“Second Love” – Sayōnara, Kame Style

Yui tries calling Kei in London but he’s not answering his phone. She says to herself “Where are you?’ and we see flashbacks of Kei saying the exact same thing to her, several times. In voiceover, Yui says he hasn’t called her once since he left 5 days earlier. I feel ya, sweetie. He’s a big ‘ole meanie jerkface.

In London, Kei is sleeping on a park bench when he’s awakened by a guy from the London dance company (read: white guy speaking English). He tells Kei they just received a phone call that the Director watched Kei’s rehearsal tapes and he’s a fan. After offering Kei lunch, he hands over the proposal, telling him they want to take Kei’s dance to the whole world.

Yui checks her messages in the bathroom at school. To every text she’s sent, Kei has sent her the same response, even using the exact same words.

Did you arrive safely?
I’m in the middle of work.

Is it cold in London?
I’m in the middle of work.

Are you eating properly?
I’m in the middle of work.

Are you feeling OK?
I’m in the middle of work.

Whoa, I can’t even begin to say how much of an ass he’s being. Yui’s feelings show on her face as she walks through the school. Quiet student, Sora, notices and asks Yui if she’s been crying? Yui denies it but as she walks away, Sora grabs her chest as if she’s also in pain. Awww.

Kei reads through the proposal, seemingly confused and intrigued (hard to say with Kame). *teehee* Yui brings home her one friend, the older female teacher, Haruko Ueda, who is also seeing a younger man. As Haruko looks around, she comments that Yui has been having sex in a place like this. Yui wants to be invited to her place so she can inspect the premises and say the same thing.

Haruko notices the skylight, Yui tells her it’s really loud when it rains. Flashback to her and Kei making love, she comments it’s raining so hard, no one can hear them. Kei doesn’t think they’re that loud, she thinks they are. Yui says she likes him, he claims he can’t hear her so she yells it out loud while he laughs. *blinks* Wait, is he actually smiling?

Yui serves food while Haruko shows a photo of herself with her boytoy, calling him her short and stout man. As Yui looks at the photo, she sees a hefty looking guy and says to herself that they look like mother and son. ROFL, she’s right but as long as he’s of legal age, I don’t have anything to say about other peoples partners. Yui says he’s cute, Haruko says she doesn’t really like slim men.

Yui thinks people fall in love with what they don’t have or their opposite, Haruko wonders at the differences between a teacher and a dancer. Yui’s never been sure what to think, Haruko tells her not to dwell on it, she’s taking one day at a time, it’s all about where men return to and what roof they’re sleeping under. She asks Yui if Kei will come back here when he returns from London? Yui nods in the affirmative, telling herself it’s Kei’s apartment but she suddenly feels anxious.

Haruko announces she’s going to France. She’s giving up her position at school, she’s doing both the school and the students a disservice. Yui smiles, she’s really cool. Haruko wants to live with her stout young man under the same roof so she’s reclaiming her territory. LOL, she’s a riot.

Yui’s Mom sees a news segment that mentions Kei, her eyes widen in shock. Pulling herself closer to the TV, she wonders if that’s the seedy guy who took her daughter? She then wonders if Yui is a good luck charm, is she really with such a famous person? I can totally see this woman asking for his autograph. She tries calling but when Yui sees its Mom, she doesn’t answer.

At school, she phones Kei’s office, Ayako answers. Yui asks for Kei’s returning flight number but Ayako lies, giving her the correct flight number but the wrong arrival time. Looking at a post-it note on Kei’s schedule, it says the plane arrives at 5:30 but she tells Yui it should be in at 3:00. Ugh, witch. Yui thanks her and pauses before she hangs up. Both of these women know who they’re talking to.

Suddenly Kei comes rushing into the office, his agency guy is surprised since he’s not due back until tomorrow. Saying things in London are moving fast, he hands a proposal to the agency guy. Ayako scolds him for not calling, she would have picked him up at the airport. Uh huh, is that why she lied to Yui, so she could pick him up? He tells her he wanted to deal with things here right away so he can return to London ASAP. Uh, oh. He looks over his schedule while Ayako asks about the proposal.

Kei explains the tour is going to many major cities but they also wish to take it to smaller regions. That means Kei needs to reshuffle things, they’re going to use minimum staff and dancers since they’re going to be performing in places that have never seen dance before. In fact, some of those places may not even have theaters so they’ll be dancing on sand or earth. Awesome. It’s a year-long project but he really wants to do it. You can see the excitement on his face. Right? RIGHT?

Ayako wonders if he’s joking, he’s finally getting major work and he’s going to reject them? Kei explains to the agency guy that he has a gut feeling about this project. His goal is to create a dance that no one in the world has seen before, which is why he wants to go on this tour. Ayako snaps that he can’t put food in his belly with that and demands he earn money in Japan. WTF, is he her trained circus bear or something? Looking her straight in the eye, he tells her he’s going.

I swear, I could read his thoughts: “Witch, step off”. She’s angry, things are finally starting to go well for him! He’s glad there’s work, happy that he’s been able to find a new position. Ayako snaps that she doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about and begs the agency guy to put a stop to this nonsense. So she’s just a huge, controlling beotch? Kei ignores her (maybe realizing she’s insane) and tells the agency guy firmly that he wants to do it. *fingersnap*

Yui shops for groceries to prepare Kei’s favorite meal. In class, she instructs the students on an experiment, glancing at her watch. Only an hour and a half to go. Smiling, she doesn’t notice Sora watching her. Taking a break, she checks the flight schedule, and reads the plane had technical problems. She phones Kei’s office for more information, Kei answers the phone. ERMAGOD!

Yui is stunned to hear his voice but finally blurts out a question: why is he there, wasn’t he supposed to be on a flight today? He apologizes, he arrived yesterday. Ouch. I totally feel her confusion, if he arrived yesterday, why didn’t he come home? (translation: you weren’t excited to see me?) When she doesn’t get an answer, she thinks she’s in his way or he hate her. That’s a big leap to make? He denies both but she still doesn’t understand why he’s not coming to his home.

He finally admits he came straight to the office to work and ended up staying there. Yui jumps to the conclusion that he’s with Ayako, he denies there is anything going on with Ayako (who just happens to be sitting right there, listening). Claiming it’s painful, he tells Yui they can talk about it later. He apologizes for not calling but he won’t be coming home for a while. WTF? What’s painful, what’s he saying? He’s the jerkiest of King jerks on this planet. *grumps* Use your words properly!

Yui goes home, looking at the stuffed refrigerator. So Kei has decided not to return, not to sleep under the same roof with her. She runs to the office, telling herself she just needs to see his face. He’s not there, the agency guy tells her Kei is out in a meeting with his manager. Ummm…that would be Ayako? *curses* She leaves, angry with herself that she can’t just come out and say who she is. She realizes that means she doesn’t have confidence in her relationship with Kei or in herself.

Kei and Ayako meet with someone about a local job, Ayako asks for a week to complete it but Kei announces he can finish it in one day. She snaps at him as they leave, they still have to do a good job even if he’s in a hurry. Reminding him how bad things were a few months ago, she tells him she got him a room since he needs to rest in order to do a good job. She’s the only one who understands his feelings so she wants him to do the work she chose properly. I dunno, all I see is an angry, snarling monster who keeps barking orders. Just me? Gomen’nasai.

Yui eats alone at a restaurant, married guy shows up. They share food, he talks about how hollow artistic people are. People believe showy or pretty things are somehow of great value but it’s hollow. On the other hand, the job they do teaching young minds is something that lives on. Although it’s difficult to know if their efforts pay off, the job they do is not showy. Seriously? Just shut up.

He tries to talk Yui into leaving with him, ya know, for old times sake. Slimy worm. She’s going home and runs. LMAO, RUN! Kei goes to his room and plops down in a chair, exhausted. He remembers Yui saying she wanted to be his Goddess forever. Yui gets home and suddenly Kei is there.

Inside, Yui acts like he’s home for good, offering food and beer. He finally mentions the London project, she knew about the major cities but wasn’t aware of the addition of smaller regions. She’s also surprised when he says he’ll be dancing himself and not just doing choreography but she’s most shocked when he announces it’s going to take a full year. Does that mean he wants to break up?

No, if he wanted to break up, he wouldn’t be here, talking to her. Reminding her he wanted to die until he met her, he still believes all the opportunities that have come his way started with Yui. That first time he saw her, he had a feeling things would open up for him and he feels that way now about this tour. He wants to go and he wants her to come with him. He wants her to see it with her own eyes.

Put aside her teaching and her Mother and come with him. He’s going to be all over the place, he might get hurt, the environment might be bad but he wants to go together. He plans to tell the Producer there’s someone he wants to bring with him. This is his love for her, his proposal. Asking her to think about it, he readies to leave. She’s surprised he’s going back to the office, they both stand on opposite sides of the door but Yui can’t bring herself to open it.

At school, her friend Haruko turns in her resignation, she’s heading to France with the person she loves. The school brats inform Yui one of them broke up and they laugh because there’s no way Yui understands. Yui snaps, telling them there’s no way to understand a man’s heart. She’s been a teacher for 11 years but she doesn’t understand any of their feelings nor do they understand the feelings of their teachers. People don’t understand the feelings of others, it’s why they hurt each other.

Sora stares at her, stands up and announces she likes Yui then runs from the room. Yui chases her, Sora stops, gasping for air and when Yui calls her name, Sora’s legs give out and she falls to a sitting position on the walkway. Yui sits down beside her and listens as Sora again says she likes her. Awww. Okay, she’s not scary – she’s just a little girl with a crush on her teacher.

Yui is patient, she’s surprised and honored but she has someone she loves so she can’t accept Sora’s feelings. Sora asks if things are going well with him? Yui honestly admits things are not going well but she still likes him. This brings an adorable smile to Sora’s face (cute) and she maturely says she understands. In fact, she feels better having been rejected so clearly and heads back to class.

When Yui arrives home, Mom is waiting. She comments on the well stocked refrigerator, they sit down to eat. Mom wonders why Yui looks so sad and says people with talent can be scary but Yui shouldn’t lose. When Yui’s Father left, Mom admits she was so lonely, she broke down. She would hate it if Yui broke down and begs her not to. She gets up to leave then hugs Yui, telling her to hang in there. Asking Yui to get his autograph, she giggles as tears fall from Yui’s eyes. Awwww!

Kei sits with Ayako at the office, should he close it down since he’ll be gone for a year? She’s going to stay on and look after things for him, it’s okay with her if he’s gone for a year but he’s not sure if he’ll want to continue doing this type of work when he returns. She wants to know what he plans to do about Yui? He doesn’t answer her. Yui tells herself she won’t break, no matter what.

Kei tells the agency guy there’s a woman he wants to bring on this tour, he’s already discussed it with the Producer. When he heads to his room, Yui is waiting. Inside, he offers water (why the pouring in slow-mo?) which she drinks before beginning her speech. She’s really happy he wants her to come, she’s tried imagining going to different countries but can’t. He thinks this will have meaning, both for him and the people who see his dance.

She agrees, that’s why he’s amazing. She truly loves him but she can’t go with him. Eating meals with him, sleeping and waking up in the same room with him, having sex and watching his sleeping face…she wants those small moments of happiness. She understands that showing his dance to unknown people in unknown countries is important to him but she wants an ordinary life.

He reminds her she fell in love with Kei, the dancer. She knows that, she wanted an ordinary life with that Kei but realizes that’s just her selfishness. The happiness he wants is something different so even if her heart is breaking, they can’t continue. They both need to follow their own paths. He clarifies: are they breaking up? She nods yes, thanks him for all the wonderful times and turns to the door. Wait…is that Kame’s angry face, disappointed face or his sad, hurt face? I CAN’T TELL, help me!

Before she reaches it, Kei flies out of his chair and grabs her in a back hug. Turning her to face him, he kisses her and starts peeling her clothes off. Calling her name, he whispers he loves her. Later in bed, when she looks down at him, he says “きれい”, which means beautiful. In the morning, she tells him she’s going to find her own dream (something she’s passionate about).

Turning to Kei, Yui says Sayōnara and walks out.


So it seems some of the possible trouble-making characters issues are being resolved. Sora finally confessed to Yui, was rejected and is moving on. It’s strange how initially, I found this girl creepy or scary but with just one big smile on her face, she turns adorable. (LOL) I loved the honest way Yui talked to her, admitting things are not all peachy with Kei but letting Sora know she loves him anyway. That closes the door to Sora’s feelings but gently.

Mom is the other issue being resolved. It was nice to see Mom actually admitting she fell apart when Dad left but wanting Yui to be stronger and actively cheering her on. I did feel Mom wasn’t going to be a major obstacle when she confronted Kei since she brought up marriage. That told me she wasn’t trying to hang on to Yui (no matter what) but was concerned if he was sincere and could provide for her daughter. Their little talk was lovely and brought tears to my eyes.

Even married guy doesn’t feel like a threat anymore. Although he keeps trying to bring Yui back to his side, I don’t feel like he’s playing dirty tricks or lying in order to win. No, the one person who still feels like a huge threat to me is Ayako. She might be listening to Kei when he says he loves Yui but she’s not hearing it. In fact, she’s using her new position as his manager to force him into doing things her way, thereby keeping him by her side. I see more problems coming from her but I could be wrong.

Yui was stronger in this episode, she refuses to be a groupie and travel around the world as part of Kei’s entourage. Good for her! I’m sure that was painful as hell but yay for her being mature enough to know when something isn’t right for herself and not being willing to settle. One episode left!


  • twaambo says:

    Was so glad she wasn’t being a groupie as well!

    He is going to miss her so bad.

    And about not telling whether he is angry or sad..or..

    Its the brows I think LOL.

    Thank you!

  • Dani says:

    I think that was Kame’s “did you just crush my ego?” face. LOL. Thank you for such a quick recap Tess. I’ve been wanting to comment on this episode. Only now, I don’t really know what to comment on hahaha. But, I am glad she took her own side, her own happiness and that love is not to sacrifice everything to be with the person she loves and in the process loses herself in it.
    You go, girl!!! Sayonara. Do you know when I watched it unsubbed, I was dying to find out what he said to him, I figured out on a forum asking about the difference between that word and kawaii. I also googled the word “where are you?” that she kept asking when she was calling Kei with no answer. Hey, this dramas really making me learn the language! It’s hard when you are dying for the subbed version to come out.
    I think this is my most favorite episode so far.

  • bmore says:

    Loved this episode too. I was Really proud of Yui for being strong enough to realize she would just become extra baggage following Kei around. It’s the problem with ‘artistic’ types. They are inherently very selfish and self centered and necessarily so. The amount of ‘self’ an artist, actor, singer has to put into their work is so all consuming it takes a very special person to be able to live with someone like that. You have to have your own strong sense of self and your own life AND learn to understand and give that person the freedom they need to pursue that life without tying them down. It is a very very difficult thing to meld the ordinary world with the extraordinary world and people who are involved in the entertainment world are usually extraordinary. I don’t know if these 2 can do that.

    I think they found each other at the perfect time. Whether that finding meant a true love or just a catalyst for change, I’m not sure. I’m leaning towards the latter. His passion for her seems to have burnt out very quickly with the resumption of his work. I think he thinks he loves her, but I’m not sure he isn’t just in love with the idea of a muse because it fits with his idea of The Artist’s Life. He may be one of those kinds of people that is so selfish and self centered that he uses this kind of thing to jump start his life and can then move on past it without harm. Sadly for Yui, she will be damaged by this, but, she will also eventually gain strength and a new life’s perspective I think.

    Maybe there will be a fairytale ending, but there could also just be an ending with him on the stage and her in the audience cheering him on. It’s one of the things that so different about J drama from K drama. They seem to have more realistic endings sometimes in their dramas. Guess we will find out soon which this one will have. Either way, I will be happy I guess. Though, the reality is, I don’t think in real life this relationship has a ghost’s chance of surviving. They are too far apart in what they want in their lives for their futures.

    • Mohammed says:

      I think the ending depends on Kie really. His goal is too far from Yui more down to earth view on happiness that is just normal life with him. He has to become local dancer,teacher and not travel around the world and expect to have Yui around.

      If it was in real life famous actors,artist who are married or have normal longtime girlfriends,boyfriends seem to make it by having them involved in their work like manager, part of their company. Or they make a normal life that is far from their work, takes alot of time and hard work.

      Will be interesting in next ep if Kie is willing to make that effort for Yui.

  • mskololia1 says:

    Thanks for the quick recap! <3. Yui displayed such confidence in this episode. I was happy for our girl! That teacher almost lead her back to "his" rather disappointing lifestyle….Phew.

  • TS says:

    If Kei still is in love with Yui, why did he shut her out like he did?

  • TS says:

    P.S. Tessieroo, the comments on Kame’s complete lack of expression were hilarious!

  • trotwood says:

    As long as Yui does not get back together with (ex)married guy, I am happy with anything she does.

  • DPKT says:

    Love the recap Tess 🙂
    TY 😉
    Anyone know one site where I can see this jdrama subbed? The gooddrama.net just shut down 🙁 When I was watching this episode -.-

    • bmore says:

      I know…isn’t it awful? That they could take down a site that big and that’s been around that long is something. I’m guessing Dramafever and or Google had a hand in it. My friend says she thinks it’s probably because of that awful pirated Gangnam Blues video they put up, it probably crossed the line. With both DF and Google involved in the rights, they have the power and the money to do something like that and so quickly. So scary because GD has probably the biggest library of old dramas and movies (new and old) on the internet and that is a HUGE loss to the drama world for English speakers. Of course, it was only a matter of time…for all those illegal streaming sites. 🙁

      try this site. http://myasiantv.com/drama/second-love/episode-1/

    • bmore says:

      sorry…correction…try drama cool

      • DPKT says:

        Yes it is awful..
        I was thinking the same, the site has been on for so long it is really strange 🙁
        Yes, they were the most complete site I ever seen. It is, indeed a great loss for us drama lovers! But I’m sure they will come back. Like some torrents site that just appeared again these couple days. Let’s cross fingers 😉
        Thank you for the tip BMORE 🙂

        • bmore says:

          they probably won’t be back. There are unconfirmed reports that their bank accounts have been blocked. But. We can always hope they got hacked. However….. All their partner sites that they broadcast from are also shut down with the same remark showing and the anime blogs are going nuts with the ‘shock and awe’ since they also had a huge library of anime ….old stuff that went back into the 80’s that you can’t find anywhere else. They didn’t just broadcast from Gooddrama, they had a ton of other sites they operated from and all of them are gone.

    • jusash says:

      I never watched this on gooddrama because they’re normally a little late.

      It is available by Sat mornings, on this side if you can read Chinese subs.
      I watched Ep 7 pretty early – it was available on Fri night if I recall correctly.


      *put in Second Love on the search bar.

      As for drama:
      – I understand the need for him to focus on his dream, and be self-centered.
      – By 5 I was getting tuned into how everything was conveniently his way. She made all the sacrifices.
      – By 6, I was turned off about how cold he was. He completely shut her off.

  • sally_b says:

    Hi Tess ~ (drive by youtubing)

    … was watching Ghost Seeing Detective Cheo Yong (yes, the name is THAT duh) and it cut to commercials. The nekkid backside of a man appeared and I thought, “Now that’s how you know it’s cable!”

    Turns out it was Kame for a razor ad ~ and I only recognized him because of your recap 🙂 …enjoy ~


  • Eliza Bennet says:

    Thank you for the recap! I’m happy that Yui is not giving up what she wants for a man (and he is not giving up what he wants for her). But did they have to break up?

    As for Kame I honestly don’t know what the attraction is but I love him every since Tatta Hitotsu no Koi. He is not a good actor, he is not handsome, he is not an exceptional singer, what is it??? Well it must be the eyebrows – heh.

    • mskololia1 says:

      OMO, was that him? LOL. I adored that little drama. The relationship with his little brother was the heart of the story. I may have to do a re-watch now. 🙂

      • tessieroo says:

        I truly have no idea what it is about him either, I don’t get it! But I can’t take my eyes away from the screen when he’s on. Fascinating. I gotta say again, I’m impressed with his ability to do so many things out of his comfort zone in this drama – dancing, speaking both German and English and all the love scenes on camera. Awesome for him, great job. *thumbsup*

  • mskololia1 says:

    The drama title fits this miniseries. The ending gave me the warm and fuzzies…Can’t wait for your recap Tessieroo!

    • Dani says:

      I am so happy to watched the ending with the subbed today. Aaarghhh finally. Though I want some more of Kei and Yui intimate moments haha

    • Mohammed says:

      It was a cute, down to earth simple love story of a different couple. I thought the storyline was rushed in the last ep i would like to have seen more eps that focused on all the things that happened in the last ep.

      I enjoyed the drama and i would love to seen 10 eps of this couple. The ending was good for them but very rushed overall ep.

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