“Kill Me, Heal Me” Week 8 – Name Games With The Family Registry


This week was really hard to watch, not only because of the noble idiocy but also the child abuse being front and center and shoved right into our faces. I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds such scenes more disturbing than anything from a horror movie. It’s something that hits into your very soul and literally makes your chest ache. It’s painful, it’s horrible and the tears won’t stop.

Do-Hyun is beaten and even kicked as he lays unconscious on the ground. Ri-Jin wakes up on the floor inside what appears to be a shed. As she calls for help, she sees a little girl, banging on a door and rattling a doorknob inside her head. She hyperventilates but luckily finds a plastic bag. When the door opens, she immediately (almost instinctively) hides, burying her face in her knees.

Finally gathering her nerve, she looks up and sees Do-Hyun standing there. Rushing to him, she cries, asking why his face is bloody and beaten? He apologizes for coming late and then passes out against her shoulder. At the hospital, she barks orders at the Doctor who stops her and refuses to allow her inside the emergency room. She sits outside and waits.

Ri-On brings her something to drink and finally asks if she shouldn’t be treated too since she’s probably in shock? Nope, she’s fine. He then tries to get her to go home, he’ll stay. Nope, she’s not doing that either, she has to stay because he’s her patient. Uh, huh. She thinks Do-Hyun got hurt because of her but Ri-On argues: who said it was because of her, is there any proof?

He thinks it more likely that she got kidnapped in the first place because of Do-Hyun. She throws it right back in his face, who said it was because of Do-Hyun, is there any proof? LOL, these two were definitely raised as brother and sister. Ri-On asks if she’s only worried about that person and not giving any thought to Ri-On, who is worried about her? Yep, I’d say so.

Ri-On gets angry, tells her she never listens to him anyway and storms out. Dude, you already know this, why are you getting your panties in a wad? Ah, who cares, he’s so friggin’ hot when he’s angry. *gasp* I said that out loud.

As he’s leaving, Ri-On overhears Secretary Ahn talking on his phone, asking if it might be a mistake when he learns whose villa it is. He tells the person to verify who the leader is and find out what their objective was. As he hangs up, Ri-On asks who the owner of that villa is, who kidnaped his little sister and why? Secretary Ahn refuses to tell him so Ri-On says he will look into it himself. *heh*

Ri-Jin sits at Do-Hyun’s bedside until Professor Seok shows up and asks to speak with her. She tells him about the strange little flashes she’s been getting, she wonders if these are her own memories? If they are, she wants to remember in order to help Do-Hyun since they might be connected. Returning to the room, she finds Do-Hyun gone and panics, rushing to the roof.

Do-Hyun is standing on the ledge and was just about to drop the photo he has of Ri-Jin as a little girl. Adult Ri-Jin tackles him, pulling him down from the ledge and thinking that he’s Yo-Sub, she cries that he made a promise with her. Telling him if he keeps putting off the day he will die, eventually a good day will definitely come and he can tell himself he did a good thing by not dying. Awwww. *tears*

When he finally speaks, he says he’s not going to die and it’s clear he’s Do-Hyun. She cries, saying the words “I’m not going to die” are the most touching words she’s ever heard and falls against him as she sobs. Awwww. *moretears* These two are brilliant and breaking my heart into tiny little pieces.

On the way back to his room, Do-Hyun asks her NOT to try digging up her own memories just to help him. He believes she’s living very well right now and there are a lot of people who love her so there’s no need for her to do that. She teases him, did he get scared? She tells him not to worry because it’s very likely that she was his first love and there might be some great memories to uncover.

She continues babbling about happy memories while Do-Hyun tries hard to stop his own tears. He finally just grabs her in a hug so she won’t see the tears streaming down his face. *sobs* OMG, this poor baby has no idea she was beaten and abused. This is horrible. I don’t blame either him or Ri-On for not wanting her to remember.

Ri-Jin’s Mom visits a temple to pray and speaks to Min Seo-Yeon, who is Ri-Jin’s biological Mother and was her friend. She asks why Seo-Yeon keeps appearing in her dreams with such a sad face, is something wrong? In flashback, we see Seo-Yeon phoned her before boarding a plane and begged her to rescue her daughter from that mansion. OMO, did she know her daughter was being abused?

One of Young-Pyo’s henchman is standing outside and phones this information to his boss, telling him from 1994 until now, this woman adopted and has been raising Min Seo-Yeon’s daughter. Ki-Joon overhears part of the conversation and wonders what’s going on but isn’t told anything.

Chae-Yeon lunches with her soon to be Mother-In-Law who tells her she saw Chae-Yeon, drunk, in this hotel, hanging onto Do-Hyun a few days ago. Warning her that everyone in this hotel knows who they are, she should never do such a thing again. Chae-Yeon gets all snippy and leaves. Someone remind me what her purpose is in this drama, I don’t understand why she’s still on the show. (LOL)

This leads to Chae-Yeon’s Mom yelling at Ki-Joon’s Mom that they should break off the engagement. Which is exactly what Chae-Yeon does, she gives Ki-Joon back his ring and breaks up with him. Zzzzzzzzzz, whatever. *yawn*

Ri-On learns that the villa belongs to Do-Hyun’s Mother, almost at the same time Do-Hyun does. Do-Hyun readies to leave the hospital and confront his Mom when Ri-On basically attacks, screaming at him for ignoring his warnings. Ri-Jin goes to Do-Hyun’s to pick up some stuff and has yet another memory flash of a young boy promising to come and play with her tomorrow.

Ri-On tells Do-Hyun of his sisters horrible nightmares as a child and her fear of basements, after she met Do-Hyun, her memories have started to appear. He’s been afraid that someone who doesn’t want her existence known would try something like what happened with the kidnapping. He begs Do-Hyun to let go of his sister, bowing his head. Awww! *sobs* Do-Hyun asks that he listen to his request in return but we don’t hear what that request is.

Ri-Jin visits her Mom, who isn’t feeling well and is home in bed. Mom looks straight at Ri-Jin and asks if she doesn’t want to know who her parents are? *gasp* Ri-Jin says if she gets curious later, she will ask then. Ri-On overhears this conversation and in voice over, we hear that he begged Do-Hyun not to ruin his family’s happiness.

Do-Hyun’s Mother arrives and goes inside to meet him. He asks why she did that, she apologizes, saying she went a bit crazy because he was so harsh with her. When she finally looks at him, she notices his face and asks what happened? OMG, seriously? He asks if the reason is because Ri-Jin is Min Seo-Yeon’s daughter, is that why she tried to have Ri-Jin kidnapped?

She sputters, surprised that he knows everything but then denies that she wanted Ri-Jin kidnapped. She just wanted to talk to the girl and find out why she was hiding her identity, why she approached Do-Hyun and why she was sticking to him. Do-Hyun starts to snap but holds his temper and calmly explains that Ri-Jin…that child has no memory of her past. She can’t remember a single thing or the pain that she (and he points at his Mother)  and the others put her through.

Mom is delighted, relieved and happy that Ri-Jin can’t remember anything. Do-Hyun’s eyes widen and he asks if she’s even a human? I agree, hon. This woman is such a horrible piece of crap, I would never be able to call her Mother again. Ever.

Scary Granny visits comatose Joon-Pyo, he broke her heart when he left for 6 years. Plus he’s been laying here for over 20 years, she’s still waiting for him to wake up. In flashback, we see the day Joon-Pyo came back with a boy he claimed was his son. Telling his Mother he needs to send his son to school, he asks about adding him to the family registry.

Suddenly Min Seo-Yeon appeared with her daughter. Joon-Pyo glares at her, why is she here? He notices the little girl hiding behind her and asks who that child is? Scary Granny told him of course, she’s his daughter. Ermm, no, I don’t think so. Scary Granny knew she wasn’t his daughter too as she tells her comatose son that the whole tragedy began with that child.

Do-Hyun tells him Mother about his D.I.D but the only thing she cares about is making sure no one else knows. Do-Hyun finally realizes the only way to stop her greed is to announce his disease to the world, which is exactly what he plans to do. She just shakes her head in denial. Ugh, this woman. Can’t we just have Se-Gi ship her to outer space? (LOL)

Ri-On drives Ri-Jin back to Do-Hyun’s house, they find him sitting outside. Ri-Jin wonders if he’s been waiting out here for her? This reminds her of the family dog so she pats his head. In flashback, we hear the request Do-Hyun made: it was to spend one day with Ri-Jin and make her happy. Ri-On breaks down into tears, both men cry. *sobs*

“It’s not because you did something wrong or because you didn’t have the right to be loved, that you were abused. You definitely have the right to be loved”

Ri-Jin agrees to take a trip with Do-Hyun but I have a feeling she knows he’s going to say goodbye. They have fun on the Snowflake train, with her teasing him about planning out the entire trip in 30 minute segments (LOL) and writing down a list of questions to ask her in order to get to know her better. They play a game which Ri-Jin continually wins, she gets to smack him on the wrist.

She tells Do-Hyun she remembers playing with some kid when she was younger, they were playing with a toy train. She made a promise with that kid, when she grew up, they would ride a train and take a trip together. And she knows that kid wasn’t Ri-On.

Scary Granny is told that Young-Pyo has started looking for a child and has met secretly with several Seung Jin board members. Do-Hyun’s Mother meets with Young-Pyo, trying to make a deal regarding a stake in Seung Jin. OMG, does this woman ever give up? It’s pathetic that she didn’t hear a word Do-Hyun said!

We see more of Do-Hyun’s conversation with Ri-On in flashback, he told Ri-On the whole story about the 2 children being locked in the basement. The girl was hit by the boy’s father if the boy did anything wrong or if the father found out that the boy snuck into the basement. Ri-On says Do-Hyun didn’t just stand on the sidelines and watch what happened, he was also a victim. *sniff*

Do-Hyun asked if Ri-On has thought about writing a book based on Seung Jin Group? He wants him to and he will give Ri-On information but he has to promise to make it a best-seller. Yes! *fistpump*

When Ri-Jin and Do-Hyun reach the ocean, he begins to say his goodbyes but Ri-Jin stops him. She already knows what he’s going to say. His memories have returned and she’s in those memories, right? Those memories won’t make her feel good, right? And her being by his side is painful for him so he’s planning to say goodbye. He says his family knows about his D.I.D so he doesn’t need her anymore (liar) and the contract between them is thereby terminated. Not turning around to face him, she instead tells him to leave first. He turns and leaves. *gaspingsobs*

“If you have the confidence to show your back to me, then you leave first”

Ri-On appears behind Ri-Jin, he’s obviously there to pick her up per his agreement with Do-Hyun and drops a blanket over her head. Awww, you’re too late though since she’s already hurt! Still, cute. As they eat, Ri-On seems more upset that Ri-Jin isn’t showing any emotions and tells her to curse at him or that guy if she’s angry. She knows Do-Hyun is trying to make sure she doesn’t remember since he knows it will make her unhappy.

Ri-On agrees, she and the whole family have been living happily and don’t need those trashy memories. This is a wide opening for Ri-Jin but she doesn’t take it, he just admitted he knows what those memories are too. He tells her to just cry so she does. Secretary Ahn takes care of a semi-drunk, depressed Do-Hyun (hilarious) but Do-Hyun is also crying. Ri-Jin’s parents find out she was fired.

Do-Hyun meets Professor Seok, telling him Se-Gi’s memories fused with his own, although not all. And he still wants to find out why they (his family) didn’t want the world to know about that child and why she was abused. Ri-Jin gets a phone call that the Chairwoman of Seung Jin Group wants to speak with her and heads to the mansion. Secretary Ahn reports to Do-Hyun the progress being made on discovering what happened during the fire at the mansion and also informs him Scary Granny is meeting Ri-Jin. Do-Hyun panics and rushes to the mansion.

Ri-Jin tells Scary Granny she’s no longer Do-Hyun’s private Doctor. Scary Granny dismisses her but before she leaves, she asks if Granny can’t help him? He needs his family’s love and support. This pisses Scary Granny off and she says Ri-Jin is more daring than she looks. This seems to trigger another flash memory for Ri-Jin, she’s heard those words before!

Suddenly the maid appears, bringing the photo of Joon-Pyo that was repaired. When Ri-Jin glances up, she sees the photo and gasps out loud. The maid takes her out of the room, trying to make sure she’s okay. On her way out, Ri-Jin has another flash memory of a little girl playing the violin, accompanied by the little boy on the piano. When the boy makes a mistake, his Father reminds him who would be punished if he messed up and he advances towards the little girl.

He ordered the little girl to hold out her hand but she says she heard it’s wrong for adults to hit children. *kekeke* You go, girl! Brave little thing. Joon-Pyo bent down to look into her face, saying she’s the spitting image of her Mother. Ahhh…is this why he hated her? He suddenly grabbed her by the collar and dragged her from the room. I’m assuming he threw her into the basement.

Ri-Jin begins hyperventilating and buries herself against the wall by the door. More flashes as she remembers being beaten, with the little boy crying and begging to be hit in her place. She makes her way outside as the memories come faster, she quickly figures out she was the girl in the basement and Do-Hyun was the little boy. She collapses on the sidewalk just as Do-Hyun arrives. He screams her name and rushes to her side but when he holds out his hand, she cowers in fear, saying “save me” over and over. OMG, this is horrible and my heart aches.

The maid helps Ri-Jin up and calls for a driver to take her home. Do-Hyun storms inside Scary Granny’s office, demanding to know what she said to Ri-Jin. Granny snaps back, who does he think he is, yelling at her? (someone hold me back, I’m about to crawl inside my screen and kick her ass). She tells Do-Hyun to go back to work at the company but he refuses, he’s not going to work at Seung Jin Group. HA, in your face!

Ri-On meets with Ri-Jin and asks if it was Do-Hyun in the basement with her and not him? It’s very clear she knows but she wonders how much Ri-On knows? She knows he’s not going to tell her so she’ll find out herself. Well, good – she’s finally angry at people trying to protect her. If they’re not going to help explain these flashes of memory, she’s fully capable of doing it herself.

Secretary Ahn reports to Do-Hyun that he’s waiting for Min Seo-Yeon’s driver to call him and gives him the family registry he requested, along with Min Seo-Yeon’s immigration records. These show Min Seo-Yeon entered Korea with a 6 year-old female child but after that, there’s no record of the girl. Do-Hyun is confused, his name appears on the family registry but the date he was added was before his Father brought him to Korea.

Secretary Ahn wonders if the Chairwoman did it in advance but Do-Hyun is positive no one even knew he existed until he showed up with his Father. Ri-Jin tells her Mom that she’s ready now and asks about her biological parents. Mom tells Ri-Jin that Seo-Yeon, her biological Mom was kind, smart and beautiful but the rich, messed up family she married into ruined her life. Her husband was jealous that his own Father seemed to like his daughter-in-law more than he liked his own son.

In flashback, we see Min Seo-Yeon telling her friend she was getting a divorce. That man (Joon-Pyo) fought with his Father and left the house, throwing signed divorce papers in her face. She had found her first love, the man she was forced to break up with for the arranged marriage to Joon-Pyo, she was going to America to meet that person. Back to the present, Mom tells Ri-Jin that person her Mom met in America was probably her Father but he died. She knows Seo-Yeon loved him though because after he died, Ri-Jin was there. Awww.

She gives Ri-Jin a folder of the things Seo-Yeon left and leaves the room. Ri-Jin opens it to see photos of herself, with the woman Do-Hyun said was listed as his Mother on the registry. Ah crap…this writer better not go the route of making them think they’re related. *frown* Do-Hyun wakes up, sees the little girl sitting in his room and hands her the teddy bear. When he asks her name, thinking it’s Ri-Jin, she shakes her head no.

Ri-Jin has yet another memory flash of herself as a young girl, playing on a swing. Her Mom, Seo-Yeon yells out that its dangerous standing up on a swing like that and hugs her, saying she’s really smart…but she calls her Do-Hyun. OMG, I think I figured this out! Ri-Jin is confused, does this mean her name is Do-Hyun? At the same time, the little girl tells Do-Hyun that her name is Cha Do-Hyun.


Brilliant! What a great script, I completely understand now why both these amazing actors choose this. Although I was in tears and sobbing through most of the episodes, we’ve made enormous progress. Do-Hyun is surging forward and even though he’s still getting occasional pains in his head, he’s no longer cowering in fear and is actively seeking to learn the entire truth.

Ri-Jin is also not cowering. I understand the desire to protect both Do-Hyun and Ri-On have, they’re afraid she won’t be the happy, bright person she is if she learns about her past. It was heartbreaking to see these men break down as they talked about the abuse…thinking she’s completely unaware. But it’s not like she can stop these memory flashes from happening, they’re coming faster and stronger with each one. This is good since it means the reason Do-Hyun was staying away from her will no longer apply.

As for the name issue, it’s clear Min Seo-Yeon had a child with her love in America but when her ex-Father-In-Law showed up to bring her back, they must have devised a plan to say the child was Joon-Pyo’s and added her to the registry. We now know she is NOT blood related, to either Do-Hyun or Joon-Pyo or anyone from that family. This means she is not the rightful heir. The only way she could be is if it was the Father-In-Law and I tossed that idea out a few weeks back and have no wish to bring it back up. (LOL)

Do-Hyun’s true identity remains ambiguous. Joon-Pyo just showed up, with this little boy and claimed he was his son. But is he really? If he is Joon-Pyo’s son, then he is the rightful heir. If his Mom lied and he’s not, then he also is not the rightful heir. I’m guessing Ri-Jin was beaten by Joon-Pyo because he knew she wasn’t his child. He knew Seo-Yeon was lying (or forced to lie by the elders) and he hated her.

This didn’t begin with “that child” like Scary Granny thinks, it began with Joon-Pyo’s mental illness. His inferiority complex that his wife was smarter, better equipped and jumped ahead of him in her position at Seung Jin Group. Instead of being pleased that she was doing a good job, he grew jealous and angry. It must have been a huge slap in the face to finally return, only to discover his now ex-wife was still there and still being favored by his Father. But to take his anger out on a child is inexcusable. He is, indeed, a monster.

Once Ri-Jin was removed from the house, it was probably fairly easy to change the little boys name to Cha Do-Hyun but now I’m really curious – what is Do-Hyun’s real name?


  • Wildfly says:

    Shin se gi

  • lolafrg23 says:

    I think is real name is Shin Se Gi, coz he told her one day that she has to remember him with that name and that face, that the other were all fake that he was the real one. Now is Se Gi the real one or Do Hyun? That movie sure knows how to keep us thinking.

    • AdAl says:

      Wow, that would be a real plot twist wouldn’t it? But it makes sense.

      If he is Shin Se Gi,then it means that he isn’t Joon Pyo’s biological child and not the rightful heir either. It might explain why mom is so desperate not to lose the position and why Granny treats him like crap.

  • professional lurker says:

    My take: I think Grandfather Cha put “Cha Do Hyun” (the girl’s name) in the family registry so that he could convince Min So Yeon to return to Korea without anyone none the wiser on the status of her child’s legitimacy, and maybe to also ensure that there will be a place for her daughter in the family even if she is not blood-related.

    What they didn’t expect was Joon Pyo coming back home with a son. And because So Yeon’s daughter’s name was already there in the family registry, there’s no place for his son. Or they were to add his name on it later. Then Min So Yeon died, so they figured they can hide the identity and existence of her daughter and make his son take her name and her place in the family registry (I think Korean names are not gender-conscious and it didn’t say that Cha Do Hyun was a girl or boy in the registry).

    With her reappearance, maybe she can assert her name as the rightful heir since it was her name that appears in the family register. Do Hyun is still the illegitimate son, so she-Do Hyun has more claim than him – if he has one at all, which is what Evil Mom is always conscious of. Thus, the interest in the daughter, who is now Ri Jin.

    As for Cha Do Hyun, maybe his name really is Shin Se Gi and Cha Do Hyun was his assumed name. But his personality is not of violent Shin Se Gi but the kind, apologetic, warm-hearted man – violent Se Gi is still a created personality. *whew*

    • tessieroo says:

      The problem is that Ri-Jin has no blood relation to the family so she can’t legally make a claim for Seung Jin Group or to be the heir. If the family demanded a blood test, it would be all over, she’s not blood-related, even if it is her name on the family registry. Maybe…I wonder if Scary Granny would let it go as a way to “atone” for what they did?

      Very good point, I agree it was most likely Grandpa Cha who hatched this scheme in order to get Seo-Yeon to come back and Scary Granny very reluctantly went along with it.

      I’m just dying to find out if Joon-Pyo is really Do-Hyun’s (or whatever his real name is) biological father or if his Mom has been lying all along.

      • Ivy123 says:

        I have a question, how does inheritance work in Korea?? Suppose, a family adopts a child, will she/he have legal right over their property by default due to being adopted or does it have to be stated in a legal document about how much that child will inherit despite not being biologically related to them. If that is the case, I believe the granddad must have legally adopted the little girl to include her as an heir or at-least to give her some claim over the inheritance. At this point, its clear that Cha Jun Pyo’s son wasn’t even listed in the family registry, they stole MSY’s child’s identity so if there is a legal document giving MSY’s child adoptive child status in the Cha family and inheritance, how much will the biological child be able to claim?? She isn’t related to them by blood and it will be easy to prove in court of law but once its proven will she still have a huge claim over the property or will the real biological kid inherit by default?? I think there’s a bond that states the inheritance status that the grandmother was hiding but I still am confused if it will hold when she isn’t even a Cha family daughter to begin with.

        • tessieroo says:

          It’s depressing but adopted children are usually treated as lower than dirt in K-dramas. T_T (let’s hope that’s not really the case but I know there isn’t much legitimate adoption happening in Korea). In fact, the country was, at one time, known for their biggest export being babies – other countries were willing to adopt Korean babies since Koreans would not.
          In K-dramas, it usually always about the BLOOD. (LOL) And no, an adopted child would be placed after legitimate blood heirs when it comes to inheritance – especially in a respected, wealthy chaebol family. But we’re talking about K-dramas, I believe in real life it’s the same as it in the US – it’s all about the will and what provisions the deceased has declared.

          You raise a very interesting question and one that’s been on my mind since I saw ep 16 – WHY wasn’t Joon-Pyo’s son listed on the family registry? I can’t figure that one out for the life of me!

      • professional lurker says:

        This is what confuses me, as well. Maybe because she’s already part of the family registry makes her a compulsory heir? But they can always take her out of it, right? I’m not really sure how the family registry works.

        And I don’t think Grandma will not do anything pertaining to Ri Jin. Maybe for Do Hyun, but I think that’s already stretching her good deed for this century. ;D

        • tessieroo says:

          Ahahaha, true. Scary Granny is something else.

          The family registry system (or “Hoju”) placed only a MALE as the legitimate head-of-household and all other family members were under that male, including any and all children (even children of divorce). If a woman divorced and was granted custody of any children with her husbands permission, those children would still be listed on HIS family registry, even if they don’t live with him.

          Some reading if you’re interested – http://www.international-divorce.com/family-registration-law-korea.htm

          The Hoju system was supposedly abolished in 2005 but it’s still very much alive in K-dramas. (LOL) I find it fascinating!

  • Pishyyy says:

    his mom’s name is Shin Hwa Ran so he might take her family name at first, so Shin Se Gi..
    agree, only his name is Shin Se Gi but his real personality is still the kind-hearted, angelic Cha Do Hyun that we know.. but after this, we might see the more fierce of Cha Do Hyun..

  • LuvWinter says:

    Whatever his name is, I just hope DoHyun (JiSung) main personality is still the kind, warm hearted person. And in the last episode, DoHyun will be together with RiJin~ <33

  • Anvesha says:

    This episode.. UGH.. I was totally speechless after that ending.

    I can’t even begin to imagine what JS’s character is going through. The guy who thought he was a monster, finally got around to claiming his identity as Cha Do Hyun and now he learns that even that name is not truly his. He is not CDH either… That was some twist.. I am really curious to see what will be the outcome.

    Isn’t it unlikely that the crazy granny could consider anyone heir if they were not blood-related, even pre-fire incident? She must’ve done DNA testing when Joon Pyo brought him… But then again, he was never registered formally. So, may be the granny knows that he is not Joon Pyo’s son after all, and had to shuffle the kid’s name to keep company/scandal under her control.

  • Renu says:

    What if Shin Se Gi is the main personality? He lost his personality and memories after the fire incident and it came back when he saw his college mate getting beaten up by her step father. It will be a big twist lol. Shin Se Gi was calm and kind as a child. But he became aggressive after he witnessed the abuse. He couldn’t save her due to his kind nature, so naturally he got the aggressive nature to defend her. Shin Se Gi is calm as well as aggressive (when he sees someone getting abused). We have already seen that in earlier episodes.

    • IncognitoIris says:

      Possible, yes. But Seki is also stuck in the past and stunted in emotional maturity. Sometimes it feels as if he’s still that 7 year old boy who’s frustrated and guilty for having been able to do nothing about what happened in front of him.
      But if Seki is the main personality, that means he created ‘Dohyun’, the personality that covered up the painful memories and went on to have relatively normal and happy life until something triggered those memories. But Seki himself has said over and over that ‘He(Dohyun)’ couldn’t handle the guilt and the pain, so Seki ‘appeared’ and took it all in his stead. If we’re to believe that, how do they come together?

    • tessieroo says:

      I thought that might be the case too. Since the name “Do-Hyun” was basically forced on this kid, his real name is Shin Se-Gi. And yes, we saw that the boy was sweet and kind-hearted so maybe his aggressive side only appears when someone is being abused right up in his face. When he was younger, he was fairly helpless to do much since Joon-Pyo was bigger than he was but as he became an adult, that’s no longer the case. I don’t know…I just can’t wait to find out! 😀

  • Hipployta says:

    Yeah on Viki you can see me comment about the names right before they confirm it.

    I think his real name is probably Shin Segi while his main personality is Cha Do Hyun…so when he lost his memory and switched names one of his personalities assumed his real name the way the Do Hyun/Ri Jin of his memories became Nana

    Makes the statement “I will be you and you will be me” even more real

  • Dwarf says:

    Great show! But I can’t help and wonder when the last personality, Mr X is gonna show up? Or how he figures in the story

  • Sage says:

    Sounds like it’s time for Mr. X to come out and play. This identity crisis Cha Do Hyun is about to suffer through, just might be what causes a fracture and gives rise to Mr. X. Hence why he goes by Mr. “X”, he doesn’t have an identity; if he’s not Cha Do Hyun, then who is he? Mr. X, on the other hand, can be anyone – not inhibited by painful, tragic things – such as names.

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