Update: Wu Chun a sweet Dad

This news may be so old for some, but I just found out about it today. I know. *throws confetti* But its never too late to share! Wu Chun held a special place in my heart after I’ve watched him in Hana Kimi (Taiwan). He portrayed the role of Quan, the star athlete who fell in love with Rui Xi.

Wu Chun is a new man now! He is married and has two adorable children. I recently watched a cut from an episode of Dad is back. It is a reality show in Beijing that started airing in 2014. Chosen celebrity dads and their adorable son or daughter made this show fun to watch. I became an addict instantly.

Wu Chun’s daughter is uber adorable! I just can’t help but play this on repeat.

Kids can get away with almost everything. The height of patience and forgiveness is immeasurable when one becomes a parent. The bonding that Wu Chun shared with his daughter is touching and enjoyable. Love is so evident!

Let me hit replay again..

FULL CREDIT: Dad is Back Youtube Upload


  • tessieroo says:

    She is so adorable! And he’s still so HOT! (LMAO) I knew he had a baby girl but then totally forgot all about it, thanks for this great update!

  • Hipployta says:

    They are super cute…I heard about his segment but never got around to watching the Chinese version LOL

    Man where does the time go?

  • I knew Wu Chun had a kid but I didn’t know he was on a variety show. Nei Nei is so cute however Wu Chun needs to give her a lesson. It’s obvious that she doesn’t listen to her father

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