Throwback Thursday: Princess Hours / Goong

I want to provide a venue for my all time favourites! As we usher in new dramas every season, I will try to bring back the oldies-but-goodies every Thursday. It’s a long overdue project, so I’m diving in!

The first drama for Throwback Thursday’s (TBT) is no other than, Goong (Princess Hours). To date, this remained among my top favourite drama of all time. Having said that, it deserves to be the first series to be featured.


It stars Yoon Eun Hye and Joo Ji Hoon. They had one of the best on-screen chemistry. Eun Hye and Ji Hoon’s beauty comes out more overtime. They made this drama an eye candy, and brought sweetness to the story. Watching this made me swoon all over again!!

The gist, a young bubbly girl who fell deeply in love with an arrogant, soft-hearted Prince. This is a classic combo that works until today. Chae Gyung and Shin are complete opposite of each other – an extreme lonely man and an extreme bright woman. The Crown Prince have all the things one could ever wish for, but his heart isn’t happy. While Chae Gyung is close to nothing yet she has the freedom and all the love she needs to feel alive.

What made this drama a gem? IMO, the modern-day set up with a classic twist provided an amazing ambiance. Moreover the ala-sageuk, palace-ish settings and all those beautiful hanbok added incredible charm that made this drama memorable in my book.

Without further ado, join me as I reminisce. Let’s bring back old-time favourites starting now!


Shin Chae Gyung (Yoon Eun Hye) has her world evolving around art, her crazy friends and family. She’s the typical high school student that knows no work, all play. She’s gullible, uber close to her family and enjoys the company of her three friends.


The Crown Prince Lee Shin (Joo Ji Hoon) has enough trouble of his own to deal with. The Palace demands a lot in an heir to the throne. Apart from his obligations, he dealt with his first heartache. Falling for a girl, Min Hyo Rin (Song Ji Hyo), who aspires to be an international ballerina than be his Queen. Ambition over heart was the hindrance to their relationship. Add to that, the royal Prince can’t sacrifice the woman he loves to be enslaved by the Palace. The Palace is an intriguing place that is surrounded by rules that are strictly implemented. Despite the wealth, glamor and prestige, the Prince feels more like a prisoner living there.


The Crown Prince life took a different turn when Chae Gyung finally became his royal betrothed. Suddenly his dull life had a splash of color! Though it was a challenge to follow the late King’s order for an arranged marriage. Forcing yourself to be with someone is not an ideal way to fall in love. But they eventually did! Their love developed into something real in the end.

The external conflicts brought about by the ousted Queen-to-be and his Son trying to be next in line to the thrown are added spice to the story. Shin’s cousin fell in love with Chae Gyung too. But the heart of the Princess is just for one man. The 24 Episode didn’t felt long because it remained focused on Shin and Chae Gyung as a man and a woman in love, conquering everything together.

Goong was more than a fairytale. It brought an amazing experience by introducing characters that are interesting to watch and get to know. Since its a long drama, it is better if I share the scenes that stood out for me the most.



1. “home visit”: It’s the first time that the Prince visited Chae Gyung’s family and spend time with them. I enjoyed this scene because Shin was out of the palace staying in an ordinary household. He felt more at home and experienced how its is having a real family. Aww. But wait, there’s more than just having meals and playing games that happened here. What made this visit a favourite? The back hug!! I love it!! We know that Chae Gyung fell for the Prince first and she isn’t too shy to show it. AJA Chae Gyung!

2. “Thai” trip: The beautiful country of Thailand was briefly shown. Shin and Hyo Rin had a great time together. Second leads should really prepare for heartbreak but a little fun before everything crash down wouldn’t hurt.


3. “break-up”: Shin’s final words.. directly hits the heart of any woman who ever loved. This scene happened after the Taiwan trip. He finally put an end to his first love.

4. “Vacation road trip”: Shin promised Chae Gyung to be “Gone with the wind”. They had a weekend vacation. Every frame is just so sweet! From the side sea trip, to the grocery shopping, and while they cooked dinner. Aigooo. And to wrap things up, the scene where they were sleeping together is a classic snuggle done right! *giggleslikecrazy*


5. “back-to-back hug”: The Prince had a panic streak when he was told that Chae Gyun hasn’t returned to the Palace. The Princess had discovered the Thailand goodbye kiss photo at this time and decided to leave for awhile. Shin found him with Prince Yul and immediately dragged Chae Gyung out. Both talked and led to the sweetest back hug in this drama! This scene is so emotional, you can feel the Prince melting away giving Chae Gyung the warmest hug of her life.


6. kiss scenes: Yoon Eun Hye is one of the best kisser and a crowd favourite in Kdrama. There’s no further explanation needed.


7. “Seoul date” – before our couple part ways, Chae Gyung showed Shin her world. And I couldn’t find enough words to describe how sweet this experience is. I’m just gonna allow you to reminisce. Watch.

8. Proposal – Shin is completely in love with Chae Gyung that he wanted to marry her in his own will. Technically they are married as Royalties. This time, they are truly in love with each other. I love the ambiance and just had to share the beautiful screen cap of this fave scene.


9. Wedding – The Royal wedding is cold and uberly populated. But the church wedding was divine and sweet. It’s the perfect ending for this drama.


FAVOURITE OST: The soundtrack plays an essential part in providing a total drama experience. This was a start why I love listening to Korean songs! The instrumentals for Goong is a treat to the ears as well. The music above is an example. But I’ll give three more from the Goong OST.

1. Perhaps Love – the lyrics and rhythm are delightful to hear even on repeat. It brings great memories just listening to it.

2. I’m a Fool – this song hurts soon good! When I heard it for the first time, I immediately looked for the translation. I just have to understand it.

3. Two words by Jung Jae Wook – I just love the beat of this song! I just sway to the rhythm of it. Listen and enjoy!


“Long time ago, Shin said that stars have a reason to die, and so do humans. 2.5 million years. When those 2.5 million years pass, they say that you might even meet the people you know again. I may be leaving his side now but… I think in 2.5 million years, I’ll still like him.” – Chae Gyung

AAWWW. So sweet. Loving only one person even when you are given a chance to start again.


I tremendously enjoyed Goong and I didn’t realise this drama lasted for 24 Episode. Too long for my standard! But watching this, I’m back in the days were the only thing that matters in watching a Kdrama is the OTP and how they make a viewer feel giddy like a High School teen!  It’s enough reason to click that repeat button over and over. It feels so good to seat back and watch sparks fly as the OTP exchange beautiful memories together.

Share your favourite Kdrama, I might choose it for the next TBT. Until next week!

FULL CREDITS: MBC, YouTube uploaders


  • fangirl98 says:

    This is one of my all-time favorite “must watch it once a year” dramas!! I fell in love with the Goong-world….richly designed sets, perfectly dressed characters, gorgeous hanboks. That plus the tall, handsome prince with so many feels but lets none of it show………..{swoon}.

    Actually, JJH was my first K-crush! I’m his noona by 5-6 years (at least!) but the way he walks and moves and looks at his wife once he fell in love with her…. {SQUEE!!!!} And the kisses! OMG – the kisses….. *__* i’m dead!! Chae Kyung stole his heart and the entire story of Goong stole mine! And that’s not even counting the cute teddy bear scenes at the end of each episode. 🙂

    This was one of the first dramas I watched when my friend shared her addiction (i mean introduced me to K-dramas). I was completely swept up in the story and lost a lot of sleep because I HAD TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT. Literally, I would hide the DVD player under the covers just to watch another episode without disturbing anyone. (I’m the only drama lover in the house. Sometimes it’s a bummer not having anybody on hand to squee with, but 99% of the time it’s a great escape into “my” own world and the fun that comes from discussions & comments with the online community).

    So, you see – I’m a true fangirl and Goong is one of the dramas responsible for it. Thank you for the flashback and screencaps! Now I gotta watch Goong when I get home!

    • DPKT says:

      “(I’m the only drama lover in the house. Sometimes it’s a bummer not having anybody on hand to squee with, but 99% of the time it’s a great escape into “my” own world and the fun that comes from discussions & comments with the online community).” squee!
      I know exactly what you feel 😀

    • sofrito says:

      Similar experience. A chance encounter on a non Korean site, introduced me to the drama. I was intrigued by the modern, fairy tale premise and that is what began my journey into all things Korean – which then spread to Kpop, Asian culture, food, history and of course the dramas.

      I still can’t believe that this one drama opened me up to an entire, new world, and for that I will always be grateful. This is also one of my most repeat dramas. You can’t just watch one episode, one leads to another, to another and next thing you know, you are watching the whole thing again.

      2006 – back when there where no licensed sites, and watching dramas required going on multiple sites, looking for subs and watching in 180p (kids these days, lol – 360p was dang on HD at that time).

      I remember watching in pieces, watching on sites loaded with viruses, and keeping my fingers crossed that there would not be an ad, with a browser exploit. Then Netflix getting a DVD copy of it – which led to me signing up for Netflix, and watching the whole thing on DVD.

      Then finally finding full episodes, not chopped up into 10 minute segments on Veoh (anyone remember Veoh), which required downloading and on dial-up internet, downloading episodes, took days to finish, and would sometimes freeze, before finishing.

      LMAO, the thirst was real. Really brings back memories, and a true throw back Thursday.

      • leila108 says:

        I know exactly how you feel! You have the full symptoms of a Korean drama addict 🙂

        It’s so easy to get hold of any drama these days even if networks are strict with the license. But to feel what the drama classics can bring is rare nowadays. I think Korean drama landscape has changed a lot. It’s great to read your comment and have someone who can share the past. I think we need to feel this once in a while to remember why we love watching Kdramas.

        Good to have you onboard Sofrito!

  • Keona8 says:

    My first drama was “My Girl” and it was also my first time having a second lead syndrome! How could she not fall for my Lee Jun Ki!
    But the drama which really hooked me was “The First Shop of the Coffee Prince” with Yoon Eun Hye as the lead actress like in “Goong”…I really liked the OTP (I’m quite a fan of gender bender) and I discovered Kim Jae Wook (I can’t understand why he’s never been the lead actor).
    The other way round, I never understood why everybody advised me “Full House” at the time…The most overrated drama…

    • leila108 says:

      To each his own, my dear.

      I enjoyed My Girl too. Coffee Prince is going to be part of my TBT. I hope you can check it out. In this drama, I fell in love with Lee Seon Kyun. He was such a great find. I like Gong Yoo, but Lee Seon Kyun stole my heart and I never got it back *fangirl*.

  • DPKT says:

    Well, I will maraton this tonight cause of this ;D It’s one of my first and one of my fave too 🙂 Thank you Leila108 🙂

  • Michelle says:

    I loved your Throwback. Yes it was one of my fav as well. All those scenes from the palace, to the overseas scenes, her costume, the prince costume. His demure & gentleness when comes to her…all too lovely to forget. Thanks again for this lovely Throwback hour…great job.

  • Vanessa says:

    AHHH I totally feel every sentiment you have about this drama :”) THE FEELS. I loved it and should totally go back and revisit it 😀

  • Aimee says:

    My favorite korean drama of all-time… I first watched it in our local filipino channel many years back, I fell in love with the series. Just like everybody who watched it,YOON EUN HYE & JOO JI HOON has a very strong chemistry… I even wished that they were together in real life. Up until now when i feel the urgency to watch it again, I watch it to my hearts content. Hope EUN HYE & JI HOON will be team-up for another korean drama.

  • Haruni says:

    My all time favourite drama has to be You’re Beautiful! It was the first drama that got me into kdramas! I’ve probably watched it over 5 times!

  • Yelical says:


  • arviehamo says:

    I hope they will be paired again..there are a lot of reunions pairing now adays! I hope!

  • dwarf says:

    I guess I was one of the few who didn’t watch/finish goong. YEH’S acting in the first couple of episodes rubbed me off the wrong way and I never picked it back up. But I loved her in coffee prince. My first k drama was actually winter sonata in 2004. Was crying buckets over it. Oh the feels. Never looked back ever since

  • Renu says:

    Goong was not my first korean drama. But if filled all the gaps in the previous dramas I watched. Yoon Eun Hye was cute and Joo Ji Hoon(that hairstyle was meant for him) was handsome. Lovely chemistry. This is the only Kdrama which I can again and again.

  • dcdramafan says:

    One of the very few DVDs I never regretted buying. I liked it over Coffee Prince (Lee Seon Kyun and Kim Jae Wook instantly became my faves). Just went back to catch my favorite scenes and never gets tired. On top of that, the OST and instrumental music is sooo good and just perfect. Props to the music director.

  • Marie says:

    This is also my all time favorite too! I am not sure how many times , i have watched it. I know at least 3 times and more to come for old time sake and for a good drama. Even when I see the picture and the video that you posted, my heart still melt watching them. I really hope that they will bring them back together again for another drama.

  • EmmaLee says:

    I watched this about a year ago and enjoyed it and so when I was reminded about it here I decided to watch again. (but FF through to my favorite scenes 🙂 Anyway, I don’t know if it was the year it was made or if they were trying to show that nobles dress “differently”, but practically every outfit of the crown prince made me laugh soooooo much! So many ruffled shirts! The awkward necklaces and belts! The Colonel Sanders neckties! the ill-fitting pants! (that one kept surprising me because of how tight the pants are now.) Also all of the boys had the same haircut! But I really liked it a lot (since I marathoned it over the past 2 days). I was really laughing at his last outfit of jeans shorts, shirt with bowtie and jacket……I just didn’t know what he was going for. 🙂 It made me think that the Heirs’ sweaters/clothes weren’t so bad…….

  • Anv says:

    This drama was one of the earlier dramas I watched and I had the weirdest reaction to it.

    This is the only drama where I actually shipped the second lead seriously. I later realized it was because I was still new to the “jerk to awesome” journey of typical kdrama heroes. The second time I watched this (after watching Mawang and falling for Jo Ji Hoon), I was totally shipping the main leads. It was a cute drama.

  • stuartjmz says:

    I read in a translated interview last year that YEH says she giggles whenever she watches Goong these days, embarrassed at how raw her acting was. Having recently rewatched it, I can understand her reactions. It is a BAD Drama – hilariously so. I love her in it, and have rewatched bits of the OTP so many times I couldn’t possibly count it, but imo she’s right to be embarrassed by it. Wooden dialogue and terribly bloated, overlong story. It’s a relief to know that the star of the Drama (and the only reason I lasted all 24 eps) does not think it’s a great piece of work.

    • leila108 says:

      I have to agree! The acting isn’t really phenomenal, but the heart is there. Nowadays, some acting seems to lose the emotional essence of a scene. Some cry only for the sake of it. I think Goong reflects why we simply love watching it, even if the acting isn’t superb.

      I’ve been watching a lot of dramas from 2010 backwards and I noticed that the acting isn’t at par to what we expect and yet it has the capacity to move me still. I guess the simplicity and the ambiance of the classic drama has a charm of its own. Even the fashion (i.e. clothes) is so bad. LOL. But I tend to forego all that especially when the leads smile and their eyes sparkle just to present the joy of what it feels to love and be loved. Aigoo, my Kdrama heart is taking over again 🙂

  • padhari says:

    wow, nice start with a beautiful drama to bring back good old memories. One of my evergreen top k-drama. Full house, My girl, Coffee prince, my name is kim sam soon, what happened in bali, hello my teacher are some of my other k-dramas evergreen list. whenever i am bored i will start with the above dramas.
    Yoon eun hye and Joo ji hoon, wow what a chemistry they had in this drama!!!!!!!!!!!! i adore them to pieces.
    I am sad why both of them are not able to pick a good one these days to entertain the viewers. I hope they reunite once again to give us a treat to watch them. But I heard from one of the interviews YEH mention that she had more compatability with Gong Yoo among the actors she has paired so far. YEH and JJH fighting!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Precieux says:

    I came across this article and all the feels I felt 10 years ago just crept themselves back into my heart. I fell in love with Goong ever since I was in 3rd grade and now I’m almost in the 3rd year of college and I still can’t get over it. T________T

  • Beatrice says:

    Hi! I love Princess Hours too like obsessed with it! It’s my favorite kdrama of all time! I was wondering if you still remember the episode/s where the song Two Words (Doo Ga Ji Mal) played? Thanks!

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