“Heard It Through The Grapevine” Week 2 – Congrats On What Baby?

This drama is so much fun! With just the right amount of humor woven into a heavy, serious subject, it’s keeping me intrigued and laughing. So far, there’s been NO makjang (yay) and all my pre-conceived notions of what I expected would happen have been wrong. I love it when a drama surprises me by going in the opposite direction and offering up an interesting story-line that seems to poke fun at K-drama cliché’s. Maybe this writer finds those cliché’s as old and worn out as I do?

In-Sang sits and listens as his new teacher discusses his schedule with his Father’s secretary. The new teacher arrogantly tells the secretary that he doesn’t need an additional guard, he’s a master of martial arts. As the butler unpacks In-Sang’s suitcases, he allows In-Sang to use his phone and contact Bom. *heh*

The maid tells Bom that Mrs. Han isn’t ready to face things and reminds her that her parents were probably shocked at first too. A text comes in and she gives her phone to Bom. I love that the housekeeper and her husband are helping these two but I pray they don’t get caught. The new parents text back/forth but are interrupted when the secretary announces he’s leaving. In-Sang begs the butler to help him escape, he knows his parents but Bom doesn’t so he needs to talk to her.

The matchmaker tells Mrs. Han that she’ll arrange a few meetings for him. Unreal! Her son has a girlfriend and a new baby but Mom is going to try to arrange a marriage for him? *snort* Mr. Han looks at Bom’s family store online and listens to a full report of her family’s finances. Ugh, he had them investigated so he knows they’re behind on paying rent for both the store and their home.

Mr. Seo is worried and impatient that In-Sang’s parents haven’t contacted them to meet yet. He’s afraid they’ll get bossy and insulting, saying they didn’t raise their daughter properly. Yea…that’s what usually happens, the girl is blamed. (LOL) Mrs. Seo is just grateful Bom delivered a healthy baby and that In-Sang loves her so much. Awww. Mr. Seo asks his eldest daughter to call the cab company and find out where the kids were dropped off, he wants to visit In-Sang’s parents.

In-Sang tries to sneak out while the butler distracts the new teacher but is seen. The butler warns the teacher that if In-Sang doesn’t cooperate or worse, tries to kill himself, he won’t get his fee. Well, that was easy. The butler leaves with In-Sang, planning to sneak him into the house.

Mr. Seo drives to In-Sang’s home but when he rings the bell and asks for him, Mrs. Han panics and lies that he doesn’t live there. He’s confused, the neighborhood looks too rich which makes him think the cab driver gave them the wrong address. Mrs. Han phones Mr. Han to tell him, he has his secretary file a complaint to report a “suspicious person” in the neighborhood. What a jerk. Mr. Seo is confronted by the police and quickly leaves.

Mrs. Han’s friends somehow learn a 911 call for “labor pains” was made from their house but when one of them phones Mr. Han to dig for more info, they get no where. The baby cries, which makes both Han parents nervous, Mr. Han even breaks out into a sweat. Ahahaha. He tells his wife the paternity results should be ready in the morning, they both need to take a tonic to calm their nerves.

Mrs. Han’s secretary goes over her schedule and suggests she apologize to Bom for yelling at her, it’s what Mr. Han’s Mother used to do when she made a mistake with subordinates. OMG, so Bom is a subordinate? *shakinghead* The maid collects breast milk from Bom and tells her In-Sang will come to see her once his parents are asleep. They can communicate using her and her husbands (the butler) phones. Sweet.

Mrs. Han visits Bom’s room to apologize for her outburst, little sister Yi-Ji bursts into the room, calling Bom “Unnie” and happy to see her. Mrs. Han doesn’t like that so she quickly leaves, pushing Yi-Ji out the door. Bom admits to herself that she holds grudges. *hee* Mrs. Han tells Yi-Ji she’s not allowed to go into that room. *snort* Yi-Ji wonders if they’ve locked Bom in a tower and exiled her brother. LMAO, smart girl.

She texts In-Sang’s friends, sending a photo of the baby and the baby clothing she bought but refuses to tell them who the baby belongs to. She tells Hyeon-Soo it’s none of her business what In-Sang is doing, he’s not interested in other girls. (LOL!) I seriously love Yi-Ji, she’s awesome. And how cute is it that she bought stuff for the baby!

Mr. Han scolds Mrs. Han for talking to Bom in person, she should just send messages through her secretary. He complains that she’s just like In-Sang, they’re both too kind which causes problems. She’s insulted, is he saying this happened because In-Sang takes after her? He doesn’t want to fight, they both need to do their best.

Once the parents retire, In-Sang sneaks up to Bom’s room, almost getting caught when Yi-Ji brings a tray of dishes downstairs. He and Bom stare at each other with longing before he rushes forward and wraps her in a tight hug. They both start crying and then share a passionate kiss. In-Sang sneaks them into the baby’s room where they spend time with the little guy. When they’re together with their son, it’s adorable.

Back in her room, In-Sang draws Bom a map so she’ll know where the baby’s room is and how to get there safely. He doesn’t know why his house is so big, he just found himself there when he was born. He also doesn’t know why his family is rich, it’s just always been that way. ROFL! He draws the housekeeper’s room, saying it’s the most comfortable room in the whole house, he used to play there when he was little.

Looking over a list of things Bom wrote down, he tells her he can help with 3 of them: Yoga, massage and making her smile. They smile at each other. *sniff* Bom tells him she wrote down the baby’s name, it’s Jin-Young. She wants to leave his house, with the baby but tells In-Sang he needs to be successful in his studies. He grabs her for another passionate kiss.

Later, he tells her not to go anywhere and reminds her he promised to marry her when they were at her house. Bom admits she didn’t believe him at first but now she does. She brings up older couples who break up because of parents opposition, he thinks that happens because they either fall out of love or didn’t love each other to begin with. That’s not the case here, he loves Bom. Awww. They both agree to try hard.

He gives her his secret stash of manga comics, they both fall asleep reading until the butler comes in to tell In-Sang it’s time to leave. As he’s sneaking out, Mr. Han comes into the dining room, In-Sang quickly hides under the table. Mrs. Han also wakes up and the parents sit down at the table, with poor In-Sang stuck underneath. LOL, ridiculous. He eventually falls over, scaring his Mom and ends up on his knees in front of his Father.

Bom sneaks down the stairs and overhears them talking so she knows In-Sang got caught. Mr. Han tries to tell In-Sang he’s not allowed to come home until he finishes taking the bar exam next year, In-Sang refuses this idea. She rushes to his side, they both try bargaining with his parents to allow them to see each other. Mr. Han asks Bom what she likes about In-Sang, with his wife implying Bom approached her son with an ulterior motive. Ugh.

In-Sang answers, it’s because they love each other. Bom agrees, there’s no reason she would allow herself to be locked inside this house unless she loved In-Sang. She begs they be allowed to see each other and to breast-feed her son…because her breasts are swollen. Ahahaha, the Han’s look so uncomfortable at that announcement! In-Sang grabs hold of Bom’s hand, while his Mom stares.

At that moment, the doctor arrives and nods his head when Mr. Han looks at him. AHA! The paternity test must prove In-Sang is the father! Telling In-Sang to wait, Mr. Han asks his wife to speak with him and they leave the room. They both look like they’ve been given a death sentence as they read over the paternity results, it’s hilarious. Mr. Han requests the doctor make sure no one ever discovers he ordered a paternity test.

When the Hans finally talk to the kids, they put on a big show of being “concerned” for the health of both Bom and the baby. Pfffttt, lies – all lies. They both support, understand and respect Bom and they plan to meet with her parents soon. Both kids are touched to the point of tears, Bom even urges In-Sang to hurry up and go back to his studies. Promising to leave as soon as he says goodbye to the baby, the kids excitedly rush from the room.

As Bom breast-feeds the little guy, In-Sang phones her parents to inform them his parents plan to visit their house soon. LMAO, they panic and start cleaning. Yi-Ji sneaks into the room and both Han kids watch with fascination as Bom breast-feeds. Since they both had a nanny, I doubt they’ve even seen a mother taking care of her baby on her own.

Mr. Han has his secretary draw up a memo, offering Bom’s family a large amount of money. When Mrs. Han leaves, Bom calls her “Mother” and warns her about the noise the toilet makes. Ah, she believes the Han’s are really going to meet her parents! Nope, Mr. Han sends Secretary Yang to deliver the memo, detailing his offer. She also makes it clear the kids don’t know so Mrs. Seo should explain it to Bom. Bom’s parents are shocked.

Mrs. Han’s friends continue to pry, trying to find out what is going on. Hyeon-Soo suddenly asks her Mom if someone in that family had a baby and shows her all the photos Yi-Ji has been uploading onto her social networking site. *snicker* Her her friends decide it must be a child Mr. Han had out-of-wedlock and his wife is being forced to take the child in. They wonder who Mr. Han has been seeing on the side and send over a gift basket, congratulating Mrs. Han on the baby. OMG, AHAHAHA!

The Han’s discuss the matter. Mrs. Han is worried but Mr. Han is convinced Bom’s parents will sign the contract soon, they can’t refuse such an offer. The Seo’s discuss the contract, they now know the Han family is different and there’s no way they would allow their son to marry just anyone. Bom’s uncle believes even if they get married, they probably won’t live happily because In-Sang’s family will be really hard on Bom.

Bom’s sister, Noo-Ri, failed her camera test, she was told it was because she “looked poor” which…WTF? *shakinghead* Mrs. Seo tells her about the contract, the Seo’s seem to believe they have a prejudice against rich and powerful people. Noo-Ri wants to take the money, bringing Bom and the baby home. Mrs. Seo tries to text Bom but the servants were threatened with their jobs if they kept helping the kids. Damn!

Noo-Ri gets an email from Bom, asking how the meeting between the parents went, they figure out Bom is being lied to. Bom also sends an email to In-Sang, she no longer believes his parents meant what they said. The next morning, Mr. Seo plans to visit Mr. Han at his office while Mrs. Seo plans to pay a visit to Mrs. Han at home.

Mr. Seo is not allowed to enter the Hansong building without an appointment so he stands outside. Mr. Han watches on the CCTV cameras, thinking he’s there because he feels guilty about accepting money due to his daughters mistake. Yeesh, what a pompous ass. Mrs. Seo is shown inside the Han family home but Mrs. Han denies she’s In-Sang’s mother and tries to leave. Mrs. Seo snaps, yelling at her for trying to use money, Mrs. Han runs from the room, terrified. LMAO!

Bom hears her Mom yelling and comes out, telling her she did good. *hehehe* She takes her Mom to see the baby. Mr. Han meets and threatens an editor over the illegal admission of the guy’s children to an international school. He’s smug as he spouts off about ones children being a problem. The other guy sighs before saying this is how Mr. Han and his law firm do business? Well, of course, they’re most likely corrupt. The editor cancels a story because of Mr. Han’s threats.

In-Sang is given a copy of the memo, he angrily and tearfully tears it up and heads over to speak with Mrs. Seo. She asks what does he like about Bom, did she flirt with him first? Nope, he hit on her first. (LOL) Mrs. Seo knows about his family background and knows his parents expect the same from him but he declares it’s all meaningless without Bom. If Bom leaves his house with the baby, he will follow her. He loves Bom. Awww. Calling her Mother-In-Law, he begs her to help.

In-Sang’s tutor wishes him luck the next morning as he heads out. He storms into the family home, goes upstairs and putting a coat on Bom, takes her hand, leading her downstairs. Mrs. Han stands in front of the stairs, asking where he’s going? He tells her to move aside, they’re going to get married. *squeals* This firm, strong In-Sang is uber hot! *kekeke* Me likey! Mrs. Han screams no as they waltz out the door.

Mr. Han is informed, he sends Secretary Yang and another girl to stop them and then tells his wife to get dressed and meet him at the registry office. Bom’s parents also head there to meet the kids. In-Sang fills out the marriage registration forms but just as he’s about to stamp it, Secretary Yang runs in to stop him.

When the Han’s arrive, Mr. Han yells his son’s name but then bows to Bom’s parents. He apologizes for being late and signs the marriage registration form.


It actually crossed my mind that he signed the form with disappearing ink.

It’s strange but I do understand the way the Han’s are thinking, they are different. What they fail to realize it the fact that their son, In-Sang, is nothing like them. He has different values and beliefs, in spite of the way he was raised or all the money surrounding him. His parents have placed the family on a pedestal, believing themselves untouchable but I have a feeling that world was due to come crashing down – even without Bom.

We all know there’s no way the Han’s would give in this easily so it’s most likely just a stalling tactic until they can pull out some heavier guns. I’m praying these two kids don’t give up and continue to remain strong against all the opposition that will eventually be thrown at them. If it’s true this drama has 32 episodes, we have a very long way to go.


  • Fantast1ksuae says:

    I’m watching this drama too! It’s fast paced and the actors are great. The setting is no joke. They’ve got budget…hahaha! Kinda remind me of My Lover from the Star set…can’t wait for next episode. Thanks for recapping Chinguu!

    • tessieroo says:

      It’s VERY fast paced, which I love. 😀 I kinda love Mrs. Han too, I laugh at everything she does.

  • bmore says:

    This drama is so much like Director An Pan-Seok and Writer Jung Sung-Joo’s last work: Secret Love Affair, it is hard to miss. The look, feel, tension, pace, intensity, and confusion. Confusion mainly because this drama is so unique in all those facets and there is so much going on, and so rapidly are so many things happening, it is hard to absorb it all in one go. Your recaps really help. I am glued to my screen and in awe of it every minute I’m watching. What an amazing concept! I can’t even believe something like this is on air.

    These 2, Bom and In-Sang are so young and innocent and passionate. It is so easy to relate to their feelings you are instantly on their side…wishing and hoping for them to succeed. But, like you said, SO MUCH has happened so quickly in this already and we have a very, very long way to go. I don’t worry about the makjang, given who is directing and writing, but I do think we may be looking at a very long period of time involved here. I haven’t seen nor heard what the story progression is on this. Is there the possibility we are looking at years here? Are we going to have to watch as Bom tries to navigate and assimilate in that household while In-Sang, in an attempt to prove he can satisfy his family and provide for Bom and his son tries to live up to the educational standards his father is going to expect? Or will they leave the Han household and live a life on the edge with Bom’s family? Or will they be separated and live life struggling for stolen moments until Bom (who seems to be the more mature one emotionally at this point) gives up and tells him she cannot deal with the struggle any longer. Will we then watch as they grow separately and one day, years later try again? There are so many ways this story could go. It’s hard to envision, with so much happening already, how they are going to fill up so many episodes yet to air. But wow…I really feel like this is going to be another amazing show that I will be as blown away with as I was with Secret Love Affair.

    This is going to be a long one to keep recapping. A lot of weeks ahead for you! I hope you can keep it up, but I will definitely be watching. Where is it going to go?????????????? Hurry next episodes!

    • tessieroo says:

      You’re watching this one too? *hee* It IS a long one and I’m praying they keep the makjang out of it. 😀
      I do wish they would lighten up the screens though, it’s way too dark.

  • Uhnny says:

    This drama is <3! It's always entertaining to see In Sang's parents about to pass out or about to lose their sh!t everytime the couple says or does something. What's really the official episode count? 30 or 32? Either way, this show still has a long way to go and I'm already preparing my heart that there'll be an episode or episodes which will be a let down but so far, this show is a m a z i n g~
    Thanks for the recap! 🙂

  • azraqey says:

    LOLLL~! I LMAOed so hard when Mr Han yelling Han In Sang’s name and then turn to forced grin with the ‘I was..late’ sentence. Hahaha. Poor parents to have their plan crumbled. Mr and Mrs Han need a plan C then! LOL

    I know Han’s family has such a high pride or something, but I’m glad they ‘forced’ to keeping appearance for now, although they are pretending it, they were trying to be ‘nice’, at least. You know this doesn’t happen in chaebol setting in other drama. They supposed to be tortured and harassed tremendously ..LOL. Mrs Han has such a weak heart, I laughed everytime she did something too. Who will pretend to be not his mom in their own house? LLOOLLLLL

    • tessieroo says:

      Isn’t she a hoot? I love her, she’s my favorite character so far. When she almost passed out because Bom’s Mother yelled at her and ran to her room to put a cold rag on her head, I just lost it.

  • thenewstandby says:

    Am I missing something? With the flip phones…is the show not set in 2015? I remember something being odd with the time that In Sang has to study to pass the exams by 2017…. but idk.

    Isn’t Jin Young (resident baby bomb) sooooo cute? He looks like Ko Sang-Gyu the grandpa from Heart to Heart! LOL

    • tessieroo says:

      Hmmm, are all the phones like that? (I didn’t notice) Maybe it’s just the housekeepers that have older phones? I need to go back now and pay attention. (LOL)

  • jessybee says:

    so glad to have a place to exclaim my excitement for this drama!

    Insang’s parents are twisted but they are damn hilarious! I think with all the forces attacking their way of life coming at them like this – who knows maybe, just maybe they might have a twisted redemption arc in store? or maybe one day they can learn a thing or two from the Seo family.

    excited to see how the drama unfolds! there is not a critique i can find here.. just thumbs up for everything! witty script, great acting, unique directing, fast paced, well balanced humour!

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