“Heard It Through The Grapevine” Week 3 – Who Is The Wild Animal?

This week began with one of my favorite scenes from last week: In-Sang, storming into his family home, marching upstairs, shoving Bom’s arms into her coat and telling his Mother to step aside because they’re going to get married. Lee Joon looked and acted so hot in that scene, I was drooling.

In-Sang closely examines his son’s face, Bom wakes up to ask what he’s doing. He’s counting the hair on her face. To compare? (LOL) Adorable. Bom wonders if its real to him, the fact that they’re married and he’s the father of their son. He likes it and feels more relaxed. Touching her face, he says even if they get caught doing this, it’s okay.

Bom tears up but she’s not sure why. He was awesome earlier (agree) and she’s really grateful but not 100% happy. He wipes her tears as she grabs his hand. Downstairs, the servants are gossiping that In-Sang was going to forge his parents signature which means the Han’s can sue for an annulment.

Mr. Han’s secretary says the problem is that they wanted to get married in the first place, that means they’re very serious. The butler thinks it’s best for the Han’s to give in than to argue over paperwork. Mrs. Han is in her bedroom sobbing, wondering what she’s supposed to tell people? Her secretary suggests saying it’s a touching love story but she doesn’t think it’s touching and sobs harder. ROLF, she sounds like a 5 year-old.

Mr. Han is in his office with Secretary Yang and begins breaking down too, whimpering as he wipes his eyes. He didn’t think he would cry over something like this. Secretary Yang gives him some tissues and tells him he did a good job, he’s smart for turning things to his favor. He keeps crying, blowing his nose loudly. I am DYING, this is hilarious.

At the Seo household, Mr. Seo is angry In-Sang’s parents didn’t invite them over to their house, he hasn’t even seen the baby yet! The Han’s made a huge mistake by offering money to break the kids up. Mrs. Seo thinks both sides made mistakes but she’s happy Bom is married instead of living as a single mother. Mr. Seo is worried that Bom is now alone in the enemy camp.

Mrs. Han talk to the Shaman, forbidding her to tell anyone. She gives Mrs. Han a talisman to put it in the room the 3 share, without letting them know. What the…this talisman better not be something harmful. *shakesfist* Mrs. Han complains about the baby’s name but it’s a good name, Jin means “true” and Young means “forever”. Score one for Bom.

Mr. Han thinks they should announce it and say they’re supporting this innocent love. Mrs. Han agrees to send out announcements about their new Grandson with gifts, like wine or chocolates – something small that people won’t remember. Mr. Han agrees. I’m not trusting or likin’ either of you at all and I pray the kids don’t either.

Mr. Han breaks down again as he orders the secretaries to send announcements and gifts to all 1,300 of his employees but do it by seniority and rank. Mrs. Han starts crying again too. Yi-Ji enters the room, asking why her Mom is crying, are those tears of joy? ROFL!

In-Sang saunters downstairs and seats himself in a chair while Yi-Ji wonders that no one is congratulating the newlyweds. When Mr. Han’s secretary walks by, In-Sang jumps up and asks for his phone back. He knew? *kekeke* This kid is smarter than I thought.

Mr. Han, barely able to control his emotions, talks to his parents photo and apologizes then breaks into heavy sobs. When his wife comes in, he pulls himself together. She says he should visit his Grandson but he breaks into sobs again, he needs to calm down first.

Yi-Ji takes flowers and candles to the newlyweds since they’re on their honeymoon. Awww, she’s so sweet and I’m happy she’s such a great person. She makes a deal with Bom: she’ll help them if they let her use them to skip lessons to attend to her hobbies, like boxing. LOL, I lurve her so much. In-Sang shoos her and the housekeeper out.

He hands Bom his phone, telling her to call her parents. She sends him to get her sweater but it’s really just so she can talk to her Mom privately. She tells her Mom In-Sang is taking really good care of her, he’s sweet. In-Sang overhears this part and smiles. *keke* Mrs. Seo wanders into Bom’s room as she talks, does she need any warm clothes?

Bom has everything she needs but tears start to fall as she says she knows what her Mom really wants to say. Mrs. Seo starts crying as she remembers losing her temper with In-Sang’s Mother. Bom reminds her she did a good job, which makes her Mom cry harder. She tells Bom she’s ashamed but she’s very grateful Bom is her daughter. *tears*

The Han’s inch towards the nursery as In-Sang passes by them in the hall. He doesn’t say a single word, Mr. Han questions why he’s so confident? Mrs. Han thinks In-Sang believes he did all of this himself but Mr. Han snaps that his son is nothing without him. *snort* They tell the nanny they’re there to meet their Grandson.

The nanny shows Mrs. Han how to hold the baby (did she never hold her own?) and as the baby makes baby noises, Mr. Han laughs. Mrs. Han calls him Jin-Young and the baby smiles. So cute. Mr. Han asks to hold him, Mrs. Han says no since he doesn’t know how to support the head so he demonstrates and gets all happy when the nanny says he can.

Holding Jin-Young, Mr. Han is full of things he wishes to do like keeping a weight journal, getting pictures taken and putting Jin-Young’s name down for the best schools. Cooing over how handsome and sweet he is, suddenly they both crinkle their noses. Bwahaha, a dirty diaper. Well, it’s appropriate that the kid did that while listening to these two.

In-Sang talks to Bom about “that night”, they sneak out. They visit her old dorm room, she wants to attend again once Jin-Young is weaned. In-Sang remembers she threw him into the closet and crawls inside, they both flash back on that night. In-Sang hugs her, is she still scared? Nope, she hugs him back. He thanks her and starts to apologize but realizes no other words are needed and just says he loves her. I’m loving these two!

Mrs. Han thinks Bom is like a wild animal, that must be how she charmed In-Sang. They discuss how horrible that is, she’s like an anti-social hippy. Mr. Han orders his wife to teach her properly, she has to become a cultured and civilized woman while In-Sang should continue on the path they’ve chosen for him.

The Han’s announcements go out: their son, In-Sang, and his beloved Seo Bom had a child together out of love. It continues with some crap about innocence and that he and his wife agreed to the marriage without any hesitation, cheering the kids decision. *blinks* What a load of BS. It also says Bom is recovering but they plan a formal wedding in a couple of months.

Hyeon-Soo is shocked while her Mom, Young-Ra, laughs her head off. Congratulatory text messages start coming in, including one to Mr. Han from Young-Ra. Wait…what? She tells him they’ll only be able to chat from now on because what else can she do with a Grandfather? OMG, no way! Are these two having an affair?

Bom and In-Sang open Noo-Ri’s gift, it’s dried sweet potatoes (Bom’s favorite) and couples sweaters. In a letter, she forgives Bom for marrying first (she’s the elder sister) because she chose a man like In-Sang and reminds In-Sang that she hasn’t seen her nephew. And he better not ever make Bom cry, he needs to always be on her side because protecting Bom means protecting himself.

Scary music as Mrs. Han enters their room to find them (along with Yi-Ji) reading mangas. She comments how friendly they are and sends In-Sang to speak to his father. Once they’re gone, the servants enter, holding up clothing. Bom tries being friendly but Mrs. Han tells her she’s part of the family now and teaches her how to address the servants. They are also to address her as “the young madame” from now on.

Mr. Han says they’ve decided to support him, what does he want? In-Sang immediately asks him to be nice to Bom’s family, which is a no because they’re too different but he promises to try. In-Sang requests Bom be allowed to attend university, that’s a yes. In-Sang asks if he can be an ordinary college student and not take the bar exam for now? That’s a no but he wants to know the reason. In-Sang wants to help with the baby.

Mrs. Han tells Bom she should dress according to the occasion and spend her recovery time learning the family traditions. When Jin-Young is 100 days old, Bom can start attending university. She then scolds her, she shouldn’t let others how much in love she and In-Sang are, like it’s something dirty that needs to be hidden. Oh, for Gods sake.

Mr. Han refused to let In-Sang off from the bar exam so he requests his tutor. Bom tells him she feels like she’s cosplaying. ROFL! The tutor tells In-Sang he shouldn’t get excited, he’ll be locked in 14 hours per day, he can only go to the bathroom twice and his mealtime is 40 minutes plus two 20 minute breaks for exercise. Oh, bullcrap. Would they make him wet his pants if he had to go more than twice? Pffftttt.

Secretary Yang tells Mr. Han about a rumor that he’s not supportive of his poor in-laws. He calls them an ugly bunch of failures but plans to keep an eye on them. Bom is instructed how to smile when she meets Mrs. Han’s friends, she practices in the hall. She’s to present herself as a beloved, well-educated young lady. Mrs. Han introduces her friends and their kids, friends of In-Sang’s. *snort* Not bloody likely.

Mrs. Han’s frenemy, Young-Ra, starts speaking English to Bom but amazingly, Bom not only understands her but answers back perfectly. HA! Young-Ra tries to irritate Mrs. Han by saying her daughter, Hyeon-Soo is to be married to some chaebol but Hyeon-Soo snaps at her Mom, saying it’s not up to her. *kekeke* Rebellion everywhere.

In-Sang breaks from studying, greeting the guests who tease him about having such a cute wife. He agrees, Hyeon-Soo huffs that he’s unbelievable. Umm, what’s her problem? He asks to be excused, he and Bom  are going to exercise, which makes the women laugh. In-Sang shows his supposed friends their bedroom then shoos them out. Once they’re alone, Bom hugs him and they end up falling asleep.

Mrs. Han finds In-Sang curled up in bed with Bom. Is it just me or does she look jealous that her son loves this girl so much while her husband hardly touches her? She orders In-Sang back to his studies. On the way downstairs, he apologizes to his Mom for being the only one happy. She smacks him, over and over until Bom appears on the stairs and asks “Mother” to go easy on him. The cute smile they give each other is adorable.

When Bom goes to see her son, the nanny tells her she’s only allowed to see him when she’s breastfeeding from now on. WHAT? Ah, hell no! What’s even worse is that Bom sees Mrs. Han going into the nursery with supplies, maybe to bathe him? Grrrrrr, this pisses me off. Mrs. Han’s secretary phones Mrs. Seo to invite them over for breakfast.

Mrs. Seo wonders why Mrs. Han didn’t phone and is told they haven’t yet been “formally” introduced, which makes her (and me) roll her eyes. After hanging up, Mrs. Han snarks to her secretary that when they come, they’ll finally know how they should behave. OMO, she truly believes she’s the Queen in a Joseon drama.

In-Sang asks his Mother why they can’t see the baby very much and is told both they and Jin-Young need to learn this lifetime asset. *blankstare* In-Sang thinks it should have been discussed and Bom agrees, they want their opinions to be respected. Mrs. Han reminds them they’re underage. Bom is upset, In-Sang says they’re being ignored.

He asks his tutor if an underage parent can sue for custody but underage people can’t engage in family litigation. Mrs. Han visits her male friend, Jae-Won, who suggests she let it out and explode but she doesn’t do things like that. Frenemy Young-Ra arrives, pretending to be concerned that the Hans InLaws are in debt and poor which sets Mrs. Han off and she explodes. ROFL, thought she didn’t do that?

Mr. Han escorts the newly hired ex Prime Minister around HanSong’s office building, then secretly tells his secretaries to keep an eye on him. This guy gives Mr. Han information about DaeSan Group’s slush funds. Ruh oh, I’ll be that comes back to bite him in the arse. I wonder if that’s a rival law firm? Secretary Min finds Noo-Ri working at Subway and reports back to Secretary Yang.

The Hans discuss Bom’s family turning down the settlement, Mr. Han thinks they need to strengthen it by offering more: he plans to offer Noo-Ri a job. Crap, I hope her sister doesn’t cause trouble. As soon as his wife is asleep, Mr. Han sneaks into the nursery, unaware that In-Sang is watching him. LMAO! He and Bom learn his parents invited her parents over, he’s again ticked off that they’re being ignored.

Noo-Ri’s excited when In-Sang invites her too but Mrs. Seo figures out Noo-Ri just wants to introduce herself to Mr. Han, hoping he can help with a job. Noo-Ri admits she was going to give him her resume and video, Mrs. Seo scolds her. Bom asks the housekeeper to make a dish her parents like but Mrs. Han ends up vetoing that and orders her secretary to help Bom dress “appropriately” for the visit.

Mr. Seo makes his new Grandson a personal stamp while Mrs. Seo decides to gift the Hans with a 30 year-old bellflower root wine. In-Sang gives Bom a hug in advance, in case anything happens to upset her. Awww, he’s sweet. The Seos arrive, greeted by the kids, whom they both warmly hug. The Hans make their entrance, giving phony welcoming smiles and introduce Yi-Ji (who was told to disappear right after).

Mr. Han orders In-Sang to take the Seos to see Jin-Young while they head to their bedroom and talk privately. Mrs. Han acts like she’s completely exhausted already, which is hilarious. Mr. Seo is shown the bathroom but gets lost on his way back (or is he just snooping around this huge mansion?) and scares the hell out of Mrs. Han, who screams.

Mr. Han laughs it off, sending the Seos ahead while he calms his wife. The Seos notice there are only 4 places set, which means the kids won’t be joining them. The setup is on the floor, each person is brought their own table, very old-fashioned and traditional.

Bom opens the stamp her Father made and finds a note, telling her not to worry about anything, to raise Jin-Young well with In-Sang and listen to the elders. In-Sang thinks his parents need to apologize before he’ll listen to them, Bom agrees. In-Sang notices his parents are doing all the talking, the kids sneak closer to listen in.

Sure enough, the Hans announce they’re aware of the hardships Bom’s family are facing, they know this because they’re “interested” in helping. They not only offer to find a job for Noo-Ri but also a home in the countryside for the Seos, effectively sending them away. Bom covers her face, breaking into tears. In-Sang, infuriated, stands up, calling his Father. Mr. Han snaps the adults are talking but In-Sang has had enough.

He bows, apologizing to the Seos for his parents sad and embarrassing behavior. Mr. Han loses his temper, throws his breakfast tray over the balcony at his son and then attempts to climb over the banister. The Seos yell how dare he do that to their new Son In Law, Mr. Seo climbs the banister trying to stop him, grabbing the back of his sweater.

The women scream, the servants rush forward to not only protect In-Sang but to help both men down. It’s obvious that was painful as Mr. Han grabs his crotch but jumps down anyway and tries to tackle In-Sang, who runs from the room. Mr. Seo tackles Mr. Han, both men and all the male servants end up in a pile on the floor.


I can’t express how funny this drama is. Nor can I explain why, in spite of them being the bad guys, I really enjoy the Hans. The writer has brilliantly made the evil In Laws the comic relief and it works. I’ll admit their superior attitude is annoying but I already see walls coming down during their interactions with the baby. I laughed at this ending because…who is the “wild animal” in this scene? It’s certainly not Bom!

In-Sang has changed. I’m not sure if that’s Bom’s influence or he’s finally feeling confident and mature enough to stand up to his parents but it’s delightful and I hope he continues to do so. I feel sorry for Bom but she’s not being seriously mistreated, she’s being forced to follow these silly little rules that mean nothing. I do think they both need to put their foot down regarding their own bonding with the baby though. It’s pretty funny that a schedule was made for the baby but In-Sang caught his Father ignoring it. *heh*

Yoo Jun-Sang (Mr. Han) is a new find for me, I’ve never seen anything he’s been in before now. His performance as the rigid, conservative head-of-the-household is perfect and I find myself laughing every time he’s on the screen. The entire cast is excellent, Lee Joon is once again proving he was born to act. I’m still praying this writer is able to keep the humor and avoid any major makjang and I can’t wait to see what happens next week. I have to keep reminding myself we have a very long way to go. Till then!


  • Selina says:

    The parents although the bad guys crack me up. The writer is brilliant for making them and their sometimes vile behavior a comic relief and their actions ones that end up failing spectacularly and hilariously infant of the ones they think they are soo much better than. It makes the drama easier to watch and all the shit they do easier to take in and not get that frustrated with.

    I was dying of laughter from that last scene. All the Hans talk about being proper and showing the Seo’s how to behave decently, proper with tradition and respect, you know not be barbaric like them. Then they be the ones literally flipping tables and gunning for their own son like a banshee. hahahahahahaha!!

    Once again thank you for your continued reviewing of this drama. It’s nice to see it being appreciated. Hope to read again next week.

  • jessybee says:

    agree2 with all your comments dear. I also find Mr. Han’s words and actions at work are completely superficial and a total contrast to his actions in real life. It was such irony when he said to the ex-prime minister “there are no noble family today, we are all citizens” and blah2 about equality – whereas he puts such importance on living differently from people like the Seos.

    The directing is also interesting.. everytime Mr. Han has conversations such as these, the camera is usually catches in him in reflection – so there is multiple head shots of him in one frame – as if to say this isn’t the real him – it’s his facade and show performance in front of the people he has to impress.

    The parts when both Mr. Han and Mrs. Han broke down in tears is a hoot! Their son just got married – but its tears of disappointment come down. and somehow its funny! hahaha..

  • bmore says:

    Every week I am wondering….will it be this week the show starts to slow down and lose it’s edge. But instead it’s ratcheting up the mind-blowing awesomeness even higher. I just mentioned to my group that I wish I were a bot and could be inserted into the mind of Jung Sung-Joo the screenwriter . I think it would be a mind bending, psychedelic experience. How in heaven’s name does someone come up with this? I don’t know but I am so envious.

    Half the time I don’t know if I’m laughing or just gasping. There are so many scenes that are so perfect. Lee Joon just amazes. His range as an actor is unbelievable. When In Sung was gazing at his baby, caressing the hairs on his head and Bom opens her eyes and asks what he is doing, my heart just felt so full…there was so much simple family love in that scene. He is so half man half boy still. His almost desperate love for Bom and seeming innocence about the difficulties life could present for them make me worry because he is so impulsive and naive. Then he suddenly takes charge and grabs Bom and off they go to be married and he faces down his family to do it. So it seems he gets that his parents, while seemingly powerful, are at the same time also very weak. I loved the scene of them in the nursery. It seems there may be some good in them…but. Then they start making life plans for the baby and again we are aware of how controlling and scary they can be. I’m constantly on edge wondering if they are going to do something terrible. And yet, In Sang gives me hope that he will somehow foil his parents’ plans. He has hidden depths that boy.

    I still wonder if there is going to be a time jump in this. Will we see them growing up? Because they are high school students now, apparently 18-19 years old? but in real life are 22 and 27. I would love to see them grow up on this….at least over a few years. Can’t stop thinking about where this show COULD go….so many surprises could be in store for us. What a great ride this is going to be!

  • Rachel says:

    Love this drama! It’s really unique in tone, and the way it subverts drama cliches. So far the kids are winning. The last scene is epic.

    Of course Mr. Han is an awful character, but I think the actor is hot. I would love to see him as a romantic lead in another drama.

    • GZsofia says:

      Actually Mr. Han (Yoo Jun Sang) is the lead in a drama before which was really fun as well. The drama title is You who rolled in unexpectedly / Unexpected you / My husband got a family.. It has a lot of title hahaha.. 😀

  • Newbie says:

    I love this show. It is so funny. Mr. Han always highlighting, that he is a mere citizen, but he and his wife are treated like royalty at home.
    Greeting the ex-prime minister in the office and being humble about office size and social level, next thing the guy does is strut his private club.
    So many funny details, looking forward to where they’ll take us.

  • bacom says:

    Hello, Tessieroo. I’m sorry I didn’t visit you for a long time since I has stuck with all the good saguek out there and sadly you don’t recap any. Just today, I wonder how you are doing and comm across this drama recap. I laugh so much reading all of your 3 recaps, and for sure I’ll pick this to wath now. Good job, Tessieroo, your recap style is very unique and I love it. I’ll follow you with this drama for now on.

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