“Producer” Clip: All Four Leads Meet For Script Reading

The latest Producer clip of the four leads meeting for the first time is cute and amusing. Even though Kim Soo Hyun and IU are as popular as Gong Hyo Jin and Cha Tae Hyun (or maybe, even more so than them), the veteran actors pretty much rule this entire interaction. They’re much more comfortable gabbing away and ganging up on their juniors … putting them in the hot seat. LOL. Love it!



Partial translation, c/o @the_kittykat5

Hyo Jin: I think we have the most restless person over here. Haha. (Points to Kim Soo Hyun.) Look at your water! It’s all gone. Haha.

Tae Hyun: I think IU over here seems to be having a tougher time. Are you kneeling on your knees?

IU: Yes …

Tae Hyun: Why?

Hyo Jin: Didn’t you two work together before? Aren’t you guys close?

Soo Hyun: Yeah, we are. We’re really close.


Sources  |  Credit to uploader  |  Soompi, c/o phoung  |  @the_kittykat5


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  • paloma says:

    This is one where I honestly don’t know how I feel after seeing these clips…. I was so excited that Hyo Jin and Soo Hyun confirmed but after these clips I’m more worried than anything haha.

    I get that they might be purposely going for an awkward first meeting (maybe emulating their characters???) vibe and well all I can say is that they succeeded LOL!

    My lovely IU def seems a bit out of place and while seeing Soo Hyun be shy around his sunbaes is cute, I’m not sure how well this bodes for their future chemistry lol

    Or maybe it’s the fact that all four are being labeled as leads that has me apprehensive… There’s very few dramas I can think of where having four leads worked to the drama’s advantage….

    Oh my goodness I wrote so much lol love all of them and still excited to check it out ofc, so will be praying to the Kdrama gods that it surprises me in the best way XD

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