“Heard It Through The Grapevine” Week 7 – Executing Your Plan With Someone Else’s Sword

I’m not sure why but my interest cooled a bit this week. I loved the side-story about Noo-Ri and I loved the confrontation between the sisters. I also loved the way we’re being shown how strong Bom is, she doesn’t need a secretary by her side every single moment, telling her what to say or do. Maybe it was the additional characters when we already have so many? I’m just not sure why they were necessary.

Mrs. Seo fixes a pair of Noo-Ri’s shoes but she has new shoes. Both her Mom and her Uncle Chul-Sik see Noo-Ri leaving in a taxi. Chul-Sik wonders why a taxi, their neighborhood is easily the best transportation hub. It seems Noo-Ri suddenly wants a car with a driver, Mrs. Seo is worried. Mr. Seo wakes up early, he’s waiting for a call from HanSong. Both his wife and Chul-Sik can’t believe he sent over a business plan.

In-Sang tells Bom he’ll ask his friends for advice regarding this business plan, Bom plans to discuss it with her In Laws. Mr. and Mrs. Han are playing with Jin-Young but act cool when Bom approaches. She knows the opportunity the Han’s are giving her father is great, she respects and loves both her father and her sister, she wants them to do well.

Bom wants Mr. Han to appoint one of his various advisors to handle her father’s plan. She uses the example of doing well studying because she has a great tutor and an excellent study partner, she’s fully supported. She wants the same thing for her family so that she can concentrate on studying for the bar. *heh* Did she just manipulate her In Laws?

Secretary Lee whispers to the housekeeper that Bom’s only weakness is her family, she seems excited that Bom’s family might make trouble because then Bom would be blamed. The housekeeper isn’t impressed. Bom walks In-Sang to the door, she thinks she handled it okay. She quickly glances around and then kisses In-Sang, twice. They’re adorable, this writer needs to bring back hot kissing scenes!

The Han’s are happy Bom shared her worries, Mr. Han thinks Bom knows it’s a way to make them trust her. At work, Noo-Ri rushes to greet a Sunbae who informs her she looks good on camera but Noo-Ri thinks her scenes were cut. This female Sunbae wonders if Noo-Ri is getting a lot of invitations? Noo-Ri admits she’s been asked out but she’s refused all of them. Uh, huh. She fixes her makeup, smiling at herself in the mirror.

At HanSong, Secretary Kim asks Secretary Min if she’s going to quit since she “committed treason”, she ignores him. Mr. Han tells her he will over look her little mistake but Secretary Yang will monitor Chul-Sik, Secretary Min is to monitor Noo-Ri. Secretary Min feels they should be aware the Seo family knows who she is, Noo-Ri might even recognize her. She suggests they use Chul-Sik to control his niece.

Secretary Yang agrees, this would give Chul-Sik the proper perspective on HanSong and ensure he never threaten them again. Once they leave his office, Secretary Yang tells Secretary Min they shouldn’t be uncomfortable with each other. Yah, you snitched but expect her to overlook it? Pffftttt. Secretary Min is a cool customer, she’s able to field crap from Attorney Yoo, who also expected her to quit.

Secretary Kim doesn’t much like the idea that Chul-Sik is still going to be involved or that Secretary Min will be working with him to control Noo-Ri. She digs the knife in further by telling him to keep his mouth shut around the Han household employees, she knows he has a big mouth. *snicker* Ahahaha, he’s an idiot if he thinks Secretary Min would be interested in him after he willingly spied on her.

Secretary Lee tries to give Bom advice: one of Mrs. Han’s friends brought a painting, she pretends to be worried Bom will be embarrassed or even embarrass her scholarly family since these people are experts at artwork. Whoa, it seriously didn’t take this woman long to show her ugly side!

Mrs. Han and So-Jung let Bom look at the Chinese characters on the painting, she quickly translates and explains what it means. It seems the only reason So-Jung asked them to help was to stick it to Young-Ra again. *sigh* She immediately phones Young-Ra to tell her she’s wrong. Young-Ra doesn’t care, she just hopes So-Jung gets a lot of money from selling the painting so she can pay her back. These women are so childish, it’s tedious.

Bom pulls Mrs. Han aside and suggests she not purchase the painting since So-Jung has an emotional attachment to it, she should just loan her money if she can. Mrs. Han agrees and seems pleased that Bom is insightful enough to know this. Secretary Lee seems to think Bom is going to land herself in trouble someday but the housekeeper believes it will be Secretary Lee who lands herself in trouble.

So-Jung is delighted Mrs. Han is willing to loan her money instead of buying her cherished painting. Mrs. Han will have the money transferred to her, she can pay it back whenever. They talk about how adorable Bom is, Mrs. Han doesn’t care what people think about Bom anymore. Secretary Lee overhears them discussing how much of a blessing Bom is.

At Jae-Won’s place, a bunch of In-Sang’s classmates talk business with him. Hyeon-Soo, Min-Jae and valedictorian Jee-Hoon are also there. In-Sang is there to get advice because his wife’s family wants to open a business, Jee-Hoon thinks In-Sang must love his wife very much. Hyeon-Soo is snippy, doesn’t Jee-Hoon feel awkward with his boss’s son here? Nope, he’s comfortable and even offers In-Sang a drink.

His friends tell In-Sang most business’s fail because the person starting it is too desperate, they delude themselves into thinking they can succeed but most don’t. One of the young men leaves the room to take a phone call, telling the person to give his name at the front desk. When he returns to the room, the other guys ask if it’s the cable reporter? OMO, is it Noo-Ri? In-Sang leaves.

Yep, it’s Noo-Ri! She’s given a card key and heads for the elevators, just missing In-Sang. They don’t see each other nor do either of them see Secretary Min, who is trailing Noo-Ri. She sends a text to Chul-Sik that Noo-Ri is entering a dangerous place, he should stop her. Well, that’s rather ambiguous, she should be clear. UGH!

Noo-Ri enters the room, the guy who called her says she’s much prettier in person than she is on camera. Jee-Hoon recognizes her as the person who interviewed him and stands up to greet her. She’s surprised to see him, asking if he watched the program? Min-Jae asks Hyeon-Soo if she’s a celebrity? Suddenly, Noo-Ri asks Jee-Hoon if CEO Han is doing okay and everyone stares.

Jae-Won asks if she knows CEO Han? Noo-Ri says they’re close *rollseyes* and then admits they’re family. Hyeon-Soo asks Min-Jae who she is, he shrugs. Ah, crap, this isn’t going to end well for Noo-Ri. These people will eat her alive and laugh about it. She sends her Uncle a text to explain why she’s late, implying she’s in a meeting.

When In-Sang arrives home, Bom asks if he’s a member of that secret club? No, he just went to get advice. Tutor Park tells him he should be careful of fraud, In-Sang admits his friends discussion sounded shady. Bom tells him to stay away from those guys, he’s just worried her father might get involved in something bad. Bom reminds him his father told her not to worry and concentrate on studying.

Secretary Min discusses Noo-Ri with Mr. Han, he tells her to let Chul-Sik handle it. He thinks his grandson is sitting in the baby seat but finds it empty. Mrs. Han put Jin-Young to bed, Mr. Han thinks the baby goes to bed too early. Dork, you just wanted to play with him. Mrs. Han tells her husband that Bom helped her out of a tight spot, she wants Bom to take an art history class after she passes the bar. Mr. Han just hopes she keeps her distance from her family.

Secretary Min sets Chul-Sik straight: Jae-Won’s place is a playground for rich ladies during the day and a party room for rich young men at night, if Noo-Ri were invited, it can’t be for anything good. He wants to rush inside and drag her out but Secretary Min makes a call and learns they’re not there anymore. Chul-Sik is furious, they have to find her. Secretary Min reminds him Noo-Ri is a grown woman, they can’t call the police because she’s not a missing child.

Chul-Sik goes home but Noo-Ri isn’t there, she told her parents she had a late meeting too. Mr. Seo asks Chul-Sik to go with him to HanSong the next day but Chul-Sik refuses. He tries phoning Noo-Ri but her phone is off. Later, Noo-Ri sneaks into her house, making her way silently to her bedroom but is shocked to see her Mom sleeping on her bed. Mom fell asleep while waiting for Noo-Ri to get home.

Once she realizes what time it is, Mrs. Seo isn’t happy. Noo-Ri snaps, her Mom’s way of thinking has become a problem all because of what happened to Bom. Mrs. Seo tells her to concentrate on her job since the Han’s are supporting her. Noo-Ri doesn’t think that’s good enough so she plans to take matters into her own hands. When Mom seems worried and starts to ask what Noo-Ri is up to, Noo-Ri shoves her out of the room.

Secretary Lee arrives at the Han house the next morning, she snarks to the housekeeper that trouble has started. Bom finishes feeding Jin-Young and hands him off to Mrs. Han. She instructs the nanny to look through the strollers the kids received as gifts and find one suitable for inside the house and one for outside. *blinks* How many did they get?

Upstairs, In-Sang tells Bom her Mother called, she should call her. Bom sends her Mom a text about how busy she is in the mornings. She’s adapted to things pretty well but she still can’t relax and promises to call her Mom later. Mom understands, she just misses them. Awww, Mom is awesome.

Noo-Ri finds her Mom in tears in the kitchen but won’t talk to her when Mom starts asking questions. She even follows Noo-Ri out, offering to ride with her because she needs to talk to her. Noo-Ri snaps, begging Mom to leave her alone. Young-Ra brings breakfast for her daughter, Hyeon-Soo, telling her they have an appointment at the spa because Hyeon-Soo’s skin is looking bad lately. Well, thanks Mom. *mutters* Yeeesh.

Young-Ra is pleased Hyeon-Soo is seeing Jee-Hoon but Hyeon-Soo admits she just feels comfortable with him, nothing more. She asks if In-Sang has a relative who works as a cable TV reporter? Young-Ra doesn’t know, but doesn’t think it’s a close relative of CEO Han’s otherwise everyone would know they were dating. (Se-Young must be the guy who invited Noo-Ri to the club).

Hyeon-Soo gets a phone call from Min-Jae with breaking news: the young lady paired with Se-Young is Bom’s sister. UGH, these people are all horrible. At work, her Sunbae’s gossip when Noo-Ri enters the room. I know dramas like to show women as petty, jealous beotches who don’t support each other but I hope people know it’s not always true.

The Sunbae tells her if she continues to work hard, she’ll get a regular spot soon but then warns her to be careful, one mistake could be deadly. Noo-Ri watches these women leave the room and tries to phone Se-Young. When he doesn’t answer, she sends him a text, calling him Oppa and telling him she’s very busy but she’ll call him later. *cringe*

Young-Ra arrives at Jae-Won’s and drills him about Noo-Ri. He makes it clear he left early so he doesn’t know what happened. Wow, is this guy a slime or what? When Mrs. Han and So-Jung arrive, Young-Ra apologizes to So-Jung but it’s only because she wishes to discuss this juicy bit of gossip. She listens as Mrs. Han and So-Jung both brag about how brilliant Bom is then asks what about the burdens that came with her?

Mrs. Han is shocked So-Jung seems to know too. While Young-Ra smirks, Jae-Won tells Mrs. Han everything he saw happen with Noo-Ri. Mrs. Han goes home, furious. Secretary Lee suggests they send Noo-Ri overseas but Mrs. Han doesn’t think that would work. the Seo’s turned down moving to the countryside.

The housekeeper tells Secretary Lee it’s not a big deal if Noo-Ri is dating Se-Young but Secretary Lee insists it was a one-night stand. Wait…how on earth would she know? LOL, both the housekeeper and butler put Secretary Lee in her place for spreading groundless rumors and remind her Jae-Won said they just went to a club together. The housekeeper thinks they could even get married since Noo-Ri is Se-Young’s type, Secretary Lee doesn’t seem happy they’re defending Bom’s sister.

Bom shows up, asking if Mrs. Han is okay and then gives Secretary Lee a look. She must have overheard everything that was said, she mentions if Secretary Lee marries Tutor Park, Bom will have to call her madame. ROFL! This makes Secretary Lee crazy. In the study room, Tutor Park suddenly gets a text from Secretary Lee, saying they should get married. He drops his phone in horror. BWAHAHA.

Mr. Seo arrives at HanSong, Secretary Yang reminds Secretary Kim not to mention Noo-Ri. Secretary Min ruffles Secretary Kim’s feathers for having a big mouth again, he’s not reliable. (LOL) I like her but I’m still not sure what she’s up to. Secretary Yang sends Secretary Kim to meet Mr. Seo and then tells Secretary Min not to be so hard on him. Pfffttt, you’re the one who started it so you deal with him or marry him yourself. They both agree he’s too gossipy with the Han household servants.

Mr. Han heard the rumors about Noo-Ri, he thinks this will put Chul-Sik in his place but he doesn’t want Mr. Seo to know. Secretary Yang meets Mr. Seo and informs him the advisory team has looked over his business proposal, they have suggestions for each part in order to help him make the best decision. LOL that he assumed they would just hand him a huge check to start his business. Nope, he has homework.

In-Sang surprises Mr. Seo by taking him out for drinks. Mr. Seo is touched and asks what In-Sang liked about Bom? In-Sang explains he was curious about Bom, she was strange. They met at a competition meeting, Bom was the only one from a public school and the only one who had not studied overseas. Most of the others were from private schools and they spoke excellent English. He overheard them laughing at Bom.

He thought she would cry so he watched and stuck close to her. Awwww! To his surprise, she beat them all, that’s when he fell for her. She won second place, he bought a pizza and got her phone number. They sent each other texts for a week before meeting alone for a movie date. They watched English movies without subtitles, becoming high-school seniors. They went to study camp in March, Mr. Seo knows the rest.

Mr. Seo sings songs with Bom’s name in them while In-Sang flashes back to the night he learned Bom was pregnant and everything that has happened. Bom studies while Secretary Lee fumes outside, making Bom smile. *snicker* At the Seo’s, Noo-Ri still won’t talk to Mom. Suddenly, a very drunk Mr. Seo arrives with a semi-drunk In-Sang.

Mrs. Seo is delighted In-Sang is visiting but Noo-Ri seems annoyed. After greeting them, Noo-Ri explains she has to return to work because something came up. Uh, huh. She fixes her makeup and heads out but In-Sang follows her, bowing as she leaves.

Noo-Ri approaches the desk to ask if she can use the card key again tonight? *cringesmore* The clerk tells her there’s no memo with her name, usually Jae-Won calls ahead to notify them who has access to that floor. As she turns to leave, the clerk picks up his phone but we don’t hear who he calls. UGH, this is so embarrassing!

Mr. Han vents to his wife how stupid Mr. Seo is, he should be studying to open a business first. Mrs. Han thinks maybe Noo-Ri is jealous of Bom, she doesn’t have sisters so she’s not sure but don’t sisters get jealous of each other? Mr. Han doesn’t think Bom is that girls sister, Bom is a mutant, therefore it’s their duty to protect her. LOL

Secretary Kim arrives, telling the other servants he was warned to keep his mouth shut and then teases Secretary Lee, is she waiting for Tutor Park? She admits she proposed and is waiting for his answer. Meanwhile, Tutor Park is trying to figure out if he can slip out without Secretary Lee seeing him, Bom offers to be his lookout. Ahahaha!

Yi-Ji is also waiting outside the study room, the housekeeper is surprised she knows about Bom’s sister. She heard about it from some of those guys, they’re all laughing about it. The housekeeper tells Yi-Ji not to say anything to Bom. Suddenly Bom opens the doors, they all watch as Tutor Park puts on his shoes and rushes from the house. When Secretary Lee shows up, Bom tells her Tutor Park left.

Yi-Ji talks to Bom, it’s clear she knows nothing about Noo-Ri. In-Sang arrives home drunk, singing songs about Bom. Bom recognizes the songs, did he sing with her Dad? Grabbing Bom’s hand, he twirls her around. The Han’s put a stop to it by calling out In-Sang’s name. *sigh* Bom apologizes for not managing her husband properly but don’t they think he’s cute? LMAO, I’m sure we all think he’s adorable but his parents don’t.

In their bedroom, Bom tells In-Sang she’s happy he saw her Dad but he needs to be scolded for coming home drunk. She removes his shoes and socks and places his backpack on the table. In-Sang’s phone rings, Bom picks it up, sees the message is from Hyeon-Soo and softly tells In-Sang she’s looking at his phone.

Her message tells In-Sang he needs to manage his wife’s sister, does he know she went out with Se-Young? It goes on to say the sister doesn’t know how society works, she can’t gain anything from a one-night stand. Bom has trouble breathing. OMO, Hyeon-Soo is just as nasty as her Mom, maybe more so! Bom begs the housekeeper to tell her what she’s heard, is it true? Is her sister a laughing-stock?

The housekeeper hugs her as she cries, it’s probably just a rumor. Yi-Ji stands outside the door, hears Bom crying and slowly closes the door. Bom continues to cry, leaning on the housekeeper’s shoulders. In-Sang is awake, listening to all of it. Noo-Ri reads Se-Young’s online dating brag-book where he lists the women he’s dated, including “Announcer A”, which is obviously her, calling him a bastard.

In-Sang tells Bom he overheard and wants her to explain in detail. She tells him to read his messages. The Han parents take turns wheeling Jin-Young around the house in his stroller, which is hilarious. Bom asks In-Sang what he would do if it were his sister, he claims he would kill the guy. He also thinks his parents already know. Yi-Ji pops in to find out if Bom is okay. Awww, I love her, she’s very sweet.

The kids sit down with the Han’s, Mr. Han thinks SNS is the problem, it should have been banned. SNS spreads rumors, makes people frantic about negative opinions and hinders maturity. LMAO, sounds like a typical rant against rock music. Bom apologizes but Mr. Han wants to know why? Her sister isn’t a child, why should she apologize for her? They tell her not to meet her sister.

In-Sang doesn’t want to ignore it, he thinks they should hear from Noo-Ri what happened to avoid any misunderstanding. Bom wants to meet her sister to make sure this never happens again. The Han’s finally give in, as long as Bom will be able to control her emotions, remind Noo-Ri of her position and point out what she did wrong, they give permission. Mrs. Han tells Secretary Lee to go with her.

When Noo-Ri is leaving, her Uncle shows up and Mom demands he tell her what is going on. Secretary Yang thinks it’s good Mr. Han has an important case to concentrate on, Secretary Min thinks he’s a monster. Finally, someone I agree with! (LOL) Noo-Ri shows up to meet Bom for lunch in a rather fancy place, she thinks Bom comes there often. Nope, Bom doesn’t go out much and it’s her first time there.

Bom asks if Noo-Ri envies her? This makes Noo-Ri raise her voice, can people hear them? Bom is surprised Noo-Ri is concerned, didn’t she lie to their Uncle she was in a meeting? Everyone knows, it doesn’t matter if people can hear them or not. Noo-Ri snaps everyone else can judge her but Bom can’t, she also made a huge mistake. Bom calmly acknowledges that, she can’t change it or hide from it.

The reason her mother-in-law chose this place is so that Bom could explain things to her nicely. Yes, her In-Laws know why she’s meeting her sister, they know what Noo-Ri has been up to. Bom tells Noo-Ri she’s pitiful, she got greedy. Once lunch is served, Noo-Ri begins crying. Bom explains that Noo-Ri did the one thing the Han’s hate the most: giving people a reason to talk about or criticize the family. She tells Noo-Ri not to cry, not to be afraid and just wait for the Han’s decision. She leaves.

On the way home, Bom asks the driver to pull over, Secretary Lee gets in the back. She learns Secretary Lee has been working for Mrs. Han for 15 years. Her mother made hanbok’s for Mrs. Han’s parents, her sister worked for them and took care of Mrs. Han once she got married. She took over once In-Sang turned 5.

Bom warns her not to talk badly about her family anymore, at least not where Bom can hear it. She will also hold Secretary Lee responsible if she overhears her talking about Mrs. Han from now on. She knows Mrs. Han can’t do anything without Secretary Lee but Bom isn’t like that, she can handle things just fine on her own and would have no reason to keep Secretary Lee. *snickersnort*

When they get back home, Bom heads to the study room while Secretary Lee goes to the servants room and sobs. The housekeeper wonders why she picked a fight with Bom, she thought because Bom was young, she would admit defeat but it didn’t work. She thinks she should quit before she’s fired, the housekeeper thinks she’s lost her mind since Tutor Park rejected her. Secretary Lee agrees, she needs to pull herself together.

Bom tells her Mom she was mean to Noo-Ri but she doesn’t understand why Noo-Ri chased this guy. In-Sang told her other than being rich, he’s not attractive at all. The Noo-Ri she remembers had all the nice guys chasing her. Mrs. Seo won’t ask what happened but tells Bom not to cry by herself. This breaks Bom’s heart even more so she makes the excuse that the tutor is waiting, she has to go. *sniff*

Mrs. Seo goes into Bom’s old bedroom and breaks down into sobs. Mr. Seo and Chul-Sik come home, hear her crying and quickly leave. Bom finds Secretary Lee at the door to apologize, she drops to her knees. Mrs. Han overhears or see this and sneaks back down the stairs before she’s discovered. She praises Bom later, they trust her but what did she do to Secretary Lee? Bom admits she was holding a bit of a grudge. ROFL!

Mrs. Seo expresses her disappointment with Noo-Ri, she promises never to hit on such a pathetic man again. Mrs. Seo doesn’t think that’s right and smacks her with a pillow. In-Sang informs Bom of the bad blood between HanSong and this Se-Young guy’s family, he blamed HanSong for selling his family company so cheaply. The next day, Bom talks to Secretary Lee again, asking for a favor.

Secretary Lee meets with her own sister who turns out to be Secretary Jang! I had no clue these two were sisters. She wants her to plant the idea in CEO Han’s head that this jerk messed with Noo-Ri only because he’s angry with HanSong. Secretary Yang agrees to try. The next day, she tells Mr. Han this guy has a deep resentment for him and HanSong, he was gunning for Mr. Han but attacked Noo-Ri instead. It works, Mr. Han is arrogant enough to believe he’s everyone’s main target. *facepalm*

Secretary Jang phones Jae-Won with an order from HanSong to put Noo-Ri’s name on the list of people allowed into his private room temporarily. Whoa, ROFL! Secretary Min quickly phones Chul-Sik: Noo-Ri is headed over to meet Se-Young but she thinks they should let her handle it alone. Noo-Ri is given her card key and heads upstairs. Se-Young is already there, telling Jae-Won he had no idea Noo-Ri was the Han’s In-Law.

He hides when Noo-Ri announces herself but I think she knows he’s there. She tells Jae-Won to give Se-Young a message: he needs to visit her in person and ask forgiveness. He should do it during morning hours at her job, when there are a lot of people around. Se-Young whines to Jae-Won after she leaves but Jae-Won tells him he to do it or HanSong will make things worse for him. *heh*

The next morning, Noo-Ri is told by her one of her Sunbae’s that someone wishes to speak with her. She calmly walks to the front, it’s Se-Young. He’s smooth, telling her he missed her, he was worried about her and going crazy. Yea…okay. He wants her to step outside with him to talk but she’s on duty. He has something to tell her, she finally agrees since people are watching them. (LOL)

This works, Secretary Lee listens as one of Noo-Ri’s Sunbae’s phones someone to say that Se-Young is the one chasing Noo-Ri, not the other way around. The rumor spreads, even Mr. Han is told this guy has been chasing Noo-Ri for a few months now. Secretary Lee tells Mrs. Han the same thing. It makes its way to Hyeon-Soo, Young-Ra and So-Jung until finally So-Jung stops by with the news that Se-Young tried to kill himself.

Mrs. Han phones Mr. Han, he’s shocked and wonders if he scared the kid too much? Yes, it’s always all about you. *snort* Everyone is shocked since Se-Young is supposed to be such a huge playa with the ladies. Mr. Han is happy when he learns Se-Young survived, he thought he would be charged with aiding and abetting a suicide.

Jae-Won talks with Se-Young, he should learn a lesson. Se-Young admits he’s thinking about dating Noo-Ri for real. Even though he only pretended to fall for her, he’s realized how it feels to be desperate for a woman. He’s serious although Jae-Won tells him to wake up. Bom sends Noo-Ri a text, hoping she will elevate herself using her own ability. Noo-Ri thanks her.

“My sister, Seo Noo-Ri, has never been desperate for any man”

Secretary Min eats with Chul-Sik, explaining her connection to HanSong. She babysat for the kids but has only been to the home twice. It’s the same at work, she has no friends there and is treated as an outsider. Chul-Sik is surprised to learn everyone calls Bom “little madame” but Secretary Min makes it clear Bom is very impressive.

At work, Noo-Ri’s Sunbae apologizes for misunderstanding and asks Noo-Ri if she can get her inside that club. Noo-Ri won’t be meeting that guy again but her Sunbae is welcome to hit on him if she wants. Bom thanks Secretary Lee for her help, Secretary Lee bows, calling her “little madame”. Mr. Han happens to see this from the hallway. He phones Secretary Yang, admitting Bom used him cleverly. Ahhh, he knows!

The kids appear in front of his desk to inform him that Bom is going to take her GED test today. She promises to become a high-school graduate. Mr. Han smiles.


I seriously thought I was watching a different drama this week with the twists and turns it took but when I finally watched at Soompi TV with subs, everything became very clear. Bom DID make an enemy of Secretary Lee last week, she spent much of her time this week trying to put Bom down but it didn’t work. This was to show us how far Bom has come with the Han’s, they adore her and Secretary Lee couldn’t win against her.

It was so lovely to finally hear how In-Sang and Bom met and how he fell for her. We’ve always known he loves her very much but it was nice to hear the whole story in his own words: she opened his eyes. It’s just the type of thing any father would wish to hear from his son-in-law, that whole scene brought tears to my eyes.

I’m really happy In-Sang overheard Bom crying and why, he’s been in the dark for too long about the horrors his young wife is suffering through. I wish she would just talk to him but I suppose I’ll have to be happy he found out, even if I’m not happy about HOW he found out and I hope they start communicating better.

The message this week? Don’t mess with “little madame”, you will lose.

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  • KLNoona says:

    Thanks for the great recap. I had conflicting feelings this week over the way Bom is so successfully transitioning into a member of the Han family. On the one hand it’s great that she is so smart and instinctively knows how to play the game to her advantage. But on the other hand, I’m sensing a loss of innocence and I’m sad she’s playing the game at all. If I was her family, I’d be miffed if I had to be on my toes all the time just so it didn’t reflect badly on the in-laws, and sometimes I wanted to smack Bom for acting so superior. I was hoping she would ingrain a little more of her family’s values into the Han’s and not vice-versa, but I guess we have plenty of time for that.

    I do really enjoy how all the underlings work together to subtly influence the thoughts and actions of the mighty Hans. Once again it points out that Mr. Han is not quite the master of his universe that he thinks he is.

  • Mohammed says:

    Bom was the boss, really smart in ep 14. I liked her growth, how she is confident in that the Hans like her so much currently.

    I too wish she would be better with telling In Sang her fears,problems. Feels like she is afraid to tell him her struggles, her horrors. Like she might look less perfect in his eyes. She is a teenage girl after all who want keep him being the guy he is.

    I too felt similar loss of exciment with ep 11-13 i think its because there were less twists,story about the main characters and too many side characters getting the spotlight at once. Ep 14 made the series look great again.

    • Rachel says:

      I agree. I liked the poetic justice in the end, but Bom was a little scary with the secretary. I hope she doesn’t go over to the dark side completely.

      In the plus column, I feel like this drama has taken a pretty progressive stand against slut-shaming. Usually in Kdramas, only men feel desire, while women are expected to say no, even if they are in a committed relationship. I felt like from the writer’s perspective, Noo Ri’s sin wasnt so much having a one-night-stand, but being a gold-digger. In the end the boy is “punished” just as Noo Ri had been.

  • beautifulunik says:

    Let me start with seo no ri: she really is envious of her sister. The way she is acting shows. First she supported her dad about accepting the cash offer when the Hans first presented them with one. Later after Bom met with her to present her the prepaid card, her comment of the queen became a queen also points to that fact . Now she was so desperate with the guy that it was appalling. I hope she has learnt her lesson well.
    secretary Min: there is just something about the way she told Bom’s uncle she is interested in Bom that I don’t like. She calls Han a monster but just like secretary yang reminded her, she is also like Han. A monster. I don’t think being caught by Han will stop her though. Methinks she is looking for a better chance to strike. Han knows of her reason too for working for him. I might get frustrated with the Hans a couple of times but I don’t want anyone messing with them because of Bom and in sang
    Mrs. Hans friends : these people are just so childish. It’s like they have nothing to do other than talk behind each others back And try to find the weakness of each other.
    Mr and Mrs Han:these 2 area just adorable to watch. They aren’t so stuck in their ways that they don’t even notice when the kids aren’t manipulating them. Little Jin young has them wrapped around his finger. The scene where right after talking in a very composed manner starts skipping to go play with Jin young only to find out his wife put him to sleep had me in stitches,especially when he asked why he sleeps so early. I bet these 2 would have raised their own kids if they knew how happy it would have made them. Sometimes I look at them and wonder how they were even able to make In sang and Yi Ji.
    This drama is so interesting. It’s hard to predict what can happen. I just hope in sang and Bom stay together throughout the entire drama. And they should work on their communication too. Looks like the only time they get together is when they go to bed and when they wake up. The rest is done according to the schedule.

  • bmore says:

    I too felt a BIT of a disconnect this week. Still, once I got into the episodes I found myself as fascinated as ever about how much is going on. Sometimes it is very difficult to figure out what they are talking about since we seem to come in on the middle of the conversations. This show is so unique in that way…you figure it out eventually, but there isn’t a moment you don’t need your thinking cap on when watching this. Not even half way through yet! So much still to happen!

    BTW. Are you watching Missing Noir M? Holy Mary!

  • myra do says:

    We’re following this drama and truly enjoy who effective they were in portraying each character. They are a very good action player and notice how great the deliver is. We Congratulate all for the job well done!

  • Beezus says:

    We finally get to see what life is like for all those “lucky” heroines that land those cheobeouls. lol

    So far I’m loving it and I really didn’t expect to. The character Bom has a backbone of tensile steel. So understated. It seems as though she is bending but she’s actually a silent catapult. She’s learned her lessons well and with a silent whoose is abiding her time and dropping bombs and applying them to everyone within her universe.

    I hate to admit it but the father-in-law is brilliant. Yes, I hate his superior attitude, but with each episode, I understand more and more his views that influence his methods. Not that I approve, but now that I am beginning to understand, I can enjoy watching him and the mother-in-law jump through their snobbish hoops.

    Thanks for the recap! Less than stellar subtitles means that I miss things. For example, before this last episode, I totally missed Sec. Lee’s snipes and was freaking out that Bom was truly fully enbracing her in-law’s POV toward their “underlings”. After reading your recaps, I rewatched the scenes to see what Sec. Lee was the aggressor! Thanks.

    • tessieroo says:

      The subs are a tiny bit different on each site (ViKi, DramaFever & Soompi TV) – which is fine, it just gives me a strong reason to watch each episode 3 times. (LOL)

      You said exactly what I’m thinking this week! I don’t necessarily think Bom has changed at all, she’s always been a very strong young woman, with her own mind. She’s stated she holds grudges but responds well if people are kind to her.

      Secretary Lee was NOT being kind, she provoked Bom. Even the housekeeper told her she was wrong, asking why she picked a fight? When she was crying, she said she thought Bom would back down when they talked about family history because HER family had been there longer. (ie – she felt superior to Bom because of that) but Bom didn’t fall for it. *hee* She deliberately tried to provoke Bom and it backfired on her.

      I also agree about Mr. Han. While I truly dislike his snobby attitude, I’m starting to like him more and more and I never thought that would happen.

    • sadegreen says:

      loved your insight

  • EmmaLee says:

    This show causes me tension, but this last episode relived it a bit because I finally felt that Bom was going to make sure the Han’s were going to regret how they treated her. She remembered and held a grudge for the little bits that the Secretary did, so I can’t even imagine what she will plan for the mom and dad for how they treat her family and her. I think that is why she is so good, because she has the patience for a long term plan.

  • peeps says:

    I did not like Seo NooRi. And that was even since the last episode where she took her sister’s in-laws’ card to go shopping like it was her right. I was like… nope. You don’t deserve that/that’s not yours. She was being stupid. Honestly, her dad and her are giving credence to Mr Han’s ‘the poor are stupid and must be controlled’ ideology.

    I love Bom even when people say that she’s losing her innocence. Maybe I’m just a pessimist but gaining power is never a loss in my book. The only difference is how and for what purpose you use it. As long and Bom doesn’t make all her decisions based on power, she’s fine. Because to be able to live innocent like a child, you need to have power to remain in control and then can you have the freedom to be innocent.

    • beautifulunik says:

      I’m still willing to give No Ri a chance to redeem herslef. She was too desperate. And the dad…what can I even say? You are right, he keeps feeding into the stereotype.
      Bom has realized she needs to have power to be able to live the way she wants and get things done and not have to endure further humiliation . There is nothing wrong with her getting power. I also don’t think she is losing her innocence. She really wasn’t that innocent or naive. She is more mature than her husband.

  • seema says:

    Hey Tess, have you dropped the recaps for Grapevine?

    • tessieroo says:

      Hey Seema!

      I kinda lost interest there for a couple of weeks, too much Noo-Ri and Young-Ra and not enough Bom and In-Sang. (BTW, where are the kisses?!! UGH!) Anyhoo, my interest flared up again this week and I apologize for leaving you guys hanging. 🙁

  • Beez says:

    I, too, have been waiting for more recaps on this show. Everything is soooo subtle that I fear missing lots without the guidance of someone more familiar with Korean culture. I think I get about 75% of what’s going on, maybe 80%.

    True, I usually figure it out after a few more episodes clarify the previous things I missed or didn’t get, but I’d like to understand while I’m watching the scene unfold.

    If at all possible, come back to this one and help us all get even more enjoyment from it.

    • tessieroo says:

      Beez –

      I finally figured out that (for me) the best subs are at Soompi TV. And it doesn’t hurt to watch it again, say on Friday or Saturday because the subs are usually corrected, clarified or strengthened. I’ll agree with you, this drama is REALLY hard to follow if you miss something! It sometimes takes me days to understand what a particular conversation means. O_O
      Again, I’m sorry I was slacking off.

      • Beez says:

        No need to apologize. I’m just so glad you didn’t decide to drop the recaps for this one. As to re-watching episodes – I can do that with light funny shows (eg. Girl Who Sees Smells, Master’s Sun, etc.) for comparison of subs – but for this show, I just can’t. I enjoy it but it’s not ROTFLMAO type of funny. I’ll take your advice and wait and catch it on Soompi from now on for the better subtitles.

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