“Second Love” – Hands-Free Sex, Kame Style

This drama is like a guilty pleasure, albeit one I was reluctant to admit I was watching. But now that I know there are a LOT of you out there watching and waiting along with me for subs each week, it’s more fun. *heh*

We left off with Yui’s Mother confronting Kei at work, begging him to return her daughter to her. She tells him Yui is a considerate child and him ripping them apart was a bad thing to do, doesn’t he agree? Ermm…no. She scoffs, that was expected since he’s not really Japanese. Wut? He tells her he is Japanese but she claims since he lived in Germany for over 10 years, that means he’s now German. Wait…is she crazy?

She claims Yui was a “dokumo” in high-school and when Kei doesn’t know what that is, it’s further proof to her that he’s not Japanese. “Dokumo” is an amateur model. Kei’s surprised by this, he didn’t know. Mom also wants to know how he’s set, financially. It’s important if he plans to marry Yui. When Kei mentions he hadn’t thought of marriage yet, Mom really loses it, yelling that he’s irresponsible. Well, at least she asked about marriage.

Kei’s co-workers come out and Mom overhears them discussing the young woman who came to see Kei days ago and now it’s an older woman. She questions them about the younger girl, becoming convinced Kei is dating more than one woman at a time. Her neurotic itch starts as she yells at Kei to stop toying with her daughter if he doesn’t want marriage and she smacks him across the face with her purse.

That night at home, he exercises with Yui, trying to get her to stretch her back and laughs when she squeals that it hurts. He leans forward, kissing her but then places his hands behind his back and says he won’t use his hands today…when they do it. ROFLMAO, I can’t…it’s like “Look Ma, no hands!” Oh, but Yui can use her hands. She kisses him but he says he can’t take off his clothes this way so she removes his shirt for him.

Leaning over, with his hands still behind his back, he uses his teeth to pull down the strap on her top. What the hell am I watching and why do I suddenly feel like a perv? As he kisses her neck and uses his foot to remove his own pants, Yui thinks to herself that his movements were like he was dancing. I can’t stop laughing. Is he bored already?

The next day, Kei mopes as he remembers the German guy asking him to be an interpreter. At school, the little brats gossip, convinced Yui and married guy are having an affair. Quiet student, Sora, snaps at them to not arbitrarily decide something like that without proof. When the girls argue there is proof, she stomps towards them and demands to know if they saw them going into a hotel? Or did they actually see them doing it? Slamming her hands on the desk, she yells that Sensei isn’t that kind of person! OMO, she does have a crush on Yui, doesn’t she? Excellent guess by someone!

In the teacher’s lounge, the headmaster wants married guy and Yui to come into his office for a discussion. Married guy jumps up, saying they can talk here and asks if it’s about the rumored affair? The headmaster wants to know what basis the students have to claim such a thing? The headmistress claims the students know the two of them met at a restaurant and married guy drove Yui home. Whoa…if that’s all it takes, I must be having affairs with quite a few of my co-workers. *snort*

Married guy claims they met at the restaurant to discuss a difficult student: Sora. He kindly gave her a ride home and even met her Mother at the gate. It’s only natural that they meet to discuss students, that’s all there is to it and it’s nothing for them to be embarrassed about. The headmaster thinks they should educate the students while married guy apologizes to Yui for putting her in this position. Smooth liar.

At home, Yui wakes up early to cook a boxed lunch for Kei as well as doing the laundry. This makes her realize her Mother did everything for her – shopping, cooking, cleaning, ironing and even taking out the garbage. As they walk out to work, Kei finally tells Yui that her Mother visited him at work. She apologizes if her Mom said anything strange, he tells her no matter what her Mom says, it won’t affect them.

At married guys house, his wife notices again that he’s spacing out but he plays it off and rushes out to work. When he meets Yui in the hallway at school, the students suddenly start chanting “adultery” again. Quiet student Sora rushes up to Yui and asks her if it’s true? Yui says it’s not. She doesn’t understand why they’ve all misunderstood but the person she’s going out with is not married guy. She announces she’s currently living with a 27 year-old single man and reminds the girls that school is a place to study.

Kei has to start getting up early, telling Yui the interpreter job will only last 2 weeks. That night, for the first time, he turns away from her to sleep. Wow, it’s over already. (LMAO) As he heads out the next morning, it’s clear he’s a bundle of nerves. He’s introduced to the company as the interpreter but the guy also gives his stats – like that he won the Lausanne competition at 17, he used to be a solo artist with this company and that he danced the main lead in this work when it premiered.

Kei sits with the German guy on a dias and watches as the new lead who replaced him dances. He’s deeply moved as he realizes this guy is much better than he is and he tearfully admits it’s the end of his dream. Awww. That night, he asks Yui to come see the performance since he was once the lead. When she resists, he admits the other guy is a better dancer. She thinks it’s her fault that he’s suddenly satisfied with being an interpreter but he says she’s wrong. Telling her he loves her, he wants her to see the performance to get to know him better.

Yui’s Mother calls, faking a tummy ache but Yui catches on quickly. This seems to make Mom happy, it proves she and Yui’s hearts are connected since Yui could immediately tell she was lying. ROFL, Mom is a hoot. She expresses worry for Yui since that Kei guy said he didn’t want to get married. Yui accuses her of lying again and hangs up. Ruh, oh, she’s not lying about that bit.

Disaster strikes the dance company as the lead dancer refuses to perform because he hurt his arm. Kei changes the choreography and works through it with the guy so that he can safely perform without straining his arm. Yui arrives and finds her seat, the curtain goes up and the performance goes off without any further problems. Kei walks out to find it snowing and then sees Yui standing across the street, clapping for him. Awwww, cute!

At the practice studio the next day, one of the directors of the dance company arrives to thank Kei and also tells him his phone is going crazy with people requesting Kei’s services. Is it okay if he gives out Kei’s number? Hell, yes! WooHoo, a new career! He’s suddenly in demand, charged with creating choreography for commercials and other things.

Yui is asked by the headmistress to join her for tea and spills that she also has a younger boyfriend, only hers is 20 years younger. LMAO, they gossip and giggle about their young studs like schoolgirls, it’s hilarious. Married guy learns that his son passed his exam and heads home with steak to celebrate but finds the house strangely stripped empty as his wife tells him she wants to break up. She knows he holds no affection for her and hasn’t for a long time. He tries to stop her but she leaves.

Kei comes home with a bottle of Dom Pérignon to celebrate his first paycheck. He’s not only going to be busy doing choreography but he’s being asked to dance in a commercial. They drink the champagne in regular glasses. Yui’s Mom watches her regular game show, curled into blankets on the floor in the living room. Married guy goes into the bathroom and realizes his wife took all the photos of their children, which pisses him off.

Kei believe this good fortune is coming his way because of Yui, she truly became his goddess. Everything started from her. She hopes to stay his goddess forever. He wants to find a bigger apartment but she’s happy where they are since it’s close to the gym, her school and the public baths. Putting his arms around her, he starts to pull off her shirt when she asks if they’re doing it too much? He takes that to mean she doesn’t like it but that’s not what she means. He pulls her into a hug.

In voiceover, Yui says she didn’t know anything. It was only the two of them who were happy.


I’m seriously seeing land-mines about to explode from different directions every single week. The first week, I thought insane-ex girlfriend would be the one to blow, then it was Mom, then it was married guy’s wife. Now I’m thinking it might either be married guy himself or the strange, quiet student. I agree with whoever it was that came up with the thought that Sora had a crush on Yui, it appears that’s correct. She vigorously defended Yui so will she lose her mind if she finds out it was true?

Mom came off as a bit dodgy but harmless this week but that could be just to throw us off. And we know ex-girlfriend didn’t truly leave (that was too easy) since she makes an appearance in the preview. I’m not sure where the trouble will come from first but we know it’s coming. Until next week!


  • hikary25 says:

    Ooow it sounds like a good dorama!

  • hikary25 says:

    Where can I watch this! 🙂

  • Dani says:

    Now, let’s all wait patiently for ep. 5 to come on the usual sites and being subbed, and I really really can’t wait. If the sub actually reflect the scene, I would really wait for your title for that ep., Tess 😀

  • mskololia1 says:

    The “You’re not Japanese” conversation with Yui’s mom was insane, and lulz. Yui is supporting both households and she strikes me as calm. I think Kei and the ex could open up a studio together and build upon his current success, but that would leave Yui out just when he is revealing to her his temperamental (self-centered) self. What happens when the calls stop like with the audition no-call backs? Will he regress or get a ‘new’ goddess? Thanks for the recap, Tessieroo. Jury is still out on the sulky student.

  • Mohammed says:

    Ep 4 was another good one and i think also there is too many crazy people around this couple that are happy on their own. Nothing wrong with only them being happy.

    I look forward to ep 5 and what i saw in the preview. Them having issues because of themselves and not other people getting in the way. Look forward to the quit Yui teacher struggling to fit in with a famous dancer lifestyle. Kie has been good boyfriend, really calm,good to her. Look forward to seeing if they can love each other after seeing each others flaws.

  • denwanai says:

    washed up dancer falling in hot love with a science teacher — excellent plot! No wonder the marriage rate is falling in Japan. This partially employed dock worker expected his new gf to do the laundry, cooking and bento making. I did not see any sign of appreciation from loser boyfriend. or did I? the hands free was to silly to be sexy.

  • mskololia1 says:

    @Mohammed brings up a good point about Kei’s calm. He self-reflected rather quickly during the dance rehearsal and came to the rightful conclusion. It was brilliant restructuring of the stage for the wounded dancer vs attempting to get back in the game (two versions of the same scene). Kei’s realism grounds them as a couple.

    Yui not wanting to leave that cramped little apartment strikes me with foreboding for the couple…..Questioning his Interpreter job (or her role in it). Questioning his champaign purchase (she is or was supporting him). Questioning his desire for a bigger place (these thoughts were not discussed with her). Questioning his desire to “do it” (she has a say in this, we know). Mom was described as “slow” by her. Is she “slow” too?

    • Mohammed says:


      Kie is calm and has struggled after being big star. I feel like he is more confident because he was good at something before. I think Yui has too low confidence,that insecurity will be a problem for them. Kie wants better for them, he wants show her he can take care of them both after he became employed as choreographer,dancer again.

      Yui seems afraid to leave their tiny aparment for good reasons from her POV: its only them two and she doesnt have to deal with his old dancer work,lifestyle reality, their future whatever it is. I saw her fear in not wanting to leave the little room. She has Kie all to herself, she supports him with the better paid job, Kie doesnt have a promise future in dance until late ep 4. If he leaves his temporary job in the docks, the room he doesnt need her as bad as he did when he was scared, wanted to die.

      It doesnt bode well when she said she wish she was his godess forever. The preview for ep 5 the trouble seems like Yui isnt the only good thing in his life anymore. She has to face those fears imo and Kie has to learn to share that life with her.

      • mskololia1 says:

        Yes, Kei has to help navigate her into his world if she wants to be a part of it. Inviting her to the performance was clearly his intention and he verbally chided her for not understanding. Life is about a means to an end so while I hope Yui is not collateral, she needs to deal with her fears by openly sharing them with him (to a certain extent) in order to engage his support/understanding and herself. This seems to be what he’s beginning to do….They both need to be true to themselves or else they will wind up at the other’s throat. He has a 2nd chance in his chosen profession. I say he needs to take it and her along with him. 🙂 She’s such a sweetie.

  • Mohammed says:

    She is such a sweetie and really turned out pretty good despite her fears,her insecurity when you think about how crazy, clingy her mother is. It must have damaged her to grow up with a mother like that.

    I like about Kie that he is trying to make her understand him,his world more. She is somewhat slow as you said when she wondered why she had to see the performance. He is pretty good at talking to her openly so far. I hope she becomes as good when its about sharing her fears, issues. When she feels she doesnt belong in his world. She is not as good so far at telling him what she feels about things other than when she feels guilty about something.

    I look forward to seeing how they handle their issues.

    Im disgusted that older,slimey teacher is trying to get to her in the preview when she has problems with Kie. I think i heard something about Kie not liking her. Some japanese words i think i understood.

    • mskololia1 says:

      Yeah, mom was probably an intrusive and frenetic stage mother when she was a dokumo in HS. This may be a reason why she’s so insecure.

      If the teacher/ex makes a play for her lying about Kei’s behavior or intentions, he and her mother had a conversation about him. If the case, Yui needs to set both straight and not indulge his “fantasies” any longer. Kei keeps telling her that it does not matter to him what outsiders think or want because he is resolved to be with her. I hope they get through this rough patch early on in their relationship.

  • You know it! I said it! I still feel and wrote that Sora was liking Yui. The more I see, the more I’m convinced. Crazy, neurotic mom is still so and it was a nice reprieve while Ayako is off doing the musical. I imagine she will not be happy that Kei is doing well and not because of her. Ep 5 should be interesting…. You pick the title, I pick the theme song. Song for this episode? Whodini’s “The Freaks Come Out At Night”; so appropriate!

  • Eliza Bennet says:

    Things seem to get better for the good guys but that’s when usually they go awful no?

    I like this couple. And Kame looks good.

  • Dani says:

    So, episode 5 raw is already available on dramacool, and that Kei looks like a jerk now. I was thinking looking at the episode unsubbed, what do they have really that bonds them together? They don’t really have much in common other than attraction and sex isn’t it? It showed really clearly in ep. 5. But still, it’s just ep. 5 I am sure the story will develop, and I am still waiting patiently for the sub, maybe the sub will help to explain that Kei is not as bad as the screen suggests. And I am also waiting for Tess to recap ep. 5 after it subbed.

    • Mohammed says:


      They are new couple in honeymoon phase they shouldnt know too much of each other yet. They come from completly different worlds.

      They did have things in common when they choose each other. Yui felt for his struggles when he told her about growing up as young dancer, losing the will to live. Kie is though a bit selfcentered he hasnt asked much about her old life,world like she has asked about his dancer world.’

      I hope its realisticly shown they get to know each other better. Its not just sex just because they have passion for each other. Its just to show its new couple thing.

      Also you cant judge Kie on raw if you cant understand what he is saying unsubbed.

      • Dani says:

        That is why I am waiting the subbed version, before I can decide whether he is a jerk or not 😛 Anyway, it’s been an interesting journey so far. I will keep watching this every week, the raw version and the subbed version on each episode, even though I can’t understand and might misunderstood completely the scene about. But, since the subbed is a week after the raw is published I can’t just wait for two weeks to get one new subbed episode.

  • Mary Johnstone says:

    So happy to find you are recapping the drama here! Episode 5 “raw” was not very enlightening. Love all the comments, too.

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