“Heard It Through The Grapevine” – First Impressions

I’ve been looking forward to this one but wasn’t sure what direction a “dark comedy” would take when it involves teenage pregnancy. Will this end up dissolving into too much makjang for me to handle? I hope not, I truly enjoyed the first two episodes and can’t wait to see where things go from here. The plus for me is Lee Joon. I know he’s an “idol” actor but I think he’s good, really good.

We meet the young lady’s family first. Mr. Seo (Jang Hyun Sung) threatens his wife that she should find out “that bastard’s” identity for sure this time and moans that his daughter was so smart when she was younger. He had hopes that she would be like the first female Minister of Justice but she’s having a baby in two weeks – without a husband.

In another house (mansion, really) and most likely in a very different part of town, we meet the ultra prestigious, snobby Han family. Mom (Yoo Ho Jeong) surveys the dinner table, making sure nothing is out-of-place, then admonishes her younger daughter, Yi-Ji, to wear proper clothing. Dad (Yu Jung Sang) is lecturing his son, In Sang (Lee Joon) that the hard studying begins now. He holds up a photo of Grandfather Han and spouts some words of wisdom, as if to remind In Sang what’s expected. Yi-Ji wonders why they don’t hug each other happily and celebrate but both parents seem to think In Sang getting into a certain school was a given.

When In Sang is getting ready to leave for school, Yi-Ji bursts in to ask if he’s going to see BomBom again and admits she saw the name in his phone. Flashback to In Sang knocking on Bom’s (Go Ah Sung) dorm-room door at study camp and an awkward conversation as they discuss not seeing each other until both get into the school of their choice.

Bom refuses to let him inside her room, she doesn’t trust him but she also can’t trust herself. He reaches out and touches her face. Sudden voices startle them both and he shoves his way inside her room. She hides him inside her closet and pretends to be asleep when her friends knock. Once they’re gone, Bom opens the closet door and motions for In Sang to leave but instead, he grabs her in his arms. Kissing her forehead and cheek, he finally kisses her lips and they fall onto the bed.

Around..8 months pass, one of In Sang’s teachers calls him into the teachers offices to inquire who Seo Bom is. He holds up some letters, saying he normally throws out “fan” letters but he kept these for some reason and warns In Sang that if his Father were to get hold of them, In Sang’s life will be more micro-managed than it is now, in fact, they’d lock him up. In Sang grabs the letters and runs.

In Sang looks miserable as he reads Bom’s words, she wants him to contact her because she has something to tell him. The second letter tells him she dropped out of school but plans to take the college entrance exam next year. Her last letter tells him she hopes he gets into the school he wanted and she plans to forget him now, saying goodbye. Awww.

In Sang tries finding out why she dropped out at her high school but they can’t tell him. He learns her address but discovers the family moved after the Grandfather died and hears a rumor Seo Bom was sick. Bom and her Mother attend prenatal classes, with Mom playing the role of husband. Although Mom tries to get the name of the Father out of her, Bom still refuses to say, claiming she got dumped, which really ticks Mom off. (LOL)

In Sang begs one of the secretary’s in his Father’s office to help him find Seo Bom without telling his Father but she refuses to get involved. Mrs. Han is visited by a pricey Shaman (spiritual advisor) who prays for In Sang’s future. Okay…creepy.  Poor In Sang is in his bathroom, using water to drown out the sound of his sobbing while they sneak around his room, placing hidden talismans.

Mr. Han has a business meeting with a Prime Minister who is being forced out of office and hires him while Mrs. Han takes In Sang with her to meet some old school chums and their kids. The kids are bored so they’re excused while the adults gossip. In Sang gets a text from the secretary in his Father’s office, she found Seo Bom for him. He rushes out, leaving the others to cover for him.

Mom drives Bom home, still upset that she won’t spill the kids name. In Sang finds the Seo family business but is caught hovering outside the door by Bom’s Uncle, who tells him to come back during the daytime. As In Sang walks away, he hears someone shouting Seo Bom’s name and rushes back in time to see Bom walking inside but he doesn’t see that she’s pregnant. Bom’s Uncle figures out he’s THE guy and invites him inside. Bom gasps, covering her mouth when she sees him walk into her house while his eyes widen at her belly.

Her Dad freaks out, ready to kill In Sang but Uncle holds him back. Her Mom whispers for In Sang to get on his knees, which seems to calm Dad down. (LOL) He makes it clear he had no idea until this moment that Bom was pregnant but he loves her very much, wants to marry her and offers to take her home and introduce her to his parents right then. Even though it’s late, Dad agrees with this and orders Bom’s sister to call a taxi.

The kids head out but after a second, In Sang reaches over to touch Bom’s hand with tears in his eyes. She tells the driver they need to talk and asks if they can stop somewhere. The driver stops and goes to eat while they talk in the taxi. Bom immediately begins crying, they both cry. These poor babies! *sniff* In Sang asks to touch the baby and does but Bom tells him maybe later, when the baby isn’t asleep. In Sang apologizes for leaving her to face this alone. Bom questions if he used a condom that time, he says yes, but admits he might not have used it correctly. LMAO!

They take a break to visit the bathroom but when Bom comes out, In Sang has walked down to the river front. She notices he’s removed his shoes and is gingerly sticking his foot into the cold water and storms down the stairs to stop him. Calling him a coward, she walks into the river full clothed while In Sang rushes forward to stop her.

Back in the taxi, the driver pulls a blanket out of the trunk, throws it at them and wonders out loud why babies are having a baby. *kekeke* In Sang gathers his nerve, phones his Mom to say he’s on his way and then asks Bom if he sounded okay. She praises him, he sounded cool. Seriously, they are SO young. Bending forward, In Sang tells the driver they’re going to kiss. The driver says it’s fine, he won’t look. In Sang grabs Bom and kisses her. Hilarious that he told the guy ahead of time.

Once they arrive at the Han home, Bom is shocked, is his family very rich? He says yes, then no, then he doesn’t know. (LOL) She mentions he told her his family were just getting by, his Father was self-employed and he got into the study camp on a draw. He admits he wanted to make a good impression and besides, he would have said anything, he was going crazy to sleep with her. OMG, AHAHA!

A woman comes outside but it’s his Mom’s secretary. She’s shocked when she sees Bom get out of the car but tells In Sang his parents are still awake, as is his sister, Yi-Ji. Asking Bom if they shouldn’t practice what to say first, he puts him arm around her when she calls him on it and marches inside. In Sang walks behind Bom as they enter the house but both seem terrified by the lush surroundings. They wait in the living room while the secretary gets his parents.

The Hans are shocked when they see Bom standing next to their son and even more so when he admits she’s his girlfriend. He further messes up by saying it’s his child, when you love someone, you want to have a child. Stuttering that’s not it, he again makes it even worse by saying he loves Bom so he asked her to sleep with him, just once. Wut? AHAHAHA!

Bom steps in and offers to explain, saying they agreed to not see each other until after college entrance exams but it proved too hard for them to say goodbye and they made a big mistake. Suddenly Bom clutches her stomach in pain and all hell breaks loose. Her water broke! The secretary rushes forward to ask when she’s due, the maid screams for towels and a blanket, Mom falls to the floor, Yi-Ji yells for someone to call 911 and In Sang screams NOW! I am dying.

Bom is situated inside Mom’s room, on Mom’s bed. (OMO) She asks Yi-Ji to search for a particular blog that lists what to do in detail. In the meantime, the paramedics show up and Dad lies to them that it was a mistake – no one here is having a baby – and he sends them away! He also has his assistant hide In Sang’s phone. When they see Bom’s Father is calling, they send a text back, pretending to be In Sang and say that Bom is sleeping. Oh, hell no. The Seo family wonder why Bom would fall asleep during such an important time?

As her contractions become more intense and closer together, Bom tells In Sang to get behind her to prop her up and grab her legs. She starts pushing, Yi-Ji runs to tell her parents the babies head is crowning! (LOL) The parents are discussing what to do, Dad wants to make sure they handle everything legally and make sure Bom feels comfortable – at least until they can verify paternity. Jerks. Suddenly, a baby’s cry can be heard throughout the house.

A doctor is finally called but Dad orders his mouth shut and to secretly verify paternity. Using the maids phone, Bom calls her parents with the news. They’re surprised and worried but delighted, Bom’s Mother tearfully tells In Sang he did a good job and she’s proud of him. Awww, I love her family. In Sang sends pictures to everyone.

The next morning, Mr Han instructs his assistant to make sure the household staff keeps their mouths shut and no visitors are allowed inside the house. His plan is to divide and conquer by separating In Sang from Bom, Bom from her parents and from her newborn son. He calls for In Sang and orders him to school in the nicest way possible, while Mrs. Han calls for a nanny to take care of the baby. Things are about to get very ugly.

In Sang dresses for school and tiptoes into the room to say goodbye to Bom. She’s sleeping so he kisses his newborn son, who is awake next to Bom. So adorable! Bom wakes up and he kisses her goodbye, he’ll be back soon. Ermm, I’m thinking not. Sure enough, the guys taking him to school actually take him to his new study room, where he will be living from now on. He falls to his knees, knowing he’s been tricked.

A room is also set up for the baby. The secretary enters the room Bom has been staying in with the hired nanny, who immediately picks up the baby, telling Bom she’s a “professional”. What? Ya know, I wouldn’t give a shit who these people are – there is no way in hell I would have let this woman just carry my newborn son off! Bom is shown to a new room but her questions about the baby are not answered, she’s just told to get some rest. *fumes*

Later, when Bom hears the baby crying, she gets up and starts to leave but is shoved back inside by Mrs. Han. Telling Bom the baby is being looked after by the best caregiver, she tries reassuring her. Bom still wants to try, she practiced while attending classes for expectant mothers but is again shut down. She finally asks if she’s being punished, which Mrs. Han denies but the mask slips and the evil shows on her face (and her voice) as she asks Bom if she knows what she’s done?


Excellent so far, I’m very impressed. Not only with the writing and dialogue but also the acting and the mood of each scene, which is enhanced by the lighting and the music. The music has been perfect in almost every scene. (LOL) I find myself laughing at things that my brain tells me shouldn’t be funny, but are. But I’m really worried about how makjang this might get.

The Han family seems unbearable and I feel pity for both children, although more for In Sang. Since he’s the son, more is expected of him but I’ll bet they have major plans for Yi-Ji too. Mr. Han is obviously a major control freak with a temper, which is worrisome and his wife (so far) seems obsessed with status. I find Yi-Ji delightful, I hope she and Bom end up good friends. I also love Bom’s entire family, their reaction to their Grandson being born was so perfect, it brought tears to my eyes.

In Sang being terrified of his Father is understandable, he seems like a good kid, they both are and I find them a very cute couple. They just happened to have made a huge mistake but both seem sincere and willing to try their best to make things right. I hope they remain true to each other and we don’t have any noble idiocy, they have enough going against them without adding that to the mix. These poor darlings need a break but I’m gonna guess they’re in for a lot of tough times first.


  • I was wondering whether or not to pick this one up. It seems like a really interesting premise and from the looks of your first impressions, maybe a good one to watch. I might wait though for a few more episodes to air before seeing if I want to watch it. I have such a hard time finishing dramas sometimes ㅋㅋㅋ

    • tessieroo says:

      Yea, I’m kinda waiting to see where this goes too. I hope they manage to keep the dark humor, it’s really funny! 😀

      • Maybe once I have finished one of the dramas I’m watching, I will know if it’s doing well or not and then maybe pick it up ^^ Teenage pregnancy seems a bit of a drama theme at the moment.

  • EmmaLee says:

    This episode gave me a stress headache. I kept shouting in my mind for her to go get her baby. (I think it is because I have 4 kids.) I was only able to bear it because I assume it is all part of their story arc (and all his crying I am hoping will culminate in him being super tough in a few episodes). They were both sooooo sweet with the baby and each other.

    • tessieroo says:

      OMG, ME TOO! I was freaking out when she let that woman take her son! Noooooooo!

      I think they’re very sweet too but he needs to grow a backbone. I do understand his fear of the old man and that might take some time to work through. I’m really hoping they don’t split up or he’s forced to date someone else. Ugh, hate those types of plots.

  • Alexis says:

    Yes! Thanks a lot Tess!

  • azraqey says:

    Yay~! I already downloaded these two episodes but didn’t have time yet to watch. Kind of good catch, plus, I like Joon’s acting before. Super yay~!

    p/s: off topic- Do you watch Zannen no Otto? 😉 Jusk asking, hehe

    • tessieroo says:

      No, I just had to Google it. (LOL) I had no idea Tamaki Hiroshi was in that one! O_O *quickly adds it to my list* Thanks for the tip, much appreciated. 😀

  • dena says:

    wow, will you recap this one?
    I tune up for this drama, it looks good at I am very impress at the 1st episode, it’s like I get it and I want to know more

    • tessieroo says:

      This one hit all my buttons too although I’m still not sure why. *heh* Yes, depending on where this one goes (and assuming it does’t get too makjang) I’m on board to recap.

  • Gustave154 says:

    I don’t see the makjang lol i think this drama is very funny. I love how they can make people laugh even though the drama is about high school pregnancy which is considered taboo. Looking forward to the drama and your recaps!!

  • Queen says:

    Like you I too found myself laughing at times when I don’t think the situation called for it, but that’s the charm that hooked me I can’t wait to see what they have in store for future episodes. To us regular people we can see what the family is doing is not right, but in their twisted way I guess they think that they are protecting their son’s future (but more likely their social status or face as we would like to say). IS indeed needs to grow a back bone but if you put yourself in his position and at his age it will be tough to do, but I think if IS & BB work together they can and will be able to some how overcome this situation together (I think when IS is around BB she makes him braver).

  • bmore says:

    Just finished ep 3. I wanted to wait for 4 before forming an opinion, but so far, this one seems to be hitting all the super buttons. Acting, casting, direction, filming, music…it’s all there and all extremely well thought out. The look is, of course, very familiar to those of us who watched and fell in love with Secret Love Affair. An Pan-Seok (director)’s artistry is again fully displayed here. With both he and the screenwriter of SLA on board I knew there was NO WAY I was going to miss this one. Lee Joon is my chocolate ganache icing on top of my cake!!!

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