“Kill Me, Heal Me” Week 9 – His Real Name Is Joon Young

Ri-Jin figures out her name was Do-Hyun at the same time Do-Hyun figures out her name was taken from the family registry and given to him, essentially wiping out her existence and any evidence of abuse along with it. They both collapse into tears.

The scene from last week of Min Seo-Yeon with her daughter is repeated but this time we see Grandpa Cha arriving. This meeting this took place in the US in 1993. Seo-Yeon verifies the little girl was fathered by the man she loved. Grandpa Cha wants her to return to Seung Jin Group, the company is in danger. She reminds him she is no longer his daughter-in-law but he whips out the divorce papers he never filed. That means she’s still legally Joon-Pyo’s wife. What the…shouldn’t she be angry?

Even worse, he convinces her that because Joon-Pyo won’t be coming back, he wants to put her daughter on the family registry as Joon-Pyo’s child. It’s ridiculous and I’m shocked that she agreed to this garbage. If this woman was so intelligent, capable and business savvy, why was she unable to find another job? Pffft, lame.

Joon-Pyo meanwhile, has also fathered a child out-of-wedlock with another woman. This Joon-Pyo seems happy and loving towards his son, while his mother was a greedy, scheming shrew even back then. I guess children are not allowed to go to school if they’re not officially on a family registry? Joon-Pyo gives in and takes his son to the family home.

Repeat of the scene where Joon-Pyo arrives, happily greeted by Scary Granny and is told Seo-Yeon’s daughter is his. This moment is when Seo-Yeon should have packed up and left that house. She’s lying, he knows she’s lying and she knows that he knows. (LOL) I can’t even say she was forced to lie, she made that decision when she could have refused.

Grandpa Cha refuses to put Joon-Pyo’s son on the registry, which is bullshit and threatens him with losing both his son and the mistress unless he returns. Joon-Pyo wants that little girl removed from the registry, she’s not his child, he never touched Min Seo-Yeon. Scary Granny overhears this, which explains how she knew the little girl wasn’t Joon-Pyo’s. The children grow closer, his real name was Joon-Young.

Back in the present, Young-Pyo releases a news story (thanks to Mistress Mommy) that Joon-Pyo has been in a coma for 21 years and isn’t likely to recover. Scary Granny loses it and rushes to her office, only to be confronted with …what is her name again? *kekeke* Chae-Yeon offers up her family’s stock in Seung Jin Group if Scary Granny will help her with Do-Hyun. Pffttt, what does it say if you have to BUY a man? She’s pathetic.

Secretary Ahn tries to talk Do-Hyun into going to Scary Granny’s aid but he’s not about to help her unless she begs. *heh* He looks at a photo taken of the catering service workers who were on duty during the fire and sees Ri-Jin’s Mom. He now knows how Ri-Jin managed to escape that night. Professor Seok phones to inform him that Ri-Jin has collapsed. Ri-Jin wakes up, fully aware that her adoptive Mom saved her.

Do-Hyun goes for his medicine and finds a USB flash drive Ri-Jin left inside the drawer. It’s a recording she left, he’s been caught red-handed going for medicine which means he’s having a hard time again. She wants to work through everything together and she also confesses, which makes him cry. Awww.

Ri-On gets fed up with Ri-Jin moping and drags her outdoors after threatening he won’t be her brother anymore. It works, there’s a really cute brother/sister scene with the family dog that I found adorable. Scary Granny arrives at Do-Hyun’s and takes him to see the comatose Joon-Pyo, promising to tell him what happened 21 years ago. She tries extracting a promise that he will return to Seung Jin Group but he wants the truth first.

The party happened after both Grandpa Cha and Min Seo-Yeon died in a traffic accident but we’re not told how much time passed. It couldn’t have been long since the little girl still looked the same age. The purpose of this party was to introduce Joon-Pyo’s son as his successor to Seung Jin Group. I’m gonna go out on a limb now and say that I think Joon-Pyo somehow orchestrated the “accident” that killed his Father and his ex-wife.

At this point, Joon-Pyo was already a monster, beating the little girl whenever his son did something wrong. He announces to the guests that he plans to introduce his son and then goes looking for him. When he finds him in the basement with the little girl, he tosses Joon-Young aside, slams the door and proceeds to smack the little girl around while his son beats on the door and begs him not to. Sick bastard.

Scary Granny tells Do-Hyun he started the fire. Not only that but she blames him for her precious son being in a coma and claims she covered it up in order to protect him, his Father and Seung Jin Group. OMG, get over yourself, you old bat. I can’t wait for the news that her precious son was a sick, twisted child abuser to come out, she needs a reality check. It’s clear that Shin Se-Gi appeared for the first time that night and he’s the one who set the fire in order to stop Joon-Pyo’s continued abuse.

Returning to the house, Ri-Jin teases Ri-On by calling him Oppa in the sing-song voice Yo-Na used and orders him to get the dog food. Se-Gi shows up and asks her to run away with him. They both use the same lines they used as children about running away on the train and having no money as Se-Gi announces he has Do-Hyun’s black credit card.

Joon-Pyo saves his son from the fire but Joon-Young begs him to save the little girl. This is another part that didn’t quite make sense. We know Joon-Pyo hated his ex-wife and is fully aware that little girl is not his child. We also know he was beating the shit out of her, we saw the bruises covering her face in different places, at different times and he had no problem ignoring his son’s screams to stop. Are we really supposed to believe he would suddenly change his mind and try to save this girl? *snort*

But he does. Dropping his son into a fireman’s arms, he heads back to the room and yells for Do-Hyun. Looking around, he suddenly notices a rope tied to an open window. So either she crawled out on her own or someone (Momma Oh) lowered a rope into the window and helped her crawl out. We later see her carrying the little girl away from the scene covered with a blanket. Joon-Pyo was overcome by smoke but he lived.

When Joon-Young was taken inside an ambulance, his first words were that his name was Cha Do-Hyun. Well, that’s convenient. One minute, he’s screaming for his Father to save Do-Hyun and the next minute, he is Do-Hyun. Later, when Mistress Mommy tries to get him to answer her by calling his real name (Joon-Young) he ignores her until she calls him Do-Hyun. That’s okay with her since that means he’s the only heir to Seung Jin Group. I swear, all of these adults need to be boiled in oil.

Do-Hyun’s college friend Alex phones to blackmail him for more money. He’s offered Ki-Joon information too but he’s willing to go either way – whoever gives the most money. Ri-Jin wants to meet with him instead of allowing Se-Gi to get angry or ruin Do-Hyun’s reputation. This part seemed ridiculous, Se-Gi is fully aware this guy is a dangerous jerk so allowing Ri-Jin to meet him seemed really out-of-place. Of course, Alex threatens Ri-Jin and of course, Se-Gi rescues her but lets Alex go.

More tears as Do-Hyun apologizes for stealing her name without knowing. Ri-Jin tells him that name is her gift to him because along with all the bad memories there are some good ones: he was her savior for risking his life every night at 10pm to come and play with her in the basement. Awww! *sniff* She hopes that when someone asks his name in the future, he will proudly say Cha Do-Hyun.

He takes her home but once she goes inside, Perry Park makes an appearance. Poppa Oh is really happy to see him and invites him inside for a drink. Momma Oh yells to the kids that Perry is here, both come out of their rooms, shocked. Perry tells Poppa Oh that his daughter can’t dance (LMAO) while Poppa orders Ri-On to bring out the good stuff. Right before Perry can take a drink, he has another pain in his head and passes out.

The fake-twins carry him to Ri-On’s bedroom and dump him on the bed. Ri-On wonders why all the alternate personalities are coming in and out like that, Ri-Jin thinks it’s because he must be having a really hard time. Ri-On disagrees, he thinks since Do-Hyun feels guilty about meeting with her, the other personalities are coming out in his place to stay around her. That’s kinda cute, I like that idea – they’re acting as placeholders.

When Ri-On returns to his room, Perry is gone. *hehehe* Ri-Jin returns to her room to find Yo-Sub sitting at her desk. When Ri-Jin asks how he got his name, he explains he tried to kill himself for the first time in high-school, which created a huge sensation at the mission school. That’s when both he and his twin Yo-Na were created. Calling her Noona, he says Do-Hyun no longer harbors thoughts of suicide so he wants to say goodbye.

He leans forward to kiss her cheek when Ri-On enters the room. Believing he’s still Perry Park, he shoves him onto the floor. Ri-Jin tells him it’s not Perry when they both suddenly look up and hear Yo-Na’s voice. AHAHAHA and YES! Calling him Oppa, Yo-Na rushes forward and throws herself at Ri-On, trying to kiss him. I love Yo-Na, so much.

The fake-twins argue over whose room this guy is going to sleep in, with Ri-On wondering if it’s some year-end music festival since all the personalities are mobilized. (LOL) He can handle Perry Park or even Yo-Sub but not Yo-Na. Ri-Jin argues against letting a grown man sleep in her room. They play rock, paper, scissors and Ri-On wins. As he’s celebrating, Yo-Na asks if her Oppa wants to die? *kekeke*

In Ri-Jin bedroom, Yo-Na fixes her hair and then calling her a bitch, she also fixes Ri-Jin’s hair. ROFL! Yo-Na pretends she has to go to the bathroom and when that doesn’t work, she pretends she’s dying of thirst and needs water. Ri-Jin finally ties their wrists together and they settle down to sleep. Ri-Jin falls off the bed just as Do-Hyun suddenly snaps back to himself and probably wonders why the hell he’s tied up.

Ri-Jin wakes up and asks who he is? Removing the pink pajama ears from his head, he says he’s Cha Do-Hyun and realizes the words he heard and spoke the most was that name and even though they were separated in childhood, he believes that name is the reason their bond was never broken. He asks her not to leave and to stay with him. *squeals* They hold hands just as Ri-On walks in, turning on the light.

They both jump up, looking guilty. Do-Hyun tries to pretend he’s still Yo-Na by calling out Oppa but Ri-On wonders if she’s going through puberty since her voice is deeper. Walking her out to Do-Hyun’s car, Ri-On wonders if Yo-Na can drive since she’s still in high-school? Still pretending, Do-Hyun says goodbye and drives off. Ri-On confronts Ri-Jin, that was Do-Hyun, right? Ri-Jin admits it, asking how he knew? Because there’s no way Yo-No would have taken her eyes off of him. Pffftttt.

The next day, Do-Hyun waltzes into the board room at Seung Jin Group and announces he’s back. Ki-Joon’s assistant gives him a package from Alex, it’s a locker key. Sorta anti-climatic since Do-Hyun is planning to make everything public anyway, right? Do-Hyun tells Scary Granny he’s going to do things his way and she should just watch.

Young-Pyo tells Ki-Joon that Do-Hyun has been living as a fake with another child’s name from the family registry. He also learns the real Cha Do-Hyun is none other than Oh Ri-Jin. Again, it might just be me but I feel like the other side learning this now is too late. Ri-Jin returns as Do-Hyun’s secretary and he swings her into his arms.


So we finally learned what happened during the fire but I still want to know how much time passed between the call Min Seo-Yeon made asking Momma Oh to save her daughter and the party. Or between the car accident that killed Grandpa Cha along with Seo-Yeon and the party. Did Seo-Yeon know her daughter was being abused but got on an airplane anyway? If not, why did Momma Oh wait so long to save that child? Ridiculous.

Also ridiculous that Granny blames Do-Hyun for her precious son, Joon-Pyo being in a coma but I already acknowledged how stupid that was last week. I’m not sure why but I’m feeling strangely dissatisfied with how this is turning out but it might be because all of the adults (except for the Oh family) suck, even Seo-Yeon. What on earth was she thinking to allow such a lie, especially one involving her daughter? Are we really supposed to believe she could not find another job? Or was she just as greedy as the rest?

I’m hoping Do-Hyun blows the lid off all these disgusting family secrets and I really hope I’m not disappointed with the ending. We haven’t even met Mr. X yet, I have no idea how he’s going to fit into this mess since we only have 2 episodes left. It’s strange how very attached I’ve grown to all the alters, I don’t want to say goodbye to any of them. I’m crossing my fingers for next week.


  • Wildfly says:

    Thanks for the recap. Rijin’s mom… maybe she wanted to return to korea after her lover died and mabye she thought itll be hard to make a corporal career as a divorced women and for her daughter it’ll be hard to grow up as a bastard. .. so she choose the convenient option.

    • tessieroo says:

      True, I do know how illegitimate children are treated in Korea so that makes sense in a K-drama kind of way. (LOL)

  • bmore says:

    So glad to hear you say: I’m not sure why but I’m feeling strangely dissatisfied with how this is turning out. Because I was feeling a little oddly let down after this week’s episodes also and I can’t quite put my finger on why. Maybe it’s just my typical end of show blues when everything is winding down and we’re losing the excitement of all the unknowns? I don’t know. I think it is also a bit of knowing that a lot of the alters are now going to be disappearing and in a way that is sad…for us…but, of course a good thing for Do Hyun. Whatever. This has been a joy ride. Ji Sung….how I love thee….let me count the ways! 1,2,3,4,5,6,7………. infinity!!!!

  • PJ says:

    The Seung Jin group is full of insanely greedy and ammoral people. It seems that there is no boundary they will not cross to get what they want.

    After all disclosures, it seems the most illogical characters were grandpa Cha and Seo Yeon. I cannot understand why grandpa Cha was ready to accept his daughter-in-law and her illegitimate child but was not ready to accept his son or grandson. Also Seo Yeon decided to have her illegitimate daughter knowing what it would mean. She could have chosen to stay in USA while lack of legal divorce would have given the child legitimacy assuming that is what got her back. Instead she came back brazenly and decided to live in mansion despite knowing how unfair and taunting the situation would appear to Jun Pyo. If she had refused odds are grandpa Cha was be forced to accept his son and his progeny to keep the company safe.

    I only hope that she intended to leave the mansion when she called mama Oh but got killed in the accident. After her death, Jun Pyo was left to deal with the fact that her illegitimate daughter earned a place in the family registry and was next heir while his true son was considered illegitimate and would have to live on scrapes. He probably directed all his anger and frustration at the child while grandma and mama monster decided to close their eye and add fuel to the fire instead of calming him down. I would like to believe that when faced with fire, he had a moment of human empathy which is why he went back to rescue the child. He was an abuser and a weakling but he was not a murderer.

    • tessieroo says:

      Whoa, excellent summary and I agree with every single word. I can’t for the life of me figure out what Grandpa Cha had against his own son either. It makes zippo sense that he would accept his DIL’s illegitimate child but not his flesh/blood grandson. O_O

    • Ironsky says:

      I agree. I think grandpa kind of wanted an heir with corporate abilities like Min Seo Yeon. I think he had big expectations from his own son but he wasn’t cut out for it and when the daughter-in-law came into the house and took the role in, he subconsciously started to regard her as his own flesh and blood. Its such an unhealthy projection. Cha Joon Pyo was horrible monster but his father played a big role in turning him into one. He is guilty as well. I also didn’t like the way Min Seo Yeon chose to come back and accept a position for her daughter that was not hers to begin with. I have a feeling her family might have disowned her after she left her husband and in the USA, medical bills are a tricky thing to deal with. She probably indebted herself someway and had no way out and took it. It still was the wrong thing to do. I guess once Jun Pyo came back, she realized that now its time to back down and wanted to leave.

    • Camille W says:

      I can understand why the chairman refused to accept Joon-Young/Do Hyun. If you remember, he didn’t like his son very much. From the way he talks about him, he saw his son as a failure, some type of stain to his company. So I have no problems getting his psyche. As far as he was concerned, Min Seo Yeon was a capable and perfect daughter-in-law. Plus they were still legally married anyway. Better to keep her there and secure an heir than to have none. He didn’t think his son was coming back to the household so he gave MSY the option. These people are the type who like to look perfect on the outside while their insides are disgusting. Even though both children were illegitimate he needed an heir. With a son who didn’t want to return, he decided to accept Ri Jin as his heir.

      She rationalized that coming back was the best thing for the kid. Remember she was living in debt after all. And with the financial security, her daughter’s life would have been set. She, like the chairman, didn’t foresee Joo Pyo’s return.

      No one could have predicted MSY nor CJP coming back. But the mess all began with Chairman Cha who didn’t file the divorce papers and wanted to bring MSY back. Its like this family was ruined by greed and a love for money. Since everybody made decisions based on greed.

      • mm says:

        I agree with you, I had the feeling in episode 16 that the divorce papers weren’t registered and I was right. Grandfather/Chairman was the one who chose his daughter-in law, the marriage was a business decision with which his own son wasn’t happy with too.

  • Renu says:

    Everything is clear in the last two episodes. I have on one question. Who is Mr. X? I am not able to catch it. I have read about Mr. X in other websites.

    • tessieroo says:

      In the synopsis for this drama, it says Do-Hyun has 7 personalities but there are only 6 so one is missing (so far) and the names of the alters were listed in some of the pre-drama stuff. That’s where everyone got Mr. X. 😀

      • Academycute101 says:

        I think that Do- hyun is the 7th personality and Mr.X is his real identity with all his pieces put together.

      • Camille W says:

        (For clarification) Personalities: Se Gi, Perry Park, Yo sub, Yo Na, Nana and Mr. X.

        If you count Do Hyun, there are indeed 7 personalities. So like Hyde, Jekyll, me with Hyun Bin, the dominant personality is also taken into consideration. I can’t wait for Mr. X to come out. But while I’m concerned that there is limited time, I have NO doubts that the show will deliver. It has done so, so far. Whatever questions remain, it will be cleared up. The show has a history of tying up loose ends, doesn’t it?

        Most of us are wondering about the death of MSY and Chairman Cha. So I believe that will be addressed since it really has been shrouded in mystery. I feel like Chairwoman Cha and Evil uncle are somehow involved.

  • ColleenFH says:

    From what I have read about DID during treatment when the alters start to come out like in this last episode they are starting to be reintegrated back into one whole personality. I think this is when a rarely used personality can come out in preparation for making the person whole again. So maybe, that is why we haven’t seen Mr. X yet, because CDH isn’t ready for what this personality knows.

    I think Ji Sung has done a really good job of making this character believable and overall the drama has been well done.

  • Hipployta says:

    All of the adults except the Oh Parents are TERRIBLE

    I enjoyed the alters appearing so they could stay around Ri Jin…Perry straight up said they were filming a melodrama and were being stupid LOL

  • houstontwin says:

    Hi Tessieroo,
    Good points about Seo Yeon! What kind of mom abandons her abused child? And…I have wondered about this in many kdramas: If you you are surrounded by vipers at work, why can’ the you leave and find another job? Why was mom so pathetic that she could not leave with her daughter and get a new job? Supposedly she was a brilliant business woman.

  • Chococat says:

    To me, the cutest and most adorable part of this week’s episodes was when Joon Young offered to run away with Do Hyun (Ri Jin). It was really touching to see him trying to save her when she was clueless about the outside world and he had so much he could have done, but he just focused on her. ^^

  • LizJ says:

    I’m beginning to wonder if “Mr. X” is not a personality but possibly the pen name that will grace the tell-all book the Do Hyun and Rih On plan to write. The byline …by Mr. X with Omega…sounds pretty cool, after all

  • Miosotis says:

    MSY returned to the Cha household under the premise that CJP abandoned the house and he didn’t expect him to come back and much less bringing home a legitimate heir. I don’t think MSY was a negligent mother or power hungry like the others Cha members. I do think the accident where MSY and Chairman Cha died was an emergency business trip and that’s why, out of concern for Ri Jin’s well being, MSY called Mrs. Oh to pick her up. MSY told her friend she would pick Ri Jin up in about three days, so she was trying to make sure Ri Jin wasn’t exposed to any bad treatments from CJP or her mother when she and the Chairman weren’t around to protect her. Both DH and RJ have memories as happy kids playing in the outside. After MSY and Chairman Cha deaths, CJP started the physical abuse against RJ and locking her in the basement as punishment.

  • Emma says:

    I do not think the adults choices and behaviour (on CDH’s side) are that ridiculous. Irrational, yes (but then we are not always rational…)
    GrandMa, is irrationaly fixated on her son and only her son, to the point of sacrificing her grand-son in the process…
    GrandPa is irrationally fixated on the group successes, and process to sacrifice his son well being and, further down, his grand-son too…
    Ri-Jin’s mum (the real mum) is not obsess but she makes a wrong choice for the (seemingly) sake of her daughter. But it is questionnable because 1) she knows its a lie 2) she knows the family where she is coming back…
    The same goes for Joon Pyo: he is a weak man, he goes back to his family (knowing he will not be welcomed by his father) so sacrificing his (and his son’s) well being because he is not able to stand for homself in front of his “new wife”

    So, of course because it’s a drama it is over-dramatized, but the reasons are believable… After all the real world is full of obsessed people, wars, crisis, etc whom causes are far to be “rational”…

    On the other hand the Oh family is obsessed with the weel being of each of its members and they are deeply caring for each others, putting their weel being and personnal choice in the forefront of their individual choices in life. HUGE difference.

  • eda says:

    One fan in the Korean forum DC made an interesting discovery: the name Seungjin is a brand of bean powder, and the Korean phrase for bean powder (kongkaru/콩가루) is another term for a broken family. How fitting of a name to describe the exact state of Seungjin family

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