“Heard It Through The Grapevine” Week 4 – Hair Transplants And Sleeping On The Sofa

This drama is truly delightful. I’m probably sounding like a broken record but I do hope more people check it out. The plot is something we’ve seen (rich boy, poor girl) but our lead female, Bom, is not a Candy. And our leading male isn’t a jerk at all, he’s very sweet and warm. The best part for me remains the Han parents – they’re insanely hilarious. This drama might be about class differences but I keep being surprised by where it’s going.

Both fathers end up injuring their junk and can barely walk. (LOL) The servants escort Bom’s parents out to their car, helping Mr. Seo sit in the passenger seat. Mr. Han’s secretary expresses regret that the Seo’s are leaving empty-handed, which makes both of them angry. Mr. Seo snaps and yells that the guy is a slave. Mrs. Seo thanks the housekeeper for taking such good care of Bom.

Mrs. Han is furious that the Seo’s tried to protect In-Sang, calling him their “son-in-law”, how dare they? Hearing her husbands moaning, she rushes into the room and asks if she should call the doctor. Saying there’s no need, he brushes his hair and panics at the sight of so much hair in the brush.

Bom sits with In-Sang, wondering how they should appease his parents. When the Han’s finally enter, Mr. Han says is that Bom’s parents don’t know what an opportunity is and that’s why they’ll never be able to pull themselves out of poverty. OMG, that’s so hateful! Mrs. Han snaps that Bom incited In-Sang. Bom tells them both In-Sang is not a fool, he has his own thoughts.

When Mr. Han asks what those thoughts are, In-Sang replies that Bom’s parents and the Han’s are in an equal relationship, everyone should love each other and live peacefully and free. Mrs. Han can’t believe how idealistic her son is but Bom thinks what he said was very touching. Mr. Han proceeds to lecture them: not just anyone can enjoy living free, you must be qualified first. What? Ahahaha, I didn’t realize people had to be qualified to live freely.

Bom begs them to teach her. Promising to study hard, she wants them to teach her to be qualified to enjoy life they way they do. Breaking down in tears, she apologizes and explains she asked a lot of questions when she was in school but if someone teaches her kindly, she learns quickly. The Han’s talk to Tutor Park and ask him to teach the “children” how the world works.

The Seo’s arrive home, Noo-Ri thinks she should have been there. Mrs. Seo tells her In-Sang tried to intervene which is what caused all the trouble and it was the creepiest moment of her life. If the Han’s continue like this, she wants to sue but Bom’s Uncle says they’re no match for those people.

Mr. Han announces no more respect, generosity or understanding from him and demands Secretary Min find out what that family is most desperate for. He complains about his hair, Secretary Yang makes an appointment with a hair transplant doctor. ROFL, he’s ridiculously vain, he even takes photos of the back of his head to see how much hair loss there is and then Googles hair transplant. Upon learning it’s painful, he tells Secretary Yang to let him think about it.

Bom sits with In-Sang inside his study room while Tutor Park tries to guide them through an example of how the world works. In the example, Bom believes the Ministry of Labor will make sure wages are paid. In-Sang doesn’t think the government can handle everything, that’s what lawyers are for. So if In-Sang hires a lawyer and Bom reports to the Ministry of Labor, who would resolve the issue faster? Neither of them are right since the Ministry of Labor would most likely be working with the lawyer. Ahhh…yes – corruption and conflict of interest.

In other words, they both need to see the world is all about power and who has the most. Both are disappointed, In-Sang tells Bom to just live happily with him. She gives him a stinky-eye, so he wants her to live like her parents? In-Sang didn’t mean it like that but Bom admits she’s feeling defensive. They turn away from each other. Ruh, oh.

Mrs. Han tries to sneak into the kid’s bedroom and replace the talisman’s with new ones but is caught by Bom. Secretary Lee lies to Bom that they were checking the thermostat. Bom recoils from Mrs. Han’s touch, she’s in a lot of pain from breastfeeding but she sees the old talismans on the table. Mrs. Han claims it’s an old family tradition but Bom doesn’t believe in amulets. Mrs. Han quickly snaps that she doesn’t either but she’s following family tradition out of respect.

Bom asks them to excuse her, she needs to lay down. Mrs. Han tries to say Bom isn’t the only one who breastfed her baby. Pffffttttt, this woman is silly. Bom asks them to let her know next time they come into her room. *snicker* In-Sang catches his father going to visit the baby and reminds him to wash his hands. Mr. Han snaps he was going to wash his hands and bumps his sons shoulders as he passes him. ROFL! Who’s the parent here and who’s the child?

Mrs. Seo extends an invitation to the Han’s to visit their home but Mrs. Han has Secretary Lee reply, politely declining and reminding them to keep their self-esteem and dignity as commoners. OH MY GOD, did she just call them commoners? The Seo’s are visibly insulted and upset. I can’t…

Mrs.Han visits her circle of friends, she and Young-Ra exchange barbs. Mrs. Han brings up Young-Ra’s husband, Chairman Jang possibly going to jail while Young-Ra tells her she should take very good care of her husband too – since he’s going bald. *snort* These two should just pull each others hair out and get it over with. So childish. Secretary Lee teaches Bom how to eat properly, which I don’t really think is any big deal since a lot of people are taught table etiquette.

Mr. Han visits Chairman Jang, warning him the prosecutor might ask for 5 years jail time as punishment for the slush fund. Chairman Jang refuses to go to prison, his wife’s family handled the matter with JiWon Capital. Young-Ra enters the room but she and Mr. Han act like they just met? *confused* I guess her husband doesn’t know about their past relationship.

Mr. Han wants Chairman Jang to hand over all documents but Jang is hesitant. Telling them to think it over, Young-Ra shows him to the door and teases him by asking if he wants her to introduce a hair-loss specialist? *kekeke* She’s vicious but so is he. The files are sent to the HanSong offices. Young-Ra meets Mr. Han privately, worried her parents business is going to be searched too. Mr. Han declares he had no choice. Yea…I’m not buying that at all. What is he up to?

He thinks he can get her husband off by having him submit to a tax investigation and paying a fine, she demands he get him a stay of execution. Mr. Han laughs, she’s exactly the same as she was 20 years ago. He warns her to watch what she says around his wife. At home, he tells Mrs. Han that Young-Ra is a spoiled brat who tried to climb a tree she shouldn’t have and insists nothing happened between them. Righttttttt. He wants Young-Ra’s respect now that her husband’s life is in his hands. Dude, you’re protesting too much – both your wife and I can see right through you.

Bom overhears them fighting but is scolded by the housekeeper not to eavesdrop. Mrs. Han not only refuses to go visit Ji-Young with him but also tells hubby to sleep in the study. LMAO, she is angry! In-Sang and Bom also fight, she doesn’t think Mr. Han should be defending Chairman Jang but he says everyone is entitled to a defense. She makes him sleep on the sofa. Ahahaha, both men have been kicked out of their beds.

Mr. Han told Young-Ra to apologize to his wife so she does but it’s very clear (to me) that she’s not the least bit sincere, even using fake tears. Tutor Park notices the coldness between the kids, asking if they had a fight? They both deny it. Even after Young-Ra’s apology, Mrs. Han still refuses to let her hubby sleep in their bedroom.

The servants discuss the case. Mr. Han not only let his wife get revenge on Young-Ra, he’s the one who had the prosecutor switched to one who wasn’t in Chairman Jang’s pocket. This also means Young-Ra’s parents will have to pay a fine and Chairman Jang will get a stay of execution. So …it’s all about control. Mr. Han was making sure HE is in control of this relationship. Ugh.

Suddenly the kids show up with questions for Tutor Park, they want to know if it’s right for Mr. Han to be defending Chairman Jang. The servants argue, it’s too soon to worry about this type of stuff, In-Sang needs to concentrate on passing the bar first. Tutor Park gets to the heart of the problem when In-Sang admits Bom won’t let him come near her, making him sleep on the sofa.

The servants all laugh, Tutor Park accuses them of bragging about having a lovers quarrel. Later, Secretary Kim is shocked to see his boss sleeping in the study. (LOL) Mrs. Han is told Bom made her son sleep on the sofa, she storms into their room and screams at Bom to leave her house. While she’s screaming, demanding Bom be kicked out, Mr. Han sneaks off to call Young-Ra.

Young-Ra tells him his wife is angry and upset with HIM but has found another outlet for her anger. Oh, so instead of attacking him, she’s going after an innocent Bom, who has nothing to do with it? He demands she help him but Young-Ra refuses, it’s a personal issue and she’s busy. LMAO, I know she’s horrible but I kinda like her. It what he gets for playing power games with people’s lives.

The kids follow Mrs. Han downstairs, Bom finally guesses it’s because she made In-Sang sleep on the sofa. In-Sang says he’s okay. Right as Mrs. Han is about to slap him, Mr. Han appears. In-Sang wants to know why his Mother doesn’t like Bom, Mrs. Han admits she doesn’t like anything about her. Bom says she can’t spend all her time trying to win Mrs. Han’s respect (LOL) which sets her off, screaming that being respected by Bom is not her only goal in life either. Pffftttt.

Mr. Han has the secretary take Mrs. Han to her room to calm down, he’ll explain to the kids and make them understand. Yi-Ji is upset that everyone is fighting, the servants also figure out the Han’s relationship is in trouble, not the kids. Ahahaha! As Mr. Han begins to lecture the kids, they are called away so Bom can breastfeed Jin-Young. *kekeke*

The Hans fight, she’s angry that he and his Mother lied to her about Young-Ra. She wasn’t the one chasing him, he was chasing her. Reminding her that his Mother chose her, she’s the only one who passed all of his Mother’s screening. Getting on his knees in front of her, he says she is the Queen Mother of this family. Well, no wonder she thinks that way about herself.

In-Sang takes photos of Bom breastfeeding and sends them to the Seo family. Mr. Han comforts his wife, they have so much to protect and she needs to help him. Tutor Park continues his lessons with the kids but expresses surprise that the entire family lines up each morning to see Mr. Han out. Mr. Han visits a hair transplant specialist, worried about the pain. Wimp.

Back at his office, Secretary Yang sprouts BS to Mr. Han about how young he looks, implying he shouldn’t worry about his hair. He believes her (LOL) and the other secretaries thank her for intervening. Mr. Han discusses Chairman Jang’s case, the issue of laid-off workers being paid their wages hasn’t been resolved yet. Hmmm…so he didn’t pay his workers but created a slush fund?

Mrs. Han is also being buttered up by Secretary Lee, who reminds her that Bom bragged about her Mother-In-Law’s beauty to her circle of friends and Bom is incapable of lying. This seems to pacify Mrs. Han a bit, she ends up gifting Bom with a necklace because she appreciates her honesty. Bom is happy and delighted, Mrs. Han sees her rush to show In-Sang and watches as they hug, smiling to herself. Ummm, she should remember that Bom holds grudges.

Mr. Han is informed of Mr. Seo’s traffic violation, the judgement is coming up. He asks Secretary Yang to send a card to the judge and then wonders if Mr. Seo will get 45 days of hard labor. He smiles, this seems to make him very happy while Secretary Yang looks embarrassed. Outside, protesters are gathering to fight the way HanSong is handling the wage dispute with Chairman Jang, they should pay the wages due the employees. Mr. Seo sneaks around but eventually leaves.

Secretary Kim shows CCTV footage to Mr. Han, he sees Mr. Seo on the screen but notices he’s leaving. He takes this as Mr. Seo finally reflecting on himself and knowing right from wrong. *snort* This guy really believes his own PR. Mr. Seo lies to his wife that he joined the protest, she’s happy thinking it’s good if they stand up to Mr. Han. In the nursery, In-Sang scolds his son for hurting Bom during breastfeeding. (LOL, cute)

The Hans questions Tutor Park about Bom’s capabilities, they just want to get her into a decent women’s college and make her a suitable match for their son. Tutor Park shocks them by saying Bom is qualified to keep up with their son, in fact, she’s somewhat better than In-Sang in terms of English, literature, reading comprehension and her ability to decipher judicial precedents. AHAHA, I’m dying at the looks on their faces. Mr. Han decides to test her himself.

The next morning, Bom reads a passage in English for Mr. Han and tells him she thinks it’s about letting people accumulate wealth according to their capabilities, that’s capitalism. In-Sang listens, smiling to himself, he’s obviously very proud of how smart Bom is. Mrs. Han catches him, angry that they spent so much money on tutors. *heh*

Mrs. Han thinks Bom is becoming too bold but Mr. Han tells Bom she did well, even though he thinks her point of view is incorrect. He wants her to come down each morning and read 2 pages for him. Suddenly Jin-Young cries, Mr. Han tells Bom to go ahead. Oh, does this mean she can now see the baby whenever she wishes? When she turns to leave, she sees In-Sang hiding. He flashes her a victory sign along with a huge grin.

Motioning for him to follow her, In-Sang scampers by his father’s office and hugs Bom in the hallway. They’re adorable! Mrs. Han is happy Bom isn’t a fool, Mr. Han tells her Bom is actually quite good. Bom’s Uncle brings a summons for Mr. Seo, he should have taken care of it since ignoring it will make the fine larger. Neither of them have the money but while the Uncle thinks the In-Laws should take care of it, Mr. Seo disagrees.

Bom phones to tell her parents about their lovers quarrel since it was their first. Mrs. Seo tells her to mark it on the calendar while Mr. Seo scolds Bom that she should have let In-Sang win. Telling her to speak less directly, he informs her they’re going to try for a reconciliation with the Han’s. Both she and In-Sang tell him Bom is finally being appreciated by his parents. Mr. Han works out a schedule for Bom with the Tutor. That evening, the entire Han family sits down to dinner, Bom included. The servants watch, smiling.

The day of Mr. Seo’s trial, Bom’s Uncle catches Secretary Min outside the Subway shop where Noo-Ri works. He knows her, he used to work with her brother and he knows she’s aware he’s Bom and Noo-Ri’s Uncle. She acknowledges being caught but asks him to understand, she has to report to her boss. She tells him to call her later. At home, the entire Seo family is shocked to learn they’re being watched. Noo-Ri argues they should tell Bom since her InLaws seem to adore her now.

The Uncle meets Secretary Min, who gives him an envelope of money from Mr. Han – it’s enough to pay Mr. Seo’s traffic violation fine. Secretary Min reports to Mr. Han that the fine was paid and Noo-Ri is at the 2nd round of being accepted for an on-air position at a cable station and is likely to pass. He invites the station President to meet with him. OMO, is he trying to make it look like he had influence in her getting hired when she would be hired without his help anyway?

At home, Mr. Han snoops through the study room, inadvertently locking himself inside. ROFL! He calls out to the kids who come to his rescue. When they’re alone, In-Sang asks if Bom likes it now that she’s being acknowledged? She does, since she’s had to face so many hardships already. In-Sang asks what the hardest part was and we see a flashback of Bom telling her family she’s pregnant.

Noo-Ri can’t believe she didn’t know until now while Mrs. Seo wants to drag Bom to the hospital. Bom refuses, the baby already has a face and fingers/toes will be forming soon so she can’t do that (abortion). Mr. Seo enters the room, demanding to know who the boy is. Bom cries, saying he’s a nice boy but Mr. Seo draws back his arm to smack her until Mrs. Seo intervenes. She reminds him they had to get married because she got pregnant with Noo-Ri.

The entire family smacks Bom, how could she do this? Bom explains they tried to hold back but they couldn’t and the whole family cries. After hearing the story, In-Sang hugs Bom tightly, stroking her hair. Awwww, is this the first time he’s heard this? Sweet. In bed that night, Mrs. Han asks her husband what would happen if Bom is the only one who passes the exam? They both sit up, looking at each other while she says that can’t happen.


This is one of those dramas that you have to pay very close attention to every single word or you’ll miss something important. For now, it appears there is a truce in the Han household. The Han’s have discovered how intelligent Bom is and have decided to use that to their advantage by showing the world they didn’t pick just “anyone” to be their daughter-in-law.

I’m not sure if they’ll go through with having her take the bar exam or not since that puts her in direct competition with their son, they’ve already expressed worry Bom might be the only one to pass. I think In-Sang is just as smart but he’s been intimidated by his Father for so long, he doesn’t ask questions or talk much. Since Bom’s appearance in his life, he’s changed how he deals with his parents but his overall intelligence and beliefs seem to have always been there. It’s just that Bom is giving him the courage to speak his mind.

I adore the young couple in this drama. They’re very much in love, very alike in their beliefs and very dedicated to protecting each other. Bom gently sticks up for In-Sang when his parents call him a fool and In-Sang is willing to face his Mother’s wrath by taking Bom’s side. They both wish to make changes in the family traditions but agree they should gather their strength first. I also love that In-Sang isn’t the slightest bit jealous of how smart Bom is. In fact, he seems very proud of her and happy that she’s excelling. I can’t wait to see what happens next!


  • Rachel says:

    This drama starts with a familiar setup and then subverts it in every way. I love that Bom is smarter than In-Sang. I get so tired of seeing dumb Kdrama heroines schooled by smart, haughty Chaebol types. I really don’t know where this drama is going.

    The hair loss storyline was hilarious.

  • Newbie says:

    So far this show is a worthy successor of Secret Love Affair. Seems the creative team behind it can do no wrong. So nuanced and clever.

  • GZsofia says:

    I just love this drama and I adore In Sang and Bom as well.
    Thanks recap because it makes me appreciate the drama much more.
    This drama and Ho Goo’s love are the only ones I’m watching right now but I’m starting to like Super Daddy Yul and Angry Mom as well 😀

  • bacom says:

    The Hans remind me of the Lee in Family Honor, their evil in-law style is so hilarious that makes me laugh so much. I’m waiting to see how Bom can fit in their life or I rather say how they can fit in Bom’s life 🙂

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