“Kill Me, Heal Me” Episode 17 Video & Written Previews

If you were hoping that the angst will let up this week, then, the video preview for episode 17 dashes all that. There’s a major revelation about who caused the fire years ago … but is this preview misleading us?



Episode 17 Video Preview Rough Translation (c/o Moon_Fars)

Little Do Hyun: I’ll buy it. I’ll name the boat. What should I name it?

Do Hyun’s Dad: Perry Park.

Do Hyun: At that fire accident, the one who rescued Oh Ri Jin was ….

Grandmother: Tell me what happened 21 years ago.

Little Do Hyun: Father, please don’t hit her. (*Line not clear*)

Ri On: (*This line is not clear*) Till when will you be like this (?) Why won’t you make me do anything for you?! Why? What are you?

Ri Jin: I like you, Cha Do Hyun.

Episode 17 Written Preview (c/o emme85 & yaqiyuki)

Do Hyun and Ri Jin recall the truth from their past, and they fall into panic mode.

Grandmother is busy with blocking the sudden news about Jun Pyo that came out while Shin Hwa Ran smiles at the situation.

Meanwhile, Do Hyun gets to know the inside information about the fire at the Seungjin mansion 21 years ago from Grandmother.

Sources  |  Credit to uploader  |  Soompi, c/o yaqiyuki, emme85, & Moon_Fars


  • Odessa Jones says:

    I don’t know if I can handle the angst. I’ve lost sleep worrying about these people the last couple nights! By next Thursday I’m going to have deep circles under my eyes.

    But I love that the preview opens up possibilities I hadn’t thought of–without really giving anything away, because we know this show isn’t afraid to surprise us. Can’t wait!

  • j says:

    i am waiting for the rest episodes of KMHM. cant wait any longer!!!!

  • Sargeveege says:

    Why is little DoHyun looking so evil…. I’m afraid..
    Can’t wait for tomorrow!

    • wildfly says:

      evil or desperate…i think he decided to do something about the basement situation. i bet he tried to help somehow rijin… only it all went out of control and that’s why he is so fucked up now. i wonder if even se gi remembers it all.

  • Iris says:

    Oh wow! The child looks so much like Se Gi in that scene.
    The name! Omg. Se Gi’s name came from the matches?!
    I cannot wait for ep 17 to be here.

  • Premillusion says:

    Intially i thought it could be mr.x who caused that fire but seeing se-gi there it could be either. As Do-hyun could have created se-gi to take in the pain and mr.x from lose of identity and not being able to do anything???If so could Mr.X be evil ?
    I hope not but that smile definetly looks creepy and may be evil ???
    Hopefully we’ll know the answers soon
    Wait,not hopefully
    There’s only four episode left !!!!
    So Perry park came from his boat
    And se gi came from a matchbook!!!
    I wonder what else he named himself after ?

  • professional lurker says:

    Ugh. That time with his father, all smiles and looking like the typical dad-son outing just makes the whole situation…more sad. Because there was a time when his father was good to him but when they came to the big house, everything just went crazy.

    • Ironsky says:

      I feel the same. CJP did love his son and was happy with his son. I guess that was before he came back to the Cha household. I wonder what made him change so much, I mean he was physically torturing MSY’s child and mentally torturing his own son. Whatever happened that a sweet loving father turned into such a monster?? A part of me feels, his inability to be the son his father wanted, his insecurity and MSY’s leaving him and coming back with another man’s child finally made him snap. Its heartbreaking in a way for both the kids. I wonder why MSY chose to come back and register her daughter as a Cha when she clearly isn’t one. I mean even if her lover died, why not live in USA happily rather than come back to the awful Cha household?? And she was a part of a rich family who forced her into a loveless marriage, they are strangely absent in this whole scenario. Its a bit weird.

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