“Heard It Through The Grapevine” Week 6 – Commoners Eat Spicy Foods & Shake Their Rice Bowls

This week seemed slow compared to how quickly things were moving but there was much more detail thrown in. Such as understanding why Young-Ra acts the way she does. Or what Secretary Min’s motivation for working at HanSong is. Little details to fill in the story and round things out. Since we have a long way to go, I’m okay with that and didn’t mind the slow episodes this week at all.

Secretary Yang tattles to Mr. Han that Secretary Kim sends Secretary Min text messages when he’s drunk, Mr. Han scolds Secretary Kim and reminds him of his place. Secretary Yang lays the trap, telling Secretary Kim he can do something to make up for it. She gives him a yellow post-it with instructions but we don’t see what it says.

Secretary Yang watches Attorney Yoo and Secretary Min’s interactions at work closely. She asks Secretary Min what happened between her and Secretary Kim, pretending she’s not the one who told Mr. Han about the drunk messages. Ugh, this woman is a viper.

At the Han household, the kids all run towards the dining room when they smell spicy foods. The housekeeper made spicy noodles, similar to the shop In-Sang visited with Mr. Seo when he spent the night at their house. Everyone loves the food, even Tutor Park and Secretary Lee. Mr. Han also smells it, whining to his wife about not being invited. Yea…no one likes you or wants to be around you – that should be your first clue. Idiot.

Mrs. Han requests the same foods for her and Mr. Han. The kids worry along with Tutor Park, won’t it be too much for them? In-Sang seems to think they’ll like it. Sure enough, the Hans both take a huge bite and end up spitting it out because it’s hot/spicy. Rushing to their bedroom, Mr. Han orders his wife to call 911. He brushes his teeth, which actually makes it worse. LMAO, this is hilarious.

In-Sang tells Yi-Ji the area around his In-Laws home is really cool, Tutor Park quips that tourists feel differently that those who have to live there. Bom agrees, she doesn’t like it but Yi-Ji asks Bom to take her there sometime. At that moment, Mrs. Han walks up, wanting to know why Bom would take Yi-Ji to her neighborhood and then launches into a major bitch-fest about the spicy noodles. She notices In-Sang drinking something, demanding to know what it is. Upon hearing it’s herbal medicine Mrs. Seo gave him, she insists he check with the family doctor before drinking it. *blinks* Why would Mrs. Seo give him something harmful? Mrs. Han is being petty and stupid again.

Mr. Han staggers out, claiming he almost died. ROFL. In-Sang is worried his Mom will throw the herbal medicine out, it’s a waste and he’s worried about his MIL’s reaction. Bom has no problem telling her Mom the truth, since her Mom is very smart, she’ll understand. Mr. Han thinks spicy isn’t a flavor, it’s just torture and pain. ROFL!

Mrs. Han doesn’t think they should have let In-Sang visit the Seo’s, he’s been acting strange since then. Mr. Han disagrees, it’s okay for In-Sang to experience ordinary life but Mrs. Han is upset because In-Sang is too happy he visited a bathhouse with Mr. Seo. OMFG, she’s so ridiculous! She’s unhappy that her son is happy? Yeeesh!

The kids make a video call to the Seo’s with Jin-Young, everyone is all smiles. Bom tells her Mom the herbal medicine didn’t pass inspection (LOL) but In-Sang insists he’ll drink it all. Mrs. Han stands outside the room, eavesdropping. The nanny tells her to go inside but she allows her jealousy to show since the kids are talking to the Seo’s.

The servants drink the herbal medicine although the housekeeper doesn’t feel good about it. Secretary Lee asks Tutor Park to leave with her while the older couple tease them not to get into trouble, they’re aware of the blooming romance between them. *keke* At her part-time job at Subway, Noo-Ri is slipped a note her phone is ringing.

Arriving home, she finds Uncle Chul-Sik in the family shop. He wonders why she works a part-time job, she needs to buy the proper clothing for her job at the station. She has to look stylish or she doesn’t stand a chance. Chul-Sik phones Secretary Min. He told her he was a coward but the truth is, he’s concerned that anything he does will harm his nieces. She asks him to reconsider. She’s totally using him to rescue her brother, right?

Attorney Yoo and Secretary Min go over plans: they need proof the firm representing WooShin Electrics was actually HanSong (acting behind the scenes) instead of Sepyeong Law Firm. And that the person who received the union money sent from WooShin Electrics to Sepyeong Law Firm was not Secretary Min’s brother, Min Joo-Hwan. So although DaeSang was responsible for the mass layoffs at WooShin Electrics, HanSong was behind the whole thing. Ahhh…

Attorney Yoo hopes they can stick together but wonders who is the person helping? Secretary Min tells her it’s Mr. Han’s In-Law: Seo Chul-Sik. Whoa, so her Uncle knows HanSong did something illegal. *mind blown* He finally makes a decision and sends an email to Secretary Min. These two women don’t fully trust each other but Secretary Min agrees to send her 1/2 of the email while Chul-Sik worries himself sick over his decision.

Mrs. Han scolds the housekeeper for serving such spicy food, she seems to forget both she and her husband wanted to try it. Yes, blame others for your stupidity. She also tells her to “take care” of that herbal medicine Mrs. Seo sent over, she will order In-Sang the same stuff she buys for Mr. Han. Mrs. Han notices Secretary Lee arriving to work in the same clothes she wore the day before. LMAO, she’s been busy with Tutor Park! I expect Mrs. Han will get jealous of her too since she’s still not getting any.

Mrs. Han goes to snoop on the kids in the study room, when she leaves, Bom asks In-Sang why he’s so polite to his Mom? It’s just always been that way, he only acted like himself around the housekeeper. His sister does that too. Bom wonders if it’s some kind of family tradition that started with his Grandparents? The housekeeper told him if he did anything wrong, his Mother would be scolded or blamed. He explains that it was his Grandmother who founded the whole family.

The next morning at breakfast, In-Sang makes the mistake of shaking his rice bowl the way Mr. Seo does and his parents once again lose their shit. He should be SHOT. Yi-Ji pipes up that a lot of people do that while both the Han’s scream at their son to mind his manners. How do these kids even digest their food? It’s so uncomfortable to be around these people! Bom says it best: they can only be comfortable around her family.

Mr. Han thinks they need to remind In-Sang of who he is while Mrs. Han plans to take it out on Bom. After In-Sang leaves, Bom waits outside Mrs. Han’s room to apologize. BWAHAHA, she beat her to it. She’s sorry In-Sang picked up the “shaking the rice bowl” thing from her father and she’s sorry In-Sang didn’t even ask her how she’s feeling when he knows she was sick over the spicy food. LMAO, Bom just implied her own son isn’t close to her nor does he care much if she’s sick.

In the study room, Tutor Park asks Bom if she apologized then says not to expend energy worrying about it. Bom breaks down into tears (OMO, I HATE these people for making my Bom-ah cry!) until Tutor Park tells her that tears are also a waste. Mrs. Han meets the circle of friends (minus Young-Ra) and the two women bad-mouth Young-Ra. Remember when she showed up wearing a tacky dress for someone’s party? Her dress, her shoes, she has no sense of style. Yes, because gossiping and laughing about another woman just makes you SO much better. Ugh, I need to clean my ears.

They think allowing Young-Ra to hang out with them is an upgrade and laugh about how Young-Ra’s Mother gave an interview, pretending to understand art. Jae-Won tries to get them to stop but the women say it won’t be resolved until Young-Ra “knows her place”. They move on to Young-Ra trying to steal Jee-Hoon (the valedictorian) from HanSong, how dare she? These two believe they’re very speeshul Snowflakes, don’t they?

Young-Ra arrives, she was eavesdropping. Ouch. She turns to ask them what is it she shouldn’t “dare” do that they can? Mrs. Han doesn’t understand how she can look at a talented young person like Jee-Hoon and only think of personal gain. Umm…isn’t that what you’re doing with Bom? AND her family? What a bunch of hypocrites!

Young-Ra begins fighting back, reminding So-Jung to pay back the money she borrowed for Min-Jae’s tutor. LMAO, Mrs. Han is shocked So-Jung borrowed money from Young-Ra. So-Jung loses her cool, yelling at Young-Ra. Yea, it’s not so nice being on the receiving end, is it? Mrs. Han gets up, she’s heard enough. As she passes, Young-Ra turns so Mrs. Han stumbles over her foot (or her coat?) Both women gasp in horror, grabbing their chests. Young-Ra calls Mrs. Han “Your Highness” and asks her to explain why Young-Ra can’t have a top grad as a Son-In-Law? Because you’re not qualified, sweetie – you’re not up to the standards of these speechul Snowflakes.

Mrs. Han screams for Secretary Lee while So-Jung and Young-Ra grab each others hair. It’s hilarious to me that these women believe they have class or dignity. In the middle of this, Jae-Won gets a phone call letting them know HanSong won the valedictorian, Jee-Hoon. Both Mrs. Han and Jo-Song smirk and and leave. Young-Ra whines that she lost.

It turns out, Mr. Han pulled strings to get Jee-Hoon’s father a promotion. Mr. Han and the ex-Prime Minister congratulate Jee-Hoon on making a wise decision but he makes it clear it was his father’s choice, not his. He’s given an office with his personal hobbies and the name of a tailor to ensure he’s dressed properly. Attorney Yoo is assigned to go over his employment contract. Secretary Kim shows Secretary Yang video of Secretary Min meeting Seo Chul-Sik. She immediately rushes to tell Mr. Han.

He figures out what’s going on and asks to meet both Secretary Kim and Secretary Min. He tries to set them up, using the excuse that Secretary Min needs to help Secretary Kim so he’s not so irresponsible or clueless. Secretary Jang tries to lie her way out of it by apologizing for telling Mr. Han about Secretary Kim’s drunk messages but then goes on to say she hopes they date so she can attend their wedding. Whoa, that SO crossing the line! They’re totally using Secretary Kim by making him believe they’re matchmaking him with Secretary Min. In reality, they want him to spy on her.

Mr. Han arrives home in a foul mood again, the servants are clueless and wonder what’s up. Tutor Park tells them to ask Secretary Yang (LOL, no kidding). Mrs. Han is surprised her hubby isn’t happy since they put Young-Ra “in her place”. He suddenly believes they made a huge mistake by treating the Seo’s badly. Uh, huh – you’re only saying that because Chul-Sik has evidence that can bury you and HanSong. He thinks it’s time to separate Bom from her family – once and for all.

He tells the kids he will treat them as adults from now on, they’re the Prince and Princess. He sends Secretary Jang to the Seo’s, making her take Secretary Min with her, most likely to scare her. Secretary Kim searches Secretary Min’s desk while she’s gone but Attorney Yoo busts him. He makes a lame excuse that he was looking for scissors. She gets a text from Secretary Min to suspend their plans for now.

This is the part I didn’t understand – why on earth would the Seo’s allow Secretary Yang inside their home? I sure the hell wouldn’t, I’d make her turn her snooty ass around and tell her boss to shove it. When they arrive, both Chul-Sik and Secretary Min pretend they’ve never met. They present the Seo’s with edited family genealogy books. Since Mr. Han adores his DIL, he had her family history “corrected”. Pfftttt.

Mrs. Han picks out Bom’s dress again and has Secretary Lee teach her how to bow at the proper angle. Mr. Han smooths out In-Sang’s suit, offering up meaningless words-of-wisdom. I think he just likes to hear his own voice. He tells In-Sang todays introduction is informal, it’s to make sure no one thinks they can treat In-Sang or Bom carelessly.

The entire family descends on the HanSong super secret clubhouse (LOL) where In-Sang and Bom are introduced and forced to listen to how wonderful Mr. Han is. Even though Bom’s feet are killing her, she smiles and bows like a good girl. Mr. Han brags about Bom’s family being artists and scholars, pretending surprise when ex-Prime Minister guy connects the dots Mr. Han planted.

Once home, In-Sang phones Mr. Seo then hands the phone off to Mr. Han, who blows smoke up his bum. Unfortunately, Mr. Seo seems to buy this crap when he’s told Mr. Han wishes to meet with him and Mrs. Han will meet with Mrs. Seo. Bom reminds her MIL that the toilet at her parents home acts up every now and then. As he escorts Mr. Seo inside the super, secret HanSong clubhouse, Secretary Kim apologizes for his condescending words the first time the Seo’s came to visit the Han’s home.

Mr. Seo seems to be buying the load of hogwash Mr. Han is feeding him while Mrs. Seo appears conflicted, like she knows better than to believe what these snobs are saying. He and Noo-Ri both are willing to take whatever the Han’s offer while his wife and Uncle Chul-Sik are more cautious.

The kids enjoy a late night snack of spicy foods while Young-Ra’s daughter, Hyeon-Soo and Min-Jae argue over her attitude regarding Bom being treated as a Princess by the Han’s. Bom, Yi-Ji and In-Sang look through photos Yi-Ji has taken of her nephew. I gotta admit, the little guy is adorable. Things enter a calm, happy phase at the Han household.

Secretary Min shows Secretary Kim her shooting scores from the gun range, warning him not to touch her stuff. (LOL) Secretary Jang discusses the issue with Mr. Han, he plans to stop Secretary Min in her tracks. Secretary Min sends Attorney Yoo a message that they should stop completely. Hyeon-Soo tells her Mom she wants to meet the valedictorian, Jee-Hoon. They finally meet at Jae-Won’s place but he doesn’t seem interested romantically at all. But then, she doesn’t seem interested in him that way either.

Mrs. Han gives Bom a credit card for Noo-Ri to use to purchase professional makeup and stylish clothing to further her career potential. She instructs Secretary Lee to go with Bom, making sure she doesn’t spend too much time with Noo-Ri and that she behaves “properly” out in public. Noo-Ri gets a make-over (she looks gorgeous) and is very grateful but notices the changes in Bom and doesn’t like it.

Noo-Ri is given an assignment to interview the valedictorian and meets Jee-Hoon at the HanSong offices. Oh, I hope he’s a nice guy and we get a romance between these two? Secretary Min learns Attorney Yoo was given a raise and stock options, basically to bribe her into keeping her mouth shut and to stop helping Secretary Min. She also doesn’t get very far in making sure Chul-Sik is still on board to help. Mr. Han has effectively shoved her into a corner, with no allies.

Secretary Lee locks herself inside the study room when she tries to slip her lover, Tutor Park, some of the herbal medicine. Bom sees her and after talking to In-Sang, she scolds Secretary Lee. She broke one of the rules by coming into the study room and she needs to inform Mrs. Han about her relationship with Tutor Park. Mrs. Han overhears Bom scolding her and tells her hubby, she’s impressed that Bom learns so quickly. Secretary Lee isn’t so happy, wondering what Bom’s weaknesses are. Uh, oh.

The Han’s are happy the issue with Bom’s family and Uncle Chul-Sik has been taken care of and decide to add Bom’s name to the theater seats.


Secretary Min is indeed only working at HanSong to find evidence that will exonerate her brother but she was nicely cornered by Mr. Han into stopping her activities. If anything, I think this will make her more determined to reveal all the illegal doings at HanSong, this might be the first major mistake Mr. Han has made regarding her but I guess we’ll see.

I also have no idea what the valedictorian guy, Jee-Hoon has up his sleeve. He agreed to work at HanSong per his fathers request but has also agreed to date Hyeon-Soo? What exactly is he up to? And since Secretary Lee is now searching for Bom’s weakness, does that mean Bom made her first enemy within the household staff? I hope not!

Mr. Han’s Mother is the one who began all these stupid, petty family traditions, trying to place her family above everyone else and treating others like commoners. I’m not happy Bom’s father seems to caving in and hope his wife is able to slap some sense into him. Is he really drawing up plans for Mr. Han to buy him a bar? Ugh!

On the other hand, is it so awful that the Han’s are helping Noo-Ri land a good position at the network or fixing the toilet in the Seo’s home? I don’t know but I think Bom is silently keeping track of all these little slights towards her family and will pay them back ten-fold when she’s got more power.

While I can agree that Bom isn’t being physically abused, make no mistake – the Han’s are not providing her with an education or helping her family out of the goodness of their hearts or because they like Bom. No, they’re doing it to maintain their own image in the upper class society they are part of. So the divide and conquer plan is slowly working as is the plan to elevate Bom’s family to an acceptable level. How long will Bom put up with it before she breaks? This is not a happy face.

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  • bmore says:

    It’s so funny you first say this week seems slow then go on to cover a mountain of happenings! Thank you so much for this. I was starting to get confused about the behind the scenes goings on and this helped SO much to clear up things for me. Really really appreciate it. Absolutely still crazy about this show. I have NO idea where everything is going and that is a huge part of the amazingness of this show. not even half way there yet!

    • tessieroo says:

      ROFL, I know, right? Maybe it felt slow because the things that happened didn’t really involve Bom and In-Sang? It seemed more centered on the Secretaries, Noo-Ri, etc.but it was FULL of tiny little details that I enjoyed. I’m thrilled to finally know why Secretary Min is trying to clear her brother’s name but I still need more info on how Uncle Chul-Sik is involved. Did he work for WooShin Electrics?

  • kanz says:

    I really enjoyed this drama.. Thanks for the recaps!

  • fafa says:

    I’ve been waiting for your recap 🙂 I’m really scared for Bom, she’s acting differently now. I know it could be a way to make things easier for herself and a way to avoid any friction with the in-laws but I’m still scared that cos she is so young and has already gone through so many changes at that age only for her to not even be able to be herself. She can’t even breathe right without being instructed on the ‘proper’ way of doing it. And I agree with you, I wonder how long Bom can put up with it..when she started cry it was just so sad. The Han’s….argh ,still no words for them, such controlling and manipulative pieces of rubbish.
    Oh and I can’t wait to find out what the valedictorian is up to. He seemed against joining their company initially so that fact that he was basically forced into the company and just went along with no fuss seems suspect.
    Thanks again for you recaps 🙂

    • Gloria F says:

      I agree with you. The valecdetorian guy seems suspicious to me too. however the Hans are not that bad. its just how they were raised. I see Bom and In sang gradually making changes in the family. when you look at it, Bom and In sang somehow always manage to get their way at the end of the day without the adults realizing they just caved in. without them realizing it, Bom has managed to make them recognize her, they have now added her name to that of their foundation(or whatever the place was)

      • tessieroo says:

        I don’t like the Han’s at all either but this writer has managed to make them likable to the majority of the audience by making them clumsy idiots. It works for some people (and I myself laugh at some of their antics) but there is still a strong desire for them to be brought to their knees. No one likes to be treated as if they’re dirt on the bottom of someone’s shoe and the Han’s have their noses stuck so far in the air, it’s deplorable.
        I’m also not sure if Secretary Min’s brother is innocent but if he is and he was framed by HanSong, I’m wondering if it will be Bom and In-Sang who discover this. Unfortunately for Mr. Han, that would mean being disbarred and possibly jail time. I’m certain that would bring them down off their high horses. (LOL)

  • Gloria F says:

    I dont think Bom will change. She keeps asking her tutor about how power is acquired and also In sang about how his family came to have all that power. i think she is trying to learn well and use it so no one ever steps on her or her family again. I noticed the house staff refers to her as having the same characteristics as the founding grandmother. As for secretary lee asking about her weakness, i don’t really think she was serious, it was asked with no malice intended.
    Bom’s father and sister are way into the whole elevation thing too much.
    i know Han and Mrs Han may not be the most likable but i find myself liking them all the same. i find their antics hilarious. for secretary Min, it looks like her brother is not all that innocent too. i like that she is trying to exonerate her brother but i find myself hoping no harm comes to the Han family just for the sake of Bom and In sang and their adorable baby.
    I aslo feel secetary Min is moving too fast, she is going up against han of hansong, she better up her game, besides Mr. Han is not soo stupid, he might not know the social rules of engagement and stuck in old ways but dude is smart.

  • frozenbeetle says:

    Thank you for the recap Tessieroo.

    I have at last found a site to share my love for this show. I love Bom, who I find to be a smart, strong and yet gentle, lovely girl – one that I wouldn’t mind knowing in RL. And Goh Ah Sung is aceing it here! Never having seen her work before, I like what I’ve seen so far.

    I’m also thankful that the show’s tone is somewhat light, with the funny BGM and comedic moments, for otherwise the core subject of manipulation, bullying and class divide that the show touches on would be distressing to watch and angst ridden. Watching Han seniors’ antics and foibles despite the designed control over themselves and others, humanizes Han seniors. They are not infallible after all – just like the rest of humanity.

    With 20 more episodes to go, I really have no inkling where this show is heading. I hope that by the show’s end, Bom will have the ‘power’ she now sees Mr. Han wielding, and uses it for good –am waiting for the servant’s prophecy that ‘little Madam will surpass Madame’ to come true. Also hope Han seniors will loosen up and be more humane. So far, Bom‘s entry into that household as had a positive effect on them, turning Han seniors into doting grandparents – they’re just too proud now to admit the Bom effect, openly and honestly. 

    In the meantime, Papa Seo must get off his high horse post his VIP treatment. Be more grounded, like Mama Seo. As for Noo Ri, go for it girl! Use whatever help you’ve been given, create that opportunity you long for and grab your chance.

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