ISENBERG S/S 2015 Ad Campaign Feat. Park Min Young & Seo In Gook

ISENBERG models, Park Min Young and Seo In Gook, aren’t wasting all the sunshine spring and summer have to spread, spending much of their time outside and going for coffee all while looking relaxed and athletic dressed in the fashion brand’s new collection.

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  • Dot says:

    I just love the short hair Park Min Young now has.
    Well done Healer :–)

  • WXNA says:

    I can’t get over how gorgeous PMY is! She is the definition of effortless beauty 🙂

  • Adal says:

    I didn’t know Seo In Guk was so hot! He looks so sexy in glasses. And Park Min Young is so beautiful, she’s stunning in these pics. She’s one actresses that gets better as time goes by…

  • hella says:

    Ahh they look so cute together! Seo In Guk especially looks like his older brother from High School King of Savvy… now I can imagine that after hyung gave up his plans for revenge and returned to Germany (or was it Russia?), he found love in fellow ex-pat Park Min Young and turned over a new leaf, replacing his passion for revenge with a passionate romance.

  • Academycute101 says:

    They really look like they are having a fun time. These photos give off a carefree, cool, and bright feel. They also look really good .I really like these photos.

  • aoi says:

    Hyungseok!!! I see what you did there stylist-nim ^ ~

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