. She walks him out and as he drives away, a black car pulls up. One of the thugs jumps out, calls her name and tells her someone wishes to meet with her. When she questions who and refuses to go, they force her into the car. Ri-On happens outside at that moment and sees his sister being kidnapped.

Ri-On jumps into his own car and gives chase but gets stuck at a red light. He phones Do-Hyun and tells him Ri-Jin was kidnapped, then warns him that it better not have anything to do with him. Do-Hyun gets in his car and follows a red dot on the GPS, Secretary Ahn placed a tracking device on Ri-Jin’s phone. (Best Secretary ever). He arrives at the villa and fights with the thugs but is stopped by the familiar ringing in his head.

In the middle of the fight, Se-Gi tries to come out but Do-Hyun fights him. They argue over who is best equipped to deal with this, while we see Se-Gi’s neck tatoo fade in and out. Fascinating! One of the thugs wacks him over the back of the head with a board, he falls. Flashing back to the basement again, this time he sees Ri-Jin’s face. He knows she was the other child in the basement. It ends on Do-Hyun’s bloody, battered face.


This week was mostly filler to me until the big reveals but having said that, it does not mean I didn’t enjoy it. I find myself falling further and further into Ji Sung’s acting and even if the scene doesn’t reveal any new information, it doesn’t matter.

I kind of wanted Se-Gi to come out at the end and kick some butt. On the other hand, it’s time for Do-Hyun to face these memories and he is making progress, little by little. It’s heartbreaking to watch, but it’s also cathartic – to see he’s able to handle these horrible memories as they come and not fall apart. He does have a good heart in spite of all the horrible things he’s been though, he sobbed when he realized this little girl was being punished in his place, even before he knew it was Ri-Jin.

Mistress Mommy is a monster, she not only stood by and watched this abuse happen but did nothing to stop it and has been using it to blackmail Granny all these years in order to gain a higher position in the family for her son. So…is he really Joon-Pyo’s son or did Mistress Mommy have an affair? Is that why she’s so desperate to make sure Do-Hyun is numero uno? He’s going to kill her with his bare hands if she’s responsible for the position Ri-Jin is now in or if they harm one hair on her head.

I’ve played so many guessing games with Do-Hyun’s family that I’m willing to take any guess you guys have to offer. I thought Do-Hyun was a child of his Grandfather and the daughter-in-law, Seo-Yeon because Se-Gi called the portrait “Father”. I thought Ri-On or Ri-Jin might be the other child but couldn’t figure out who the Dad could be in order to not have them be blood-related since they can’t be blood-related.

Did the daughter-in-law, Seo-Yeon have an affair with someone we haven’t met yet? I don’t know and it’s making me crazy. I can’t wait for next week!


  • mm says:

    Excellent recap!! As I remember, the mother of Ri Jin went to US, it looks like she escaped, while still being married with Do Hyun’s father and stayed there for some years, then the Grandfather went to find her and brought her back to Korea… but she didn’t return alone, she was with a child (Ri Jin). Meanwhile it seems Do Hyun’s father had the mistress and had a son with her but as he was still married the official mother of Do Hyun is the wife.

    According to the story told by now and what I have understood so far, Grandfather made Ri Jin’s mother his successor instead of his own sons and probably there are documents that prove that and could even make Ri Jin the real successor of the group… maybe that’s the reason she was hidden and maybe they even tried to kill her in the fire. Yes, Do Hyun’s family is hideous.

  • bmore says:

    The family stuff is so confusing I stopped thinking about it and will just wait for it all to shake out at the end. What and ever loving fantastic ride this show is! I want it to get 10 episode extensions! I know. It would ruin the story but I am already dreading this being over.

  • Hipployta says:

    As far as I can tell Ri Jin’s Mom had her in the States after she left the Cha Family. Do Hyun’s Dad had him with the Mistress Mom. When Ri Jin’s Mom came back they hid her on the estate but she died in the car accident and she stayed there.

    And Do Hyun’s Dad is a bastard who enjoys abusing children and torturing them for their lack of power…and the Grandmom and Mistress Mom are just as horrible

    • Hipployta says:

      Forgot to mention that was Ahn Young Mi…she’s a comedian but she has done photoshoots, MVs, and other cameos before

      • tessieroo says:

        OMG, THANK YOU! 🙂 I know I’ve seen this woman in something else and it was driving me insane. I’m still not sure what that was though. (LOL) Maybe a variety show? I dunno but I loved her. I didn’t see either Reply 1997 or I Can Hear Your Voice so it must have been something else.
        THANK YOU!

  • kar says:

    I don’t think CDH is the son of the grandpa. I played that part over and over and he indeed said “haraboji” /grandfather though the first syllable is very soft.

  • professional lurker says:

    From what has been revealed, Min So Yeon (Ri Jin’s mom) was the wife who left the family for the US. When she returned years later, the child was already born so it wasn’t clearly established who the father of Ri Jin is.

    Do Hyun is the Cha Joon Pyo’s son with the mistress. I think it was made to look as if he is legitimate by registering Min So Yeon as his mother but Grandma knows, so of course she treats him differently.

    They may not be related. But I think now that Do Hyun knows that Ri Jin was the abused child, he may focus only on getting her the company and atone and not BE in her company because the guilt may become so great. Here’s to hoping no noble idiocy will appear. Or even if it does, it will be handled at least nicely.

    • tessieroo says:

      I KNEW I could count on you guys to help figure this out. (LOL) I agree, his family is horrible. It’s nice that he’s spending time with Ri-Jin’s family now and learning what a normal, happy family should be like. 😀

    • Nev says:

      I’m sure that DH and RJ aren’t directly related, because of one thing. SG is the only one who knows all of who is who, and he kissed her, I don’t think even bad boy SG would snog his sister.

      I think it has to be because of the thing with the grandad adopting RJs mum/DHs registered mum as his heir, thereby disinherit ing DHs dad and evil grans fave baby coma boy that caused all this. Can’t wait to see how it all pans out though.

  • Koreanconvert says:

    at one point DH mom says to scary Grandma “if you really can’t forgive what DH did, think of it as repaying me”–not sure if it’s a translation thing or what, but WHAT did poor DH DO???? If it was just about him being born to mistress mom, anyone with a brain would know that’s not HIS fault. Did he do something as SG??? Hmmm LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SHOW!!!

    • tessieroo says:

      I thought she meant she can’t forgive DoHyun for Joon-Pyo’s current condition (coma) because he risked his life to save DoHyun in the fire. It’s ridiculous but she blames DoHyun for her son being in a coma. *rollingeyes*

    • jomo says:

      Someone guessed that it was little CDH who caused the fire in the first place in a misguided attempt to get RJ out of the basement – maybe it was actually the first time Se-gi appeared to revenge. The fire put Gramma’s evil son in jeopardy and she hasn’t been able to forgive CDH.
      Because we always hold children accountable for their acts, right, Gramma? JERK.

  • Renu says:

    Lol if Do Hyun is the son of the grandfather, then he is the uncle of Ri Jin. It may be the scenario because his grandmother wants her coma son to become the heir instead of Do Hyun. Not sure why the coma father was abusing Ri Jin? and where was her mother(Do Hyun’s registered mum) that time?We are not sure if she is the daughter of registered mum. Gosh! Its getting complicated. Why is Ri On so interested in the Seungji Group if he is not related to that family? Is it because of Ri Jin? I hope we will be able to figure it out next week. Yo Na episode with Ri On was hilarious. I replayed it so many times and showed it my brother who doesn’t watch k dramas. Lol lol Thanks Tessieroo for the review. Get well soon!

  • Saint says:

    Ji Sung is such a great actor. Kudos for casting all talented actors in this drama. It is difficult to play even double roles but JS is performing S7vEN (S!X now) characters…perfectly. He distinguished all the roles and even made us the fans of each characters. It is evident even in this fora – some love SeGi to death, some are crazy over YoNa, some love the weak but suave DoYun, others love the schoolboy YoSub…many love the quirky Perry Park and even some love NaNa. How brilliant is that? It is one thing for several characters to have various fans… But this ONE MAN successfully made us all his fan by portraying his role magnificently. Bravo Ji Sung.

    The writers are doing justice by plotting the story well and that keeps us viewers sit at the end of our seats every time watching and wanting more at the end. I truly commend the whole crew for making this remarkable drama.

    Despite knowing that it’s all the same person, I still love and crave for SeGi. Perhaps bad boys are nae style. I am protective of him maybe coz he has been protecting both DY & RiJin all this while. My tears flow when I watch his tears kissing RiJin. How sweet! You rock man!

    Hats off too YooNa… Ep. 13 Oppa scene is an highlight … I still continue laughing now.

    Looking forward to finish watching this drama…excellent recap & Tqvm


    Saint a.k.a SeGi’s Fan

  • houstontwin says:

    Tessieroo, I’m under the weather too but reading your lively recap makes me feel much better!
    Thanks so much and get well soon!

  • Kim js says:

    Kim Chun-Soo
    translated by Alex Rose
    Before speaking her name
    she had been nothing but a gesture.

    Now who will speak my name,
    one fitting this colour and fragrance of mine,
    as I had spoken hers
    So that I may go to her and become her flower.
    We all yearn to become something.
    I yearn to become an unforgettable meaning to you
    And you to me

    This is Korean poetry. part is related the tarot card reading for Do-hyun. the first card was revealed to be The Empress, symbolizing Do-hyun’s sweetheart as warm person who was like the April’s sunshine and “made him feel like a blooming flower when she called his name.”
    This is clue. part means that we have to understand other people’s thoughts and appreciate their own values. And I(Do-hyun) yearn to become an unforgettable meaning to you(Ri-jin).
    Spoiler: If you watch 18th episode, you can understand the meaning of the poetry. Ri-jin spokes Do-hyun’s name, Do-hyun comes to Ri-jin and became to flower.

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