“Kill Me, Heal Me” – Thoughts On The Finale


I ended up really taking my time with this final week of “Kill Me, Heal Me”, I simply didn’t want it to end. A few reasons are 1) rumor that Ji-Sung isn’t doing any projects until after he and lovely wife, Bo-Young’s first baby is born so we might not see him for a while and 2) serious doubts that Ji-Sung and Hwang Jung-Eum will ever pair up again. Which is a shame because these two actors are amazing together. If Ji-Sung doesn’t win a Daesang, I’m flying to Korea to knock some heads together.

I wouldn’t classify this as the best drama I’ve ever seen but it was really good. It moved the hearts of fans in a constructive way, which surprised me. Fans from DC Inside Gallery raised 20 million won for child abuse victims, which I found heartwarming. We read so many nasty stories about fans or anti-fans that it was nice to read something good.

As for the final two episodes, I’ll admit I was furious at first that Joon-Pyo woke up and wanted to see both Do-Hyun and Ri-Jin, getting on his knees to beg her forgiveness. I didn’t feel like he had that right, it was up to her to decide when/if she ever wanted to speak to him. But it turned out okay and I’m happy we didn’t spend too much time on him in the end. I’m also happy Mistress Mommy didn’t make an appearance at all. (LOL)

Was anyone besides me really surprised it was Young-Pyo who orchestrated Grandpa Cha and Seo-Yeon’s accident? I had no idea he was that evil so it was shocking. And I’m always surprised when someone can’t be punished for murder because the statute of limitations has run out. In my country, there is no such time limitation on arresting someone for murder so Young-Pyo would have been on his way to jail. But it did put an immediate stop to any plans he or Ki-Joon had so I guess we can be thankful for that.

The heartbreaking parts of the finale involved the alters saying goodbye. Although in reality, that’s a good thing since it means Do-Hyun is healing – it was still hard because we’ve become attached to these people. Or maybe that’s just me. (LOL) I sobbed when Perry made his way to his ship, when Yo-Na thanked Ri-Jin *gasp* and when Yo-Sub showed up outside to collect his wayward sister.

I also cried upon learning Mr. X was an alter Do-Hyun created of Ri-Jin’s father, or what he though her father might be. Doesn’t everyone want their father to be something cool when they’re young – like a magician? It’s overwhelming to think he cared and worried so much for her that his mind splintered into pieces at being unable to protect her.

The most moving scenes for me where when they both envisioned their younger selves on the opposite end of the amusement park ride and waved goodbye. And when Ri-Jin finally met the little girl we all thought was Nana. Being able to comfort and reassure this alter that she grew up well, being loved by her family and friends was important and alleviated some of Do-Hyun’s guilt. *sobs* Yes, I ended up sobbing again.

For some reason, it wasn’t as hard to say goodbye to Shin Se-Gi. He was no longer needed, the secrets were out so there was no need to protect either Do-Hyun or Ri-Jin from those memories anymore. I’ll probably miss the guyliner and his penchant for red clothing the most, he was definitely the hottest of the alters for us females. *hee*

And then there were the funny bits, such as Yo-No locking herself inside Ri-On’s bedroom and busting him when he tried to say he was going into the military with her knowledge that he’d already served. And when she wrote “bad wench” on Ri-Jin’s forehead, taking a photo of it. Or after the time-jump, Ri-On meeting a woman whose name just happened to be Ahn Yo-Na. Hilarious!

This was an excellent project for Ji-Sung, it will stick in viewers minds whenever the birth of his first child is mentioned in the future. If there were doubts in anyone’s mind that Ji-Sung is an incredible actor, that’s no longer the case. Same for Hwang Jung-Eum. And it has to be satisfying for the cast and crew to know this drama moved viewers hearts enough to donate money to help victims of child abuse.

Beautiful drama, beautiful message.

“If you’re scared when you’re alone, someone can hold your hand”

For those who wish to read Hwang Jung-Eum’s final thoughts about this drama, go here. And if you’re already suffering withdrawals, I recommend watching this pairing in “Secret”. It’s a melo, with none of the humor this one has but it does showcase the incredible talents of Ji Sung and Hwang Jung-Eum. Maybe save it for a rainy day when you have nothing else to watch?

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  • wildfly says:

    Yes, ji sung was amazing. Sure, all the awards and even more challenging roles for him ; ))
    …and I thought yo na and perry park were there for the comic relief ( I mean, c’mon, bombs and cross dressing) so it’s nice we got the cut scene explaining about as why perry was created. The less said about mr x, the better, but I really will miss yo sub and… not ashamed to admit, most of all se gi. I really hoped they’ll create a hybrid from socially acceptable CDY with se gi’s assertiveness, will to live and smexyness. Natúr, domesticated CDY is a bit bland for my taste but its a correct educational ending, so let’s go with it.

  • nini says:

    I kind of liked that you didnt write much on how it all ended. I swear I sobbed for I wanted more and so much more of the alters.. God! Ji Sung was simply too damn good! But I had already watched Secret and loved both these actors there and yep then followed them here. While it wasn’t perfect, and I had wished for Do Hyun’s treatment to have not been so abrupt and a bit more layered, the show still warmed be up and made me feel the feels deep inside. I am defo going to miss it..
    and I didnt know JS is not going to take up dramas for a bit!:(.. oh well.. Good luck to him and to the lead actress, and to the whole team. They gave us some really good times with this drama.

  • Julie says:

    My withdrawal is so serious and I’ve honestly never felt this way about another k-drama…I’m seriously worried about my wellbeing!

    It was great reading your recap, but why do you say you doubt Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum will ever work together again? In her interview, she says she wants to do it again in a few years, after she gets married. Or do you think that’s a euphemism for not working together again in the future?

  • FEEDME says:

    I’m having really bad withdrawal from this great drama, that I’m staying away from k-dramas currently. That’s how bad it is!!! Still can’t recover from how good KMHM was, how impressive the actors were. I look forward to JS and HJE working together on a new project, though I doubt it’s going to be any time soon. But this drama deserves all the awards!!!

  • jomo says:

    Ooooooooooh, you made me cry all over again.

    And YES, Secret! Go watch it. Again and again. SUCH a great and damp experience. The final kiss between them was scorching.

    Wouldn’t it have been fun if RJ and DH ended up in the bakery from Secret buying not-so-sweet bread from herself?

  • Renu says:

    I was waiting for your review. I was visiting Couch Kimchi daily. Loved your review. Sweet and simple. Yes, this drama was all in one. Drama, mystery, fun, love, relationships. We are going to miss their chemistry. Lol I watched Secret in between when I heard about it. They were good in Secret. But they improved a lot in this drama. Ji Sung paid attention to every movement of his body. His hands, eyes, expressions, body posture, hair style. Lol. My favorite scene of this drama was when they told each other their names. I don’t know but that scene felt so real. It felt like that they have met before. Hwang Jung Eum’s voice is very calm. Compared to Ji Sung, her character was mature in controlling her feelings/hatred and sorrows. Usually in Kdramas, the guys act as mature and girls are childish. Great story, acting and direction. Thanks ‘Kill me Heal Me’ team! We enjoyed and loved this drama.

  • Lennel says:

    The withdrawal syndrome is serious. It feels empty every Wednesday and Thursday now. Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum need to take a break also from their pairing. Their chemistry has been proven undeniable, perfect, and awesome. I am so thankful that they have two dramas to rewatch while waiting for their next project together. I am sure many agencies are looking at them right now, it’s just that they still need to wait. Thanks so much for this recap. It was light and I don’t need to relive how painful that the drama has to end.

  • azraqey says:

    Hm…the pain of leaving is real.

    Despite its flaws, I have nothing to say other than great things. Huhu..still feel surreal that the drama has ended. Glad that it was 20 episodes. I already felt grudge to Secret because of its 16 episodes. Why they can’t be 100 episodes? LOL

    MBC owed to Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum a lot. They had to cater the short time period for the preparation and still deliver with excellent work. Like others said, KmHM was destined for them and thank you to screenwriter for that amazing script and plot. Daesang, please!!!

    Now Ji Sung can rest comfortably and has the healing time while preparing to be the father. He will make the best father now he know what a loving family would do to the child. Hope he and LBY can be like Oh family~~! hehe

    I wish happiness to Hwang Jung Eum and hope she get married soon so they can collaborate more in future! Maybe as a married couple later? with children and all family hijinks ala Heard it thru the Grapevine? LOL

    I need to rewatch. Marathoning from Secret to KMHM.Ohhhhhh

  • SUNlight02 says:

    This drama is a surprise success mostly because of the great efforts of our leads 🙂
    I am very happy that the labeled trainwreck of a drama three months ago became this much loved because they really deserve it.
    I couldn’t watch any dramas as of the moent and I am just waiting for the actors’ post KMHM interviews and news and I am eagerly waiting for Baeksang Arts Awards. They should really give the Grand Prize to Ji Sung or else, I might never ever trust any award giving body in Korea in the future.

  • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

    Loved this! My only issue is that the supporting characters got shafted at the end. If I’d known how good it was, I would have watched this sooner.

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