“Heard It Through The Grapevine” Week 5 – The “ESTs”: The Biggest, The Brightest, The Richest

While our young love-bird parents are thriving in the dark, controlling Han household, the Hans themselves are falling apart. Not only are there continued violent outbursts (which is supposedly unlike the King and his Queen) but it seems trouble will soon be coming at them from all directions. Will they realize how snobby and selfish they are?

Bom and In-Sang wake at the crack of dawn but it’s not to share a warm breakfast with their family or even see their son. Nope, it’s to face Mr. Han’s outdated, conservative teachings of the law. I love these two! When they greet Mrs. Han, she just has to let Bom know she bought a smaller sofa for their bedroom so that Bom couldn’t force her precious son to sleep on the sofa again. *rollseyes* Does she also hold grudges forever?

They read from “The Prince” but neither of the kids agree with the authors point of view since it (in simple terms) encourages class discrimination and assumes “commoners” are ignorant fools that need to be led by those in power. Mr. Han doesn’t like what he’s hearing, they must not have had breakfast yet to be spouting such emotional nonsense. He reminds them their only goals is passing the exam next year.

Mrs. Han can’t believe Bom is discussing law with her husband and son. Secretary Lee reminds her that her MIL never once thought of her DIL as competition, Mrs. Han needs to be careful not to let her jealousy show. *heh* Good luck with that. While everyone gathers at the door to leave, Mr. Han instructs Tutor Park to teach more traditional, conservative values. LMAO, in other words: CONTROL THEIR THINKING.

The goodbye scene is interesting, the only one showing any affection is In-Sang as he happily waves and kisses his young son goodbye. Mrs. Han immediately instructs the Nanny to take Jin-Young and makes sure Bom enters the study room. Secretary Lee whispers to Mrs. Han that her hatred for Bom is showing. Ya think?

Tutor Park tells Bom to watch herself with Mr. Han, he learned his thinking and attitudes from elders and relies on old-fashioned, Confucius teachings of rank and order. Well…then he needs to move into the modern world cuz he’s ridiculous. Bom doesn’t like pacifying him with false platitudes, she intends to make him proud by passing the bar.

Mrs. Han speaks with Tutor Park before she leaves, to express her doubts about Bom’s abilities. He firmly states that if she feels it’s a worthless investment, she can let him know at any time. AHAHAHA, stopped in her tracks. She backpedals, Bom has to succeed because they need to “wash the stain” from their family. Is she calling Bom and her Grandson stains? Tutor Park seems to think so too, telling her he was in the middle of class and quickly making his exit. What a beotch, the only thing she cares about is if she can brag about her DIL taking the exam.

Attorney Yoo brings her baby to work, knowing it will upset Mr. Han, although Secretary Yang tries to tell her he’s not that type of person. I call BS, he’s exactly that type of person. As expected, he’s furious, how dare this woman do whatever she wants? However, in front of Attorney Yoo, Mr. Han pretends he’s fine since it will raise their gender equality scores at HanSong. Attorney Yoo calls him out, he’s the very definition of discrimination, she threatens to quit if he assigns cases based on gender. ROFL! You go, girl.

In a meeting with the partners, Mr. Han sticks up for Attorney Yoo but it’s probably because she has access to sensitive files that could land the firm in hot water. *hee* They discuss which top candidates they plan to recruit, Mr. Han wishes to make offers only to those from the upper class with connections that can benefit the HanSong firm. He plans to meet with the top valedictorian, Yoon Je-Hoon, to ensure he accepts their offer. The ex-Prime Minister they hired also plans to meet Je-Hoon and convince him.

When Mr. Han meets Yoon Je-Hoon later in his office, the kid returns the excessive gift that was sent to his parents. Mr. Han chuckles, does this mean he’s rejecting their offer? No, it probably just means he can’t be bought and needs time to think about it before he jumps into the snake pit that is HanSong. *kekeke* He’s probably very aware that they just want to use his family connections.

Attorney Yoo finds herself locked out of certain files, Secretary Min slips her a post-it note telling her to change all her passwords and she’ll contact her later. OMO, so even though Secretary Min was told to say she knows nothing, she’s secretly helping her? Interesting. Attorney Yoo reads the note, then shreds it.

The circle of friends meet, Mrs. Han implies Young-Ra’s family is a social evil of black money. She drops the news that Bom is studying the bar exam on her recommendation. *snort* Young-Ra knows they’re desperate to make sure their new DIL has a respectable resume. Mrs. Han says that’s not true, she would even help a stranger if they had talent. *moresnorts* What BS is she spouting?

Before she leaves, Young-Ra makes it clear she’s meeting Mr. Han to thank him for helping keep her husband out of jail. Ermmm…he’s the one who tried to put him IN jail! Mrs. Han pretends her husband told her he was meeting Young-Ra, which is more BS. These women are Queens of Snark. The moment she leaves, Mrs. Han whines she hates Young-Ra while her male friend comments that a man keeps the woman he couldn’t conquer inside his heart for his whole life. Well, you certainly aren’t helping Mrs. Han’s insecurity! Why does she hang out with these snakes again? Someone remind me.

In-Sang tells his friends, Hyeon-Soo and Min-Jae that Bom will be taking the bar exam with him. They’re shocked, isn’t she a high-school dropout who went to public schools? Hyeon-Soo doesn’t think they would have anything to talk about while Min-Jae believes they were a one-night stand. OMG, why does he hang out with these two as well, they’re snakes too! In-Sang puts them in their place, they don’t know the first thing about planning a life with someone.

In flashback, we see In-Sang and Bom looking through photos from Harvard University. One of the quotes shows: “An Unjust Law Is No Law At All”. Bom gets excited, thinking about studying abroad together, In-Sang explains this is why he’s been studying so hard. They hug, Bom wants to invite her parents to visit once they have articles published in the Harvard Law Review. Those are some big ambitions but these two are adorable.

Young-Ra meets Mr. Han alone, without her husband because he had to fly off to Hong Kong. He snaps at her to mind her manners. Secretary Kim sends a message to Secretary Lee, letting Mrs. Han know Young-Ra showed up alone. Young-Ra teases him, wondering why he gets so nervous around her, she doesn’t find him attractive at all. She thinks he’s very clumsy, he yells how would she know? Is she talking about his performance in bed? AHAHAHA! I’m dying, his reaction is priceless!

All of this is relayed to Mrs. Han via messages passed through the secretaries. She meets with the Shaman and gets a love-potion to hang in her bedroom. OMO, is this to entice her hubby, I take it he shows zero interest in her, sexually? Young-Ra goes home, telling her friend she’s angry Mr. Han not only cornered and threatened her husband, he did so with his superior attitude AND charged them too much money to top it off. He shouldn’t have done that so she fought back by hitting his ego. ROFL.

She happens upon her daughters phone while talking to her friend and sees a series of text messages that were sent to In-Sang with no reply:

What do you like about her?
Why are you ignoring me?
Want to have lunch tomorrow, just as friends?
Are you under your wife’s thumb already?

Hyeon-Soo comes looking for her phone and sees her Mom has it. Young-Ra asks if she likes In-Sang? They argue in English, Hyeon-Soo admits she envies Bom because In-Sang isn’t like the other guys she knows, he’s the only one who has ever treated her like a friend. It ends with Hyeon-Soo crying while her Mom hugs her. Ugh, this isn’t good.

Bom and In-Sang play with their son until Nanny tells them visiting time is over, which is such BS. There’s no way in hell I would let someone restrict my access to my child. Mrs. Han hangs her love-potion but when Mr. Han returns home, he’s in a foul mood. He scolds the kids for spending time with Jin-Young when they should be studying, then snaps at his wife for not keeping them under control. You, Sir, are an ass.

After he leaves the room, Mrs. Han also scolds them, reminding them they need to remove “the stain” from the family. WTF? I wouldn’t stand for her calling me or my son a STAIN on the family. Lord, she’s a horrible person. What’s worse is Mr. Han is angry that Young-Ra rejected him (probably for the 100th time) while Mrs. Han is jealous and upset that her husband’s first love was Young-Ra – yet they’re taking it out on the kids.

Mrs. Han open a bottle of wine and waits for hubby to come into the room but he passes right through without even looking at her. *snicker* She angrily grabs the love potion and tosses it out while he goes to his study and broods over Young-Ra’s words. She ends up giving the love potion to Secretary Lee, who ends up asking Tutor Park if he needs one. LMAO, no one believes in that crap so no one wants it.

At the Seo’s, Mrs. Seo makes a traditional rice cake for Jin-Young’s 100 day celebration. Mrs. Han informs the kids they’ll have a formal celebration for Jin-Young’s 100 days but Bom’s parents are not invited. Ugh, the smug, superior look on her face is revolting. She has dresses brought in for Bom, she intends to pick the one Bom will wear for the celebration. The first 2 or 3 were okay but after the black one, they were all horribly old-fashioned. The one she chooses makes Bom look like an Ahjumma.

Mrs. Han’s friend brings news about Hyeon-Soo’s crush on In-Sang, it’s too bad they didn’t know earlier, they could have paired them up. Mrs. Han scoffs at this, there’s no way in the world she would allow In-Sang to become involved in Young-Ra’s family. She’s angry that In-Sang’s name is being tossed around when Hyeon-Soo likes him all by herself. I agree, it’s one-sided, he had no interest in her that way – even without Bom.

At Young-Ra’s house, the maid suddenly yells because she finds Hyeon-Soo passed out on the sofa. Did this idiot try to commit suicide? In-Sang is now happily married, get over it. Bom takes a moment from her studies to thank Tutor Park. She’s realized she’s nothing in the Han family but because he spoke up, she suddenly has status. Awww, sweet. *tears*

Mrs. Seo sends a message to the Han servants, she left something at the gate for Jin-Young’s 100 day celebration. She tells Bom on the phone that they don’t want to be the cause for any troubles nor do they want the Han’s to think they’re looking for a handout. Bom cries, her Mom used to be such a brave person. *sniff*

When they open it to show Mrs. Han, she tells Bom to thank her Mom but no, she doesn’t want any because she doesn’t like rice cakes. Ugh, whatever. The Nanny brings Jin-Young but when Bom carries him over to Mrs. Han to say good-morning, she’s uncomfortable. She’s told rice cakes are tradition and starts to snap she doesn’t believe in…Bom catches her eyes. *hehehe* Liar, she has the Shaman on speed-dial. The servants, secretaries, In-Sang and Yi-Ji all gather to eat the rice cakes, everyone has a great time.

They do the ultra formal celebration with the Han’s, which turns out to be a lot of nothing and boring. Photos are taken, Mr. Han holds up certificates of donations made in Jin-Young’s name. All of these items, along with the baby’s official seal made by Mr. Seo are placed inside a black trunk. We see a shot of the theater seats in the Han’s name, Jin-Young’s name has been added but Bom’s name is missing.

Yi-Ji asks the housekeeper why Bom’s name wasn’t there, aren’t they legally married? Or are they planning to add Bom only if she passes the bar exam? Then she worries if they’ll make In-Sang divorce Bom if she doesn’t pass. Yi-Ji is very smart. Young-Ra discusses her daughter’s crush with Jae-Won, she’s determined to match Hyeon-Soo with someone the Han’s will envy. She asks him to introduce her to the valedictorian.

Mr. Han complains that he has nothing to brag about with Bom, Mrs. Han suggests they take a quick vacation, away from everything for one night. *sniggers* We know what she has in mind. He agrees. Bom tells her Mom they got permission to visit. In-Sang overhears his parents discussing Bom, she’s basically on “probation” until she does something they can brag about. He quietly scolds them, they shouldn’t talk like this.

Mr. Han starts choking but when In-Sang goes to help, he starts beating his son. Getting him in a head-lock, he flips In-Sang to the floor and continues to beat him, Mrs. Han also smacks her son a few times. Yi-Ji sees this and runs to get Bom. When Bom comes down, In-Sang is being treated for a bloody nose, she says its domestic violence. In-Sang says it’s not, he let his Father beat him. *kekeke* Mrs. Han snaps at Bom for daring to appear in front of her In Laws in just her bathrobe.

She tells them she and In-Sang are legally married so the idea that she’s a “conditional” wife is invalid. Mrs. Han can’t believe they’re arguing law while Mr. Han says marriage between underage people depends on the parents agreement. If the parents decide the couple can’t carry out their duties, they can have the marriage annulled. In-Sang quickly says he and Bom have never once neglected their duties as man and wife – mentally or physically. OMG, ROFL!

Mrs. Han screams, are they doing that again already? What if they have another baby? Screaming at Yi-Ji to go upstairs, she says the kids are dirty when Mr. Han yells for them to get out, he’s kicking them out of the house. He and his wife will raise Jin-Young, he wants the kids gone before he gets up in the morning. Mrs. Han follows him, telling the kids they are not parents. OMFG, these people are too horrible for words.

Running behind, In-Sang demands to know if they’re going to try adopting Jin-Young while Bom quotes law, adoption by Grandparents isn’t allowed. Mr. Han throws out more civil codes, telling them to study the precedents. The Seo’s prepares for the kids visit. Young-Ra argues with her daughter some more, I guess Hyeon-Soo is fine and didn’t try to kill herself. When she gets a message from Yi-Ji, telling her Bom is a “conditional” daughter-in-law, Hyeon-Soo smiles. She’s gonna cause trouble, isn’t she?

In-Sang and Bom search precedents, trying to find a way to keep the Han’s from taking their son. Bom cries, it’s her fault. Mr. Han watches through the window, telling his wife if Bom passes the bar, that raises her resume points which would make things perfect for them. The kids write a review of opposing precedents and give it to Mr. Han in the morning. He seems pleased, Mrs. Han tells them they can leave after breakfast to visit Bom’s family.

At work, Mr. Han brags about Bom knowing the meaning behind all the chinese characters written in law books, he thinks her Grandfather’s stamp business was a good influence. Yea, it can’t be her Father, it has to be her Grandfather. Pffttt, you’re a jerk. He plans to raise her family status, making them elegant scholars and asks Secretary Yang to look further back into Bom’s family background.

Bom arrives with the Nanny, who calls her “little madame”, her parents seem stunned but they’re very happy to see her. Mrs. Han wanders around the now empty house, stopping in the baby’s room to smell his pillow. *snort* Too bad she’s chasing her own children away with her selfishness and snobbery. Wish I could feel sorry for her but I honestly don’t, not one single bit.

Young-Ra meets valedictorian Yoon Jee-Hoon at Jae-Won’s place. Jae-Won says several people are seeking meetings with Jee-Hoon, the first being matchmakers. Young-Ra is surprised people aren’t swarming him but he admits his Father is a low-level civil servant, which requires him to live quietly. Jee-Hoon also wants to live that way. Welp, you better run, like RIGHT NOW. *hee* Young-Ra tells him her family company is creating an in-house legal team, apart from DaeSang Group.

At work, Mr. Han talks with Secretary Yang, how does Jae-Won knows Yoon Jee-Hoon and finally calls to ask. Jae-Won says he has friends from all generations, refusing to tell Mr. Han anything about his connection to Jee-Hoon. (LOL) Mr. Han warns him to keep clear because HanSong is trying to recruit him. Pfffttt, this guy really believes he can just bark out orders and people will do whatever he says.

Young-Ra tells Jee-Hoon they won’t make him work hard but Jae-Won insists she tell him the rest so she brings up her daughter. Ahh…she plans to set him up with Hyeon-Soo in order to piss the Han’s off even more. *kekeke* I kinda like that she fights just as dirty as they do. Attorney Yoo is curious why Secretary Min is helping her and is given a USB disk. Secretary Min included a note, telling her to read it privately. What is she up to?

As soon as the Han’s leave, the servants throw a party, even inviting all the secretaries from the office. Secretary Min declines, she has a previous engagement but the rest show up. They eat, dance and drink the evening away. Secretary Kim gets drunk and whines to Secretary Yang about his unrequited crush on Secretary Min. Secretary Lee and Tutor Park seem to hit it off really well.

Secretary Min’s appointment is with Bom’s Uncle, Chul-Sik. They go to a shooting range, sitting down to talk once they’re done. He apologizes for not contacting her brother (his ex-coworker) very often, she understands he did all he could. She’s thankful he gave her brother time and didn’t disclose it right away. Huh? Okay, we know Chul-Sik worked at the same company, did but he catch her brother doing something illegal?

She asks if he plans to keep living that way, doesn’t he have anything he wishes to correct from the past? He doesn’t, he’s a coward. She immediately stands, she has nothing more to say to a coward. Oh, was she about to ask for his help with something? As she’s walking away, she gets a text from Attorney Yoo telling her they need to find a witness from the executive branch who was present at the 2008 event. Ohhhh..more mysteries!

Bom’s visit with her family is going well, In-Sang is getting drunk for the first time with his father-in-law. Mrs. Seo takes Jin-Young to put him down, leaving Bom to talk with her sister. She’s happy Noo-Ri finally got a job but Noo-Ri explains people believe Mr. Han helped her get the job so her co-workers think she’s a parachute. Suddenly, the servants party is broken up when the Han’s phone that they’re returning home. They walk in the door, both looking miserable.

Mr. Han thinks his wife is going through menopause while Mrs. Han asks Secretary Lee if she still has that love potion? LMAO, things must not have gone well! Both Han’s sneak into the baby’s room later, playing with the mobile above his crib. Mr. Han pouts, asking if the kids really had to stay overnight? He phones Mr. Seo (who by now is very drunk) and using the excuse that the kids should stick to their study schedule, asks that they come home. He will send a car to pick them up.

Mr. Seo loses it, how can he do this in the middle of the night? The kids are having fun and Jin-Young is sleeping! He yells that the kids are not Mr. Han’s, Mr. Han screams to send them back, right now. Sure enough, a car arrives to take the kids home. In-Sang (who is also drunk) decides to be fair, Bom should go back with Jin-Young, he’ll sleep over at the Seo’s. UNREAL. She hasn’t seen her family in over 3 months and they’re demanding they come home after just a few hours.

When Bom arrives, the Han’s use the excuse that they were thinking of the baby’s welfare, worried about him being able to sleep in a strange place. They take the baby to his room and end up playing with him instead of putting him down to sleep. I know this is supposed to be cute but I’m finding it distasteful. The Seo’s have spent no time at all with their Grandson, yet these two selfish, self-absorbed jerks don’t care.

When In-Sang wakes up, he finds a note from the Seo’s, they went to open their store. He makes his way to the bathroom, then the kitchen, eventually finding himself in Bom’s room. She calls, surprised he’s still there, he’s been searching her room for her diary. (LOL) Mr. Seo wakes up and invites In-Sang to go to a local bathhouse with him, he can see how the other half live. Young-Ra fights with her female friend while her daughter tells Min-Jae that Bom will get kicked out if she doesn’t pass the bar.

Secretary Yang notices Secretary Min spending a lot of time with Attorney Yoo and becomes suspicious. Talking it over with Mr. Han, they decide to use Secretary Kim to spy on her since everyone knows he has a crush on Secretary Min. Nice, just use people, even your loyal close employees. At home, Bom continues to study hard by herself.


Up until now, I found the clumsy, stupid way the Han’s try to control everything hilarious but I had a harder time laughing this week. I was so angry they threatened to take Jin-Young away from our lovely couple, I was throwing things and yelling profanities at my screen. (Shocking, I know) LOL

I was also angry they made Bom bring Jin-Young home, just because they were lonely. If they’re having a problem in their marriage, they should deal with it and quit using the kids as punching bags or using their Grandson to give them something to do. I think Mrs. Han is worse than her hubby, she’s so jealous of Bom, you can smell it on her when she walks into the room. Not only is Bom more loved, she’s also getting sex on the regular.

On the other hand, I’m thoroughly enjoying other people now fighting back. It started with In-Sang finally standing up to his parents, now we also have Bom, Attorney Yoo, Secretary Min, Young-Ra, Tutor Park and others. I wonder which of these people will be directly involved in bringing the Han’s down. I can’t wait.

Oh, and where did the hot kisses between our lovely couple go? Come on, PD Nim!


  • enia says:

    I think Secretary Min is in Hansong to seek redress for her brother, and Attorney Yoo (pretty much the bookkeeper of HS) could potentially help her since she has (or used to have) access to HS’s sensitive files. Yoo’s return text regarding finding a witness for the 2008 event indicates her help in return for regaining access to the files she needs.

    The usb that she passed to Attorney Yoo mentioned that her brother was a whistleblower, possibly for the 2008 event, and that the evidence he submitted was disposed of. Apparently, the worker’s union fees were also falsely claimed to have been deposited to his personal account, which led to trouble for him. I’m guessing that Bom’s uncle Chul Shik would be the witness that she needs,

    which will lead to more trouble for Bom down the road, given how unreasonable her in-laws are.

    • tessieroo says:

      That was my guess too, Secretary Min is working there to find evidence that will right the wrong done to her brother but she’s going to have a difficult time if no one is willing to help go against the HanSong powers. Now that Secretary Yang is suspicious, I won’t be surprised if they find a way to get rid of both Secretary Min and Attorney Yoo.

      I’m thinking that will then leave only Bom and In-Sang (assuming once they pass the bar, they’ll work at HanSong) Will they find evidence that HanSong falsified charges and expose it? I can’t wait!

  • Abril says:

    About the kisses I’m angry too, they remove them because they where to hot for the public and they would be bad example for the kids, since they are suppose to be high schoolers and how can you let high schoolers make out on tv, anyway a lot of people felt uncomfortable ¬¬ so they make the hugs more intense 😛

    • tessieroo says:

      Pffttt, so silly. These two are married now.

      • Xochitl says:

        I thought that one of the reasons for casting a bit older actors for the roles of Seo Bom and In Sang was that they wanted to show us more romance. I really hope that this recent lack of kisses is just director’s choice, because there still would be chance that we’ll see some more in the future. But if director was forced to cut them out, we won’t see any of it unless there will be a time jump of a few years and maybe then we’ll get to see Seo Bom and In Sang kissing as “proper” adults :O Please SBS, don’t make us regret that HITTG is not on cable!

  • Rachel says:

    My favorite scene this week was the servants’ party. Hilarious!

    As a mother, I find it very hard to accept the way Insang, Bom and her family are denied time with the baby. I know there is this old-school idea that the wife leaves her own family and joins the husband’s family, but it’s still really alien to me.

    If I had to predict where this show is going now, I really think Bom and Insang will end up revealing all the corruption and taking the family down.

  • fafa says:

    I don’t know why they took the kisses away. Smh, no words. It made them seem more of a married teenage couple. Argh…i suspect hormones would be raging, but I still think that they are cute and I love how they support each other, even at their young age.

    As for the Hans, sigh…I really really don’t like them. I can’t believe that they’ve survived so long in society because they are really living in the past, but I guess when you have the money and connections it doesn’t really matter. And I agree with you, I found their silly acts funny in earlier episodes but now, I am slowly starting to lose it. The way they treat the children, even people in general is awful. I am so happy Bom and InSang are surrounded by the household helpers because I don’t think I could imagine them keeping their sanity with those around them helping.

    Like I am just so annoyed anytime the Hans and their snake friends come up. I just want to rip Mr. Han’s hair out, see how he likes it…maybe give him a big old bald patch 😀

  • shamrockmom says:

    Thank you Tessieroo for another excellent recap. I am so glad to see that someone else is on board with thinking the Han’s are too rotten to consider funny anymore. I fear the lengths and depths they will go to in order to maintain their control over IS and SB.
    And I agree, it is a shame about the public backlash over the affectionate displays (kisses) between IS and SB. For crying out loud, they are married! The public, as well as the parents in the drama are deluding themselves on this one.

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