“Second Love” – Being A Jerk, Kame Style

The honeymoon phase between Yui and Kei ends only surprisingly, the problem doesn’t appear to be from an outside source, it’s our OTP themselves. Kei becomes absorbed in his new career while Yui is left answering phones and fixing meals he doesn’t eat. That certainly didn’t last long but talking has never been this couples strong point. *hee*

Kei shows Yui a video clip of the commercial he filmed, dancing in water. She’s excited and impressed but Kei ignores her and focuses on a particular part of the dance, playing it back. He’s suddenly swamped with work and doesn’t notice Spring has arrived. Since married guy’s wife left, the house is a mess. He apparently doesn’t know how to do dishes, laundry or cook for himself and is surviving on take-out. That’s kinda pathetic.

In class, married guy tells his students to concentrate on studying since it’s the only thing in their lives that won’t betray them. Quiet student, Sora remembers Yui telling everyone she wasn’t dating married guy but a 27 year-old single man instead. In the teacher’s lounge, the headmistress shares some snacks she got while traveling with her younger boyfriend, married guy takes more than one and stares at Yui.

Kei does an interview where he talks about being fired from the German dance company and feeling as if he were better off dead. He never thought about being a choreographer but with the commercials becoming a big hit, his services are in demand. He thinks it’s just temporary and hopes for something more permanent. At school, Yui notices the students doing the dance Kei choreographed from one of the commercials and smiles.

Walking home together, she happily chats about what to have for dinner but Kei’s barely listening. She brings up going on a trip together, just the two of them but he coldly says he’ll think about it. That night, Kei reaches out his hand and mumbles in his sleep. When Yui touches his fingers, he pulls his hand away and turns away from her. In voiceover, Yui says the number of times they have sex has gone down.

Yui fixes dinner and sits down to wait for Kei when the phone rings. It’s the German guy, asking to speak to Kei. Yui doesn’t understand him but recites the sentences Kei wrote down for her. She doesn’t understand it when the German guy gives his name, he says he’ll call later and hangs up. When Kei arrives 3 hours later, he reassures her it’s not a big deal. He notices the food she prepared, now wrapped in the refrigerator but doesn’t say anything. Yui doesn’t say anything either, telling herself she’s talking to his back.

Married guy watches Kei’s commercial and wonders why Yui doesn’t even miss him. His wife shows up, asking if he’s signed the divorce papers yet, he wants to know when she started thinking of divorce? He betrayed her with a younger woman, she knows he met that woman at a hotel once a week and she knows he works with that woman. OMO, does she know it’s Yui? She doesn’t care that his affair is over, she finds him dirty.

Kei rushes out of the house in the morning, telling Yui he’ll send her a message about dinner once he’s done. That evening at school, she checks but there’s still no message from Kei. Married guy suddenly enters the room, wanting her to sleep with him again and blabbering about balance in a double affair. She refuses so he demands that she save him for the sake of the school and the students, he can’t stop! WTF is he talking about? Baka.

As he’s moving towards her, quiet student Sora walks in to give Yui her homework. Sora questions married guy about what he can’t stop, he rushes from the room. Yui tells Sora she needs to leave too but then Sora also says she’s not going to stop. *facepalm* Whoa, these people are seriously insane. Yui finds the headmistress still in the teacher’s lounge, they both complain their younger guy is only focused on work.

Kei asks his agency if he can set up a phone in the office to field his offers, they agree but he needs to use his own phone number. He goes to see Ayako and asks her for a favor. Oh, come on – is he that stupid? YEEESH! Once home, he apologizes to Yui for not sending her a message but then proceeds to ignore her. She wakes up later to find him still working at his computer. When a call comes in from married guy, she deletes his number.

In front of the other teachers in the lounge the next morning, married guy asks Yui to meet him, he has something to discuss with her. Is this part of his threat, he’s going to destroy her at school and make sure she gets fired unless she sleeps with him again? Telling him she can’t because she’s busy doesn’t seem to stop the other teachers from gossiping either. Great. Sora passes Yui on the stairs and asks if she’s happy but can’t elaborate when other students show up. I think she was about to confess!

At home, Yui notices a post-it on the board that says “Kei’s office” and writing down the address, she goes there. When she sees Kei walking out with Ayako, she hides and listens as Ayako says she wishes to be Kei’s producer. Seeing Kei smile, she also hears Ayako telling him to work hard and offering to buy him dinner. She realizes she hasn’t seen Kei’s smile in a long time. Tears form in her eyes. Yea..OUCH.

Yui stops by her Mom’s house to pick up her Spring clothes. Mom is so happy to see her that she immediately cooks and then talks Yui into staying long enough to eat. Yui begins eating but suddenly, tears fall from her eyes. Mom asks if things aren’t going well with Kei, she knew this would happen. Reminding Yui that guy said he wasn’t thinking of marrying her, she begs her to come home. Yui runs out, even leaving her coat.

Married guy sees Kei coming out of a restaurant with a very drunk Ayako and confronts him, he said he would make Yui happy so what the hell is he doing with his ex? Kei tells him it’s none of his business, grabs Ayako’s hand and runs off. They stop at the agency office, Ayako tells him he should give Yui back because she doesn’t understand his world and she’s just going to end up being baggage. Kei tells her they’ve had this conversation and he doesn’t want to repeat it, he loves Yui. Umm, you need to tell Yui that, ya jerk.

Right as Ayako is threatening to quit, the phone rings. It’s an art director from a dance company in London, wanting Kei to choreograph their new work. Kei rushes to the phone, says he would be delighted and then, hanging up, he turns to Ayako and says “Let’s go to London”. WHAAAAT? Please tell me you are not taking her with you? Okay, no. I don’t care how much help another woman would be for your career, that’s just a big NO.

Approaching home, Yui sees married guy. He tells her he’s getting divorced (neglecting to mention his wife left him) and wants to get married. He warns her Kei is no good, he’s just fooling around and he saw him with his ex. Yui admits she might have been happy if he had said this a year ago but now she has someone else she loves. Even if Kei doesn’t love her to that extent, she can’t marry him because she loves Kei.

When Kei comes home, Yui mentions getting a bigger apartment so they can set up an office, offering to study English and German so she can answer his calls. He finally admits he already has an office and they both have their separate work to do. She asks if he doesn’t need her anymore? He called her his Goddess, he pulled her in and now that she’s in love with him, he doesn’t need her anymore. He’s no longer here and it doesn’t seem to matter to him if she’s there or not.

Removing her clothes, she begs him to hold her. Oh, honey…no. They end up in bed together but almost immediately afterwards, he tells her he’s going to London to work. She doesn’t understand since he’s getting lots of offers to work here then questions if he’s angry? He doesn’t want to be recognized for his skills just in Japan, dance transcends borders and he wants to keep riding the wave he’s on now. She doesn’t understand.

Kei wants to know what her goal is, doesn’t she have one? Yes, her goal is to marry him. When she looks up at him, she tells herself she failed. He announces he’s leaving for London in one day and gets up to start packing. He eventually leaves, giving her a small smile but not saying a word. He gets into Ayako’s car and they drive off. In voiceover, Yui tells us Kei went to London and never returned to their apartment.


Mistakes are being made all over the place, by both parties. Yui seems to have no interests outside Kei, which is unfortunate. You can’t make one person your life, everyone needs their own goals to pursue and it seems Yui has none. Although she has finally made one friend at school, it’s not enough, she’s depending on Kei to make her happy. Love doesn’t work that way and sex doesn’t solve problems in the long run.

I actually understand Kei a bit more, he’s absorbed in his new career and wants to focus on building that up for his (their) future. But not communicating that to Yui isn’t a smart move just as it’s outright stupid to involve his ex-girlfriend in any new ventures. Of course, he doesn’t know about the confrontation between these two ladies but that’s no excuse to me. If he’s not ready for marriage, he needs to tell Yui that and why. At least he had made it clear to the ex that he loves Yui.

I’ve heard this drama will be ending next week. I don’t know if it was originally scheduled for just 7 but I was a bit surprised since usually J-dramas have around 10 to 12 episodes. Anyhoo, lets keep our fingers crossed that things work out and no one dies. (LMAO)

Title courtesy of our reader, @Dani – Thanks, hon!*


  • trotwood says:

    At this point, I don’t care what happens as long as Yui does NOT get back with the married/soon divorced guy. That would be a tragedy!

  • Dani says:

    Awww, thanks for mentioning my name πŸ˜€
    Through out this episode I saw the big gap between them, the way that they have no ground on their love but some random strike and lots of sex (in the beginning anyway). But, they don’t have much in common, and this episode painted that clearly, that’s why Kei ran to that girl right away when he needed someone and not to Yui knowing she would be willing to help. Like most of Jdrama, the characters seemed very reserved and unwilling to communicate with each other. Lots of sulking and keeping it in.
    But, now that you mentioned it, Yui is very one dimensional indeed. Before it was the married man, and that’s what her life all about. The teaching and the married man. And now the married man is just replaced by Kei. She depended herself so much on the idea of love and not love itself. Love is being independent of who you are, what you want, what you wish while the one you love being with you and supporting you. And not making the idea of love as an idol that you worshipped and you can not live without. I think this episode is necessary for her character can grow. I really hope she take the love for herself first, so she can love others. I see some hope in episode 6.

    • Mohammed says:

      I agree with your last words about Yui, she needs to grow, love herself and get over her fears. Kie was wrong in not telling her he would be busy with his new work but just because he is too busy to make something of his big goal,dream doesnt mean he doesnt love her. She was worried too soon about. Not having time to for sex, telling her he loves everyday is natural busy lifestyle of a very talented famous dancer.

      Kie was fool to tell Ayako he loves Yui and not make it clear to Yui he is just busy but his feelings for her havent changed.

      The only thing i disagree with you is that Kie didnt run to that girl right
      away because it had nothing to do with Yui and him. He need a friend who is a dancer to manage him because she understand his goal and career because they are both dancers. Teacher like Yui cant manage a dancer like another dancer can.

      Yui is right in one big thing, its harsh loving a very talented dancer who is in world level, destined for fame. Like being the wife of a famous painter, writer, actor isnt easy when you are a normal person like a teacher. Also she needs to know her goal if it is being a teacher or not. Kie would understand, respect her much more if he knew what her goal was. Being a teacher is a very good thing if its your goal.

      • Dani says:

        This is why I wrote that they have not much in common. And the gap showed wider in this episode. What was that again, he was saying to that girl? He loves her. With words. He loves her, he said that to another woman, not to her. He acted cold and distant, even me can not recognize his love.
        Of course people have different background and different lives, but when they are a couple they share their lives. Surely I can not understand if my husband ever talked to me about the mathematical theory to end world hunger, since I don’t understand maths, but he can discuss anything with me with my level of understanding. It is called communication. But, this is not this drama’s fault, maybe it is cultural that the Jdrama does not seems to have lots of communication going between the lovers. Sometimes I want to strangle my computer when I see the noble idiocy that can last years and years, that can just ended with one single phone call and talk. They don’t. At least it happened in many jdramas that I watched. Anyway, am going back to my study. Episode 6 is out unsubbed on dramacool if you are curious. I see stronger Yui there.

  • TS says:

    How are they going to resolve this mess? I don’t even want to watch this episode now.

  • il23 says:

    I sympathize with Yui. She is not clingy or dependent. She supported Kei at his lowest point. He offered light to an otherwise hum drum life for Yui. Having different professions does not exclude you from loving and having a fulfilling relationship with another person. Yui just wants the simple things in life, like going to an Onsen with her boyfriend. But who is to say she could not develop other interests if exposed to a different lifestyle. Kei did not allow her that opportunity to grow as a couple. Kei is a self absorbed narcissistic person, solely focused on his needs and wants. Yui was once his Muse. He dumped his ex when she was no longer useful and was too demanding. He sought her out when she could be of use to him. There is a way to do anything. If he has lost his passion for Yui, he should be a be a man about it. Tell her. Don’t leave her hanging (living in your old decrepit apartment), secretly get yourself office, go off with your ex and get yourself a new apartment without a word to the woman who moved in with you. It’s shameful.

  • mskololia1 says:

    I agree that the Kei character was a major jerk in this episode. Sheesh. Their timing appears to be off, but providence is moving things along quickly and may be on her side. Now that he knows what she wants, it’s up to him to give a thoughtful and understanding reply to Yui when he returns. I wished that ending was a misinterpretation because Kei could come back from the UK, and they both are living in a larger apartment in the next episode and will grow together in their budding relationship that appears dead in the earth or on the vine. I mentioned before that the ex is a good business partner for him even if Yui is excluded or has to play catch-up and not be “baggage” as was insinuated. Yui is an educator, and Kei needs to be schooled. πŸ™‚

  • bmore says:

    Alright you evil girl. I spent the entire day catching up on this because of YOUR DARN RECAPS! JUST what I need, another fricking drama to take up yet more of the time I don’t have! That said, geez is this thing addictive and I want to slap Kei after this last episode. WTH was that with the cold attitude and walking out the door like that? Going that far away, and for a considerable length of time NO WAY you love someone and walk out the door without words of love and missing you. I’m betting anything he doesn’t even call while he’s away and that, for me would be shut the door momma, I’m outta here. NO job is more important than making sure the ones you love are safe and cared for. With only 2 more episodes to go and the next episode probably taken up with him in London and her battling all the psychos on her own back home, she is in for some very rough times and no support from him. And how long is he going to be gone?

    I agree also with some of the comments above that Yui is not an independent person. But, I don’t think that’s something to necessarily put her down for. Not having a career goal seems to be a huge reverse discrimination in this day and age and in dramas. And it’s not like being a teacher is a nothing job! What is wrong with a life goal of wanting to become a good wife and mother? Why does that have to be looked at as something less than and therefore she is a woman who does not deserve to be with someone as successful and driven as he is? For a man who will be living on the edge like he will be, the fact that he could come home to a refuge of comfort and love could be what he needs and wants. And if she feels fulfilled in being that person for him, I think he is a very lucky man. I don’t know if that is at all where this is going, but…just saying. It’s not a bad thing that her goal is marriage. However, his complete non-response to that does not bode well, for them as a couple, but for him as a person in particular. And for him to walk out, leaving her without any kind of answer to what he said, is just crappy. A decent guy, who actually loved his girl, but was still on the fence about marriage, would at least tell her his feelings about marriage. At the very least he would tell her that he loved her, that marriage was not something he was ready to talk about yet UNTIL he is financially stable.

    But, what would a drama be without miscommunication or, as in this case, NO communication? We wouldn’t have the heartache at the ending of this episode for sure. Unless the translation was off, at the end SHE is the only one who spoke and the translation said “I’m Going!”. He never said a word, gives her a half smile and NODS??? WTH was that? Just walked out and got in the car with his girlfriend..(he also carefully never mentioned to Yui about her either…also not a good thing). It seemed to me she clearly was telling him she was leaving. Am I off on that? And he just lets that go when they are going to be separated for who knows how long? The previews seem to show him trying to talk to her, but were the bed scenes of thenwith them or flashbacks? Are we looking at the cliche Separation of the Couple for a Year, to have him come back as a success, she has learned to live life without him, and he expects her to ‘understand’ and come back to him after no contact? UGH. He better be crawling.

    BTW. Since I just started this today, how soon can we expect the next episode to be posted?

    *( HUGS)*…. πŸ™‚

    • TS says:

      I’m going to see what ep 6 looks like. Dani said Yui looks stronger there.

      It’s probably good Yui’s going through all this so that she learns to set boundaries. Just because a relationship has failed – like this one seems to – doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with the person who chose to be in it. It just means that person was brave.

      So, what I’m hoping for, is not redemption for Kei, but Yui setting strong boundaries with colleagues, mother, and students, and coming out of this a tougher person, not a broken one.

      • bmore says:

        oh I hope so! that she grows stronger and more independent like you say TS. Jumping out of that awful relationship and right into living with another guy was never the best decision. However, she did break that unhealthy relationship with her mom in addition to leaving creepy old guy, so that was good. I was happy to see that she didn’t just abandon her mom though. It will be nearly impossible for her mom at her age and her level of damage to ever be fully self supporting and, sadly, that is going to be a heavy cross for her to bear….but not necessarily a bad burden. More of a character building one. I’m sure, or I hope, they will both grow and become closer as a result. I will be anxiously watching for the subs! So glad I jumped on board late so I didn’t have to endure the weekly torture of waiting. Wow..7 episodes is so short! But they sure pack a lot into them.

        And I feel for you Tess. You guys are really burning the candle at both ends. Fighting!

        • TS says:

          I don’t think the mum is irreparable. Even just setting firm boundaries with her will make her improve. And Yui has now learnt she can change things and be happy, even for a short time. Maybe the point of her and Kei was to get them both out of suicidal thoughts, but she has the tougher challenge: building a regular life while still facing all the bad stuff.

          • bmore says:

            true about Yui. She has no real support system. Kei has his ex πŸ™ and now a fulfilling career where he is getting the respect he wants. Yui is faced with her creepy, borderline dangerous ex at work, constantly being watched and judged by both her peers and her students, and a mom who has spent 20 years burying herself in the past. The mom is going to be difficult. The reality is, she has serious mental health issues if her obsession over her ex husband has gone on for this long and now manifests in physical symptoms of her severity. If Yui hadn’t broken away from her mom and that life she was leading now, she would end up a recluse just like her mom in a few years. Walking around daydreaming and half existing. Like you say, if nothing else, their meeting each other was a catalyst to change and better both their lives. Of course, for drama’s sake, we should have our happy ending too. But, I would also be willing to accept a ‘real’ happy ending of both of them being healthy and independent…..I guess. πŸ˜‰

            • TS says:

              Basically, after Kei’s behavior, he can do whatever, but I want to see Yui happy with life.

              Also, what is it about Sora and Yui? I hope the show explains that.

              • bmore says:

                me too. and yeah the Sora thing is just kinda thrown in there. She has rescued Yui a couple times so that’s good, but 2 more episodes seems to leave so little time to resolve everything. But, I’m sure they will do it. It’s kinda nice to watch a drama that doesn’t drag everything out episode after episode. I may have to watch more Jdrama. πŸ™ No, I did not just say that! Nor will I remember that I even thought such a thing!

              • mskololia1 says:

                TS, Sora’s actions are confirmed in episode 6.

      • Dani says:

        I have faith in Yui. She is a strong woman, just not been in a good supporting environment for her to bloom in full of her character. Even if this drama end in not-so-happy ending, which I usually hate. But in this case, I would be definitely content if she can finally take the side of herself. Love herself, setting boundaries, as you said TS. And I have faith in the girl πŸ™‚
        Tess, thank you for recapping though you are so busy. I have been waiting anxiously for your recap each time the subbed episode is out.

        • TS says:

          Basically, there’s nothing wrong with living a regular life. If anything, that should be as valuable a goal as living a star life. The only thing is to live with self-respect, and that’s what Yui was lacking and what I hope she will correct now.

    • tessieroo says:



      I barely have time lately to even respond to comments which makes me sad because I LOVE reading and responding to comments. πŸ™ Thanks for the laugh, hon and I hope I get caught up soon so I can chat with everyone!

  • il23 says:

    Episode six was a great episode. Can’t wait for your recap.

  • Denali says:

    Do not read recaps late into the evening or confusion may emerge. *on repeat mode*

    The juxtaposition of tawpless Kei next to the last line caused malfunction in my brain. Because my mind read: “Anyhoo let’s keep our fingers crossed that Kame works out and no one dies.”

    *goes to sleep*

  • Dani says:

    Tess, do you know if it’s confirmed that it’s only 7 episode. I have seen eps. 7 unsubbed and I did not see The end sign, but maybe nowadays they don’t really put that. I don’t really know where the story goes after the ending at eps. 7 but it is too short really, if it’s just eps 7. I am in confusion in wanting more. More. More

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